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  1. You know, at first glance that's really not a bad deal for either side. I mean, Bortles who has been turnover prone gets around 25 mill guaranteed, should be set for life now, and the Jags lock up their QB 10+ mill a year below market rate (or at least below the recent FA starting QB signings).
  2. Well MIller was on wire taps specifically telling the guy not to talk to his asst to only talk to him about payment, so no denying that. Maybe they haven't seen the money trail yet to Ayton and are waiting for that? Or, they know Miller is less of a loss to the team than Ayton and are just rolling the dice?
  3. The wire tap thing caught some people off guard, many were ready to defend him at first. The majority of what came out was to me trivial, dinners should not be an issue especially if the schools had no clue it ever happened. I mean it's not like the kids would come back from the dinner wearing t-shirts and having 5 bags of take out.
  4. Ok, glad to know it wasn't just me. I finished S1 so I'll invest some time into S2
  5. I think it would be great if Michigan students made a banner looking exactly like Lousvilles, and crossed out their name and wrote in Michigan. Also, how much do you Pitino haters love that tattoo he got!?!?!? NCAA 2013 champ!!! Not anymore fella.
  6. Man that is pretty dead on. Add in that Kilmonger was there, just at the end, when BP battled Klaw/Thunderlips, as was Clubber, who was in the crowd observing. Even stranger when you realize Micheal B Jordan played Killmonger, and Apollo's son in Creed. Saw BP the other day and liked most of it, thought the first challenge scene at the waterfall was just silly as hell. Thought it was pretty good and will see any sequel that follows.
  7. My wife is addicted to watching this. It's become a running joke in our houselhold. At anytime of day you will could one of us randomly yell out HARD!!!! REALLY REALLY HARD!!!!! from anywhere in the house. Glad it's winter because if the windows were open and someone was walking by they would think we were freaks!
  8. I guess it is Starz, I am watching on Netflix and couldn't remember. The blood and sex doesn't bother me as much as I haven't latched on to a character yet, none seem likeable to me, and the plot kind of sucks. I will give it a full season to see if I like it, thanks for responding.
  9. Watched Way of the Gun recently, I thought someone on here mentioned it recently, that opening scene was great, because it was totally unexpected. Rest of the movie was blah. Watched Spotlight also and really enjoyed it, just so much wrong with the world. Quesiton in spoilers Also saw a few episodes from Spartacus, Cinemax version. I am only like 5 episodes in of a 4 season show, does it get better?
  10. Saw this yesterday and thought it was a good movie, better acting and characters than anything else. Been a fan of Micheal B since The Wire, plus my daughter loved him on Friday Night Lights. I had seen the previews a lot and wasn't wowed by them, then starting hearing the rave reviews and thought maybe I missed something. But, kinda like Wonder Woman, it was a good movie, actually better than WW, but not great, IMO. Couple things I was not happy about: The second challenge - why? There was a set time for challenges and it passed, why bother with another one? Yeah I get it, you feel bad that his dad was killed by your dad and then left him behind, but this is a total outsider you don't know and you allow him to break tradition and challenge? Unless I missed something where royal blood can challenge at anytime? The first waterfall scene was just total garbage for me. Did we really need to see dancing people up the walls of a waterfall every ten feet? It just looked silly and childish. It made the armour plated rhino's seem realistic. All that said, I will looking forward to seeing part 2 when it comes out.
  11. If you couldn't even finish S4 then why are you posting in a show only topic after S7 has aired? Personally I couldn't tolerate Fish Mahoney/Malone or whatever her name was on Gotham, said if she didn't die I'd quit the show, spoiler alert, she came back and I left. I don't go into Gotham show thread and bash it, because I have moved on. There are definitely parts of the show that have been bad, anything to do with Dorne, the Jaime - Tyrion beatle conversation, mostly anything in KL after Tywin was killed, etc. But for me, and just my opinion, the good and great far out weigh the bad. And again, just my opinion, Dorne wasn't all that good in the books either. Seemed like a lot of filler. Maybe thats why I dislike it in the show so much. Thank you for this! Saved me the trouble of replying! I mean people forget that the original wight in the show didn't just drop dead instantly, it took a little time to die when Jon burned it.
  12. Danys' man at the end after she buries Jon who fought bravely, fought valiantly, and died.
  13. First off they are not mindless zombies who eat people, wrong show. There is a thought process, communication, and strategy from the Knights King. He wants to kill all mankind, that is his goal. Now, what would happen if they won? I'd think he and his army would go back to "sleep" of course since all the noisy neighbors are gone.
  14. Watched Erased on Netflix. Ugh, don't bother. I had a little time to kill and it looked decent, it's from 2012. Ex CIA agent in Europe, daughter just came to live with him, he works for a large conglomerate now...and cue the action. Best thing I can say about the movie is at least it wasn't two hours long.
  15. Beat me to it! I agree it was the best but the bar was set low, very very low. I did like Man of Steel though