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  1. What was Varys doing when KL fell?

    Leaving the city during the sack and returning right afterwards is not the same thing as fleeing. He could present himself as soon as things calmed down. Anyone could be killed when soldiers rush in, or if Aerys succeeds in lighting the wildfire.
  2. What was Varys doing when KL fell?

    The safest option would be for him to flee the city, he has the means to do it via secret passages and has no way of knowing what would actually become of him, or the city should Aerys wildfire plot come to pass. Returning a few days later when things have settled down would not be difficult either.
  3. Why do people want Aegon to be real?

    If Varys only wanted what was best for the realm, then why did he support Aerys over Rhaegar the first time around?
  4. Historical figures the Targaryan Kings are based on

    I definitely think Aerys comes from Nero. Crazy king killed by his own guards, Nero burned Rome and Aerys tried to.
  5. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Doesn't Jon doing something stupid benefit Ramsay? If you read through the OP I address this. While any of the suggested characters Ramsay, Stannis, Mance could have all of the info contained in the letter, none of them are aware that there are a substantial number of wildlings at CB. When Stannis and Mance left the wall the few wildlings that were at CB hated Jon and there were no more than 100 capable of fighting. Without the addition of Tormunds wildlings, which again, none of the suggested authors of the letter know about, Jon has only 4 options. Hand over the hostages, send them away to Essos, tell everyone that "arya" is Jeyne Poole, or nothing. While I agree that Jon would not hand over the hostages, sending them off to Essos is not a bad outcome for the Boltons, as Stannis points out that no one who ever flees across the sea makes it back successfully. He could out Jeyne Poole, but then the Boltons would out Jon for keeping Mance alive and interfearing with the realm. While it would cause them a headache, everyone thinks Stannis is dead, the Boltons have won, they would not be topplied by this revelation, Jon however would die due to the Mance revelation. The last option of doing nothing also favors the Boltons because if everyone returns to their castles and waits the winter out, the Boltons will just march on CB come spring and sort it out. In short, the whole concept of making Jon do something stupid, only benefits the Boltons, so if that's what you think the letter was designed to do than I don't see why you wouldn't agree it was written by Ramsay.
  6. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Stannis actually has the numbers. Over 5k against some 1500-2500 Freys. That doesn't even account for the Manderlys. As far as deviating from the show and book
  7. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Ramsay would know that by interrogating Mance or any remaining spear wives.
  8. Valyrian Steel Swords Free For All

    They were sellswords/hedge knights who were following Hugh the Hammer. I personally assume they would have left Westeros to sell the blade in Volantis or another free city. You have to pay for a blade you commission, the red color would suggest that to me at least. As far as simply finding it, or it being a Greyjoys in particular ya, but an Ironborn raiding the island who had stolen the blade elsewhere just like with Nightfall and Red Rain, and that blade in turn being taken by the Mormonts seems most likely to me as there is no way they could afford it.
  9. Valyrian Steel Swords Free For All

    The Reynes were on the side of the blacks in the DOD? Shit I don't remember that at all. We know from Tyrion the Ironborn have sacked Lannisport 2 or 3 times at least so any of those times could have resulted in the blade being captured as well. I do think it's likely that the Reynes copied the Lannisters and got their blade after they did and tried to make it look like theirs. Cheers! Like reading your comments as well.
  10. Valyrian Steel Swords Free For All

    This seems to just imply that the blade was stolen before that time. Perhaps during/after the DOD when the Ironborn were raiding the Westerlands with impunity.
  11. Is Viserion a reincarnation of Sunfyre the Golden?

    While I see where your coming from on Drogon, I would point out that GRRM says the drawing of Aegon standing on his head in TWOIAF is to scale and that Balerion could shade an entire town when he flew over, so Drogon is a doll compared to him at this point.
  12. You point out what I and many others have pointed out, that Robert dying is seemingly the worst thing that could happen to LF. Still, I find the Vale very hard to predict. What if LF really does simply believe Robert will die regardless, so he is planning for the eventuality? What if there is no clear heir after Harry, and were both Harry and Robert killed there was simply an all out brawl for control, where LF thinks he may come out on top? What if all he wants is Sansa married to Harry long enough to birth an heir and then to kill Harry, putting Sansa, or whoever she declares in charge of the Vale until her newborn comes of age? The tourney itself seems to be nothing more than a way for LF to collect 8 highborn hostages and to kickstart the Sansa Harry relationship. However the daggers seem ominous to me. Perhaps LF plans to frame someone for a murder by stealing 1 of the daggers he gives as a gift and using it, then simply asking everyone to produce their daggers? All of that tho is just LF's plans. Lyn Corbray, the Royces, Sansa, the mad mouse, Sr. Kettleblack, hell even Tyrion could show up and throw everything into chaos.
  13. Words are wind! Honour versus duty, and vows...

    Interesting take. I think the best example of the walls magic probably comes from Sam bringing Bran and Co through the gate. The Wall clearly has some sort of recognition that Sam is a member of the NW. Sam also tells Bran that only he can open the gate, a sworn brother. This seems to suggest that he could not have simply told Bran to say the words, as the words didn't matter, it was Sam that mattered.
  14. I believe that Mance working with Mors Umber can be ruled out based on his interaction with Theon. Theon is terrified and Mance is trying to convince him to act the way he wants, which is to help them escape WF. When they hear the horns they believe Stannis has arrived, Mance says as much to Theon. This means that all they really have to do is get outside the walls and they can make it to Stannis and be safe. Before "Stannis" shows up, if they had escaped WF they would have simply been ridden down. This explains their reaction to the horns, without having to complicate it. What I believe rules out Mance working with Mors Umber is that Mance doesn't simply tell Theon this. "Hey this was our plan all along they know we are in here trying to escape and will come get us with horses as soon as we get over the walls" is a lot more convincing than "Stannis sounds close".
  15. The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    I don't know how serious you are but Rhaegar was cremated, that is from the mouth of GRRM.