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  1. Just on the Valyrian armour thing. Aeron plays it up because it is impressive, and insanely expensive. It should be seen in the same way as Euron blowing the Dragonhorn at the Kingsmoot. To impress people. Not to make him suddenly invincible. And Valyrian steel cannot be impervious to fire. It can be melted and forged by fire, after all. And Dragonfire is much hotter than normal fire. Even if the steel does not melt, it will heat up to fry the person inside the armour if it gets hot enough.
  2. What bugs me is the tactical folly on the Boltons side to send the Freys out separately from the Manderlys who will go out separately from Ramsay himself. So in effect sending three separate smaller forces of 1500, 300 and whatever Ramsay has with him personally, to attack Stannis's superior force of 5000. And yet, this seems to be the only way in which to explain the events if it plays out as we suspect. I mean, just throwing men away as cannon fodder against a larger enemy force seems stupid for a tactician like Roose Bolton. Martin will have to spin this quite creatively to make the sequence of events make sense.
  3. Oh I agree about the armour. Lord Varys believes that it is something that makes him much more formidable, but other than being impressive to behold, and probably giving him an advantage in one on one combat due to its light weight and flexibility, I hardly think it is going to make him invincible. He is not a renowned fighter to start with, and besides, Valyrian steel isn't cuendillar. It is not impenetrable to damage, or dragonfire or any such threat. It is just a bit better than normal steel. Also, Euron's fortunes won't rely on his one-on-one combat abilities, so the armour is largely symbolic as far as I'm concerned. As far as the glass candles are concerned, I don't really know, to be honest. It just seems that this alone won't change his fortunes overall. He needs something like a fully grown dragon. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the glass candle allows him to become a strategic mastermind.
  4. I enjoy this discussion, because all of it has merit and we really don't know what's in store. As I said, I'm not invested in the Oldtown idea. I just think it might fit in with the direction the story is going. Or it might not. An issue I want to tackle, is the idea of what makes strategic sense and what doesn't. Frankly, Martin seems to decide this based on where he wants the narrative to go. And the strategic value or lack thereof of a decision seems to be declared in hindsight, mostly. Was Robb's idea to split his forces strategically sound? I don't think so. The chances of riding hundreds of miles un-dedected to ambush Jaime seem highly unrealistic. Neither was Tywin's idea to hang out at Harrenhal while his homeland was being raided. His forces should have been bleeding away at a rapid rate. Theon's plan to try and capture Winterfell with 20 men was ridiculous. As is Stannis's plan to march on Winterfell in the dead of Winter. Tyrion's chain idea was quaint, but hardly would have achieved much if not for Tywin's unexpected arrival in the nick of time. The list goes on. As for Euron, his entire campaign is strategically woeful. The Ironborn have no hope in hell of making any lasting land conquests anywhere in the Reach. And this while the Iron Fleet itself is not even with them. Martin conveniently never mentions exactly how many men they have with them, nor what their losses to battle, storms, disease or general mishap are. But somehow they just keep sowing havoc from the Shield Islands to the Arbor and onwards. So raiding Oldtown (note, not capturing, but raiding for a specific purpose), presents no greater strategic folly than sailing up the Narrow Sea to try and attack King's Landing or Sunspear or any other target. Their entire campaign is laughable. Hence, at least if Oldtown presents some kind of prize in itself, such as a magical artefact of some sort, it will let the whole thing make sense. Otherwise Euron is indeed an imbecile.
  5. I have long stated that ASOIAF's ancient history hints strongly at genetic/biological hybridization of species (with magic perhaps substituting technology in achieving it). Bio engineering in Planetos's distant past seems to have been rampant. The merging of species, the linking of beasts to men, and various other such weird experiments. Now, a Sphinx represents exactly that. A hybrid of multiple different species. I think this somehow lies at the heart of the imbalance that affects the world of Planetos. Something upset the natural balance, and led to the mess they face today. And maybe the Sphinx is the riddle that explains it all.
  6. Lord Varys I accept that you are an advocate for Euron linking up with Cersei. But other than speculating that this would be an interesting matchup, there is very little evidence for this. Now, similarly, the idea that Euron may be planning an imminent assault on Oldtown is also just speculation at this stage. But it is speculation with a whole lot going for it. Most notably, we have the Ironborn having attempted to infiltrate Oldtown already plus we have Euron actually in the immediate vicinity of Oldtown itself, which is a massive advantage for the Oldtown idea over the speculation that either Euron or Cersei will have to cross half a continent to meet up with each other. Furthermore, the PoV structure might actually be leading up to such an event. We know Martin is not introducing any new PoV's, and we have strong indications that Aeron's days are in fact numbered. Especially if he is to be a blood sacrifice for Euron's battle spell. That really just leaves Samwell as the lone PoV in the area. As Samwell is unlikely to be heading off to sea anytime soon, an Ironborn invasion of Oldtown would actually allow him to conveniently serve as the PoV through which we witness this event. Not to mention that it would tie in with Mellisandre's vision of burning Towers by the Sea, and it would finally bring the ancient, mysterious and powerful city of Oldtown - and its mysterious magic loving ruling family into the mix of things. In short, I don't know if this is going to happen or not. But the theory certainly has a heck of a lot going for it at the moment.
  7. Sweetsunray I like your speculation. I guess I would just find it disappointing if the ultimate prize Euron is after in Oldtown turns out to be a measly glass candle. I guess I was hoping for something a bit more significant. But maybe George spins it that the glass candle provides Euron with some major benefits that I'm not thinking of right now. But other than being a source of knowledge of things happening in far off places, it seems kind of limited to me. And if Martin's purpose was really to get Euron a plot device by which he can have knowledge of distant events that he would otherwise not have, well, why the need to go through the whole Ironborn invasion of Oldtown plot to get there? After all, he gave Euron a magical Dragonhorn and a suit of Valyrian armour for free. It would have been just as easy to give him a glass candle along with those two already impressive items. That's why I think that whatever he is seeking in Oldtown needs to be something more significant than that.
