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  1. Bran has to tell him because Bran Is A Jerk now. "Sansa, you were so beautiful on your wedding night when you were raped." "Meera, thank you for sacrificing your brother's life and dragging my crippled ass across hundreds of miles of snow in both directions. Now GTFO." "Jon, you're actually my cousin and Dany's your aunt. Just thought I'd tell you that AFTER you started boning her."
  2. Jon was right to be honest and not make that promise because Cersei was only ever going to exploit that promise towards the end of launching a sneak attack on him anyway. By letting Cersei know that opportunity won't be there, he's deterred (well, delayed is probably a better word choice) her from making the attack at all. Keeping Cersei from jumping them while their back is turned/dealing with the White Walkers was the goal all along (actually getting her to help the anti-WW effort would've been a bonus). Though he should've not let that be as much of a surprise for Dany and Tyrion as it was. Well, not necessarily. The process of negotiation did weaken Cersei's position and ability to backstab them effectively by fracturing her coalition, albeit not in the way they think it did. Euron bailing was a feint, but unbeknownst to them they actually have split away Jaime and some of the Lannister army with him. Minus Jaime Cersei's army is both smaller and less ably led, which blunts her eventual attack on them by that much. To paraphrase book Jaime: "Only one in ten keep the oath? Good. I'd rather fight nine than ten, the tenth might have been the one that killed me." Not their main goal but they did get something out of it. *obviously it's not strictly true that Jon has literally never broken an oath or a promise, but his public perception is of Ned Jr/a guy who doesn't do this, and in this case that's functionally equal.
  3. Euron is going to absorb the Aurane Waters plotline, he's going to take Cersei's buy money, hire the Golden Company, and then go off pirating in Essos far away from the whole undead army thing. HIRE ME AS AN ASST. ADAPTOR/SCRIPTWRITER FOR SEASON 8.
  4. Worked for Theon!
  5. The only thing we have to fear is I'm The Three Eyed Raven
  6. 81 minutes seems like it should be long enough for every active (still alive but not plausibly written out i.e. Daario) character to at least put in a token appearance. That's almost feature film length. Other than that general principle I didn't really mind the lack of Gendry this week, he didn't seem to have a natural fit except maybe at Winterfell but that would likely have to wait until they're ready to do a suitably "big" Arya/Gendry reunion.
  7. The way he immediately speaks out of turn and starts in on Theon (and then Tyrion) has the feel of Cersei and Euron agreeing on a general good cop/bad cop routine beforehand, so that Cersei could present herself as the "reasonable" one.
  8. I'm okay with this in the sense that if I were Cersei I would assume, knowing that Tyrion is on their side, they are predisposed to not trust me. ESPECIALLY if I come at them nice and conciliatory. I'd make a show of being heated and being unwilling to compromise only to "let" them bring me around later. Because I'd be thinking that's what Tyrion has told them to expect of me. And if they "win me over" they feel like they've earned what they wanted, which they are more likely to believe in than if I just gave it to them, which would be suspiciously easy. It also makes sense, in retrospect, that the Euron thing was a front. That was some classic good cop/bad cop shtick (LOLworthy as the idea of Cersei as Good Cop usually is) So the general idea is fine. The nuts and bolts of it, however, are more ripe for questioning, as you point out.
  9. "Who told you that?" "The witch who murdered my husband." "Has it occurred to you she might not have been a reliable source of information?" This ain't Jon's first time around the block he ain't gonna fall for that one. [and by the way IT'S ABOUT TIME somebody said it. Been waiting on that for ages. Dunno if it's the best line of the episode, probably not, but in terms of my personal historical context w.r.t. this IP and fandom that's definitely among my most anticipated]
  10. Salladhor Saan is the real father of Cersei's baby. He'll come back for the big twist/reveal in Season 8. "I'm not going to rape her. I'm going to fuck her." Prophecies always come true in fantasy.
