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  1. I'm not even sure why House Florent effects house Hightower in a negative way. The Hightowers are sheltering a Florent.
  2. Do you not think there is anything to Manderly bringing his own food? Even if just a technicality, we were in Catlyns head when they arrived at the Twins and she doesn't think they've been given guest rights until they are given some of Walders food.
  3. I'm just going to be frank. There is nothing supporting this theory in the books, and it would be pretty lame. Sorry but that's just the truth. Regular wolves can be warged just as Direwolves can, and they existed on earth, they were real animals, nothing magical about them. In terms of actually disproving the theory, obviously I can't do that. However I can point out that the WW's have come around before, and we have no reason to believe that the Direwolf population was particularly low at that time.
  4. Hoster Tully wasn't there either, at a tournament in his own lands. I believe it is simply because Aerys shit on both of them by naming Jaime to the Kingsguard. Hoster and Tywin were going to betroth Jaime to Lysa.
  5. When I said they didn't leave Luwin there I meant the Ironborn, they left him where they stabbed him and after they left he crawled to the godswood. Wex was up in a tree having a better vision of the godswood than Bran and Rickon, who were not concerned with looking around anyway, they were concernred with Luwin. Wex was also there when the Ironborn entered the godswood, and would have heard everything that happened, he didn't even need to see it. Why burn a broken tower? What's the point? And I already addressed the godswood, they didn't want to burn their own church. The outside gets burnt a bit but by and large the flames don't make it over the wall surrounding the godswood, it is a damp place, if it were to burn a real fire would have to be set at the base of the trees, and even then without warmth and dryness it would take forever, living trees that have water in them are not easy to burn. The Ironborn raided the Stoney Shore from ships, they came and went, and Wex would have no way of knowing where they would be, or if they would be there at all. Even if he were on the coast how would he get them to stop if he saw them sailing by? Moat Cailin is the only location he knows has Ironborn that he knows how to find, because there is a road.
  6. Euron was setup as a huge threat to Danaerys by Moqorro who says something along the lines of a kraken being her biggest enemy. If he is going to be a huge threat to her he has to win the upcoming battles he is facing. Also, can't help but notice that you referenced Eurons VS armor... so you did read the sample chapter. Euron controls the Shields and the Arbor, and imo will sink the incoming Hightower and Redwyn fleets with some sort of magic ritual. I then believe that Garlan, thinking the Ironborn occupied or defeated will attempt to retake the shields using a bunch of riverboats not designed for open water, let alone combat, and will be taken by surprise by the return of the Ironborn, resulting in Garlan being killed by Harlaw using Nightfall. Olenna tells Garlan that Night falls for all, or something along those lines, earlier in the books. Then Euron copies the Ironborn conquest of the Riverlands, and has the Ironborn carry their longships from the sound at the mouth of the Mander, overland to the Honeywine, and attacks Oldtown from the river, where they have no defenses. The idea of them surrendering doesn't work for me because as much of a threat as the Ironbron are at sea, the rest of the Reach and Aegon aren't just going to let Oldtown declare for someone else, the bigger threat is the person who can and will kill you, not the person who can and will cut off your money supply.
  7. I stopped reading responses about half way through the second page because it seems to be the same things getting repeated time and time again. As far as the #'s discrepancy, there seems to be several valid possibilities, the most likely imo being that Luwin was not counted since he didn't leave. As for why the godswood wasn't burned, I don't think this is in any way inconsistent. We look at the Boltons and see terrible men, but they are northmen, most of whom will hold to the old gods to at least some degree, not wanting to burn their own church does not seem in any way unreasonable to me. As for not seeing any bodies, it is not as if we are shown a sweep of the godswood, its not this 1 little pool, its acres of essentially forest, you can't just see the whole thing. As for leaving Luwin, they didn't. He wasn't there are the time. He likely fell where he was stabbed and played dead, then after they left crawled to the godswood to die in some relative peace/ get a drink of water. I believe you looked at this all wrong. Yes the story is bullshit, but that doesn't mean Wex wasn't there. We know Wex was in WF when it was sacked, and we know he survived, so he hid somewhere, and it wasn't the crypts. The bullshit comes when we are told that a lone Ironborn tracked a wildling and a Direwolf for a thousand miles across the north without being discovered, then somehow came into Manderlys possession, meaning he crossed the entire north again to get to Manderly lands. I feel safe saying that didn't happen. But that doesn't mean the jist of the story is not correct. There are several plausible explanations. The one I like best is what I feel I game theorized out. If I am Wex and want to survive where do I go? My answer is Moat Cailin. He doesn't know Dagmer retook Torhens square which would actually be his best bet. He made the journey from Torrhens square to WF once, so going back should be possible and it is the closest held Ironborn position, but he doesn't know the Ironborn retook it. That leaves Moat Cailin or Deepwood Mott. He doesn't really know where Deepwood Mott is and it requires going through a huge forest which people were generally afraid of at that time. Moat Cailin on the other hand has the largest Ironbron presence, and a road to follow. By staying off but near the Kingsroad, he just has to move south, probably at night and in a few weeks he will be there. Now put yourself in Manderlys shoes. A huge Ironborn presence at Moat Cailin, which seemingly borders your lands, your damn sure going to have patrols out to know if the Ironborn try to move inland. So it does not seem unreasonable that these scouts could have caught Wex going to the place he would logically have tried to go. If he overheard Osha tell Luwin they would go to Skagos, then the info is correct anyway.
