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  1. This is two combat athletes squaring off and both use boxing in their sport, not exactly a fair comparison to someone who uses only his feet against someone who uses only his hands. I think of this like when you see Jenny Finch pitching against baseball players. They are two very different styles and sports but some of what they do is the same. Now is it just a money grab, yep. Will I watch it, I probably will. Have never paid to watch boxing before but I likely will for this one. Hell if you went all out you could have a championship UFC fight, then a championship boxing match, then close with these two. Kind of a show case of the sports.
  2. Wouldn't be the first time I have been called crazy! BTW, the ratings have consistently dropped since the debut episode. The first episode had twice as many viewers as every episode since, none have come close. To me that shows that it's initial hit was due to BB. It hasn't gained any viewers in three years, which is a bad sign. BB on the other hand had it's viewership climb every single year. Please don't get all bashy on me, I know quantity of viewers does not equal quality of show, but it does tell you something. BCS had an amazing start because of BB, and since then has lost around 75% of it's weekly viewers, that has to mean something. I like the show and look forward to it every week, so count me in the group that will watch it until it ends, but I knew BB and BCS is no BB! (sorry a lame attempt at the whole, I knew JFK and you sir are no JFK)
  3. While watching Jimmy do the whole bingo scam I was waiting for him to stop and change his mind. So he sees her there all alone at the table, so sad, and then decides to go ahead with the scam. To me thats when I knew Jimmy was dead and Saul is in charge. So, does the money laundering thing between Gus and Mike serve as the catalyst for them to work together? Does it earn Mikes trust? Kims car crash seemed inevitable, she had been working herself to death, taking 5 minute naps before meetings. So likely this crash costs her the oil man account since he only had a couple weeks and they needed to meet with all the plaintiffs together to try to settle it. Does the Mesa Verde guy lose faith in her when his good friend the oil guy gets reemed?
  4. Yeah I just don't see how a trailer can be spoiled? I mean if a trailer had revealed R+L=J then yeah SPOILER! Plus fire whoever made the trailer!
  5. I always assumed it was him remembering the sounds of his battles. Say this is him remembering the tourney, ok, now what? Ned is dead so we as an audience can't possibly know that he was thinking about it, he can't tell us. At that point in the series was the tourney ever even mentioned? As to Bran seeing it in a vision, is that sequence really so important to the show to waste time showing us what Ned was thinking about? Not to mention we have seen zero evidence that Bran or Bloodraven could read thoughts, only that they can see the past.
  6. We are spoiled! I am not a show only person but I am still complaining about waiting! When it comes to waiting I am ok with it as long as it provides a better result.
  7. I kind of had the same question as you. The show has passed the books in that world so how is anything spoiler? I am sure I missed something.
  8. Rumors swirling that Mayweather - McGregor match may be set, Aug 26th is rumored date as of now. We will see if it's more smoke and mirrors. And just like that, 4 hours later the date has been refuted!
  9. Update Legion, favorite new show The Leftovers, really liked the finale Big Little lies, surprisingly good show Better Call Saul Sense8, disappointed it has been canceled Silicon Valley, favorite comedy Designated Survivor The Walking Dead Survivor Big Bang Theory Taken 24 Legacy Shades of Blue Taboo, biggest disappointment of the year House of Cards - Only 2 episodes in, had trouble streaming and haven't gotten back to it. Game of Thrones starting next month, will jump to #1 spot when it does.
  10. Some of the CGI was distracting and I am so sick of the "poster" pose. Where the hero is in slow motion pose just for the theater posters. The worst example was Avengers 2 where they are all running/flying through the woods exactly in a line...so bad.
  11. Was it just me or did the Hunt-Lewis fight end because Lewis was so tired he couldn't continue? It seemed like he ran out of gas and knew Hunt still had plenty left and said fuck it, I'll just cover up and hoe the ref ends it.
  12. Somehow I missed this until seeing this thread. I remember watching the reruns in the 70's and I particularly remember being amazed when ever they threw the batarang on a building and climbed the batcable. Had no clue the camera was simply turned sideways. The most recent thing I remember him in was The Big Bang Theory. Still knew how to play it up.
  13. MY first thought as well. Some of those 2018 recruits may start looking elsewhere and if OU has a bad year, 2019 recruits will look someplace else as well.
  14. You didn't ask me but I am going to answer anyway! The first four are locks for me, then they kind of all tie for 5th, then WW is behind them. The Dark Knight Iron Man Avengers Dead Pool Cpt Am Winter Soldier Spider-man, the first one with Toby Mcguire Logan Superman, Christopher Reeves Watchmen Capt Am Civil War Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 X-Men I am sure there are a few more I am not thinking of, then Wonder Woman
  15. When you work for a company some of them will pay for your education, providing you stay working with them for a certain amount of time. Others will pay for it in advance and you then pay them back through payroll deductions. She may have been paying them back for a few years and that 14k amount was all that was left of it.