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  1. Right. But, wouldn't you say that Jon Snow has been a main character, or Dany? There's too many characters to say that Ned losing his head in book one would constitute what @Callan S. was getting at.
  2. Umm, no?
  3. Finished The Fell Knight, and as @polishgenius said it did seem more of a set-up book. But, I am very interested in this series. To a break to read Deadhouse Landing, but onto the 3rd tonight. This series, so far to me, has the potential to be something really special.
  4. Tell me about it. That bit of info, confuses me infinitely more.
  5. Huh. Now see, that's why I would much look forward to a different new series being done. Lets just assume Bakker doesn't exist. I've always thought Lawrence and Abercrombie to be the 1st two Authors that are made for TV or film. I just don't get throwing 250 mil at LotR for rights, then doing fanfic?!?$? That's absolutely insane to me. Id much, much rather see the Simillarion, or stuff based off his notes.
  6. Is that part of anything Tolkien wrote? Or, just some notes and things type of deal?
  7. I've got the Similllarion on my bookshelve. Xmas gift. Ill get to it one day for sure. I love Tolkien and everything I've read of his. Not shitting on the idea. Just, me, myself I like new content. But, they obviously feel their gonna strike it huge with this. I just don't know.
  8. Fair enough. Fair weather fans, yes. But, all comments about Amazon and LotR are in general. Anyway, it is what it is. Never read the Simillarion, bit I hope it done well.
  9. No, you're taking my statement literally directed towards you guys. I'm saying in general. Damn, I'm speaking in general here, not to anyone in particular. Don't even accuse me of being combative, when anytime I post you have a snooty remark. I'm not being combative, merely discussing. Sorry, we have different opinions on the subject and I see it a different way.
  10. See, I don't think so. When battles are done all don't have to be epic in scope. You can cut certain things. We have whole movies based on war and battles that don't break budgets. I feel there are ways around it with the right vision. Ashamed that you guys have been dedicated fans for years, a great place that brought a lot of people to the series. And, all I see anymore is 90% of you shitting on the series. That comment had nothing to do with the filming of it. I never said you guys wanted LotR... I said I would rather see something new, anything but more LotR (which I am fan of, but I've had my fill). The highest cost of a film is 368 mil Pirates of Caribbean. Which I truly believe that PoN, with the right vision, could very easily be done under 200 mil, if not less. You're super confused, because your being condensceding. Its what you do. Again, don't really care that it isn't Bakker. Give me Abercrombie, Lawrence, or a whole host of other series of love see come to life. That's all. You know what would be a really good adaption? Josiah's Bancroft's Tower of Babel. I could think of many more that I would love to see. You guys are pegging me as a one horse pony, for Bakker. Its not the case.
  11. And 250 mil isn't? I think, imho, its gonna be a huge loss for Amazon. Its worn out and people want new content.
  12. Bah. He'll get a deal. I find the pessimism around here laughable. From the AmA ruined the series. To, your rather see an overdone LotR, than something new. Its a lack of vision on Amazon's behalf. What fair weather fans. You should be ashamed. But, you won't. I get the feeling around here that you guys know what Bakker should do and what he shouldn't. Instead of just seeing what the man pulls off.
  13. Right. I understand all of this. I get it, in not being obtuse. All I am saying is that if you gave Bakker or Abercrombie or whoever 5 mil in rights and spent whatever they wanted to make it a good adaption, in would rather see that. You can't look at me with a straight face and say that the budget for TSA would be too big when the paid 250 mil just for the rights to LotR. Its not me being obtuse, its thise of you who think Amazon couldn't afford to adapt TSA. Its nonsense. And was proving by what they are paying just for the rights to LotR! I understand money fine @Darth Richard II, I got stacks! Stacks of $1's, but stacks nonetheless.
  14. Nonsense. Money isn't a problem when you pay that much for rights to something. You know this.
  15. Its not that they wouldn't need a huge budget, but money doesn't fucking matter to Amazon... The just paid 250 mil for rights alone. What's so hard to understand here? ETA: I'm not shittting on the Simillarion. Its is rather much like to see something new, different. It doesn't have to be TSA. I am a fan of a whole lot more series than TSA.