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  1. I would like to transfer the release date from somewhere in the future to somewhere to the past.
  2. Well, that just confirms my point, not yours, doesn't it? He is probably an AVERAGE fighter not VERY BAD. I never said that he is a good fighter. And if you don't know any solid information about someone's skills with arms, it's probably because he is average (so nothing to talk about, if he would be much better/worse it would be probably talked about): And also I really don't see a correlation between focus on law and being a bad fighter? And about training, how many man do we really see that train? Are all of those, who do not train bad fighters? And having man under your command also doesn't give if one is good fighter or not. So really it all based on some really thin assumptions. Really? Like Meagor eh? Also yeah, I agree, but that just mean that he don't attend tourneys, not that he is BAD fighter. Yes, he is probably not very good one, but I really don't know who would claim that. Also, I apologies for off topic, should we continue the debate somewhere elsewhere or should we stop?
  3. Well this isn't really hard evidence. I mean, sure I could buy it if Stannis was some minor character from the books or WOIAF, but he is not. He is one of the major character of the books and one of the most talked about. He is a Baratheon, family known for great fighters and what is more he is brother of a man, who was known for his fighting skills. And yet in all five books there is no mention that Stannis is a bad fighter. There is a lot of talking about him, how he is like what are his cons and prons, a lot of comparing him with Robert and yet no one says something like "And Robert was a great fighter and Stannis is shit!". So therefore I really don't see any solid rock evidence for Stannis being VERY BAD warrior. OTOH I won't claim that he was something special (based on the fact that he was Baratheon or something like that). I think that he was an average warrior, maybe slightly above or bellow. And until there is some good evidence, no one can claim that he is probably good/bad.
  4. This is based on what?
  5. Well, maybe they are called towns, because they are not independent and so this towns can have larger population than some smaller Free cities? That way we could have only two ridiculously large cities instead of ten or more ...
  6. It's somewhere between 10% and 95%.
  7. Well, it seem that nobody appreciate poor old Gyles
  8. What were the results there?
  9. I got this from another forum, but there is no source about it, so can someone confirm this? HOW AGES VOTED 18-24: 75% Remain 25-49: 56% Remain 50-64: 44% Remain 65+: 39% Remain So, in some 10 years UK will have another vote to join EU?
  10. This I know that many other passages that are more, shocking, more meaningful, more telling, ... but still, most of them lost their sharpness (but they are still good, just they don't hit me so fiercely anymore). This one thought, huh, this one gets me every time.
  11. I just want to let you know, that you are not alone in this
  12. I don't know about that. I would guess that it was probably the other way round. KG could see theme from distance and prepare for the fight. OTOH, I get the vibe from the scene from the book, that Ned thought that there would be no fight (I mean why would there be, the war was over). Surely he wasn't unprepared, but I don't think he was in full armour.
  13. And then Bloodraven stopped playing The Sims:Westeros, because his computer crashed.
  14. As I said there are two different names for this particular book: Sadako wants to live is the original (translated from German title Sadako Will Leben ) title, while the English title is The Day of the Bomb. There is also another book (which I didn't read) about Sadako (which was a real girl) called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, which was written by a Canadian author. Sorry to hear about your son, that had to be though.
  15. Slightly unrelated but still; I remember reading Sadako wants to live (or as I see on wiki it's called A day of the Bomb in english) when I was about 10 years old. And then librarian at the school asked if the book wasn't too hard for me and I said no, no, it was OK. Well, then few years later I realised that at the end So maybe it was really too hard for me.