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  1. Well, I think it's a stupid plan, but I'm not disappointed. Now that I've seen the episode, I'm wondering if Tyrion's plan will be aided by a Viserion-wight flyover. That might convince Cersei of the threat, not that I can ever imagine her working with the Dragon Queen. Jaime and the people of Westeros might be convinced that they'll be better of with Dani, though. Convincing them should be Dani and Tyrion's real endgame with any trip to King's Landing.
  2. the annulment is just there to make the plot less complicated the importance is Jon is the rightful king. AND - the annulment puts lie to the stark's version of Lyanna-Rhaeghar where he supposedly rapes her. You don't get an annulment to rape a woman. Evidence of Rhaeghar's love and respect for Lyanna.
  3. I disagree. What Arya says is that going to Winterfell isn't Nymeria.
  4. Yes, Arya says that. I think Arya is mistaken. My question to you is, how many direwolves are there roaming the midlands? Why don't the wolves attack? Are we to believe Arya now has the power to talk wolves out of attacking her even if they're not Nymeria? OK, maybe...
  5. Nymeria didn't attack her, nor did the other wolves. That was a win, imo. Nymeria's just sniffing Arya and remembering. I think she'll be back.
  6. I think Yara was one of them. Hanging by the neck as Theon/Reek swims away.
  7. Maybe it's a Northern thing. The whole dragons vs White Walkers seems pretty obvious, imo. Plus the dragon glass. It's like, go to Dragonstone? "Yes, please." At least no one can start rumors saying Jon deserted them after he's gone.
  8. Yes! So glad to see Nymeria. Sorry about Yara and the reappearance of Reek. Wonder what will happen with Sansa? She doesn't seem to have much of an instinct for ruling, but who knows. Jon really has a good idea of who makes good allies. Sansa, not so much. It's good to see Arya finally heading north. I hope Nymeria reappears if Arya ever needs her. And I like Grey Worm and Missandei.
  9. With Margaery dead, Cersei would have ruled as Regent through Tommen. Tommen dying was not part of her plan, imo. She prevented Tommen from attending the Sept. She should have kept someone inside his room to look after him. Cersei wanted her crown made so that she could rule as Regent.
  10. I would be excited to see Tyrion and Sansa meet again. As far as I understand laws (both modern and medieval) they would still be married. The marriage was never anulled and now Ramsay is dead (at least on tv). I don't see Sansa and Tyrion as a love match, I don't think love is possible between them, but I wonder if they might work on the same side... perhaps defeating the White Walkers. Maybe Sansa (or Jon) would be the one(s) to convince Danaerys to bring her dragons North. Tyrion would believe them, unlike Cersei who would be disinclined to believe anyone.
  11. Being generous, I think it's possible that the tv show doesn't explain all of the magic (blood magic or otherwise) that goes into the things we see. To respond to your question "who decides who gets the special powers" I think it's part fate and part work; some people are born to greatness in terms of their insight and abilities and some are just vicious, selfish and weak (like Viserys). Long before Viserys was killed (and really, what intelligent person would physically threaten his sister, the wife of a ruler of warriors while she was pregnant with the violent warrior's heir?) Dany had realized that Viserys would never rule. Dany wanted to work to make her husband love her, work to learn his language, lead his people and make them hers. Dany also paid attention to her dreams, her tolerance for fire/heat, and the beliefs of the people she was dealing with and used all of those things to lead. My guess is that even if Viserys had had special abilities, he wouldn't have noticed, wouldn't have developed them, would still have expected things to be handed to him, and would have squandered any opportunities that came his way - exactly like he squandered the opportunity of a collaboration with the Dothraki. Dany is a seeker and a worker. Perhaps her pride (or the Targaryan madness) will impede her, but her work ethic and insight may also lead her to further greatness.
  12. Because this. Sansa is anyone's key to the North. By giving her to the Boltons he wipes out Stannis' claim to the North, and separates the Boltons and Lannisters weakening both. He can use Sansa as long as she stays alive, which she did. I don't think LF counted on Jon, or the North rising for Jon as King in the North, but still (true to form) LF is working to separate Sansa from Jon with all his comments to her about Jon as her "half-brother" and his proposal of Sansa by his side with him on the Iron Throne. What I found interesting was Sansa's response to LF's picture of them together. "That's a nice picture," she said. Then she walked away. Not yes, not no. I believe her when she tells Jon she will never trust LF. She threatened to have Brienne kill him, after all. Sansa is stringing LF along, using him as he is trying to use her. She has become smarter than her mother was. I think Sansa has a new appreciation for the North, for Winterfell, and for the real power that she holds there and there alone. I don't think Sansa has any interest in returning to Kings Landing.
  13. You forgot the Casterlys of Casterly Rock The Hightowers of Highgarden and Old Town The Reigns of Castermere The families die out but other families rise up and take their places and the feudal system lives on. As progressive as Dany is (freeing the slaves and all), I don't see her starting a democracy and I don't see Westeros functioning as one.
  14. I don't think Jon Snow is going to care much about what happened four years ago between Dany and her brother Viserys. "Canon" Jon Snow's plate will be full with his many enemies.
  15. IIRC, Sansa is still married to Tyrion. That Bolton wedding was ALL farce... except for the rape.