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  1. Its a bran new day, we need some bran new jokes.
  2. 2017 was when we realized the whole world was rotten. Anyway, I take it this House bill will not pass the Senate?
  3. It also doubles as a Bulgar painting, living as they did in the steppes. I'd erase the tree in the background though.
  4. At this point Susan Collins should just join the Democrats. As I said, her politics are increasingly distant from LePage, who appears to be as terrible as Trump if not worse (if that is possible)
  5. Except the opposition to the tax bill from liberal advocacy groups was tepid. Now that it is linked to healthcare reform, they will probably inundate the phones again, and begin fundraising campaigns big time. I still think it is a long shot to pass, those blue state Republicans are about to get an earful. It also appears as if Susan Collins is becoming increasingly distant from the Republican party in Maine, so who knows what she is thinking long term. On the flip side she may not be as opposed to individual mandate repeal as the Medicaid stuff.
  6. I pay $300 a month for my family (and that reminds me, open enrollment ends this Friday for next year), but we also have at least 3 plans to choose from each year. It helps to work for a company that has a large pool of employees (non-localized) which in turn helps them negotiate rates with insurance companies, I imagine. Mine is a PCP based one with ~$15 copay each time I visit the doctor, but almost negligible out of network coverage. The other two plans are low and high deductible ones. I have not seen much difference pre- and post-ACA to be honest. It is funny to see my employer offer free gym classes, healthy eating tips, all kinds of wellness tips etc (free flu shots, for example, they probably lose more in worker sick days than the cost of the shots)..It is patently obviously they want lowered health care costs rather than an altruistic interest in the well being of employees, but those perks are nice to have.
  7. If you look at individual pollsters, there has been a -5 shift in Fox, -11 from Emerson, and -12 from JMC analytics and -5 from OpinionSavvy. So assuming they use their own special sauce to get the final numbers from raw data but are consistent about it, we can see there has been a shift away from Moore because of the scandal, probably in the mid to high single digits. Unfortunately, it may not be enough, but it is close enough now that turnout can make a huge difference (for instance, more Strange supporters staying home). Still, as of now Moore has to be the favorite to win the race down there. It will be much worse for the national GoP if he gets elected though.
  8. If Moore is elected to the Senate, he is now deciding national matters. It would no longer be an Alabama issue. I'd like to think this would turn off a lot of people around the country (enough to make a difference) that it would make the GoP think hard about what it wants to do with him. Yes, yes, I know we elected Trump, but this time there isnt a Clinton on the ballot to offset some of that feeling.
  9. Interestingly enough, Obama did slightly better than Clinton in 2008/2012 compared to 2016 (about 38% to 34%). But yeah, getting above that means some Republicans have to stay home (in this case, many of those who voted for Strange) or vote for others.
  10. One is about an evil religious figure in cahoots with local governance that holds sway over a large fraction of the populace and the other is a movie starring Harrison Ford. Anyway, for Jones to win he has to suppress opposition turnout and get ~ 90% of the black vote and I think....40% of the white vote? More than what Obama or Clinton got, at any rate. Edit: Its actually 35% of the white vote, and 70% of the non-white, non-black vote (assuming 2 party voting, of course).
  11. I don't know much about Murkowski, but if she helps Strange do the write-in thing I might just send her a thank-you note and donate to her next campaign (thank you not only for this but also for helping sink the Obamacare repeal). Same goes for Susan Collins (the Obamacare part).
  12. Firing Mueller would be crossing the Rubicon. Not sure it would turn out all that well for Trump. Also, doesnt the new AG have to be confirmed by the Senate? I dont think Trump has the support of 51 right now, particularly if his end game is easy to see.
  13. Assuming Moore as a Senator is the worst case scenario, almost anything else (Strange/Sessions/Jones/a shoe as write in) would be better for both Alabama and the nation.
  14. Moore is up by about ~6 in the poll average, so its hard to tell if this news will be enough to push Doug Jones over the edge. Leaving politics aside, we didn't need more evidence to note Moore was a total scumbag, but its always the holier-than-thou' folks....
  15. Where does the 25% tax rate kick in? Is it for household incomes over $250,000? I suppose it would work out for me personally, but my intuition has always been to have more brackets rather than less (I think a continuum of tax rates makes the most sense, once you start having brackets then it immediately starts becoming regressive to someone). Also not a fan of 'shocks to the system', like a sudden decrease in corporate taxes by a substantial amount. A more gradual decrease allows for course corrections (for instance, making sure corporations use the extra money they have to create more jobs rather than buy back stocks). So maybe a staggered lowering of that rate.