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  1. That's pretty umm, I have no effing clue what to say about that. Except it's pretty Dukish. I can't wait to show the wife and her entire family(all Duke fans).
  2. I can't remember a player coming into the league with a bigger target on them than Lonzo. He actually does have a nice all-around game, but he's going to get everyone's best and then some each and every night.
  3. I understand this. But, don't you wish for the good I'm days when it felt like a damn battle?
  4. Dude, I was being very sarcastic...
  5. I don't agree, but I see where coming from. I love your new look Wolves, by the way.
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head. He'll never have Jordan's killer instinct and maniac competition level and that's why he'll never surpass him. You know, it was nice to see Kyrie and LeBron embrace and I thought it nice. But, I miss the NBA of my youth. When, you'd never give daps to an opposing player. I'm sure they had officer relationships back then, but man, it just feel like everyone is best friends at the end of the day. I say, the NBA needs some hate! I know the Dubs and Cavs have a little hate going on, but hell, haven't Durant and LeBron held off-season workouts together? Could you see MJ having the same with anyone not on the Bulls???? Different league now, I want those intense I wanna kill you rivalries. I want stare downs, and hard intentional fouls (Thank you Dray-Dray), I don't daps, handshakes and hugs!
  7. I think he looked overrated... And that was after not playing a preseason game and was basically a game time decision. You'd thought you'd see a little rust...nope. There is a reason why tmany team with LeBron runs their offense through him, he can do everything and do it all on another level.
  8. I know all about the tragedies that occurring in this presidency. I honestly try and tune it out for the most part and pray for impeachment, but would that even help? Look, I am not a Trump supporter, no matter how much you would like me to be. I am not a racist, or bigot or any of the above. I come from a bi-racial family. I know what the confederate flag means 9 times out of 10 where I'm from. So, paint a picture of me however you like, you're most definitely wrong. We was discussing white-privledge and all you did was rant on about how I illustrate what's wrong with politics and the normal Trump supporter. Who's shifting goal posts? White privledge is a dying definition. You have very educated black men and women who say the same. There are just as many poor white people as black, that face every hardship and challenges. Its not 40 years ago, no matter how you slice it. Do I think it exists to an extent? Sure. But, it is not what it once was. And, I'm sorry folks, living in the past is useless. I think that you can find as many areas in America that are a white majority, that face the same economic strains as black areas. Its your never going to hear about Logan County, WV (and there are 1000's of Logan Counties spread across the US.)on the evening news, you will hear about any inner city and problems they face their. What I find so funny is the hypocrisy I see and hear so much, a lot of the time in these very threads. White trash! Uneducated white trailer trash! Would you say the same about black people in inner city Chicago? Or, would you sing a different tune and say that they are fighting a system that keeps them low? Same as any Logan County, WV in America. No jobs. No options. Live in a cycle of poverty. Its so fucking hypocritical, and ignorant that it blows my mind when someone says it. Now, when I hear white privledge the only thing that comes to mind to me, is in a nutshell, racial profiling. Which definitely exists and is a struggle only a black man would know. I've seen with my own eyes. I've also been racial profiled and pulled over for no reason at all, was going to be detained, all because I was in a very poor area Baltimore. I was white trash, with a black man buying drugs. When actually I was with a college friend going to meet his family. And, when I met his family I seen the same thing that I've seen a hundred times in rural WV. Poverty. 10 kids to a house running around with no one looking out for them. Same situation, different locale. I read an article on ESPN the other day wrote by a Army Ranger who first discussed with Colin Kaepernick about kneeling. That article really spoke to me. He talked about when he got done a tour how hard it was coming back to a nation that is divided, by red and blue. Where there is non-stop bickering and arguing, and never any coming together to do what's right for America. The arguments practiced over and over on sites such as these. The left blames the right and the right blames the left. And, you take offront to me saying that I am a centrist, that I don't consider myself Dem or Rep. Go on, to basically say that's short hand for a Trump supporter. Your mind is already made, your arguments prepared, your not willing to listen. You know who I am and what I represent already. Just because in don't have statistics and articles bookmarked to provide for you, I am an ignorant fool, who shouldn't dare voice his opinion, easy lunch for the Post-God's. Well, I am not as informed as you or most people in these political thread. I read it to gain a better