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  1. Definitely not as good as Donald Trump. The man trolls MSM for a living.
  2. The rise of God Emperor continues!
  3. So Shorten won the first real debate against Turnbull by 13 votes, however 29 people were undecided. Seems like a solid performance from him though.
  4. Sort of has to. He is trying to be different than labor and liberal and ends up aligning with greens (more often then i would like however). More of a vote to commend for his work when he was my local electorate member. Truly was on top of everything. Really hard working bloke.
  5. Leaning towards Labor and also toward NXT in the Senate races. Prefer Turnbull over Shorten however. Also never ever for Greens. They are just another ultra left wing party with ridiculous and atrociously terrible border policy.
  6. I personally find it laughable that Hillary is even allowed to run as a President after displaying gross incompetence at handling confidential documents. She definitely needs to be in prison. I hope she gets indicted. FBI do your job! I truly hope something comes out of this
  7. Bernie should be definitely running as an Independent, if he actually meant about having a """"""""""""revolution"""""""""""". Otherwise he was just another lying politician from Washington who took people's money and made off with it.
  8. Fear-mongering is textbook liberal policy. God Emperor likes everything
  9. So happy Cruz dropped out. GOD EMPEROR TRUMP! Trump vs Hillary. Its absolutely lit
  10. Because our elections are really dour this time around. Cardboard cutout Shorten vs Rich man's delight Turnbull. Its not as interesting as it was last time around during Tones vs Kevin. If we had a charismatic personality here this time around, i wouldn't be interested one bit in Trump.
  11. I really really love this poll. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump and Clinton tied at 38% each. Despite speculation that Trump may have a problem with women voters, women and men are equally likely to say they would stay home or vote third party in the event of a Clinton-Trump race. Men prefer Trump by six points, while women give Clinton the edge by a similar margin.
  12. Yea all of these """""""celebs"""""""" wanting to move to Canada, should just move to mexico, since they want those illegal mexicans in America. So much hypocrisy from leftists.
  13. Kick antisemitism out of UK. Oh how far the labour have fallen, gone too far to pander to muslim votes.
  14. I think compulsory voting is useless if you follow the FPTP model. Preference model is far superior than the joke most """""democratic""""" countries follow.
  15. Yes absolutely. Islamic terrorist attack on USA will just prove and validate what Trump is saying is the truth. To be honest a terrorist attack in Canada as well will help Trump.