  11. Reusing the Viserys costume + wig for Rhaegar was pretty jarring. Actually showing Rhaegar was probably always destined to be a bit of a letdown, but aside from that it is weird to have him so physically resemble Viserys when the characterization we get for both brothers establishes how totally different they were in life. Not a huge complaint but it did take me out of the scene. I feel like Bran's established behavior pattern should have had him address Sam as "Lord Tarly" particularly since they've established that Sam didn't find out about his family while still at the Citadel. Missed opportunity. Another missed opportunity in the Dragon Pit scene. For once I really would've liked to see Missandei going into hype man mode and introduced Dany by all 37 of her titles and epithets, either just to fuck with Cersei or to see a bit where Cersei gets frustrated and interrupts her. Either way that'd have been fun and seems missing with all the other first time/long time reactions we got in this episode. Also this was one of the few times where the inability to put Lena Heady and Jerome Flynn in the same scene forced a contrivance, and it isn't a huge deal but again, like with the Rhaegar/Viserys similarity, it cracked that fourth wall, reminded me I'm just watching a show, and took me out of the scene. Repeating the "fine kill me then" bit with Cersei only to have her blink and back down was a bit much. But at least Jaime's walked out on Cersei. Sorta. Better late than never, and Jaime catching the beginnings of southron snowfall was a nice little touch. I would've liked Theon to not take quite so much of a beating before he made his comeback. Also the whole thing where he POWERED UP by being kneed in the genitals he no longer has was pretty goofy. Amusing! But goofy. I guess it works as symbolism/allegory for coming to terms with his mutilation. Anyway, the fight was way too Hollywood, but at least it ended with Theon kicking the crap out of someone and finally we're starting that Theon re-ascention arc. Speaking of "too Hollywood", the delay on the wight springing to life. Again, that serves more to fake out the audience (for no purpose other than to fake out the audience). Also it contradicts the earlier bit where it freaked out and started trying to break out of the box when Sandor played Knock Knock. Also having Sandor carry it on his back when it needed horse and cart to be toted around earlier. Okay I get that Sandor is a strong sumbitch and I know filming horses costs money. It is much easier and quicker to list the things I don't like about this episode than the things I do. For the most part this episode focused heavily on the things the show still does well and de-emphasized the things it no longer does well. Also, as the season finale, it was naturally heavy on payoffs and denouement, forgoing shockers for the sake of delivering on what's being anticipated. [Exception: Sansa's pivot to Littlefinger in the Winterfell Trial scene, which for some reason they heavily invested on misdirecting from in the preliminary episodes. But even that wasn't very shocking because they tried so hard to lead us one way it effectively told us they were going the other.] And there's other minor nitpicks like Ghost getting the whole season off, and will someone let Edmure Tully out of prison before he starves please? But on the whole, maybe I'm just enjoying being pandered to too much, but this episode largely gave me what I want in the way I wanted it. We had Dragons and we basically had tits even though we technically didn't see them, but we got enough of Dany & Jon taking the ferry to bone-town that I'm going to count it on the Modified McShane Scoring System (MMSS). Rather than what I've done in past weeks, this week I'm just trying to decide how much to deduct from a potential perfect 10 (tits and dragons) for the above minor nitpicks, because obviously this wasn't a perfect episode and yet I was satisfied with virtually everything else. Some of it was so gratifying I feel it's worth bonus points. So I guess - 1 for each item above (6 total). then a +1 for Jon saying what I've been saying for years and pointing out how crap it is that everyone believes Dany's barren just because some witch with a grudge says so. + 2 for all things Theon this week. The staredown with Euron at the meeting. The heart to heart with Jon, granting him the absolution he needs, incomplete as it had to be. The little touches, like symbolically re-baptising himself on the beach after beating the crap out of sassy Ironborn Lieutenant. Again, no huge surprises here, just gratifying delivery of what has been promised and teased in episodes past. What is dead can never die and I am HYPE for Season 8 