  8. I don't necessarily think it will happen, but I think you lay the groundwork in your own post. What if things take longer than they would like and he knows he has almost no time left, or what if he has already started loosing his mind, or simply becomes incredibly biter?
  9. Not really. Winterfell isn't the Boltons for one. For two, Manderly brought the food, the Boltons didn't provide it. Last, Jeyne Poole was never married to Ramsay Bolton for real since she used a fake name, and no one named Arya was stolen from the castle. Not to mention you can't steal someone who wants to come with you, and guest rights are voided when the host breaks them anyway. If you would argue Jeyne was under guest rights then Ramsay broken them when he hurt her, same with Theon. Its not just the guest promising to do no harm, it is the host as well. But if you want to be technical, than the fact that Manderly brought the food is all we really need to say.
  10. I believe Tyrion implies that a lot of the investments in the books look like bullshit to him. It is very easy to say a ship sank when it didn't, it is very easy to say some grain was stolen, or burned, when it wasn't, etc. etc.. LF even says as much at one point when describing why whores are the better investment.
  11. I personally agree, I think the Ironborn words will end up being foreshadowing for Theon. What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger. People thought Theon was dead, and when he rises he will have experienced true horrors and be a humbler, kinder, smarter person.
  12. The Foresaken chapter doesn't take place over months, it covers months with flashbacks and memories. They are on a boat off the Arbor the whole time. Since we are given the location of the Redwyn fleet in the chapter, and at the end of TWOW, we know that it is actually taking place at the beginning of the book. The Arianne chapters would take place a little bit before them but not by a lot, and definitely right after TWOW. We also know the Theon chapter, Barristan chapters, and Tyrion chapters all happen first thing. Sansa's chapter also makes reference to the fact that the mountain passes of the Vale only became unpassable recently, and since it had already started snowing in the Riverlands by the end of TWOW, that should also be pretty close. Mercy is the only one that stands out as being at least a few weeks in. It seems that Cersei has regained power, and her trial was set for like a week after the end of TWOW, and the party that goes to Bravos seems to have left after that, otherwise the guard wouldn't have known she was back in power. But I still wouldn't put it more than a few weeks after the end of TWOW because we know Harys Swyft was already planning on going there.
  13. I can't pull any direct quotes for you but there are a couple of things. From the Dunk and Egg Novels we have Egg who is Aegon Targaryen shaving his head so people won't see his hair grow in silver when he is trying to hide his identity. I believe it was Maegor the cruel who finished the Red keep? and said that only the dragon shall ever know the secrets of the Red Keep. Clearly Varys knows its secrets. The basis of the theory to my knowledge is motive, but as that is somewhat subjective and I assume it is what led you to this I won't bother talking about it. Though IDK if he is Blackfyre or Brightflame. I'm more inclined to think Ilyrio descends from the female line of house blackfyre, as he specifically tells Tyrion it went extinct in the male line.
  14. She killed/wounded an unknown number of people defending the keep with the people bound for the NW, and could if you'd like be given credit for the 3 guards who were killed to free the northern prisoners in Harrenhall, but didn't do it directly.
  15. Come on dude, just admit you got the timeline wrong.