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  1. Roose is talking to Theon here, who Roose has every reason to suspect will tell Ramsay everything he says, just as Barbery Dustin did when she had Theon take her into the crypts.
  2. I have argued for a long time that what the WW's are doing is akin do skinchanging soulless people, but I do think there are two parts to it. The actual physical resurrection, which is what MMD did to Drago and what the WW's do to people, and then separately the WW's take them over, which MMD did not do.
  3. No reason for, it plain and simple he gives her nothing. Also, he may already be captured by the GC.
  4. There is no clear answer to that question. We have the Stark family tree but it doesn't give us a clear answer. We can narrow it down quite a bit, but that is only if we make a rather large assumption that the woman is a pure blooded stark/Stark wife and not someone else perhaps a paramour or hostage even which could make more sense in the revenge regard. But it is possible we will get our answer in the next Dunk and Egg novel when they go to WF. However it is also possible we don't because we seemingly get a vision of that event also... Edit: I would hazard a guess that if we don't get an answer in the next D&E that we won't get an answer.
  5. Realistically it wouldn't have been impossible it would have just taken time and a couple victories. He could have handled Karstark better, imprisoning him rather than killing him as everyone advised. Then he needed to execute his plan to retake the north, while avoiding the Twins so as not to fall into the trap. Robb is not killed and Edmure and the others not taken hostage it is unclear whether the Freys would openly declare for the Lannisters or just remain in the Twins. If he can avoid the Twins then Robb is not killed and Edmure and the others not taken hostage it is unclear whether the Freys would openly declare for the Lannisters or just remain in the Twins. Arya is returned to them, and then it is a matter of victory at Moat Cailin, which seems likely given what Theon saw. They would've taken losses sure but with thousands of men they can overcome a few dozen sick ones. From there he can rather easily retake the north and find out what happened at Winterfell and kill Ramsay, whether or not Roose would be killed is unclear. But he would also likely get Rickon back soon thereafter as well. While this was happening the Lannister Tyrell alliance would presumably collapse as it did anyway. Tarly would likely still march into the southern Riverlands and take Maidenpoole, but we saw from Jaime's POV that moving men north of there became a problem because of a supply shortage due to how badly the Riverlands had been ravaged. The siege of Riverrun was being maintained by food from the Freys, but the Freys would not have any hostages in this situation and Edmure would have the same 15k men or more he was able to raise to fight Tywin off at the Fords. Given all this It is not really clear what the situation would be in the northern Riverlands but it seems doubtful to me that it would have ever been secured by the Tyrell Lannister (possibly Frey) alliance by the time of the current events where Aegon is landing, Euron is raiding, Tywin & Joffrey are dead, Tyrion is gone, Cersei and Margery have been imprisoned, etc, etc. If in this situation Robb marched back south and Edmure still have some strength in tact in the Northern Riverlands then Walders allegiance can be won back likely just with a match to Edmure and honoring their original agreement for Arya to marry a Frey.
  6. I can't tell if your being serious or not. How would Sansa even know what was in the hair net? Are you saying she is also blocking out Dontos telling her about it? And if so why the hell did LF explain to her a false plan?
  7. The Florents are not the 2nd strongest house in the reach, that's either the Tyrells, Redwyns, or Hightowers depending exactly how your measuring. The Florents are one of the weakest great houses of the Reach, the reason the Tyrells are so scared of them is because they have the best claim to Highgarden in terms of their blood relationship to house Gardener, and because Selyse Florent is married to Stannis, so they figure if he becomes King the Florents may wind up with Highgarden as the Tyrells originally supported Renly then Joffrey and fought Stannis at the Blackwater and back in Roberts rebellion they besieged Stannis for months until he was eating rats, they assumed he would never forgive them for that.
  8. This is entirely possible because Jon or Sam or someone, does blow the horn. I personally doubt Craster is able to verbally communicate with them in a detailed enough way to describe what is going on, I suspect they could watch and figure it out for themselves.
  9. It was a well thought out strategy. The Others cannot breach the wall itself at the time, but the wildlings could. They herded the wildlings toward the wall so they would attack it for them. They attacked the wildlings edges gaining some numbers, but never truly attacking in force. Had Mormont been able to scatter them as he intended, they would've posed no true threat to the watch and the WW's would've killed them little by little but been no closer to breaching the wall.
  10. The whole basis for that theory is that Euron has been magically sailing back and forth, the Aeron sample chapter shows that he has been off the coast of the Reach the whole time since Victarion set out to slavers bay, and we know he was on the iron Islands for over a month before that during the time the Kingsmoot was being called. That amount of time takes us back well before Dario was given to the Yunkai as a hostage, so they are accounted for in separate locations at the same time, even though we cannot pin down the times exactly.
  11. The reports we hear of in Kings Landing have the Lannister army dissolving. With Jeyne Westerling being in the prologue and heading to the West with Edmure and co, it does seem likely that a rescue attempt will be made, though it would seem pretty far fetched for Edmure to survive. I think Hasty will be killed by a wight so he might hold Harrenhall for a while. I also believe in the Red Wedding 2.0, and that Jason Mallister has been built up as a badass so I am betting he regains control of his castle in the not too distant future. I can't come to a solid opinion about what happens in the Twins. The story of the rat cook and all the foreshadowing imo suggest Walder outlives his family.
  12. That is very good, explains it all perfectly.
  13. I was actually referring to every study/survey done on the matter which you are both more than capable of looking up, but by all means since you don't like the result go ahead and dismiss it...
  14. It is my understanding that women are much more likely to be bi sexual than men, and that many young women experiment with such things.
  15. My own theory is that that gods the FM had before the old gods were in fact the ancient races themselves, whether they knew that or not. We are told of gods of wind and gods of water, and separately are told of the cotf, who Osha tells us send the wind and the Deep Ones who we are told live in the water. It is my belief that the Old Ones are the offspring of the Deep Ones and COTF and that they are the Green Men. They founded Old Town, hence the name, and Eleini who married into the Durandon family and was said to be the daughter of the god of sky and god of water was an Old One, hence the Durrandon/Baratheon horns as a sigil.