Theon action. What Is Dead Can Never Die. Littlefinger not just getting killed off, but truly getting defeated. His dysfunctional and destructive game of thrones was rejected and repudiated, and he died on his knees, out of schemes, out of tricks, reduced to petulant tears and useless begging and pleading. Now he's not just dead, but wrong. It was perhaps the most gratifying demise this show has done. Yes, including Joffrey and Viserys. Almost makes up for how they tried so hard to make this "unexpected" they did a sub-adequate job of foreshadowing it. (+.5) And you know I'm going to love it when they bring the White Walkers in just long enough to remind you they are problem #1 and always have been. They are what everyone should be utterly terrified of and preparing for, instead of the pretty distraction that is the Game of Thrones. And now they've breached the wall. I can mostly look the other way on what I assume is going to be a third Tormund death fakeout (including 2 in consecutive he going to catch up with Beric before this is over? +.5) I guess I'm really giving this a 7 out of 10 with qualifier that I am predisposed to be generous to this episode. My system is probably easily exploited by the nature of a Season Finale since, again, I like getting my denouement and this episode was of course being heavy on denouement. And fan service, but again it's a season finale, it's about sending the audience home happy (or at least gratified) to tide them over for the long layoff before the final season. Part of episode 7's score is what it did (and didn't) do relative to the rest of the reason.
  12. So, wait, was that Harry Lloyd coming back to pull double duty as Rhaegar?
  13. WHAT IS DEAD CAN NEVER DIE. Theon Greyjoy is BACK. Get. Hype. I have been waiting a long time for them to pull the trigger on some redemptive re-ascention arc instead of just "LOL NO PENIS" material and this episode shows my wait was not in vain. Even though they didn't completely abandon LOL NO PENIS just yet. Still. The heart to heart with Jon where he's in tears, gets as much absolution as he's going to get, and the realization of purpose. Even a symbolic renewal of Ironborn Baptism (softcore version, this is Theon after all ) on the beach after he beat the crap out of that dude and finally won the respect of his people [after Jon's speech allowed him to win respect for himself, loves me some allegory and symbolism]. And just as Yara never fully gave up on him (topless dog trainer aside), he's not giving up on her. Go save her, Theon Greyjoy. I am juiced and ready to believe and am gonna have a hard time waiting for Season 8 and the culmination of Theon's long odyssey to finally become his own man. And that was just my second favorite segment of this episode. Night's King tearing down the fucking wall with Zombviserion. To quote a colleague elsewhere: Every time the Night King has significant time on an episode, he shows exactly why you should be completely fucking terrified of him. This show has not been perfect. It's whiffed on some stuff I was really disappointed to see not connect. But more often than not I think they've gotten the really important stuff right. And they'd have to fuck up the White Walkers to lose me. They have never fully lost me because they get the Army of the Dead right. It's always been the real menace and everything else, pretty and compelling as it is, has always been the distraction. Yeah those mega chains last week were goofy but that aside, they get this right. The Wall is breached. The 8000 year old true enemy is here. It's time for the Main Event. 3rd place was Sansa finally pivoting and the Stark kids reducing Baelish to an impotent, useless, sniveling, terrified mess of tears and pitiful begging destined to be unheeded. He went out like a chump. And after all he's done to so many people, it's so deeply cathartic. Any other week it'd be my highlight but it's barely a footnote in this episode. Cheers.
  14. And it'd be really irritating if I told you I was going to give you directions later on, before you left, but never actually did (Winds Of Winter, at the least, was "supposed to be" out by now).
  15. GRRM can give them the destination, even landmarks along the way but they still have to improvise the journey in between. It's like if I invite you to my house for a party and give you the address but not the directions. Sure, you might get here. Eventually. You might even get here in time. But you're going to at least miss a turn. You might even have to double back half way through because you started down the wrong route. And if someone's riding with you they're going to start asking "are you lost" in increasingly irritated tones as you continue to meander.