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  1. Yes to the issue of the blades, that is what I believe was meant at any rate. To be honest I have not really considered the angle that more time is passing, I feel like I need to read the full chapter of each and will try to do that this weekend if I can. The one thing that springs to mind on the spot is that if Jons scene took more than a few seconds the wildlings and others should have jumped in, I would think, but of course if we are not getting everything than maybe that did happen and we just don't know.
  2. I am pretty sure that Bowens knife is the 2nd knife, because the first knife cuts Jon only, then Jon reaches for his sword but his fingers fumble. So we don't know the location of the 4th knife, but I am pretty sure you and I have discussed before how the 3rd knife should've killed him. There's nothing between the shoulder blades other than heart, lungs, spine, and very small muscles holding the shoulder blade in place. As for Brienne though, I don't see why she would've died, or any clues to suggest it. We know she actually spoke as we know she said sword, so she was a long way away from actually dying of asphyxiation. They would have had to intentionally kill her even after she offered them exactly what they wanted. Then there's the problem of reviving her. Thoros tells Beric that to revive him again would kill him, and we can only assume the same would happen to Lady Stoneheart that happened to Thoros, meaning she would die if she did it. It seems like a situation where we cannot prove she is alive but also have no reason to believe she is not.
  3. In other words, he can't beat your logic, so he's going to pretend it doesn't exist.
  4. No, not my list, the authors, who did you think George was referring to?
  5. George said he was the best fighter at the start of the series. So plain and simple he is the top of the list.
  6. Ya I know lol. I was wondering. Have you considered the possibility that LF enquired about hiring a FM to kill Ned, then balked at the price?
  7. In the books, strength seems to win out. Brienne takes down Loras, Biter takes down Brienne, Dunk repeatedly takes out more skilled fighters, a dying Gregor can still kill Oberyn, Victarion takes down Serry, etc etc.
  8. You lay out the theory nicely, but two things prevent me from getting on board. 1st is that I see no reason for any sort of unseen conspiracy going on. We know the FM gather information so it makes sense someone would have been in KL. As another posted pointed out there is also no reason he could not have been there for anyone else in KL. We also know the FM make mistakes, and anyone can get unlucky. Police have a phrase that they only have to get lucky once to catch someone. In Sams last chapter of Feast we see "the alchemist/fake Pate" make a mistake when he introduces himself as "Pate, like the pig boy" We learned in the prologue that Pate hated that story and would never have said that. 2nd is the cost. It seems to me you have to pay upfront, and the cost seems to be based both on the target and the wealth of the individual. The story of the waif was half of all a lords wealth, plus his oldest child. That was for the lords own wife, meaning the assassin is almost guaranteed no one will be making a huge effort to find him afterwards. The cost would have to be much higher for the hand of the king. LF did not give up his lordship, his brothels, to our knowledge he had no children, it just doesn't seem like he paid anything.
  9. The threat against Jon is not killing Mance or a lack thereof, its sending Mance down to WF to interfere with the realm, the one thing the NW can't do is interfere with the realm. Roose may already be dead at Ramsays hand by the time of the letter.
  10. I'm glad you think that way about the pink letter. I've been in very heated debates about it and that has always been my position. Means motive opportunity, Mance has no motive. If you think about it the pink letter makes perfect sense from multiple angles, but only if it was sent by Roose/Ramsay. They think they know that they won't be able to beat Theon/(F)Arya to the wall, so they have a big problem in that Jon can out them to the entire north/all of Westeros. By letting Jon know they have Mance, they are letting him know that they can also out him as a traitor, so there is an element of you keep quiet and we keep quiet. There is also the fact that even after Stannis' supposed defeat(I believe he was victorious but has fooled them into thinking otherwise) the Boltons ability to actually take Castle Black if it puts up a defense is highly questionable. While there is no outer wall it is still a series of towers and we saw them defend it pretty well against the wildlings. There is also the matter of getting there. Marching thousands of troops hundreds of miles through a blizzard at the outset of winter is generally a terrible idea. It is a logistical nightmare, horses would be dropping dead like flies and since your moving slowly you require more supplies.
  11. I agree with the bolded as my reasoning on Manderlys actions. (F)Arya, whether he knows she is fake or not is not his primary concern. As to Mances plan I believe he would have gone over the wall with them or snuck out as a manderly/frey in disguise or something. I personally think his plan got screwed by the big walder little walder murder because Roose specifically orders him to the front of the hall and to start playing because of the trouble that had been caused. That is the situation when the spearwives and Theon make their move. What happens to him when the alarm is sounded is anyone's guess. He would not have had much time but he cold have potentially snuck out, hid, our been grabbed. Given everything that follows though in the pink letter I believe he was caught.
  12. Your still making all these assumptions about Mance working together with people, if you just abandon that thought it all makes sense. None of the northerners know that is Mance, they didn't trust him to do anything because he isn't working with anyone. But your right about Mors, and I don't think anyone gives any indication they don't think it's her. The mountain clans sure seem to think its her, and so do Mances spearwives who have been sleeping with people and likely gathering information while doing so.
  13. That's not something I had ever thought about, but actually it could make a lot of sense. Ashara falls for Ned and wants to talk to Lyanna about him or something? Then the two become friends, and that could explain why Lyanna was near Harrenhall to begin with. If Lyanna stayed in the south to hang out with Ashara either at KL or Starfall it could explain a lot. If we make a few assumptions like Ashara being the one to tell Ned where Lyanna was, and that he shouldn't bring his whole army or even a significant force, that she was the "they" with Howland. It explains her importance to the story, and how Rhaegar even knew where to find her. It could even have allowed Lyanna and Rhaegar to get to know each other better.
  14. Too ambiguous to say. We all know Ned didn't rape anyone, and we also know he deliberately put out a story that Ashara was Jons mom, so that could be what Barristan heard/referred to. Then there is Neds internal thought in AGOT that there was a stain on his honor, and part of me doesn't think that means Jon or the lie about Jon. But at the same time Barristan seems to respect Ned, we see no animosity from him whatsoever, which makes me think he thought it was Brandon. At the same time I just can't see the George bringing in children of Brandon at this point. Then there is Aerys, who is a known rapist. And even Lewyn Martell. Barristan knows he kept a paramour, but never mentions a name. Hell even Oberyn could've had her, women seem to love the guy. I always thought Ashara was a decent choice for Lemore, simply because she gets brought up in every book, people would actually remember her name, and Lemore had a child according to Tyrion. This is something I simply cannot form a solid opinion on.
  15. Barristan refers to him as good, not great. I believe the whole point of Mormonts tourney win, other than his banishment was to show that in this story, the love of a woman can put you over the top. Rhaegar had to win to crown Lyanna and be her equal, because she didn't loose, he couldn't.