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  1. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Don't be so quick to judge an unpopular opinion to be a troll.
  2. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    I agree that Sam has honor and a sense of duty but I feel that you are understating how powerful cowardice is and Sam's relation to Jon. In regards to the relation, Jon is the crutch holding up Sam and, in my mind, the core of what prevents abuse from other NW members. Let's not forget that Jon was, as I remember him, instrumental and the driving force behind not letting Thorne make the others pick on Sam and has been, as far as I know, been with and supported Sam, Sam's whole time in the Watch. For a person like Sam I would expect that just like with Tyrion's great, previous, love for Jamie Sam loves Jon for it and will overlook some pretty bad stuff for it. Given how important this is for Jon I actually think that if Sam puts hard against hard he might risk a breaking with Jon and here's where Sam's cowardice comes in. I don't think that Sam would dare to risk to turn his benefactor against him regardless of honor or duty. As was said by someone I can't remember, love is the death of honor and duty, and Sam loves Jon.
  3. How is Arya a psychopath, but Dany isn't?

    One point of it I would think, and while I don't like to read about Arya I don't hold strong views on the character, is that while Arya does her own killing with her own hands while Daenerys have henchemen who do the physical work. From that perspective I would think that Arya is seen as being somehow closer to her actions than Daenerys even while the morality of the actions should be the same for both characters regardless if they do the deed or if they order their goons. But for the record I think that Daenerys is less damaged than Arya, but I wouldn't dare to suggest how damage or not damaged Arya is from her experience, given how Danaerys manages to restrain herself from both killing hostages, an honorable if foolish act in my opinion as it takes away the purpose of hostages and makes Daenerys look like she won't go through with threats, and that she marries to get peace for Meereen. Now Arya haven't been in that kind of situation to make such decisions but so far Arya has been both killing people and helping some, Daenerys has taken actual steps to avert more people dying while Arya is pretty firmly on her kill-them-all path as far as I can see. But its entirely likely that Arya will come out in the books to come and prove me wrong on this.
  4. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Whatever happens to Theon I hope we'll read more about him, and getting Theon back to be an archer would be really sweet! If he can be somehow partial to Ramsay's demise that would also be gold.
  5. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    To many good scenes to pick any single one in my opinion but I would think that Jamie jumping into the bear pit is a fine one and pretty much every scene with an extended conversation between Tywin and Tyrion are golden. Save the last one, of course.
  6. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    Sam would probably make some objection which Jon would ignore or stare down and that would have been the end of it. That Sam would have manage to put hard against hard with Jon is very unlikely in my opinion. More like that Sam will just swallow his objections and go along with whatever plan that Jon has.
  7. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    To be more precise about the Targaryens I like them much more than I dislike them. And I kind of like Daenerys and don't get why she gets so much flak. Pretty much everything she does that's cruel is in answer to someone else and she shows, in my mind, more maturity than many other people who contend for great power.
  8. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    I think that the Targaryens are pretty interesting but me commitment and greater interest is with the Andals and most importantly with House Lannister. But the Valyrians can still be interesting and they are a diverse bunch since the fall of Valyria with the Valyrians in Westeros going about in a very different style from the Valyrians in Essos and most importantly in Volantis. But in the long term I don't think that the Valyrians, or Andals for that matter, are better or worse than anyone else. It usually evens itself out in the long run.
  9. Why did the loyalists yield when Rhegar died?

    The things is that Rhaegar's army didn't stop fighting the war after the prince died. They fled from the Trident but did so to King's Landing and from there held the city until the Lannisters could capture it for Robert. So while there were without a doubt broken men from the loyalist side after the Trident or men killed or captured the days after the battle, many thousands of them made it back to the capital to carry on the war.
  10. What would you ask the GRRM??? UPDATED

