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  1. The lie is that Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn. The casts no shadow is simply a reference to him being drained by Mels 2 shadow babies. Although we could all certainly be wrong, the WW's do indeed have blue eyes.
  2. You stated "The purpose of Lyanna's horse riding skill is to link her to Arya and Jon" How could Robb being a better rider than Jon strengthen that argument?
  3. I did think of that, and it's a fair point that war horses are trained to kill, but I think in terms of their nature, they are no different from deer or any of those types of herbivors in they will run from predators rather than fight.
  4. We are told that the animals you skinchange effect you. More specifically we are told that spending time in prey animals will make you fearful. Lyanna and Brandon are literally the opposite of fearful people, being described as having wolf blood.
  5. Ned would have been full grown at this point, and he is capable of wearing Ice on his back, a 6 ft sword, hence he is over 6 feet tall. Jon specifically states that Robb was the better jouster, he was the better sword. That does not link her to Jon.
  6. How is that any different than Fireballs son winning an entire tournament without ever once being struck center mass, when he also had never jousted before?
  7. He is definitely some kind of wight but I think a sentient wight who was fighting for the realm would not be what Jon was looking for, if that counted Jon could just take his shirt off.
  8. I agree that this is a very complex storyline that is hard to predict. So many variables. I don't see Sansa marrying Harry. I also don't think LF leaves the Vale alive. I think Sansa kills him and comes into her own here. Whether she betroths herself to Robert or what idk. I am a big fan of @chrisdaw's theory that Sandor ends up with Lady Forlone.
  9. As far as I can tell Arianne is definitely going to send Dragon. Lets just look at the situation. Aegon has taken Storms End, an incredible feat. Arianne still judges men by their appearance when she first meets them(that's what she did to Lysono Marr). Aegon is according to Tyrion super hot. The army coming down from Kings Landing is likely to be defeated. Jon Con is really Jon Con, and it seems Doran gave Arianne info on him so she could confirm his identity. Stormlords have already joined him. When Arianne looks at everything and sees a Reach army defeated, a Targ looking beautiful guy, a real Joncon, Stormlords, and Storms End, she is going to declare for him. I think the only real question is who does Aegon marry, does he accept Arianne, or wait for a better match since he should have Dornes support regardless. I can't ignore the obvious lady lance parallel with Lyanna. I think Aegon falls for her, exactly what becomes of that idk but I expect her to become pregnant to continue the Blackfyre line, even if through a bastard.
  10. I remember seeing a note somewhere, whether it was the app or whatever that Lyanna did in fact practice at rings. Also, I would include as evidence for her that Fireballs son won a jousting tourney having never jousted before, and in fact was never even hit solidly by a lance because he had no breastplate and would've been killed.
  11. Drago had a minor flesh wound, had he been treated by a Dothraki healer he would have lived, she deliberately infected him. We know the Dothraki can heal effectively because they have cripples.
  12. The fire is in his eyes, not reflected on them, and I see no ice.
  13. You state that there were no dragons in westeros to make valyrian steal, but the maesters tell us dragons once existed everyone and they know that because they found the skeletons.
  14. I actually always liked Rhaegar as TPTWP because he lived and died as a prince, whereas even if gender is removed Dany is a queen, even if he is real Aegon has declared himself King, and Jon will in all likelihood become a king.
  15. People have all sorts of absurd theories about this. The fact of the matter is that in the limited amount of time we have seen Jaqen on page we saw him make a mistake. While disguised as Pate he refers to himself as "Pate, like the pig boy." We the readers, as well as Alleras/Sarella know that Pate would never refer to himself like that. So we know the faceless men are not perfect. We also know simply as a practical matter that shit happens. Some guys could've tried to rob him, someone could've unluckily walked around the corner right after he dealt with those thieves. Any number of unlucky things could have happened to wind him up in the black cells. Niether LF, nor Cersei, and certainly Varys did not hire the FM to kill Ned. The FM charge based on the target, and based on the person doing the hiring. The cost seems to be at least half of everything you have. Varys only real possessions are his life and power, he gave up neither. LF has wealth and power, and he still has both. Cersei had wealth, power, and children. She still has wealth and power, and did not give her children to the FM. Therefore none of them hired a faceless man. As for destabilizing the Nights Watch. I don't even know how to comment on that.