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  1. No. The thread is full of people contesting and not discussing what I say. Funny, because this happens at no other site but here. I just wish you had more to offer a boy the books than you know, other posters. Matter of fact, do us both a favor and ignore me. Because, in terms of discussing the books, you've showed me for multiple threads you don't have much to offer to discussion. Other than your usual personal attacks.
  2. Great come back!!! One of a kind! I have no problems with anyone's interpretation, show me where I have. I might not agree, but ill add textual evidence to refute it. That's a huge difference.
  3. Why is it so hard for some people around here to not accept that other readers have different views and take different things away from each and every book? Is your interpretation more correct than @Callan S.? He's offered way more in the way of interpretation than you and others have. I might not agree with him entirely on it All, but doesn't mean that his interpretation is wrong. ETA: His....that is HIS interpretation. Correct.
  4. Well yea... What would you call the scene in TDTCB when Aurang appeared to Esme as a glamour? Slit shaming at it finest.
  5. Just ordered on kindle last night, though won't be able to get started for a week or two. Hope its better than the last one...
  6. Did you reread it? I think there is a case to be made. I've made it before. He tries to will her back to life. There is plenty there that the death effected him. And, he must've had feelings for it to effect him.
  7. I'm just discussing the text. There's a good case to be made in the text, that indeed he had feelings for her. You wanna discuss the text?
  8. I do, reread the Circumfix scene. I think its plain as day his feelings for her. Once he realized he killed her for his own gain. I'm here, buddy.
  9. While I could quote a hundred posts I have on Kellhus and his feelings for Esme, and his feelings first started with Serwe and how he went mad on the Circumfix. Basically, breaking down because he caused the death of one he loved, and then tried to will her back to life. Here is a quote of mine from the Slog of Slogs reread, pre-TGO.
  10. Its a TSAcast. I believe this one. Also, I have the theories laid out here and at TSA. They're not hard to find. It was all pre-TGO.
  11. Dude, I brought up this theory pre-TGO after a reread. Anyone can listen to it as its on a podcast. So evidence from TGO and ultimately TUC confirmed it. ETA: and nowhere, not once have I ever said anything about Esme loving Kellhus back. Don't know where you got that from. I always had the theory that he loved Esme and wanted to save the world. And, that emotions, something Dunyain don't have, are what was driving him. I said all this in a podcast pre-TGO. So, I don't have to go look for proof, all you need to do is listen to the podcast for confirmation. I came to these ideas while doing a group reread prior to TGO. ETA: as to it being a romance, well that was never my idea, or words that came out of my mouth. That was people being, rude and sarcastic at my thoughts that Kellhus loved Esme.... So, don't put that on me.
  12. And that he loved Esme..., and not everyone thought Kellhus was trying to save the world. Most in fact thought the opposite for various reasons. What's your question you need answered?
  13. When did I say I feel bad?? I feel great. My theory was never wrong, but confirmed. I don't k ow what you're on about.
  14. That Kellhus loved Esme and was trying to save the world (that was my theory and both turned out to be true.). I will go back and find the quotes were digs were taking at me, since e conveniently you can't remember.
  15. I just found it amazing is all. That's a lot of reading.