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  1. I don't know how much I am buying Mimara had baby Kellhus. When rereading it, it feels like Kel surprised the shit out of Kellhus and he's toast. Maybe it's part of tricking the Trickster, I don't know. Though, I will admit that the tapestry find is definitely enticing evidence that maybe Mimara did have Baby Kellhus.
  2. Was thinking while reading the glossary, this whole 144,000 thing is gonna be a bit hard and give "whoever" time to defeat the No-God. Because I'm sure there are more than 144,000 people in Eanna and it's like they don't even matter. I mean they are a part of this world that Earwa is on. And, what's to say that there isn't another continent with more people?
  3. By Plains of Mengedda I assume he's talking about the the glossary entry on the decapitants. Or, is that what you was referring to? I just think it leaves room for Bakker to do what he will with Kellhus and it can be believable.
  4. I agree, alas, classic Bakker and this whole series, tbh. Except for the fact that Women are lesser than Men. I honestly believe that to be a nod to me and your consistent arguing, lol.
  5. I agree, alas, classic Bakker and this whole series, tbh. Except for the fact that Women are lesser than Men. I honestly believe that to be a nod to me and your consistent arguing, lol.
  6. So as the Trickster, Deciever, etc, Ajokli came to Kellhus in his dreams as Kellhus sans haloes? Hmm. I find it very reasonable, and tbh, I think we're likely done with Kellhus if and when we get TSTSNBN. The more I think on it.
  7. Gotcha, thanks for responding. That makes sense, but I don't know if I buy it. We see (IMHO) Ajokli as the most crocodillian Son in the "Head on the Pole" scenes in TGO. And, I don't know where but when I have time ill try and get a quote to provide proof to my thinking. But, Kellhus mentions that once he mastered the Daimos is when gained this enormous power and feels like to me that is when he struck the deal with Ajokli. It even makes more sense now the line in TGO about how the Son (Ajokli) says that Kellhus said that the last time he was there, that he'd never been there before, the Outside. And, also the most crocodillian (again, I'm my mind, Ajokli) offers Kellhus to drink from the babe and all that. Looking back to show Kellhus the power he would receive. That's why even though Kellhus failed in destroying the Consult and stopping the No-God, I feel that if it is his self that he saw in the dreams, maybe he tricked Ajokli indeed. And, could be warring against the Gods as a way to stop damnation. Its also hopeful thinking, I admit. But, its plausible, I would say.
  8. Oh, @Kalbear I seen in a thread before I read the book where you said we find out who Kellhus talk to in his dreams? I didn't see any definitive answer, though I could of easily missed it. Could you elaborate, please?
  9. Since Lonzo's 1st game he has really impressed me. And, in all honesty, is love for the kid to prove me wrong. Like others said, he seems to be a great kid with his head on his shoulders. Just wish he wouldn't have ducked out vs Fox. He's gotta face his demons sooner or later.
  10. That there Sir, might be the best piece of evidence put forth so far (first time I've seen it anyway), that Kellhus knew Kel was the No-God and really did trick Ajokli. Going back to get Esme and Kel, knowing Esme would release Kel, "Stay away from his chains!". Is a very good piece of evidence that Kellhus is indeed not finished, duped Ajokli and is waging war on the 100 in the Outside.
  11. @Faint, I is not the people have trouble with seeing the Kellhus failed, its clear he failed. The No-God awoke, the Ordeal destroyed and the Consult still on their wicked mission. But, Kellhus dying before the resurrection of the No-God, hence passing onto the Outside, lends itself to more speculation. Was that part of the plan? With the Outside not shut, will Kellhus aid in destroying the No-God? Will he dominate the Outside and thus change how things go for souls on the Outside? He failed in accomplishing the destruction of the Consult, but maybe he didn't. Maybe he knew Ajokli's nature and deceived him. As with anything in this series, it's ambiguous and open to speculation. ETA: that being said, I'm quite fine if and when we get the 3rd series that Kellhus is nowhere to be found. And, it's purely humanity fighting for humanity. Though, I think the series would lose a lot for me if it's a whole series of just the destruction of Earwa. And, no redemption at all for Mimara, Akka and Esme.
  12. I think Kellhus is in the Outside and we haven't seen the last of him. I think his goal was to save humanity from the Consult from the beginning. Though the Thought evolved, he found about he'll and damnation, so there's more to it now.
  13. Lol. I came to post the exact info. Somebody got scared.
  14. Lol. Someone else said it earlier in the thread, maybe DR, but who uses "cunny" in the real world.