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  1. A few days old, but 'Stros extend Altuve for 5yrs/$151mm. New contract will begin in 2020.
  2. Best not to indulge in these moonage daydreams.
  3. Have you smelled these men? If so, what were your thoughts?
  4. We all saw how awful this idea was during the last WBC.
  5. I believe we can solve all our problems with some macadamia nut butter.
  6. Probably too for that, but we can give it a try if you want.
  7. Smelled a pickle. It smelled as hateful as it tastes. I figured it would, but wanted to confirm.
  8. Ate a macadamia nut. It was good.
  9. You guys are doing this wrong. This thread isn't about smells you hate, it's about smelling things you hate, and reporting back. I for instance hate the jacaranda tree that's out front of my house, but I've smelled it plenty, and it smells nice. I also hate a certain bird who chirps incessantly outside my bedroom window starting at about 4 am, but I've yet to have the opportunity to smell it. If and when I do, I'll let you know what I think.
  10. The AAV is probably right where Arrieta wanted it, but no way he pulls in anything close to $12-$15mm per after this contract is up. He's already regressing. Darvish might have gotten a lower AAV on his contract, but he'll still have a lot more money in his pockets than Arrieta 6 years from now. I'm betting Moose will land himself a pretty nice multi-year contract next offseason when all the losers of the Harper/Machado sweepstakes turn to plan B. ETA: Yeah, the Pads are really gonna regret the Hosmer contract, but I think the Cubs got a good enough deal on Darvish, and the Martinez deal could go either way.
  11. I actually think Arrieta got fucked harder than anyone else. Hosmer, Martinez, and Darvish all got pretty decent deals, and all the guys I named in my last post will get another shot at a payday next year, but Arrieta will be 35 by the time this contract is up. This was his last shot at a big payday, and instead of the $150MM+ he was surely hoping for, he had to settle for $75MM.
  12. Lots of free agents coming off the board on small one year contracts. Twins get Lance Lynn for 1yr/$12 million, A's get Lucroy for 1yr/$6.5 million, Rockies resign CarGo for 1yr/$8 million, and Royals resign Moustakas for 1yr/$6.5 million. It's a bad year to be a free agent.
  13. How does Terry Goodkind keep selling books? The answer is Wizard's First Rule: people are stupid. Seriously though, people like garbage books. I mean Dan Brown has sold a shitload of books.
  14. ...all the dicks that watched me once will smile and take me in. Okay so we’ve had a pretty standard set of rules that have governed these threads for over a decade, but times change and I’ve decided we must change with them. So here are the new rules: 1) Please feed the Yeard. If he disappears, we disappear. 2) Go forth and troll any and all Goodkind boards. As far as I can tell they don’t exist any more, so if you manage to find one report back to us immediately. 3) Stare into the abyss and allow it to stare back into you. It is time we became Dicks. 4) Deserve victory (this one hasn’t changed).
  15. I say the good Lemmings of this board should create new covers for this book and submit them to Tor for consideration.