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  1. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    16 point lead. Less than 8 minutes left. 1 yard to pick up a first down. You've been running the ball so well all game long that your RB is probably going to be MVP if you win. But even if you get stopped in this situation you kill a minute of clock or one of their time outs. HERP DERP LINE UP IN THE SHOTGUN AND CALL A PASSING PLAY AND FUMBLE. Get the ball back, big plays by said running back and Julio Jones get you into easy field goal range with under 4 minutes left to re-establish the all important two score lead. Second and short. Running the ball to pick up the first down or at minimum eat their timeouts and kick the "sure" field goal is the obvious tactic here after decades of winning football conventional wisdom. Also fucking around and trying to get cute with pass plays backfired spectacularly literally the drive before. Anything other than a sack or a turnover is acceptable on the next two plays, and you can make the former literally impossible by running the ball. HERP DERP DROP BACK TO PASS AND TAKE SACKS AND PENALTIES TO FALL OUT OF FIELD GOAL RANGE LOL LITERALLY REPEAT THE SAME FUCKING MISTAKE WE JUST MADE. In fact, from the time the Falcons went up 28-3, largely on the strength of rushing and defense, they called 5 rushing plays the rest of the game. 5. In five possessions. Even a pair of shit-conservative clock eating 3 and outs gets you to six. When they needed to kill clock and let their defense rest, Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shannahan did the polar opposite of that. How does a team that doesn't know better than that even get to the Super Bowl. That's not choking. That's taking a dive. Is Kyle Shannahan tired of the 49ers calling him about the Head Coach gig and trying to fuck up so badly they lose interest in him? [If so LOL it's going to take more than abject incompetence to kill that prospect. The Yorks screen in favor of it.]
  2. Pretty sure they'd all despise the others.
  3. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Someone please explain to Seahawk Fans that the 12th man is not supposed to be taken literally
  4. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    Also worth noting that it was immediate whistle blow under the "unabated" provision. Which literally exists specifically to prevent the offside player from hitting someone at football speed on a non-play. To prevent injuries like the one that happened.
  5. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    From this point forward "Icing The Kicker" means forcing him to put an ice pack on his knee after you blast him out of the game.
  6. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    I would love to get your thoughts, then, along these lines, on what we just witnessed.
  7. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    They had to deliberately take that delay of game because it technically counts as a play, thus allowing them to put their kicker back in the game. Gooning It Up confirmed as airtight field goal defense strategy.
  8. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

  9. NFL 2016 Week 9: Once You Go Dak, You Never Go Back

    So, the lesson here is: Any time someone attempts a field goal against you, you should have one player deliberately jump outside and hit the kicker in the knee so he has to come out of the game.
  10. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    It'd be more likely for the Blackhawks to lose to The Habs and thus the Expos immediately and spontaneously being recreated as a juggernaut just so they could get to the world series and lose in their first season. Though at least the Expos would exist again. Moral Victory.
  11. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    Look I know it seems like there's no such thing as impossible in the wake of an actual Cubs World Series Win but The Maple Leafs winning the cup? Let's not get ridiculous here.
  12. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    Also, if mocking the failures of rivals had any karmic effect on anything, #BestFansStLouis would have consigned the Cardinals to a full decade of consecutive 100 loss seasons by now. So clearly that isn't how THAT works.
  13. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    No, it is just the Grand Circle of sports frustration equity. The Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 NBA finals lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Indians blew a 3-1 World Series lead to the Chicago Cubs The Chicago Blackhawks will blow a 3-1 Stanley Cup Finals lead to, oh, I dunno, The Rangers or something. Then the Yankees will blow a 3-1 World Series lead to The Giants [or the Mets to the A's, somehow] and the cycle will be complete. #PlayItForward.
  14. The dead of Starks

    One of the POV characters (and I assume it's Bran, in the chapter you say, recalling an Old Nan story at one point) mentions how the tradition of leaving the Iron swords lain across the resting places of the dead Lord Starks of Winterfell -- especially the very old ones who were Kings in the North/Kings of Winter -- is to pin their otherwise restless spirits in place. Of course, some graves are so old that the swords on them have long since rusted away to nothing and just the rust stains remain, as (Bran, I assume) describes. A very familiar sounding legend/mythology of ancient burial customs in real human history that are, of course, just old fancies in reality. But the sorts of things that, in fantasy novels where magic is often real, turn out to be accurate. As with most questions we have about the series, we are going to have endure the wait for the next (and then again for the final) book to finally have our answers, but you'll find lots of speculation around this forum on ancient mojo in the blood of the first men, specifically the bloodline of House Stark, in Winterfell itself, the crypts in particular, that ritual of putting iron swords over the tombs as a ward/seal, the significance of it being iron swords, and what older, darker, forgotten double meanings the mantras of "Winter Is Coming" and "There Must Always Be A Stark In Winterfell" bear, and what things may have happened when Bran and company displaced those swords/ Up to and including a White Walker/Stark connection since, perhaps even before, the Night's King who was so conspicuously scrubbed from official Wall/Night's Watch history. Been a while since I've been around here but I always took keen interest in that sort of thing and I'm sure it's still popular food for theorycraft.
  15. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    Bolding mine. Oh George, how did people not get it when you've been so on the nose since the start? Anyway, by this point in Robert's reign anyone who knew him (and who'd know him better than his baby brother?) would know that Robert never got over Lyanna. At this early point the Tyrells are making their play for power via Renly. They are the (admittedly distant) second biggest creditor the crown has behind the Lannisters, who Renly already doesn't like, partly because he covets their power/influence over big brother but also mostly because he's a basically decent dude and they're a bunch of power-grabbing assholes. So you're Renly, you know your brother well, and you want to break the courtly power of the Lannisters [and have the Tyrells fill the void]. What do you do? Marriages are the lifeblood of political alliance in this world, so you change the marriage. Replace Cersei LANNISTER with Margaery TYRELL. Divorce/annulment is going to be messy. It's going to be war with Tywin Lannister. Anyone with half a brain knows this. It's a big pain in the ass for Robert. How do you entice him to do it? Well, if you can float the idea that Margaery looks like Lyanna... The text says Renly is "disappointed" at Ned's answer. I think it's pretty clear that Renly was hoping Ned would/could confirm the rumor that Margaery Looks Like Lyanna. After all, if Renly, or Loras, talks her up that way, Robert will likely roll his eyes and say "whatever" and might even see through the transparency of it all. but if NED STARK says "yeah, Margaery looks a lot like my sister did at that age", well, that carries weight. Especially with King Bob. And Renly knows that, too. It's also about this time that Renly is probably figuring out that Ned is honest to a fault and isn't into the political machination thing, and he's hoping that Margaery genuinely does resemble Lyanna because Ned isn't going to say she does (especially to Robert) unless she actually does. But of course, if she really does, then maybe Robert will see it too, and won't need half as much convincing as Renly is set to try. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If King Robert is the beholder, then it's Lyanna Stark > Everybody Else