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  1. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    Well if he was advising Aerys he had to have been in Kings Landing since Aerys never left the Red Keep. Given what Varys told him the pretext of the tourney was, I think it is more than likely Varys would have accompanied him.
  2. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    They ironically show that even the house whose words are "we remember" have forgotten.
  3. Just how important is Mance?

    What? He specifically says he cannot fight the WW's.
  4. I agree with the concept that Doran missed a great opportunity, not with how you think he should've gone about it. Declaring for Renly and taking care of Stannis for him when he landed at Storms End would've ensured Renlys victory and Tywins defeat. He should've asked simply for a spot on the small council for someone from Dorne and for Oberyn to get to execute any surviving Lannisters/Gregor.
  5. The Starks and the Children

    Perhaps the cotf in the north being relatively close to the lands beyond the wall simply viewed it as a safe haven, better for their long run, and so migrated there.
  6. Well your right that we don't really know how the HS views that stuff, but he would be taking an awfully big risk, especially since he already completely humiliated Cersei, which I think proves the point about no one being above the law. Whoever winds up on the throne only has to wait a few months for everything to settle down and he will be the 1 in control again, the HS only got any power to begin with because of all the turmoil. Army is also a pretty loose term for his forces at this point. Mace Tyrell has an army, the HS has a band of at most a couple hundred people. We know he has support in the Riverlands, but that is because of all the terrible things that happened there. I'm not sure we really know how the general population feels about him, I believe there were protests when he arrested Margery. The people of Kings Landing suffered through the siege, but now they are doing just fine and thus there are probably many who just want things back the way they were, including wine and prostitutes.
  7. Cersei is accused of fathering Tommen as a bastard, and Tommen legalized the faith militant. Should Cersei be convicted, Tommens order becomes mute.
  8. What is the Others plan?

    I know that the weirwood roots go into the cave that Bran and co. are in now, and that Hodor brushes up against them. I thought I remember the same thing from the crypts. If the Weirwoods unique time properties are required for the event being discussed, than maybe the weirwood roots entering the WF crypts can still provide that.
  9. What is the Others plan?

    I believe the weirwood roots dip into the crypts no?
  10. Other Direwolves

    Theon notes a difference in the howls of a wolf and direwolf, he says it's a lower pitch. He also says the direwolves themselves can be told apart. So I don't think it's a stark thing. Notice Benjen also says "we hear them on rangings" not I.
  11. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    I thought I included in the OP that I am not against this idea, because whether Mance is working with him willingly or not, Ramsay is getting a lot of his info from Mance, but I'm too tired to check lol. I definitely think that despite Mance having his back in a corner like you said, he is definitely a smart guy and Ramsay also has a hell of a lot of problems on his hands. What I tried to draw some attention to is the logistical problems facing the Boltons despite their holding of WF and temporary numeric superiority, so having an ally like Mance even if temporary could be necessary for them. That being said I am not washing my hands of the letter being straight forward, at least as far as Ramsay knows. It is still the simplest explanation.
  12. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    I knew I was walking into that. Lol, but I tried to go back to highschool math proofs.
  13. What is the Others plan?

  14. Towers by the sea

    Just for the record you don't need to put something in spoiler tags unless it is info from a sample chapter. I don't think he is looking for the book either because he didn't want to hang around the Reach at all, he only did it when his captains had the non violent revolt on the shield islands and he decided to send Victarion instead.
  15. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Why am I not surprised you ignore information you don't like? Since your own "speech analysis" suggests that no one could have written the letter, but obviously someone did, your "speech analysis" is clearly invalid. Fact 1 - According to your "speech analysis" only Theon is allowed to use the word whore. Fact 2 - According to your "speech analysis" only wildlings are allowed to use the term "black crows". Conclusion - Since both the word whore and the term "black crows" appear in the letter, and since Theon is not a wildling, no one would have been capable of writing such a letter. Fact 3 - Someone did write the letter. Conclusion - Your "speech analysis" is invalid, as it leads inevitably to a demonstrably wrong conclusion, and therefore the author of the letter must be determined via other means.