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  1. The Dustin succession crisis that apparently never was

    When there are no wars going on, and both WF and Kings Landing have stable rulers, things are much more likely to be handled peacefully. Since Lady Dustin is the legal ruler, there was no need to do anything. Now as she gets older and does not have an heir, that will be a different story.
  2. The Green Grace was behind the poison in Hizdahr's box

    I wasn't sure how to read that. My first thought was that Coleman stopped putting sweatsleep in it so it no longer tasted as sweat and he was just getting regular milk.
  3. Why don't we know who won the melee at Harrenhal?

    Ned remembers Robert winning melees when he was younger. Also the Laughing Storm, IE Robert from 100 years ago fought in Melees as the Lord of Storms End just as Robert was at HH.
  4. Ice Spiders. Have we read about one?.

    I've never seen the ice spider thought before I think it's original.
  5. How Tyrion Takes Casterly Rock

    Sansa could refute the Kingslaying charge, the kinslaying would still stand tho.
  6. Ice Spiders. Have we read about one?.

    I think it makes pretty good sense. It has long been pointed out that the description of Sam killing the Other is very similar to the story. It also seems similar to when Drogon burned a slaver.
  7. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    I still can't see it, but I do recognize that enough intelligent people believe it, so it is certainly a possibility.
  8. update from George!

    I was amazed to see this not already being discussed. George commented on his not a blog that he expects to be done this year, but that he has been wrong before. He says he has made progress and did not talk about having more bad days like he did last year. I find this pretty encouraging and thought people would like to hear!
  9. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Yes, with the addition that Ramsay wanted to ride straight to CB from WF, but was talked into writing the letter by Roose who explained all the problems with heading to the wall in force that I laid out in the OP.
  10. Pondering on the purpose of the "Three Sisters" Davos Chapter in Dance

    It might not be the norm for him to skip journeys but he definitely does it. Davos himself is arriving at the sisters in his first chapter and recounts the journey, then arrives in WH in the 2nd with no journey, Stannis just shows up at CB when last we saw him at Dragonstone, and Quentyns chapters had tons of flashbacks. In his first we get their journey to Volantis, in his 2nd we get their journey to Astapor and the siege and storming of the city all as a flashback. What I find interesting here is that he seems to have ended the book on cliffhangers for most people. What is Brienne doing with Jaime, whats gonna happen to Dany, Jon, the battle of Mereen, battle of Ice, etc etc. If this is the best cliffhanger spot for Davos it must mean that something significant is going to happen in the next chapter that will clear things up for us, and I think that means he must find Rickon under positive circumstances, or find out that Rickon is dead in the next chapter.
  11. Pondering on the purpose of the "Three Sisters" Davos Chapter in Dance

    The timeline makes me think Davos must have gotten to Skagos some time ago. Unless he was significantly delayed in leaving WH he should have arrived in Skagos by or more likely before the Manderly men reach WF. Sailing is much quicker than riding or walking, and the barge they took up the White Knife has to go against the current of the river.
  12. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    I do agree that Ramsay likely follows the Freys and Manderlys. I think that actually makes the deception better than Stannis even having to use a raven. While Ramsay will surely want to follow, he would also want to get info from the spearwives. I think he would be in on torturing them as well as Mance. His men will also need some time to assemble. I think it is reasonable to assume they would be at least a few hours behind the others. This gives them the ability to actually present Karkstarks head as Stannis's, and to actually see Stanniss's losses and sword. It also allows the Manderlys to tell him they already sent scouts after Jeyne and Theon.
  13. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Replies to the bolded in order. 1. The horn blowing is not coordinated to anything. If Mance knew what was happening outside he would never have bothered with the killings. When they hear the horn blowing they feel they have the solution to their problem, how to avoid being re-captured once they get out of WF. Escaping was never the issue, but when the Boltons will just come after you with horses you cannot outrun, getting outside the walls is not enough. Once they hear the horns they think Stannis has arrived and so they plan on moving ahead with the escape. Mance would have no reason to lie to Theon about working with Mors, in fact since Theon is so hesitant it would have benefitted Mance to tell Theon he was working with Mors. Instead Mance says that it is Stannis blowing his horns outside. 2. As I wrote it seems to me lots of people are overestimating him. I think the fact that you just wrote that with no support is evidence of that. His situation is rather hopeless. The spearwives say he can handle himself, thinking he will have more time to hide/get out, but since they are discovered early due to Jeynes scream he did not have that time. 3. The problem with all Stannis and Mance theories is stuff like this, it is baseless speculation, I don't really have a reply. 4. I addressed those details 5. No he's not, he's dead, and that can easily be viewed as positive to the Boltons.
  14. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    Allow me to say that I did not mean to bash you or your thread here, yours is simply the most recent Stannis wrote it thread, so naturally it is the one for me to point out.
  15. Ramsay wrote the pink letter

    When I commented on the Stannis wrote the letter thread, I was specifically asked to make this thread by the OP, and my future comments were not responded to, so I did.