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  1. I actually have nothing against those guys, I love watching them play. That's saying a lot coming from a Dodger fan, because fuck the Yankees. But in the long run Sanchez is a catcher, and it's rare for catchers to keep up that type of offensive pace, especially the power numbers. If he's gonna keep hitting like he's hitting now he's probably gonna have to be moved to 1B, LF, or DH. And Aaron Judge is a full two years older than Seager, and four years older than Bellinger. All four look to be headed for great careers, but if I could only choose one of them, it's Seager.
  2. I know, I know. I'm just really disappointed with him right now. 51K/1BB is not living up to my expectations for him. But you're right, we must be there for him as he struggles.
  3. Holy shit, Kenley just walked a dude! Send him down.
  4. Yep, that's the guy.
  5. Hey dudes, Kenley Jansen (you know, the relief pitcher) just roped an RBI double.
  6. Judge and Sanchez are alright, but they're no C&C Bat Factory.
  7. Joc is probably my favorite child!
  8. Well it's time to see if the Metropolitans are still butthurt over being bad at baseball.
  9. Wait, you telling me this fucking feminazi gave your frat bro a poor grade just because he had zero interest in taking the subject seriously and only signed up for her class in the first place because he thought it would be a great opportunity to try to pick up some chicks? What a bitch.
  10. You know what? I am so happy that I got to read The Nicci and Nate Dog Traveling Salvation Show rather than this book. I mean, I suffered horribly, but at least my book didn't feature Dick in person or shitloads of incomprehensible technobabble trying to justify a deeply inconsistent magic system. Instead I got tree whores, magic cougars, and child death. I count that as a big fucking win for me.
  11. I should hope not. I don't think anyone questions whether or not the war ended slavery; some people need to be presented with the fact that the war was about slavery. That clarification need not be a gentle one.
  12. Dodgers back in first!
  13. That was yesterday. Typical uninformed Giants fan.
  14. Bellinger failed to hit a HR tonight. Safe to say he's a bust.