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  1. My son is in his 1st year of Flag Football. Been killing it the 1st 3 games. Scoring at least 3 times a game and easily the best defensive by far. Last week, we finally played a team who had it together...and when he went for a sweep there was about 6 guys waiting on him, he spun around....but only a 180 and preceded to run a touchdown/safety for the other team. We all got a laugh out of it. He wasn't too happy when I tried explaining what he did wrong. Eh, live and learn, right?
  2. Well, I'm 2-0. Evans only got 3 more points than Rodgers. And yes I had a need of backs ups. I knew I took the short end of the deal but I had to make a move.
  3. Who the he'll is Bojack Horseman?
  4. @Let's Get Kraken, I think he demonstrates the human condition quite well, in that we have to fight internal and externally on a daily basis. His are, well, more extreme and I just thought it was done very well. Will always be one of my favorite characters of anything I've read. I'll say this, I haven't come across another Cnauir in any book that I've read. Very unique.
  5. I agree, the ending is his only reason for being there at all.
  6. No sarcasm. I'm don't think he is a great character because of rape. My Lord. It his inner battles he fights along with the external ones as well that makes him such a great character. The dialogue between him and Kellhus, some of the best stuff I've read. Look this is fantasy and "grimdark" at that. All characters do shitty things. It doesn't make them any less of a great reading experience and character. I'm not playing the moral high ground game...
  7. Isn't CnaĆ¼ir one the the best characters in fantasy? He highlights so much in the human condition and his conflict with himself and Kellhus at the same time is brilliant. In answer to your question, no. The don't even come close to Shimeh without Kellhus.
  8. Where in prior books do we see a person free from sin? Please provide me with that info. Because I know of no such case. Besides what I explained about Mimara's baby. Yes, let's humour me. Yes, the only one seen with halos through the JE is Mimara, I take that as her being a Holy vessel of the God of God's. As for Kellhus, I would say yes. We know they have no mark and he doesn't even understand them. I do think it is something that will be revealed, because Bakker absolutely will not talk about them. Mimara uses the word Holy as her only way to describe such things. Such as snakes are holy and pigs are not. I don't know of any other time She refers to anyone as holy through the JE, humor me and show me where. She might have thoughts on what is holy and so does Koringhus. No, I provided my thoughts on it. Do you have textual evidence that it isn't the case? ETA: so to be clear and concise, being holy and saved are not the same thing, in my interpretation. Yes, I understand I said that as I rushed a post before walking out the door and it was dissected. I'm not the first, nor last to contradict themselves on accident. Or, think things through more clearly.
  9. No, you have that backwards. Except for Mimara being holy, no one else. Absolutely nothing about her being holy, only the promise of paradise, of being saved, salvation. As I said, the JE doesn't deem one holy (only one example and that's Mimara, maybe), it shows the stains of damnation or the promise of salvation. ETA: yes, in haste I said that being holy was important. But, I corrected myself, 3 posts later. Which though I am sure being holy is important, it's just not the only reason they are important. And, it's not clear at all that Esme is holy. As I said, in haste I didn't explain myself well enough.
  10. No, I don't believe so. And, as I said because it blinded her doesn't mean it to be holy. We've always interpreted the JE as showing salvation/damnation, not holiness. Saying the baby is holy from that passage is pure conjecture as we've never used the judging eye to show holiness.
  11. When I have I used the case that them being holy makes them important? I said they were the only ones have we've seen through the JE to be holy. I said Esme is important for some reason, why, I have no clue. Me pointing to her giving birth to Mimara (the prophetess) and Kel (TNG) are reason that she might be important. Youre reducing it down to her being a vessel for them two as something wrong or less....because feminism. I think there's more to it than than that though. Yes, the baby is holy, or not damned, we don't know which one. A soul that has yet to come into the world and interact with it, doesn't have a chance to be stained by damnation. I'm sure there is something special about Mimara's baby (baby Kellhus, liking it more and more), but it's not certain. Other than the baby, can we name another seen through the eyes to be saved? See, Mimara is holy, we know this through the haloes. Esme had no haloes, she was seen as saved, not really holy. So, you making my argument for me, isn't at all how I'm thinking about. Try asking, not assuming. Again, we don't know that the baby is holy, as I explained above. Its just totally free from sin at that point. I think haloes are what announce holiness, and only Mim and Kellhus are seen with those.
  12. Yes, I believe being holy and being important to hand in hand, didn't think I had to explain that. What men have we seen that was holy through the JE, because I don't recall any, I could be wrong. Did we ever see Sorweel with the JE? Where was it ever said that the reason Mimara and Esme are holy because of the children they've had?
  13. No? She seems very important to me and others.
  14. What a way you have with twisting words Kalbear.I understand he thimms their evil. Smdh. That was rhe point of them, the JE showed that. I get it. And it not because Esme has kids that makes he special, it who those kids are.