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  1. Tywin and Stannis have the same amount of men, and Kings Landing has a river and an ocean to get supplies from. The city was starving before because Stannis was blockading it by sea, and the Tyrells cut them off from the Reach, while Tywin had already cut them off from the Riverlands. That doesn't even take into account what this thread is all about, which is Tywin not being there because he went West.
  2. The Tyrells led the Van that attacked Stannis. I see no reason to think they would not have still taken him in the rear and defeated him on their own. With Robb defeated in the West, and Roose Bolton in command of the northern foot in the Riverlands, it seems to me nothing would change. Roose would take command when he got back North.
  3. Perhaps, if he is what he appears to be, he is simply looking for proof/confirmation of her identity. Proof enough to bet his life on the info, meaning he tells Cersei and gets a reward knowing that if he was wrong she would have him killed.
  4. I should've been clearer. The POVs in the south, which the upcoming book will be are from maesters. I consider Pate a maester for those purposes
  5. FYI, the Tullys did not attend for the same reason as Tywin. Aerys had just shit on them both by naming Jaime to the Kingsguard. Hoster Tully and Tywin had been planning on wedding Jaime to Lysa.
  6. Continuity was probably the wrong word, fair enough. But completely illogical still applies. When your a thousand feet up on a dragon you'd have an excellent view, and having seen them before or not, that was a completely missed opportunity. It would not have been hard to distinguish the leader. We have absolutely no knowledge that WW's/night king are immune to dragonfire.
  7. If you guys want a continuity error, how about the dragons not just firebombing the few white walkers standing alone at the top of the hill clearly marking themselves.
  8. Jon says fire and dragonglass, we are never told valyrian steal kills wights.
  9. The Jeyne we saw in Jaime's chapter was real, as per grrm, meaning she didn't run away with the Blackfish. So that leaves us with the party heading west. Your statements about the maesters always being the pov in the prologue seems correct so I agree there are not many options. Roslins baby does provide an interesting scenario. It seems we must be getting some sort of rescue attempt in the chapter, otherwise the only knowledge we would gain would seemingly be something trivial, like a confirmation from Jeynes mother about the potion she was drinking or how long she was working with Tywin. Interesting, but trivial, not worth an entire prologue. That said, the other thing about the prologues is that they seem to introduce a magical element. got - WW's sos - red priests cok - ww's + wights en masse ffc - faceless men dwd - skinchanging wow - ? Perhaps Nymerias pack is involved in the rescue, perhaps the Westerling family shares knowledge of the woman who made Cersei's prophecy, I can't really think of any other magical elements, but then again I wouldn't have seen the Red priestess's coming.
  10. As I have pointed out for years, there really is no basis for the theory, people have just inexplicably latched onto it. We are given all the info we need. Valyrian steal is steal, forged in dragon flame, spell bound, and tempered with, or with a sacrifice mixed in somewhere. The maesters say that there are dragon skeletons all over the world, so just because dragonsteal would not be the same as valyrian steal, does not mean it is not similarly dragon forged and tempered with a sacrifice.
  11. The only thing I could think of would be Davos praying to the mother and then being rescued against all odds while he was trapped on a little rock after the battle of the blackwater.
  12. The lie is that Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn. The casts no shadow is simply a reference to him being drained by Mels 2 shadow babies. Although we could all certainly be wrong, the WW's do indeed have blue eyes.
  13. You stated "The purpose of Lyanna's horse riding skill is to link her to Arya and Jon" How could Robb being a better rider than Jon strengthen that argument?
  14. I did think of that, and it's a fair point that war horses are trained to kill, but I think in terms of their nature, they are no different from deer or any of those types of herbivors in they will run from predators rather than fight.
  15. We are told that the animals you skinchange effect you. More specifically we are told that spending time in prey animals will make you fearful. Lyanna and Brandon are literally the opposite of fearful people, being described as having wolf blood.