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  1. As everyone knows, "cyanobacteria" used sunlight and CO2 to get our oxygen levels to the current 21% it resides at. Algae can do something similar these days, all you really need are some smoke stacks, some sea water and abundant sunlight (or even convert the CO2 to ethanol, if fuel is your end goal). However, it is tough to get these things to scale (there are also some technical difficulties in terms of efficiency, light can penetrate very much into a dense and opaque blob of algae, for instance).
  2. For every glass of water that you drink, at least one molecule has passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell. If that doesnt meet the definition of rawness nothing will. Further, the precepts of homeopathy declare this glass of water is now nearly infinitely raw (since it appears to be nearly infinitely diluted). Therefore, all water is raw water QED.
  3. Its time to purge the entire political establishment (Dem or Rep) of these kinds of predators. That's the kind of swamp draining I'd be in favor of.
  4. I see Trump has had a slight uptick in his approval ratings and is at ~ 39%. Presumably its only a matter of time before he goes off the rails and it reverts back to the 37% that appears to be his quasi-baseline.
  5. Regarding Arpaio's chances, he was elected only in one county though, and he lost the last election there by a hefty margin. Based on Trump's relatively poor performance in Arizona, a near statewide election would not bode well for Arpaio, in my opinion.
  6. Oh, I didn't even know about her anti-atheist stance. But it really makes no difference since I assume >50% of Americans are that way as well. As long as she doesn't legislate based on that that opinion we are all good. I think when it comes to 'alternative medicine' there is greater potential for harm even from the best of (particularly from?) intentions, and that is where I would be most wary. She may actually try to do something in that area.
  7. I'd vote for Oprah if she was the candidate, but as a scientist I am not a big fan of her peddling new age woo-woo BS, her promotion of Dr Phil (and I believe Dr Oz as well), and her giving Jenny McCarthy a big platform during that vaccine-autism debacle. She would still probably be better than Trump at hiring and listening to smart advisors.
  8. How actual smart people talk about themselves:
  9. First colonize the moon, then untether it from the Earth's orbit and use it as a spaceship to accelerate towards and orbit around Mars, and then colonize Mars. Repeat for all the other planets in the Solar System.
  10. No need to go that far. Coal mining deaths have doubled in 2017 (from 8 in 2016 to 15 in 2017). Although to be fair, the 8 number was the lowest in many years.
  11. Yes, methane is ~30X GWP compared to CO2. Its also true that efficient farming practices can significantly lower emissions from the beef producing industry (see Brazil), What they've done in many places is to move away from deforestation and renew degraded pastureland, which as has been mentioned before is good at sequestering carbon. You can also concurrently make the life cycle of the cattle more efficient so they don't emit as much methane.... I dont think the US is anywhere close to being as efficient as Brazilian practices, so I believe there is some geographical diversity in where the impact is the most for changing your diet. Still, the point is that you can do better with 100 farms changing their behavior (also easier to influence through policy and personal contacts), than getting 5 million people to make drastic changes in their diets, what with so much cultural intertia.
  12. So thinking about the parallels between this election and Scott Brown's election in MA (which is sort of Alabama in reverse, and Coakley was a bad-ish gaffe prone candidate), it did presage a GoP wave in 2010. So hopefully that will hold out in 2018 and it can be a wave year for the Democrats. On the flip side, Republicans became overconfident about 2012 and I think a lot of them believed they could get back the Presidency. I just hope the same doesnt happen in 2020 in relation to Trump (he is much more underwater than Obama 2012 though, the latter was hovering at about 48% approval and a lot of folks thought that itself was bad news for the upcoming election)
  13. I was on the Upshot site yesterday, and it was fun to watch the needle oscillate back and forth until at some point it jumped to a 4.7 lead for Jones. That was when Nate Cohn mentioned on twitter that they were observing lower than expected GoP turnout from three counties; hence the model swinging so far to the left (even though actual votes had Moore up by 50000 at that point). I felt pretty confident then (probably around 9 PM EST), and although it came down to a more reasonable 1.5 lead in the end, it was truly thrilling watching it all unfold.
  14. I believe Shakespeare said it best (paraphrasing), I believe he had Roy Moore in mind: F*ck you and the horse you rode in on