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  1. The danger remains almost as high as it was this weekend. China's options on NK are limited. If they do what they can to ramp up the pressure, the regime will feel further backed into a corner. Rather than helping to resolve the situation, NK may feel greater cause to ramp up its nuclear testing to show the world it is a dangerous country that should not be messed with. The risk is that rather than nudge them into better behavior, they are instead feel pushed into dangerous actions. And if they do preform a nuclear test, Trump will be in a hard position, at least by his lights. He may feel the need to bomb them on principle to back up his prior rhetoric.
  2. Time to put this thread to bed. Seek ye the new US politics thread
  3. Ugly start for the GB D. Ryan had his way with them on that drive.
  4. This is even more astounding considering GB is missing it's best receiver in Nelson.
  5. Rodgers us playing at an insanely high level right now. He took the Dallas D apart in that drive and made it look it easy.
  6. Rodgers throws it away......... And completes it to Cobb
  7. Off the top of my head, there are land use issues, water issues, agricultural subsidies, and rural infrastructure/services. I'm not sure rather moving to a popular vote presidential ballot would greatly effect how much attention these get but it certainly wouldn't help them.
  8. Please continue the discussion of the Trumpacalypse in a new thread. Thank
  9. There is a signican't difference, depending on how Trump plays it. if he loses, refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the election result, and creates a national platform to promulgate this idea, he could well become a significant threat to the stability of the nation.
  10. Sadly I doubt Mr Trump is going away. Consider a scenario where he looses by less than a landslide ( which appears to be the most likely outcome at this point). He then declines to concede, claiming loudly that the election was rigged. While the lack of a concession by the loosing candidate means nothing from a legal standpoint, it could well turn him into a folk hero to a substantial minority of the country. To his most committed followers, probably a out 15% to 20% of the electorate, he would be the real president and the existing government illegitimate. if he combines this with the launch of his own network to give himself a continued national bulhorn, he could remain a major national problem for years to come.
  11. Trump hoped to break the blue wall. It was thought that he could make inroads with blue collar whites in rust belt/midwest states. A lare part of this demographic has a history of voting Demcratic due to labour issues but is rather angry. It seemed possible that he might be in good position in OH, and make states like PA, MI, and WI competative. This does not appear to have materialized. Despite Trump being a radically different candidate in a most unsettled cycle, it's appearing more likely by the day that in the end the electoral map and party coalitions are going to remain remarkably similar to those from the prior 4 elections.
  12. I've only seen one Ohio poll conducted after the debate. Yes, it shows a 5 point lead for Trump but I'm waiting for that to be backed by other polls before I accept that the debate and it's aftermath are not going to improve Clinton's position there.
  13. While I agree that this is a very strong argument for not being complacent, I would also point out that the comparison doesn't hold up very well. The framers of the constitution were terrified of populism. The archaic and much lamented electoral college was one of the safe guards they put in place to limit such movements. While I hate this part of US democracy, in this case it makes the election extraordinary difficult for Trump. Not only does the electoral map at present favor a democratic candidate but the whole system rewards organization, a stron ground game, and strategic thinking. These are elements the Clinton campaign excels at while Trump's is singularily lacking in. Added to that, the US is a more diverse nation ethnically than the UK. Additionally, the Brexit referendum was a single issue vote, while the Presidential election is held in concert with a very large number of other elections. Very different dynamic. Basically, the US differs enough from the UK that while both the Brexit vote and Trump may pull from the same well of disatisfaction and racism, that the outcome is quite likely to be rather different.