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  1. If Eddard had not been killed odds are that the Northmen would not be all that trigger happy and accept peace. They would have save the Riverrun by beating Jamie and a switch of Jamie for Eddard and Sansa is highly likely. And I think that someone mentioned past that Eddard showed signs of a blood infection or some such thing after his visit to the royal dungeons. As such Eddard would probably die pretty soon thereafter with no blame on the Lannisters and most likley they would come to terms with each other. Maybe they would go at each other but I suspect that it would only be after some fresh conflict and not a settled one.
  2. My view is that Danaerys will certainly change but the question is if it will be towards a more humane or harsh direction if she takes the throne. The idea that she will promoto some improvements for the smallfolk is not unlikely but given her experience with Slavers' Bay I think she's very unlikely to do something radical about it as radicalism has kind of blown up in her face before and she seems ready and willing to act more cautious with more limited reforms in mind. But most of it will also depend how on she takes the throne and what kind of support she has when she rules. If she can just cling on by the skin of her teeth then most likely she won't do many great reforms. If she's got a solid foundation and lots of die-hard supporters, then she might well set for a more long reaching set of reforms.
  3. To be honest I don't think that these people are of importance themselves and their Houses were probably chosen as they are "bad" Houses with bad family traits. So I think the squires were not characters we've met although I can totally see that the Blount knight would have been Boros who have not distilled much chivalry into his squire.
  4. While I liked Catelyn I can't say that I like Lady Stoneheart very much. I think one of the reasons that she's a favorite for many is that she's essentially fullfilling revenge fantasies against the Starks' enemies.
  5. I agree that a younger and kinder husband was not around. And that she might have been more stabile and happier with more kids of her own. But even so I try to keep my heart open for the unfortunates of the world even if I can't give them practical aid.
  6. That might indeed have changed things but such a thing never happend and thus had no impact on their relationship. I agree with the tragedy part, as much of life is indeed tragedy. So much is in regards to that neither Catelyn nor Lysa would end up with a Prince Charming. But there are always degrees in hell and so a different match might not have been as hard on Lysa and thus not pushed her as far as she was pushed. But this of course speculation.
  7. No, I don't think she would have poisoned Jon Arryn on her own even if its of course entirely possible that she could have done so. I never get the impression that Lysa or Catelyn had any particular hate between each other. Its not like Lysa tries to have Catelyn killed or throws her out of the Eyrie as I would expect from an unstable person like Lysa. But regardless of who made the tragedy, the tragedy is there. A situation don't become less because of how it was created.
  8. Just for a correction I don't think Lysa was an innocent dupe but I doubt that she would have done half of the bad things she did if Littlefinger had not been playing her along. She's still responsible for her own actions, but she isn't reponsible for Littlefinger's. They were both part of it. But in no way does this take away from the fact that she was manipulated by a man she thought loved or that she had a tragic life.
  9. I'd say that very little can be forced down on the part of Lord Tully's choice of husbands for his daughters. It seems to me that things go so much into each other that while the Tully sisters' marriages are not unimportant I doubt that either of them would have changed Littlefinger's basic personality or Varys' restoration scheming. Nor Robert's unfitness to rule or how Joffrey turning out and so on. It might, just might, have made Littlefinger somewhat less driven but I'm not convinced that he would have been an angel if he got Catelyn. In regards to Lysa her life is indeed a tragic one in which she is treated horribly by her own father and then manipulated by Littefinger in the disguise of love. She obviously isn't a saint, few people in Westeros are, but don't think that she deserved what she got. I hope she got some kind of peace in death after the life she went through.
  10. Sounds good, I'm not afraid to defend my position. I kind of assume that the facts that he "fought" means he traded blows with the enemy. I see no reason to think that he essentially only watched the fighting for a distance when his younger brother himself made a name as a warrior in that very war. Or that Tywin was apparently already knighted, as I recall, by the end of that war. Not even close. Tywin demanded that the Reynes and Tarbecks show up at Casterly Rock and they refused and renouced their oaths to the Lannisters and even before that the conflict between Tywin and them had been building. It should not come as a suprise that Tywin made a move. Only after the Tarbecks and Reynes had renounced the Lannisters did Tywin move and while he managed his camapaign well and ordely, his enemies bumbed around essrntially. There had not been "peace times" in the Westerlands since Tytos became lord and since Tarbecks and Reynes had been engaged in local wars already I see no reason to think they would be of a peaceful outlook. Except that Eddard Stark tells Robert there were thousands of Targaryen loyalists inside the walls so there were certainly defenders there to fight. Tywin was, again, more creative and organized the conquest of the city so well that he could take it in a matter of hours. But I shall agree that deception was used. When there are thousands of Targaryen loyalists inside the city, its' not at as easy as you may think. Add to that the size of the city and the fact that there was no reason for Tywin to antagonize his own men for the sake of a enemy city and there's clear reason as to why he wouldn't try to force his men to not loot a city they are capturing. Not to mention the need for speed least Aerys escapes or gets around to kill Jamie etc. Also Tywin is hated in the city about a decade and a half afterwards, not decades. And what harm has the hate of Dorne done to Tywin? I can't recall a single thing they managed to do to him, only that they watched, waited and did nothing. In the last thing I agree that it would have been better to just arrest the Targaryens and deliver them to Robert. A captive capital and royal city would have been proof of fealty enough. I really fail to see how a city garrisoned by thousands of Targaryen loyalists would