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  1. Global warming is a b*
  2. He could learn of his parentage in this chapter
  3. Some people wonder about Jon's mother, for sure, but Ned is under no obligation to provide a credible story, or justify Jon's presence in Winterfell. Jon is not mystery wrapped in riddle, he's just a bastard, and it's rude to ask questions about people's bastards. His refusal to name the mother isn't suspicious... Well, people get curious, but they won't automatically think there's a major conspiration going on. And R&L didn't even get to spend a year together. Not every couple concives a child after a few months.
  4. My guess is yes, she would have cheated eventually, but she would make sure to give Rhaegar trueborn heirs. Just because she would be attracted to that "Targaryens are better then everyone else" mentality, and wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have children from that lineage. The thing is, Cersei needs a lot of validation from others. She wants her husband to remind her that she is the most unique woman on Earth, more beautiful and special than anyone else, and do everything she wants to prove he believes it. The first time Rhaegar said " no, my love, I'm not cutting off that girls hand just because she ran into Joffrey. It was an accident. Cersei, save us, she's five years old", her fantasies would be destroyed. She would go back to the only guy that would be willing to kill and/or maim anyone just because Cersei wants it, and that guy is Jaime.
  5. I'm not going to watch it simply because I didn't enjoy the last two seasons that much. They made me want to break something. I'm confident I can avoid at least some spoilers. I don't know how it is in your countries, but in mine, while the show is very popular, it's not something people talk about all the time. I don't think I could stop myself from watching next season if I thought it would be good, but since I'm positive it will suck, it's not that hard of a choice But if you still like the show, then you should totally watch it. Just... relax and enjoy it. There will be enough new things to appreciate in the book when it comes out. Really, it's not something worth fretting over.
  6. If Stannis was the elder brother, he'd still resent people for liking Robert more than they liked him. I think he should have been a northman, as a second son. Then he could take the black, and be relatively satisfied in the NW.
  7. I lean towards this option. Does the timelne match, though? Was the duel between Brandon and LF before or after Harrenhall? Petyr was sent away soon after the duel + Lysa's pregnancy. If that was the reason for them staying away from the tourney, the duel must have happened before. Maybe Hoster heard rumors about the Tourney of HH being more then just a tourney and decided he didn't want to risk his neck
  8. Every passagem that mentioned Rhaegar plotting against his father, they make you wonder what would have happened had he succeded. Barbrey Dustin's conversation with Theon about the Southron Ambitious: what were those lords and maesters planning?
  9. The difference is that people would need to use spoiler tags forever, instead of dropping them after a few weeks. But yeah, it's quite unlikely we will avoid all of the spoilers. It doesn't mean we can't avoid some of them though. The thing is, we won't be able to have a interesting discussion about things like Jon Snow, because most people will know what happened in the show and won't be able to fully engage in a thread in which they can't discuss the new information. All things considered, I still think we should try before we say it isn't worth it. The bright side if the situation is that my grades will probably improve, since I will be forced to spend more time away from the internet
  10. Count me in on the group that won't watch season 6. Actually, even if Winds were out, I probably wouldn't watch next season anymore. Before season 5, I still felt excited and optimistic about the show. Then I realized I was feeling angry and disappointed more often than I was enjoying it. It's just not worth it. While it's very unlikely we can remain completely unspoiled until aDoS, I think we can avoid being spoiled about everything. We shouldn't give up before we see it's possible As soon as season 6 starts, I'm only checking facebook to see my inbox. No browsing other people's pages until at least one month after the end of the season. I'll ask my friends to avoid discussing the show when I'm around. The hardest part will be avoiding ASOIAF online communities. But I think Westeros.org doesn't necessarily need to be one of them. If the show watchers keep most of the discussion on the show subforum, use spoiler tags in this subforum, and are careful when choosing thread titles (i.e "Season 6 spoilers- Randyll Tarly" vs "Will Randyll Tarly kill Mace Tyrell in the books?), I think we can manage
  11. As someone who has a BIG problems with deadlines, I can't say I blame Martin... Yeah, I know we are expected to grow out of it eventually, but this is a problem that more likely than not arises because you're to hard on yourself and eventually burn out, not because you don't mean to do your work, or are uninterested. Sometimes we just don't know how to do the things we are supposed to do.
  12. Time to sing George-R-R-Martin is not our biiiiiitch/ No matter how much we griiiiiipe
  13. I'm hoping this delay is because he will write a long, long text just about Winds tomorrow
  14. Still nothing, though... Well, I don't think he's finished the book anyway, he sort of downplayed the news about Winds (when he said he talked about Winds in the Lost Post, but also about other stuff. I mean, surely he would have phrased it differently if he was giving us a release date?)
  15. But you know you're going to check his blog first thing in the morning
  16. I just read the last update. Can someone who has an accoubt on LJ please go there and tell Mr Martin that while we are all waiting for Winds, many of us are happy he is enjoying himself and his travels? I mean, it's his life, he shouldn't kind-of- apologize for doing something that makes him happy...
  17. [...]my other ongoing project is Dragonstone Studios, the former Desert Academy prep school that we've been converting to artist studios and offices. Work is still ongoing there (and way behind schedule, like everything else I am connected with, it seems) [...] Doesn't sound promising
  18. I'm now going to visit his blog every (1/60 of an) hour At this stage, any information at all would be welcome. Even if he says there's no way he will finish the book this year, we can at least adjust our expectations. I say we can discuss the cover art for at least 2 months. If it means Winds is ready and is just on editing phase, who are the characters, and at least five different websites/podcasts will analyse the background and compare it to every city/land/location that has ever been briefly described to guess where it is
  19. Yeah, just saw that... I thought the OP was refering to what Martin had posted last night, wasn't aware of the update. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he hasn't exactly been giving information about his progress on the book every year, right? If he's talking about it now, it must be important..
  20. He only said he had planned on publishing a text about the things that happened last year, he never said he would give us more information about Winds. He may be refering to the Hugos, refugee crises, anything at all. If course, maybe it was about Winds, but I don't think we should get our hopes up until we're sure.
  21. Now that we are so close to 2016, everytime I check on GRRM's not a blog I dare to hope there's a chance he will say he finished Winds. Hope hurts
  22. I do think he had romantic feelings for Lyanna, and they must have been genuine, because he grieved for her, still remembers her after years... It obviously affected him deeply. Yes, he idealized her memory, but it doesn't mean he didn't have feelings for her. Romantic feelings =|= love though. It's really hard to love somebody you don't have a relationship with (that relationship doesn't need to be romantic, but you need to spend sometime interacting with the other person) And while Robert might have been able to be in love with Lyanna, or the idea of he, while sleeping around as much as he did, it certainly doesn't mean Lyanna herself was obliged to reciprocate
  23. Will they ever meet again? If so, how do you think the baby exchange will affect their friendship?