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  1. I wasn't impressed w S2. It was just ok for me, not the same as S1. Also the recast actor just didn't cut it for me.
  2. I just got a friend of mine to start S1, she is 3 episodes in and loves it. Will see how she likes S2.
  3. I finished this over the weekend and liked it. I also mentioned before about how it was different to have a PG show that was grown up enough to keep my interest. Nice little set up for a second season as long as it's given the go ahead.
  4. Yep forgot to mention him, was he in S1 also?
  5. Yeah, the CEO. Took me a second to recognize him because he looked so damn big and on Vikings he looks average.
  6. Not sure why everything here is getting put in spoilers? I thought it was pretty clear the little girl was the spy since she had the radio, the show isn't one for being subtle. The stadium idea is actually a good one although a football one would give you more land to farm, I think. Get one with natural grass and find a way to keep the water system flowing. All the suites make good housing and most current pro stadiums have good secure walls and steel gates. Just using Ford Field as example of the walls, you are not getting in there once the roll down steel doors are shut (yes it's a dome just talking walls). This one seems to be weak just for plot reasons. Are we to assume the Vultures are a bad group or just a group that knows a lot and can help other groups solve their problems, for a price? As to Morgan going back to TWD..I think he just doesn't want to give up their location for their safety, never know who to trust. He did an interview somewhere mentioning he thought he would get killed off staying on TWD. I for one am damn glad about the new "good guy" characters, liking them already and how they are interacting with the established group.
  7. I guess as a first episode of the season it was ok, they had to pull together a lot of stuff from last year. Did I miss something (very possible), why did Benards thumb open the door? Didn't she say that it was a DNA reader? I mean I guess Ford could have used something to give him a positive check so no one would catch on that he is a robot?
  8. I had exact same reaction. I saw his name in the credits and thought it was the guy from Altered Carbon, then I saw Floki and was like damn, he is tall as [email protected]!
  9. Same here, I actually stopped recording S3 and deleted the couple I had on there. S2 was just too much. Felt too much like Hannibal when it started going off the rails. Just my opinion.
  10. I agree with both of you, their relationship and the robot is what's carrying it for me.
  11. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose! You can do it!
  12. Don't get your hopes too high. Set your sights low and you will enjoy it more.
  13. Well yes I have and love it. I was trying to be nice and say bias or something like that but ya know...
  14. Randall Cunningham, John Elway, Steve Young, Micheal Vick, Alex Smith, Fran Tarkenton, Roger Staubach all stayed healthy and they were all scramblers. No one knows for sure, it just seems like a conveinient excuse.
  15. I was = their pick to a big white guy, Nelson from Notre Dame, then read the next pick, Tampa Bay and was like, nope not touching it.