  8. Stubby, actually I would think that those who argue for retribution as the justification for sentencing would argue that the sentences SHOULD differ, as there is less to get retribution for. The victim is not dead after all.
  9. Hi Any reason why one would suddenly not be able to see who is reading a particular thread anymore? Similarly, when I click on "Online Users" at the top of the page, it says this information is not available to my account. Which is strange as I could always see that in the past. This issue has been around for a few weeks now, and it is particularly troublesome when trying to see who is reading a particular thread that you are involved in. Appreciate some feedback. Thaniks.
  10. Lord Varys With regard to this and your previous post. I'm not against the idea of Euron and Cersei teaming up. In fact, I think they make a rather good fit. I just don't think you can ignore the reality of the timeline, both in-universe and in terms of the reality of the number of books that are left. I know you love to say that the story will dictate the number of books left, and not the other way around. But if that were the case Arya would have time to complete her training, Daenerys would have time for her dragons to grow to mature size, Daenerys would spend another 2 books at least finishing her conquest of Essos, Cersei would have more time to slowly let King's Landing descend into chaos, and generally fewer parts of the story would feel as rushed as it currently does. The truth is, we aren't going to see another 4 books. 3 more books is the maximum we can expect, and even that seems somewhat like wishful thinking at this point in time. You yourself have agreed that the story is likely to progress far less in Winds of Winter than many of the more optimistic posters predict. Maybe a third of the book will be taken up by the battles and other plot bits that were shifted from Dance. Arriane and Doran's alliance with Aegon needs to play out, Aegon needs to capture King's Landing, Sansa's story has to move forward, so does the Jaime/Brienne thread and the general Riverlands plot. Then you have Daenerys's entire plot in Essos, which surely has to be covered extensively. Not to mention the entire Northern plotline covering Jon, Davos, Stannis and Bran at a minimum. And on top of that we have Euron's campaign in the Summer Sea, which will take a number of chapters to complete too. In short, we are unlikely to see resolutions of even all of the above plot aspects by the end of Winds. Where will time be found for Cersei to flee King's Landing - which is not likely to happen before Aegon takes the city at the end of the book, link up with Euron, then travel all the way back to Casterly Rock to press her claim and raise a Lannister army, and then to have that army march off to engage the Tyrells or Aegon in the Reach? There simply is no time for that. Especially as this will be a side plot that delays the main storyline of Daenerys, the North and the other main characters even further. The timing of a Cersei Euron team up just seems difficult to fit in and make it work. Maybe you can suggest a sensible order of events that includes such an alliance, but I find it very difficult to do in just 3 remaining books.
  11. If Euron's role was planned from the start - or at least from the time when Dany had her visions in the House of the Undying in Book 2 - then one would think that his role would be significant enough to at least warrant a vision alongside the Mummer's Dragon and the King with the Blue Eyes who Casts No Shadow. So I'm thinking that if Euron's sub-plot was not a last minute contrivance from George, then he might be represented by the Stone Beast Rising from the Smoking Tower Breathing Shadow Fire. The fact that Euron's plot seems to be moving towards Oldtown, with a focus on the magic contained in the Hightower, seems to bolster this idea somewhat. Might he unlock some type of magic that awakens something of great power for him after he has attacked Oldtown? He needs something, else he really doesn't warrant the page time that is spent on him. One of Dany's juvenile dragons really won't cut it. He either needs a fully grown ancient Dragon, or else some other kind of power to change the equation for him. Frankly, the idea of him still marrying Cersei, engaging in all kinds of mainland warfare in alliance with the Lannister forces, engaging Dany's fleet on the way to Westeros and all of that BEFORE Dany lands in King's Landing seems to not fit into the remaining timeline of the books. Not if we are only talking about three more books. Let alone just two more books. What about all the other plotlines that need to be covered in those books? Dany's campaign through Essos to Volantis, Aegon's rise, Sansa's arc, Arya's return, the Jaime/Brienne story, let alone the entire Northern arc involving Bran, Jon, Stannis, Rickon and the like. And all of that before the Others actually start invading, which will require an entire book in itself to resolve. I just don't see time for intricate shenanigans involving Euron and Cersei. He needs to reach his apex after the Oldtown raid. There is no further time for buildup for him involving allying and marrying Cersei.
  12. But why does it matter what most believe? You said yourself consensus from the people doesnt change anything.
  13. Where do you draw this line? Or do you only go with the views that you prefer? Because it seems to me the Northerners renounced the Iron Throne as their Kings. So from the point of view of someone in the North, the Young Wolf was their rightful king. Then you take someone who is still a Targ loyalist, say somewhere in Dorne or the Reach, and to them the Baratheons are usurpers and Daenerys (or Faegon) is the true King or Queen. Then you take the Ironborn, and to them Euron is the true King. So as Fattest Leech says, the debate is tiresome. People read into events what they want to read into them.
  14. This debate still continuing? I bring things back to the larger context. Let's assume what Jon did violates some law. Now what? Stannis violated the law by usurping (in the eyes of the law) his brother's children's crown. Tywin Lannister violated the law by attacking bannermen of the Tullys under the King's peace. Daenerys is probably violating all kinds of laws in campaigning to overthrow the Iron Throne itself. Jon violated a stupid law of a bunch of misfits at the end of the world, because he wanted to save his sister from a rapist sadist monster. Wow. What a character flaw. Seriously, in this series, might makes right. And in this case once Jon gains "might", he will make right something which wasn't even wrong in the first place.