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  1. Garth Greenhand, Green Men, etc

    My own theory is that that gods the FM had before the old gods were in fact the ancient races themselves, whether they knew that or not. We are told of gods of wind and gods of water, and separately are told of the cotf, who Osha tells us send the wind and the Deep Ones who we are told live in the water. It is my belief that the Old Ones are the offspring of the Deep Ones and COTF and that they are the Green Men. They founded Old Town, hence the name, and Eleini who married into the Durandon family and was said to be the daughter of the god of sky and god of water was an Old One, hence the Durrandon/Baratheon horns as a sigil.
  2. Why are the Targs...

    It's possible they do and we simply have not been told about it. It's also possible they lost it when their lands were sacked during the Dance of Dragons. But, the Valyrons not have a blade is no more strange than the Targs having no knowledge of how to make them or Valyrian stone. The world is not built perfectly, fact is the Valyrons should have had one or at least had one at one time.
  3. Why are the Targs...

    They weren't the same stature. The Targs were among the 40 families who had dragons in old Valyria and were considered a middle house of those 40. Valyron and Celtigar never had dragons so were no where near as powerful as Targaryen.
  4. Who tried to kill Bran?

    I always assumed the dagger was the real payment. Killing the son of a lord who is in his fathers castle and being watched 24/7 is no easy task and getting caught is certain death.
  5. Does Varys know about Jon Snow's parentage?

    No. And for a bonus point I'll point out that obviously LF and Jon Con don't know either.
  6. Ever read something on this forum and say to yourself, "are they reading the same book as I am?"
  7. It's funny, your first 2 paragraphs make it seem like Wymer is in any sales management job such as my own. Your always taught to try and trick a person into thinking they figured something out for themselves, it is as effective in real life as it was getting Gared toshut up. I do not subsricbe to the book within a book theories, but there are several easy solutions to this. First is that Wymer simply meant the week before they tookoff, 2nd is that he meant when they were taking night watches, 3rd is that you simply caught GRRM in a logic hole and he just wanted people to realize something was off before it happened.
  8. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    While LF is not the Lord and his powers are somewhat limited, he is none the less the most powerful man in the Vale. Were Harold to become heir not only would LF loose that power but in all likelihood as @Lord Varys pointed out as he must technically still be considered a minor, Bronze Yhon would step into LF's current role. If LF suggests something to a Lord he has acquired influence over, but Bronze Yhon, or Harry himself orders a Vale lord to do something different, they are not going to listen to LF's suggestion, they are going to listen to their lord. LF would be reduced to hoping Harry can be influenced by Sansa, and hoping Sansa can be influenced by him. Edit: Just realized Nestor Royce is a better example. LF has him completely because Royce owes him his lordship, his remaining Lord is currently tied to LF. But the moment LF is not LP, he looses all of that. Royce could still feel gratitude, but his lordship would be tied to Harry or Bronze Yhon not LF, so at the end of the day LF would loose his greatest ally in an instant.
  9. Harry & Sansa (Littlefinger is delusional)

    The real issue here is that if Robert dies and Harry becomes heir, LF looses all power in the Vale. That 1 fact makes me not understand what the hell LF's plan is. Part of me thinks this is all cover so he can kill Harry without having the blame put on him "why would I kill the man my daughter was betrothed to?!?" is all he would have to say. The only long term plan I could see him having was for her to have Harrys baby, and then off both Harry and Robert, putting Sansa into the same position that Lysa was in at the start of the books. But LF will never rule the Vale in the pure sense of him being Lord of the Eyrie, he is already Lord Paramount of the Riverlands so the only position higher up is King. That go's along with what @ilyrioPoMarties said. Riding it until he can make his play for the Crown. Perhaps he simply wants the Vale, and North in his debt so he has the backing of 3 kingdoms.
  10. Is there any significance to the Rat Cook or Mad Axe?

    What's the mad axe story?
  11. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Well I do think people are slightly misrepresenting Brandon here. Barberys words were that Brandon was never shy about taking what he wanted. IMO, that is highly suggestive of rape. That being said I don't know if that can be considered evidence of him raping Ashara.
  12. How did Dany's death by childbirth theory started?

    ... Ya I know I brought it up I don't see what your point is, or why you even commented on my post to begin with. If you don't like the word then don't use it, I'll use whatever words I want, if hater applies, then I will use that word.
  13. Red wedding and Red viper

    It's possible, but since varys and Ilyrio don't know about the marriage pact between Viserys and Arianne it seems unlikely. We know Varys has the access, we also know he profited from Tywins death, and his statement to Kevan that someone somewhere would find a way to blame the Dornish suggests to me at least that framing the Dornish is something he has already tried to do. Oberyn is known for poisoning, it is inconceivable to me that Tywin would have accepted any food or beverage from Oberyn, especially since Tywin was the host and thus the one providing them.
  14. Red wedding and Red viper

    Much more likely it was Varys.
  15. How did Dany's death by childbirth theory started?

    If you are going to invent ridiculous things about someone, try to take away their accomplishments, or spend time writing essays about how stupid a fictional character is because you dislike them, that is my definition of a hater, and it certainly applies to people on these forums, tho as I said it use to be a lot worse, there use to be at least 1 Dany and 1 Jon bashing thread at all times.