    I'd ask if House Lannister as a political institution will survive the end of the series. I don't expect a yes or no, but any hint would be a soothing for my heart.
  11. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    You are correct in that Tywin and the Lannisters can mostly get what they want from Robert, or at least have so far, and I think they also got what they wanted from Robert given how Robert tells Eddard that Eddard should tell Catelyn to let Tyrion go free. But what I think is the most important part here is that while the Lannisters takes matters into their own hands, so does Lady Stark and since the Starks have so far, with the apparent cooperation from the Riverlands and the Vale, disregarded all notions of royal justice Tywin expects that he'll have to fight as the word of the king don't seem to hold much weight north of the Crownlands. Thus I don't claim, as I hope it was understood, that the Lannisters are playing nice, far from it, but because he has, again in my mind correctly, judged that the situation is such that the opposition isn't going to accept a peaceful solution to this which isn't more or less the volunteerly demolishment of House Lannister and Tywin lost the chance to make the war into a limited one when Eddard couldn't ride west after Gregor Clegane. As such a major war is boiling up and he needs to take action before he finds himself facing three Great Houses at once. And thus Tywin picked war, and the blood of the innocents watered the earth. I pretty much agree. When Robert made Eddard Hand of the King the two of them, Lannister and Stark, were on a war path and events only heightened their mutal hostility. I naturally cannot understand the horror, misery and suffering your grandmother went through during the war. I can only hope that she found happiness and peace after the war ended. I agree that war is an evil thing, among the most horrible things among the many horrible ideas concocted by mankind, and should be practiced accordingly. But I will not shut the door in that war, aweful as it is, may at times be necessary and the lessons from 1933-1945 is that to turn a blind eye to a problem has a great chance of making it worse. I think this leads us to the great problem of class division in Westeros where the nobles rather simply see the smallfolk as so much cattle they are exploting for their benefit. And this persepctives comes up time and against across Westeros with hom Catelyn scolds her brother and how Brynden makes Riverrun ready for a siege and so on. Very few nobles seems to consider the lives of smallfolk to have some significant value. But we also comes to how to deal with leaders whose power rests on the innocent. For example many Germans in German Empire surely had no impact on what policies that the goverment and military persused yet Germany's ability to wage war was broken by a blockade which strangle the entire country and no doubt caused untold suffering among many men, women and children who had no say over the actions that provoced the blockade. To be honest, I am not sure how to get at leaders without the people living under them suffering. So either let innocents suffer while the leaders are stopped or let leaders who can hide behind the innocents a free reign to hurt other innocents? So far I believe that leaders who acts wrong should be stopped. I agree that Tywin didn't need to send Gregor. My explanation, which shouldn't be mistaken for an excuse for it, is that I think that Tywin wanted there to be blood and suffering enough to provoke the honorable sensibilities of Eddard Stark and so get him out into the field where he could be captured, if the Riverlands couldn't be provoked into attacking the Westerlands outright and let Tywin go to war with a superficial justification. And for that purpose Gregor was just the tool to do the deed and send the message. You're welcome to both.
  12. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Its essentially any Lannister for me. Followed by good, honest Westermen like Addam Marbrand, Lyle Crakehall and so on.
  13. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    For one thing the Lannister don't run the court, King Robert does and if the Lannister ran it, then Tywin and not Eddard would have been named Hand of the King after Jon Arryn. To that comes that the Lannisters' enemies cares about as much for the royal court as the Lannister do. Its no use subjecting yourself to the court if you are the only one to do it. In regards to attacking the smallfolk I believe it was an unavoidable part after Tywin decided to go to war. And those smallfolk are in fact the economical strength on which the enemy's war effort relies. There's about as much need to attack those smallfolk as there was a need for Sherman's March to the Sea in the 1860s or the Allied bombings of Germany and Japan in the 1940s. I am happy to hear that. Well, Tywin wasn't the only one to think that Jamie would follow him. Eddard Stark does the same. Robert kicked his horse back into motion and started down the ridge toward the barrows. Ned kept pace with him. The king rode on, eyes straight ahead. "Yes," he said at last. A single hard word to end the matter. A Game of Thrones, Eddard II So given that Tywin usually gets what he wants, I would say that Jamie would have inherited Casterly Rock and not given a moment to the traditions of the Kingsguard. In fact both Robert and Eddard seems to have pretty much accepted that the Lannisters don't care for traditions and so would have gone through with it. It only became a problem until after Jamie met Brienne who really changed Jaime's outlook. If Tyrion had not shot Tywin with a crossbow I would say that Tywin could well have looked forward to at least 5-10 years more of life before it would be time to die, and that would have given him time to make Jamie come around, provided he would not have named a new heir after Jamie's rejection of him. Simply put, I don't think that Tywin lived long enough after Jaime picked the white over the red for Tywin to have picked a new successor. Tyrion really, really wants the Rock and is clever and devious enough to make use of men like Bronn or, I believe its the Second Sons in Essos, to secure his prize. To that you might add that Cersei's children would be of royal blood and so could make whatever claim they wanted on the Rock, with Cersei whispering in their ears. And both of these people, Tyrion and Cersei, can get Jaime into fighting for them, Cersei for sure and possibly Tyrion as well. Given Jaime's earlier behavior I don't find out of character for the Lion of Lannister to screw his Kingsguard oaths and join in on a Lannister civil war. I agree that Tywin's authority is great and that Westeros is a society in which obedience is held higher than in our society. Now this was kind of an off-hand remark by me and I didn't mean that Tywin handpicked all the men. But I do think that he got men who he think would pull it off. Be that because of them having a reputation or because they wouldn't dare to say no, or what else you've got. I agree entirely that Tywin isn't infallible and in fact he makes some serious mistakes, the most important being in the department of childrearing and after that in regards to diplomacty. Nor do I think that he knows all his men-at-arms by name, but he might know that a certain sergeant does not treat women very well. I am aware of Milgram's experiment and I've read more beyond it as well on how otherwise normal and decent people do evil things to their fellow humans. In fact I think that you have a point here in regards to these guardsmen being normal people and the power of authority over the human mind.
  14. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    You don't seem my hating on him.
  15. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    I think we kind of agree mostly here, although I wouldn't call Tywin a monster. He's just as much or little human as you or me or anyone else, likeable or not. My point was that at many times fans of one character or another wants to protect their favorites from their own responsibility, like "Doran is responsible for Arianne's mistakes" or that "Cersei is responsible for Robert turning into the kind of figure he ended up as" or some such thing. Since it would seem that you don't argue like that I would say that I simply missunderstood you. Harys Swyft is also a known fool who no one holds in high regards to my knowledge. And I am reasonably sure that Tywin's men could have found employment away from the Westerlands, or in a non-military fashion, if they had, had enough of the Lannisters. But I also agree that it was much easier for them go along with Tywin's orders and keep their jobs. But I agree that Tywin has a reputation for doing evil to people who he thinks does him wrong. And for the record I don't agree with Tywin regarding the Tysha episode and think that a much more lenient approach would have been sufficient. For myself I would have arrange for either the marriage to be absolved or let Tyrion move out from the Rock and drastically reduce his access to Lannister money. Not cut out entirely, but with a drastically reduced access, as well as tell him that he'll no longer a candidate to get the Rock on my death. Or if the marriage is absolved then sent Tysha on her way, told her that she should not seek out or get into contact with Tyrion and then get Tyrion into a career in the Faith as I think was already in the works when Tyrion met Tysha.