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  1. It's partly because the WWE is virtually a monopoly (at least as far as the U.S. goes) with all the lack of negotiation leverage that implies. There is also of course no unionization, and most employees these days were wrestling fans before they were wrestlers, so working there is the "dream job" which usually tends to get people to weaken their own negotiation position. But mostly it's because LOL WRESTLING IS FAKE AND STUPID and thus nobody cares enough to regulate the industry or really poke around at the sleazier elements of Vince's business practices.
  2. because the real problem is batters don't stay in the damn batters' box because the home plate umpire doesn't make them even though they have the authority and written rule provisions to do so. The umpire is not obligated to grant ANY request for time out, let alone all of them. Batters ask for time after seemingly every pitch, take a little stroll around foul territory, adjust their cup, tug on their gloves, move their helmet back into position, adjust their up again, spit out that last sunflower seed, adjust their cup AGAIN, and then finally put a foot back in the b-OH WAIT BETTER CHECK THE SIGNS FROM THE THIRD BASE COACH AGAIN BEFORE STEPPING in okay here we go. Some hitters abuse this more than others and the Yankees and Red Sox both seem to feel a moral obligation to sign all of them which is why a typical Yankees/Red Sox game makes Cricket look like drag racing. Limiting mound visits not only doesn't truly address the problem but breaks game balance because batters can still take all the time out they want. Balls to that. Use the rules they've already got, and make the batter pitcher and catcher stay standing where they're supposed to. Encourage umpires to Just Say No.
  3. Which NFL fanbase is worst? It's a 32 way tie for first.
  4. Cardinals fans understand and respect sorcery, they have their own version after all. It's that one that turns utility infielders with funny names into .500 hitters in October and it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
  5. Sorcery is the ground attack [swinging bunts turning into little league triples, scoring from second on a wild pitch], Conor Gillaspie turning into a power hitter, Jake Peavy turning back the sands of time, Barry Zito having the only 3 good starts of his 7 year contract in the same LCS, Sorcery is going 87-75 in the regular season and then 12-2 in the postseason against teams that should be "better" than them for reasons nobody understands and no pundit predicts. And it has something to do with even numbered years.
  6. It's an even year. They'll play over their heads, get the #2 wild card at 87-75, and then it's Sorcery time. Travis Ishikawa is sprinkling the virgin blood on the rune-carved catherine wheel as we speak.
  7. look the broken in first baseman's glove was our third highest rated minor league prospect as of yesterday morning THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  8. a bottle of coke and some tastefully risque photographs will probably be sufficient
  9. as for actual content in that book, I would like to see Margaery Tyrell Not Get Killed. The long anticipated on-page debut of Howland Reed would also be pretty cool. CRACKPOT THEORY CONTENT WARNING but I actually think we will get this, in a fashion. Not that we'll see a flashback to the actual moments, but that history will repeat itself in current times and we'll get enough clues to make the right inference.
  10. The Winds Of Winter actually on the shelves at my local bookstore sometime this year.
  11. lol my bad with all the other eggs they laid this year I totally forgot they did actually technically win their home game against the Chiefs. Okay hold on lemme move the goalposts a bit. That's still 2-4 in the division after 3-3 last year which is still not good enough, especially considering how bad/non-competitive they were in the road losses. Road divisional games are always going to be trouble. Even the Patriots drop games in Miami, after all. Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers, at no point in any of those games did it ever look like they could win them. They looked pretty non-competitive in several other road games too (Washington, Buffalo). Losing is one thing (especially now that we know Buffalo's actually a playoff team); consistently getting blown out is another. And all this with essentially the same roster (improved on offense, even). There's plenty of underperformance and regression to blame someone for and the head coach often gets held accountable for these sorts of things. And if there's another guy/replacement out there the organization really wants, well then...
  12. Also, 0-2 against your principal divisional rival (and only 3-3 against your division) is not really a great year even if it is 12-4 overall and your first playoff appearance in a decade. Especially when it was the difference between winning the division as a #2 seed and limping in as the #5 or #6 seed. Furthermore, they were 1-5 against their division this year (including once again 0-2 against that same principal division rival, who were themselves regressing this year and should have been more beatable). Remember Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement because this team was theoretically 1 Piece Away. In this context 6-10 overall is inexcusable after the previous season. 1-5 against divisional opponents is inexcusable for any team in any season. Last year was very good but this season was hot garbage (relative to expectations) and that's gotten coaches fired since time immemorial. None of this has any bearing on Gruden's capacity to be an improvement (or even a lateral move), of course, but it's not crazy at all to see room for improvement and seek it. The Raiders have traditionally had a short leash for their head coaches, anyway.
  13. Yes, if the ball had gone out at the 1 yard line the Raiders would have kept the ball at the 2 where Carr fumbled. The NFL doesn't so change rules anymore (except "move back the XPs 15 yards because Fuck You They Aren't Hard Enough. CHAOS~! They just add arcane and narrow provisions and exceptions to existing rules so that more goofy shit can happen at the end of the game (so stay tuned for that last commercial break! YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO EITHER BAIL OUT OR SCREW YOUR TEAM!) This is why you need two hands, control, a valid driver's license or state ID, a note from your doctor and the original receipt of purchase in order to complete the process of the catch if you're falling to the ground. That and because it makes a great cliffhanger for the TV audience when the officials watch the play like it's the Zapruder film checking for if the ball is bobbled back and to the left (back and to the left) and if they're going to gaslight America and say the thing that just happened didn't actually happen. This Is Clearly Not Considered A Bug But A Feature.
  14. You can't fumble the ball forward. Except when you can lose the ball and the game if you do. Another shocking last minute plot twist brought to you by the exciting and Totally Legitimate NFL Rulebook. The best soap opera on television.
  15. Another Totally Legitimate Example Of Honest And Fair Athletic Sporting Competition Untainted By An Esoteric Jerrymandered Rulebook at the end of the game in Pittsburgh, there. Las Vegas Approves.