have been a bloodless conquest. The World Book tells us that: "With his Wardens of the West and North beside him, Robert forced landings on Pyke, Great Wyk, Harlaw and Orkmont, and cut his way across the isles with steel and fire." The World book, The Iron Islands, the Old Way and the New. We know that Robert and Eddard was at Pyke so with the mentioning of the Warden of the West next to the Warden of the North I will assume it means that they were both with Robert at Pyke. And Tywin defeats Robb's infantry and much more than half of it, then Tywin takes a superior position at Harrenhall to keep himself active in the war and be ready to counter both Robb in the Riverlands as well as the Baratheon brothers should they attack King's Landing, allowing him to burn out several of the Riverlords from their seats after Edmure divides his forces. Half of Stannis army switch sides when the Lannister-Tyrell army strikes and Robb's kingdom crumbles around him. Tywin stands strong in charge of a unified Westerland army despite all the setbacks that comes against him and is ready to either create openings or capitalize on them when they appear. Also I never got the impression that Garlan and Loras lead the army. I get the impression that they lead the charge on Stannis but that's minor command when compared to overall command of an army. And he put Tyrion to manage King's Landing and regardless of the dread situation for a while all his subcommanders proved loyal to Lord Lannister. While Edmure was uninformed of the plan rtobb had and while Roose was undercutting Robb, Tywin's team pulled in one direction. Also two sellsword companies? I only know of the Brave Companions, not to mention that I never saw that it was a serious effort by Tywin to hold Harrenhall when he left a skeleton garrison behind. It was both a military, administrative and political command. Wars are more than just ordering soldiers around and so it was a military command, at the least in part. And in short I see him as a great overall leader, for as you may know, battle command, also known as tactical skill, is just one part of warfare and in fact a secondary skill for the grand leader of a major faction at war. Strategic considerations are in my opinion more important. House Lannisters' current problems can mostly be attributed to his children inability to rule. Cersei is not falling into a pit dug by Tywin but into a pit she's digged herself. I have also not seen any hint that fear is the prime motivator for Tywin. Plenty of people refuse him and Ser Swyft calls Jamie, his favored son, a fool to his face without any kind of punishment. That's Tywin would rely only on fear is something which I see very little evidence for in the texts. Now that's not to say that it isn't a part of it, but it certainly isn't the only thing he got going.
  11. Depends on how he conducted the battle and if he held a military command. I'm inclined to think that he would not be a great commander since he don't seem to lead men into battle, but maybe he'll suprised us?
  12. True that. The best would probably be a flashback as retold by Maekar to Dunk and Egg. In all honestly I've forgotten much of Dunk's dialogue but while it could certainly be entertaining for some reason I think he'd leave us with some good lines, but not the kind of interesting discussions like Tyrion-Tywin, Davos- Stannis or the like.
  13. In my mind there's no question that Tywin is the greatest commander of them in terms of what he accomplished and due to his superior skills compared to these men. The reason I pick Tywin, as I think should be stated before all else, is that war is very much more than whoever won the most battles and a military leader must do more than win tactical battles to win a war, something which Robb learned to his sorrow. Things like providing leadership for the men under his command, people management (where I dare say that Tywin was more successful than not) and inspire loyalty are all important aspects of military command and especially so in a feudal setting. But to make it clear. Tywin did mistakes, some serious mistakes, because he is a human and not a god, and so I don't think that Tywin was infallible and there are things I would have done different than Tywin. But even so, I don't think that Eddard or Stannis reaches up to Tywin in regards to military leadership. Now when we look at Tywin's list of accomplishments I see the following: War of Ninepenny Kings - personal bravery although this was when he was young and probably more impetuous. Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion - organizational skill, talent for planning and ability for creative solutions to problems, all good things in a military commander Robert's Rebellion - was able to beat Eddard to King's Landing and in a matter of hours secure control over a city of about half a million or so (that's the numbers I've heard at least) Greyjoy Rebellion - was taken by suprised but was with Robert to capture Pyke, but I wouldn't know what his exact role was War of Five Kings - places the right people in place for most of the time, keeps the Westerlands together and pulling in the same direction (so that even while defeats and opposition rises there's no dissent while the Starks' kingdom crumbles no matter how many victories Robb gets) and is prudent enough to keep his army active and in the field in Harrenhall rather than panicing when Jamie's host is gone. All in all I see in Tywin the following: Leadership and building respect and loyalty from one's bannermen Careful and don't take foolish risks Ability to find or create solutions to problems Good at dealing with stress and not lose the cool Good planner and organizing skills And the result of this that Tywin is never defeated in a single military conflict that he participants in while Stannis gets beaten when on his own, and even has something like half his army turn on him, while Eddard is a wild card that never got to hold supreme command in a significant conflict and so test himself. There were always men like Robert or Jon Arryn around to provide either leadership or be co-leader.
  14. I don't think the conversations would be very interesting. As a pretty dense person Dunk would probably not make for a very good partner to converse with Bloodraven. Better then to have some other person with more wit or interesting, or different, perspective talk with Bloodraven. For example conversations between Breakspear and Bloodraven would in my mind have lots of promise.
  15. Suppose that Joffrey could have done so but when considering the use of the levies Ser Eustace Osgrey raised against Lady Webber I'm inclined to think that such a mass levy would be of little use against Stannis' men-at-arms and knights and that the levy would break before long. Certainly before they could bring their numbers to bear on Stannis.