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  1. I just don't understand this. It's a movie set in the same universe as The Labyrinth? Why? What about it will connect it to the original in any meaningful way? Why not just make an original fantasy movie instead?
  2. Somebody needs to be fired over the pitch calling in that Pence at bat.
  3. Sergio Romo is a complete dickbag.
  4. Hopefully Stark ends up with MLB Network.
  5. A rebuttal:
  6. Does John Jaso have the worst hair in baseball? Yes. Someone should probably tell him.
  7. Fake News
  8. Eat it Brandon, you got hosed!
  9. Ryu looking to fill his belly with tender prep school meat.
  10. JP (as the boys like to call him) has been banned from all regatta events after the fiasco that resulted in Demi Moore's grandmother being allowed to keep her house. In short, he was the one who was supposed to be guarding the Ferrari. And some bad news about Rich Hill: it has been discovered that he is in fact 97% blister.
  11. Everything's fine in Dodgertown. Nobody's panicking or anything.
  12. Unfortunately no. I opened my dirt bike rental business in Florida, figuring that that location would afford me the best opportunity to catch stupid rednecks, and thus statistically the best chance of ensnaring Madison Shitkicker. Looks like all that time and money went to waste. Still, I take solace in the fact that some other enterprising soul managed to achieve the goal of enticing that reckless moron onto a dirt bike.
  13. Sounds like that stupid redneck is gonna be out 6-8 weeks (possibly longer) after falling off his dirt bike.
  14. Why the fuck are they constantly playing Benny and the Jets at Wrigley?
  15. Well, you guys certainly haven't been as insufferable as Sawks fans were.