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  1. He probably won’t be home long. Dodgers will try to move him for salary relief.
  2. Dodgers trade AGon, Kazmir, and McCarthy to Braves for Matt Kemp. This gets Dodgers under the luxury tax threshold.
  3. Marcell Ozuna to Cards. He was overshadowed by Stanton last year, but dude can flat out rake.
  4. I would rather you SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Oh my god, there’s far too much Yankee talk going on in here. Stop it.
  6. Take it from someone who lives roughly equidistant from Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium, the Angels are almost a non-entity around here, and they have very few true fans. The Angels draw good numbers not because going to see an Angel’s game is a sporting event, but rather because it’s a social event. If Ohtani wanted to play in a market big enough to score him some lucrative endorsements and keep his name in the national spotlight, while not having to deal with a lot of pressure from the fan base and local press, he couldn’t have chosen a better place. And this isn’t sour grapes; I never thought he was coming to the Dodgers, and frankly thought it would be a bad idea for the Dodgers to embark on the Ohtani experiment right now. Him going to the Angels is actually pretty cool for me; I don’t have to worry about how he might change a team dynamic that’s working pretty fucking good right now, but I can still go see him play any time I want.
  7. This is a surprise. Who would’ve guessed the Angels? Also, the definitely not boring Mariners just traded for Dee Gordon, plan to move him to center field.
  8. If Otani wants to hit, which seems very important to him, he really should sign with an AL club. I just don’t see how him playing the outfield on his non pitching days is gonna work. Apart from the injury risk, he’s not going to be properly rested when it comes time for him to take the mound. The guy’s a stud, and I’d love to see him pitch for the Dodgers, but if we really want to see what he’s capable of as a two way player, he’ll need to be in the AL. Unfortunately, that most likely means he’ll be stuck in Seattle. In other big name news, Miami apparently has the framework in place for dealing Stanton to either the Cards or Giants. Rumor is that Stanton is waiting to see if the Dodgers get involved before okaying any trade.
  9. Yup, no generic sci-fi show would ever work because it would have to presuppose that the Second Coming is more than a few years away.
  10. MLB drops the hammer on Braves. Braves will lose 12 prospects (including top 50 prospect Kevin Maitan), all the money they spent on those prospects, and will be under heavy international spending limitations through the 2021 signing period. Oh, and John Coppolella has been banned for life.
  11. That’s why I said nobody’s gonna do it. I still think it would work though, if done right. I’d hate to see that. Covenant being a complete piece of shit, while also being the world’s only hope, is kinda the whole point.
  12. Covenant! I want Thomas fucking Covenant! But nobody’s gonna do it.
  13. On the other side Altuve ran away with the AL MVP, getting 27 out of 30 1st place votes. I thought this race was gonna be a lot tighter, definitely tighter than the NL race.
  14. Stanton wins NL MVP, but just barely. He edged out Votto by 2 points, with each getting 10 1st place votes. That’s surprising to me; I really didn’t think Votto would come anywhere near that close. The other surprise is that Kris Bryant picked up a 1st place vote.
  15. MVPs announced today. Considering there have been no surprises so far this award season, that bodes well for Altuve and Stanton.