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  1. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Brett Farve, Russell Wilson, Roger Staubach, great QB's elevate the talent around them......lol....I know I know, it's all debatable! It's Friday and I just felt like tossing that out there! I will say I firmly do not think he is even close to top running QB ever though.
  2. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Have to throw an opinion in on this comment. Have you ever seen Randal Cunningham play? His arm was second to none and he ran like a f*king deer ( a pointless stat, he also had a 91 yard punt!!). The only other QB that comes close to him, IMO, was Michael Vick. Best season comparison Cunningham 1990 - 942 yards rushing, 5tds....and 3500 yards and 30 tds passing, His best 5 years rushing averaged 655 yards per season Vick 2002 rushed for 777 yds and 8 tds, passed 2900 yds and 16 tds. His best 5 years rushing averaged 798 yards! Kaepernick - 2014 rushed for 639 yards 1 td ...passed for 3369 yds (in an pass happy era) and 19 tds. His 5 year rushing avg is 460, considerably lower than the other two. IMO he is far from the best rushing QB ever, not even close. BTW, as a Cowboy fan I hate the Eagles, and love animals so my opinion of these two is not biased. Colin is not in the same area code as these two.
  3. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2013/10/survivor-blood-vs-water-culpepper-defends-himself/ Now, I have never re watched any Survivor episodes so I clearly will not know this as well as you but this article seems to back up my memory. Rocker was a known issue before ever being on the show, well documented, I remember reading the SI article when it came out.
  4. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    Yeah I absolutely did combine him! Wow what a brain fart. I mixed Brad Johnson and Dante Culpepper! As to the racism thing, I am pretty sure he was accused of being a racist. IIRC during a challenge a person from the other tribe was actually calling him that. And if IIRC Candice(?) accused him of it.
  5. Survivor 34: "Game Changers" | RIP Dan Kay, Survivor: Gabon

    Have to say I liked that hot mess of an episode. I really think the reward challenge set people up for failure since only two people could participate and add to that a former pro QB in a throwing contest!!! Troyzan was saved by them winning immunity. Still a fan of Tai so it was nice to see him find an idol again, then actually use it to save someone on his tribe and gain favor with them. Not sure if that will be bad long term but short term that along with voting out Caleb he is making a strong case for himself. Ok, tribal. Two tribes go, only one vote off. That twist was actually pretty cool but I think it could have been shattering had they not told them only one person was being voted off until they were actually at tribal, then it would have been even more chaotic. I also think it was JT who messed it up, I think he actually told Culpepper the truth and then Culpepper used it against him and saved her. I assume some people will see this tribal as gimmicky but oh well. IMO it was better than the standard, "edit to show player X was going home when really all along it was Y"...
  6. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    And at the same time many believe any publicity is good publicity! BTW, is Lang going to be missed in GB? It's weird to see a valued player leave GB and go to Detroit.
  7. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    If so it has to be the owners who inherited because any self made person wouldn't fear that blow hard.
  8. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    This is what Detroit fans are thinking right now as well. Detroit has been better recently than Cleveland but still make a lot of dumb moves. Quinn as GM has so far been making choices that seem to be correct. He let two under achieving FA lineman leave for big pay days and in turn replaced them with two of the best FA lineman available. Detroit - Cleveland 2020 SB! Yeah not really
  9. Kong: Skull Island

    I saw this a couple weeks ago and left thinking it was a decent monster movie. And yes there are some stupid character/plot decisions but that seems normal. If Godzilla was 300'+ as referenced earlier, and he fought this 100' Kong it would be unfair, especially since Godzilla breathes fire! So Kong will have to get bigger, so 200' Kong vs 350' Godzilla? My question then becomes how does Kong get off Skull island to fight? Do they tie him down to the top of an aircraft carrier? Doubtful there is a ship with a large enough opening to put him into, not to mention how do you pick him up? You can't assume he just leaves the island on his own since he can't breathe underwater or swim like Godzilla? I mean I guess if there are giant monsters then an giant ship with an opening big enough for a 200' tall and 75'-100' wide Kong can fit in. Thoughts?
  10. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I thought I was being smart by saving two weeks worth and watching them together. Didn't work so well this time as it looks like the last episode will tie in better with next weeks, at least I hope it does. I still enjoyed the last episode, but it seems like it's going a little too far out there, hopefully it reels itself back in next episode. I did like learning the "history" if you will of the shadow king thing. I don't know these characters at all other than from the show so it was nice to get a little more on him.
  11. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Oh and for the bracket challenge, my East bracket is destroyed! My hope died with Duke and Villanova both going down. Happy to see Michigan advancing even though it messes up my Midwest bracket!
  12. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Yeah there have been a lot of questionable calls in the two Michigan games so far. I went to the 1st round game (as a Michigan fan I am sure my view is tainted) and man it felt like all of the calls that were toss ups went the other way. Nice to see that it's not just us Michigan slappies who feel this way. BTW, great time in Indianapolis. We didn't get to spend much time there but man the area around the arena is what all cities should strive for. Lots of restaurants and bars in walking distance of the stadiums. I've been to Cleveland down around Jacobs Field and it has some cool areas where alleys have been closed to create this vibe but nothing to this extent. Detroit should be taking note. New hockey/basketball arena going up not too far from Ford Field and Comerica Park, they have a chance to get this right and I hope they do. Second BTW, I am not a big basketball fan and decided on Thursday to buy tickets for the Friday game just on a whim. If you are a basketball fan this is something you have to experience. Having the chance to watch a couple games and interact with fans from 8 different teams was a fun time.
  13. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I love that quote. That sums up my coaching career! good hit, hey, two outs...run fast
  14. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Ok, so this not much of a basketball fan is going to Indianapolis tomorrow for the Michigan-OK State and Louisville-Jacksonville State games. Tickets were relatively cheap and "only" a four hour drive. Never been to a tourney game before and neither has my nephew so why not! Any suggestions from people here on a place for dinner in Indianapolis after the games? A great pizza place, burger place, or Mexican would be up my alley. I am going to google and yelp it, just figured if anyone here has first hand knowledge it would be a bonus.
  15. He was one of the lead actors.