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  1. And in a different way, and in different circumstances. Gotcha. You may call it a "time loop", if you want, but I don't see any reason to.
  2. Then use a better example. Because "this thing is like that another thing, which is completely unlike this thing" isn't completely convincing. Or, considering that the similes you yourself pick are so blatantly dissimilar, maybe rethink if your theory has legs to stand on. Huh? How did you interpret anything I wrote as me suggesting that you're "promoting a fantasy trope of damsels in distress"?
  3. It's nothing like the Doctor Strange example you yourself used. If you have a plot thread where Doctor Strange fights Dormammu and gets killed and then Doctor Strange fights Dormammu and gets killed and then Doctor Strange fights Dormammu and gets killed and so on and so on, then, please, find something that actually repeats over and over with the same actors (so, if with kidnapped maidens - then you need the same maiden being kidnapped time and again by the same perpetrators). And if not, then you need to rethink your theory. Because right now, it looks like an ancient (literally!) literary trope being maybe a little overused. Damsels get in distress, what else's new?
  4. We don't know whether it was long or not. But, sure, let's go with Brandon the Barren. What does it change?
  5. First, Robb didn't plan. There was no plan, there was a knee-jerk reaction of a teenager in love. Second, the North is big, he could easily find a new place for them somewhere, not unlike his great^n-grandpa did for the Manderlys. After the current problems have been dealt with.
  6. Actually, no, they don't. It's very simple, really: the important stuff is what the author writes about, the unimportant stuff is what the author doesn't write about. And he writes very little of House Dayne: all the mentions you so meticulously collected amount to sixty-odd mentions on three thousand pages. Which makes them merely background. Colorful, to be sure, but still background. Just like all those Corbrays, Mallisters, Glovers, etc. who've left their footprints all over the story, but, at the end of the day, are merely supporting characters. If not glorified extras.
  7. There's that spreadsheet, which would place the births of Mance's son and the Monster some six weeks apart. Although it's probably more detailed and meticulous than GRRM himself cared to be.
  8. Your minor premise, "a physical cause rather than magical", is for now an unproven assumption, or did I miss something? Your major premise, that a physical cause makes it "more sci-fi than fantasy", is, OTOH, just false. Pure unadulterated fantasy words usually still have working physics. The One Ring wasn't destroyed by magic, but in the fires of a volcano.
  9. Not really. Unlike on this forum, in the books they're barely ever mentioned. Dayne is more or less tied with zo Loraq.
  10. Most of that is (for me) old news, except... • As he publicly acknowledged, GRRM decided to undertake a major undisclosed plot change in TWOW. Apparently this change proved more unwieldy than he anticipated and necessitated several tweaks in multiple storylines he had previously assumed wouldn’t need much revising. I thought he was "considering it", that he actually decided to proceed with the legendary twist is new. And, if the source is to be believed, he has again painted himself into a cycle of infinite rewrites. Ah well.
  11. The little crannogman observed everything. For example, one sentence earlier, he noted, for the benefit of the future generations (and the readers), with whom the "storm lord" had a drinking contest. Everything he remembered, including Bob drinking Richard Lonmouth under the table, might be significant storywise, but would it also be significant personally to Howland himself? Generally, I don't see, why. Therefore, I require something more to consider Howland + Ashara.
  12. Plus, you know, that never happened, until the events of AGOT. It doesn't take an extremely observant reader to conclude that Viserys was full of shit.
  13. No.
  14. Considering how many people don't see madness where you're pointing, the problem might not be on my side.
  15. I have another idea. The IT isn't made out of Valyrian steel (if it were so simple, there'd be much more VS blades around), but the dragon-treated material could be what they call dragonsteel. Steel + dragon fire -> dragonsteel. And, unbeknownst to anyone, the Iron Throne is made out of thousands of blades capable of killing an Other.