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  1. agreed.  Should not have ever been called that way in the first place.  
  2. not at that time.  The occupation of the capital building occured in February and March of 2011.  The law legalizing concealed carry was passed after the occupation had ended and  did not go into effect until November of 2011.  
  3. very different situation.  For the first several weeks of the occupation, the protesters were there legally.  The state capital building is open to all anytime public business is being conducted  (though that may have been changed in the intervening years).  Democratic members of the state assembly kept hearings running around clock on Act 10 so as to delay a vote.  The occupation initially started to provide a constant pool of people to testify at these hearings and grew from there.  Once the assembly GOP found a way to force a vote, which was after several weeks, the legal basis for the occupation ended.  The occupation continued, but remained nonviolent throughout.  While I can't say that none of the protesters we really carrying weapons, I spent a lot of time down there during these events and never saw any. There were no threats to use violence to resist expulsion and protests stayed peaceful. The present situation is very different in that the occupiers have weapons, have never had a legal basis for what they are doing, and have threatened  violence to resist attempts to remove them. If they did not have weapons and were indicating a willingness to use them, I would be OK with occuping the building as an act of protest even though I don't agree with them.  I don't think force should be used to them. Comparing this to the occupation of the WI capital building is simply not valid, though.
  4. Yes, similar actions from the left should be equally condemned.  A disruptive protest is ok if it is peaceful.   Bringing guns is inherintly not peaceful and is not ok, regardless of who is doing the protesting.
  5. Trump 2016

    *mod hat* closing this thread as the topic is part of the US politics thread */mod hat*
  6. Two other candidates who had significant impacts on a presidential race while running under a non major party come to mind.  First, Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.  His presence in the race probably denied Taft a 2nd term and put Wilson in the white house. Second, George Wallace in 1968 took a significant part of the old south, marking the death of the old Democrat coalition and making Nixon's path to victory easier.  
  7. Springtime for Hitler.......
  8. NFL 2015 Week Won cont: Return of the Honeybadger.

    unlesshe has an injury that's not currently public knowledge and that is readily treatable in the short-term , I think we are seeing the end of Peyton Manning's career. The question is how long it will take him and the Broncos organization to recognize this. and if the team realizes it before Peyton comes to terms with it, will they be willing to bunch him?
  9. It is evidence of how those whose support Mr Trump is vying for viewed what he said. And I am sure it is reasonable to conclude that, since Mr Trump is a media savy individual, that he knew exactly how it would be seen by his a good portion of his target audience. So he basically got away with telling a Hispanic to go back to Mexico and can defend what he said as it is not the literal meaning of his words, only the strongly implied ones?
  10. Fun Home - A University Controversy

    There are a number of conservative Christian Universities and Colleges in the United States. If the individual in question was so concerned about being exposed to material that would be offensive to their faith they could have chosen to attend one of these institutions. They instead chose to atend a secular University where they knew that they and their family had to know that they almost certainly would be presented with material as part of their education that would be highly uncomfortable to those who hold to a narrow Evangelical Christian worldview. This is yet another example of conservative a Christians seeking opportunity to impose their beliefs on everyone else. All that we are missing is the claims of being persecuted when others object or the University doesn't comply with their demands (and I suspect this will come)
  11. NFL Training Camp 2015: Finally Learned the Playbook

    The last really good Browns teams were in the mid to late 80's during the Bernie Kosar era. Since then Cleveland has been a on-going train wreck and a black hole for the careers of both players and coaches..
  12. U.S. Politics: Republican primary debate, yo

    it's like a bizarre, ten ring circus, except every ring features an evil clown. You want to laugh but you can't because you know that each one would eat your soul if given a chance.
  13. U.S. Politics: mid summer edition

    Changing the structure of congress, and specifically the equal representation of each state in the senate, would likely require rewriting the constitution. Basically it's not going to happen.
  14. US Politics: Clown Show Edition

    Remember that in 2012 Herman Cain lead the field for a time but was effectively out of the picture by the time we started approaching the Iowa caucouses. Voting is so far away right now the people aren't genuinely considering who they would mark their ballot for. Polls at this stage are going to reflect who has managed to get the public's attention. Such attention is a fleeting thing. Trump has been able to seize it by virtue of having the strongest name recognition of any GDP candidate besides possibly Mr Bush due to 30 years as a public figure, including a stint as a reality TV star. He's also managed to be entertaining in a way the other occupants of the clown car can not even come close to. I frankly doubt he's all that serious about becoming president either. It's another publicity stunt in a long serious of such escapades, similar to how Mr Cain's 2012 run was a thinly veiled promo campaign to sell his books. Sure, if the twists and turns of US politics kept Mr Trump a contender when we get to the meat of the actual race that he would go with it, but that's not what this is about. To win a presidential nomination, much less the white house, you need not only money but to build organization. The serious candidates, like Bush and Walker are doing that hard behind the scenes work while Trump steals the headlines but they will be the ones bashing it out for the nomination when the winter of 2016 roles around. Now, I would not put it past Mr Trump to stage a independent run. He has the personal resources to do so and had aforementioned high profile wouled give him a chance to be a factor in the race, if not a threat to take the white house.
  15. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    I have not done any serious genealogical research in my family. One of my cousins on my mother's side has, though, and generously shared much of what she has found. Most notable finding is that we have an ancestor that came over in the Mayflower. we know that branch originated in Scotland but don't have details. In my father's side, no one has done any research to my knowledge. Family lore says that one of our ancestors was a Hessian mercenary brought over by the British to fight in the revolution and who stayed in the country after the war. that's about it for interesting stuff from my genetic past.