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  1. There is an explanation for this... except I can't get it to post. It's a meme showing the Bears helmet transforming into a Browns helmet!
  2. Believe me, I have no faith in Trubisky and I am a Cowboys fan who could care less about Chicago, other than I hopefully get to laugh at my Bears fan brother. But are you saying that you wouldn't trade two 3rd rd and one 4th round pick for a franchise QB? A franchise QB is worth a hundred times more than any 3rd 2nd or 1st rd pick. I am not saying he is, but they obviously believe that he is. The real dilemma comes when they find out he isn't actually Mannings illegitimate love child!
  3. Thoughts as a whole Love Taco going to Dallas. R Foster being available sucks, but there were too many red flags, considering Dallas' luck with questionable character IMO. Now keep drafting defense! Cleveland, have to say I like everyone of their picks. They got the consensus #1 player in the draft. They got probably the 2nd best TE, but who has more potential than the #1 TE, then they picked up a hybrid safety/LB with excellent return skills, who if allowed to focus on one position has pro bowl talent. Oh and still have a lot of picks left in this draft. Look out people Cleveland may have gotten their collective shit together. San Fran, another one that I think has already earned an A grade no matter how the rest goes. Absolutely fleeced Chicago and still got the guy they planned on getting and oh yeah, moved back into 1st round to get the #1 rated ILB. Chicago, in reality gave up two 3rd round picks and a fourth round pick to get their franchise QB. If it works out it's a cheap price, I mean 90% of 3rd and 4th round picks don't pan out anyway. However, if it doesn't pan out, you are screwed. I have to believe they could have gotten him at #3 and kept their picks. Draft as a whole on ESPN is getting hard to watch. You see "pick is in" and it takes another 5-7 minutes before they actually announce it. I love the draft but I still went to bed before my team picked because it was clear they are milking this time for all it's worth. It's crazy to see the size of the crowds attending the draft.
  4. Well, be careful what you ask for! Now we need to see what Marinelli can do with a Taco!
  5. So the draft is tonight. Being a Dallas fan I am hoping they draft basically all def. This draft is said to be deep in def so lets try to hit on 2-3 players who can contribute this season. My slanted hope is they get Taco Charlton, slanted because I am a UM fan and that may skew my view of him. The only way I think I would be ok with off pick in the first round is if everyone was on drugs and Mike Williams fell to them.
  6. Personally I hate red zone. When I watch a game I scan the entire field or tv screen to see what the def is doing, are they sliding left or right on the line, did the QB audible and if so did the def react to it etc. If I didn't have that stuff to watch, the experience wouldn't be nearly the same.
  7. Decent episode, not a shocking vote. Culpepper, seemed like he was playing it smart, not picking his entire alliance for his team, if he truly did that. Unfortunately for him Debbie was a part of his alliance. Mackayla, man, why the hell was she not picked to be on a team? Is she just that far out of the loop that even the group without the numbers doesn't want her? Watching her can be so frustrating because there are times where you see her charisma come out and you know she could win any popularity contest, but then her competitive / hate to lose or be slighted side comes out and you see she can't swallow her pride and take it. Even after Cirie talked to her last time she still couldn't keep her head in the game enough to not get angry and mouth off, then never saw the advantage right at her feet. Sarah, finally getting to see a little more of her, a bit of a dark horse to win it all. Debbie, adios Cirie, not sure if I was on the cheering side for her or the, WTH were you thinking, you know you have to get in shape before coming on survivor! Glad to see Sarah was willing to do the course over again to try to help her and her team.
  8. Pretty fair comparison to oil except does anyone expect ESPN / cable to boom again? To me ESPN is just the new MTV. They had a great innovative idea , expanding it's content way beyond what it's core viewership wanted and rode it to the end, now it's dead/dying. I can't see how anyone didn't realize ESPN paying billions upon billions to broadcast stuff was going to work long term.
  9. I can't see this ever going to court. I am betting Jimmy will talk with Chuck and give up the McGill name and Chuck will be ok with that. Chuck will be a wreck about going to court, electronics and all.
  10. The felony was forceful entry, breaking in. The misdemeanors were destruction of property and assault
  11. Reports are out that a top 10 talent at cornerback has been accused of rape. No charges filed, still under investigation. Let the speculation about validity and rumors fly. He has been named but it's still in the investigation stage as of now.
  12. Yeah I definitely believe the Australian timeline is current. The dads age doesn't match up to the age progression of Nora at all. Did I hear it wrong or did one of the women said to the Australian Kevin that they are friends of Matts, which I take to be Matt the preacher who knows that Kevin and Nora are heading to Australia? So how hard was that for Nora? She assumed the baby was left for her, only to lose her, see her again and her not recognize Nora, then find out she wasn't the one the baby was left for. It's no wonder she is going to Australia. I mean damn she comes home and finds Kevin auto asphyxiating after all of that!
  13. Does it really confuse you though? I mean, he is set up to be the one everyone hates, so why be confused? Chuck has betrayed Jimmy multiple times in his life, has never believed Jimmy could ever amount to anything even though he made his way through law school. Hell, he even poisoned his own wife against Jimmy and was visibly upset when she liked him. Chuck. Is. An. Asshole. Now is Jimmy a screw up, hell yes.
  14. Ok double episode bonanza last night. One easy vote off and one blindside. I kinda like that Zeke took control of his story and he was the one who told the other tribe members after the merge, gave him some ownership / control back. Little surprised by Debbie. Seem to be showing a new side to her that is worthy of being on game changers season, goes to show what editing can do to and for a person. One thing though, if you are a person who doesn't know how to whisper, DONT TRY!!!! Man she was likely heard a mile away! And ultimately her extra vote wasn't needed, but it announced to the tribe that she is a player. Cirie, she said she was trying to save Mackayla but didn't vote to help her, so she wouldn't look bad, but who would have known? The votes are secret, not like you sign your name or anything? She did get Zeke and them to look at Haley so I guess that's helping, and gave her the calm the F down talk. Cirie is definitely game changer worthy in her game play and strategy. I could see her throwing Makayla to the wolves later if needed! Her alliance took a hit with the Ozzy blindside though.
  15. Nope, that should be reserved for long running 24 characters. I do like that they at least killed her, need a high profile death every once in a while. Too bad she went out like a hero if she truly was the one who decided to kidnap the daughter.