understanding of events. I hate watching the news, because I hate the bias and the state of the world, it's depressing. But, when I have an opinion I'll voice it. And, rather than going to clipboard to give the same argument I've seen a thousand times, why not just try and look at things from a different perspective? I'm not a Trump supporter, but I know many. And, they're not the people that so many claim them to be. They are simply people that truly feel like they've been ignored for decades. Nothing done to help spur economic growth. Have to drive hour's away or simply work "down the road" to have enough money to support their family. You can give me all your proposals from your favorite politician, but what has been done? Nothing. That's the fact. I don't care if it's Trump, Hillary, W, Bill, Bernie or Obama who has a great idea. Nothing is done. And, people get frustrated. People thought maybe a guy that thumbed his nose at both sides of the fence, might actually get something done. That was their thinking. Sure, then there is a portion that loved the racist rhetoric, of course. That was in display in Charlottesville. Last year around this time a man keeled during an NFL game. And, man, was I pissed. I didn't care why, I just was pissed to see someone disrespecting the flag that so many people died for, my brother and grandfather fought for. I got in an argument with one of my closest black friends. We didn't speak for awhile. Then I seen Charlottesville and I understood why he was kneeling and I called my friend and apologized, and said that I'll do my best to see things in another's perspective. I was sorry. That more than anything is what we all need to do. Is try and look at things from another's perspective. Put your arguments on a shelf and try and find a way that we can all prosper and live life a little bit better. Find a way to get past all this hate, wether it's white/black or red/blue. I really like the idea that someone proposed. That the 1st step to healing all this hate in this country right now, would be for Kaep and Trump to have a sit down talk on National TV. And, let Kaep express himself face to face. See, what type of blubbering we would get from Trump then. You think he would call him a S.O.B. to his face? I don't. I think he's a coward. But, it would open a whole lot of eyes, that's for sure. No matter how the conversation went. Sorry, I went off in a twenty different directions. I don't have preconceived arguments and a list of links to defend myself. So, I guess I shouldn't have even expressed my opinions on what I see in my day to day life. I don't feel that your attacking me, but, I do feel that you and others have a mental image of who I am and felt the need to clarify myself and maybe just get a little bit of frustration off my chest. Thanks if you took the time to read this. I hope and pray that this country finds a way to come together. For the little girl hanging on my shoulder right now, and my two boys wrestling in the yard. That's all I really care about.
  9. I'm sure Pa will do some more flip-flopping...
  10. @DanteGabriel I'll reply to you when I have more time. Its my weekend to work. I'll be your huckleberry, too.
  11. I agree. That's not what a pocket knife is. You, umm, keep in your pocket. My Grandad and everyone else father and grandad has a pocket knife. Its like a tiny Swiss army knife, or the like.
  12. A pocket knife? Seriously? Something that's two inches long and were I'm from you use on a daily basis? Cutting bales of hay, and an assortment of uses at work. Hell they even give us one at work, company issued. You're being a little extreme buddy. I can see if someone is walking around with a hunting knife or the like. But a pocket knife? I've always had one, almost everyone I know carries one, not for protection, hell it probably wouldn't do a damn thing. You're definitely overblowing this subject buddy.
  13. Well, short and simple the argument I always get is that your born with it. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe it a real thing decades ago. But, it is slowly fading away and can't be used as an excuse anymore.
  14. Wonder how Trump's son-in-law feels about all of his anti-Jewish rhetoric? Pretty messed up.
  15. Can not people change? Or, you hold every wrong against the forever? Not very fair in my book.
  16. Look, I've heard very good arguments from black women and men that TODAY, not 40 years ago, white privledge is becoming a myth and an excuse. Is it right, I don't know. Some seen to think so. We've had a black president, the highest office in this country. There are white regions as poor as any black areas, and getting out of that situation is just is tough. Its a huge debate. Yes, the work ethic of today's youth is cringe worthy. I'm in management and help with hiring. Its ridiculous how many young people we go through. That are just lazy and expect to come to work and collect a check.
  17. @DanteGabriel I recognize that. But, what else are in WV but white men? Someone posted in the other thread what Hillary would've done. She wouldn't have, just like Trump isn't going to do anything. I find it funny that people don't recognize the reason Trump is in office is because the white working man has been ignored for decades. And, Trump noticed that and fed upon it. The Democrats messed up, they ignored their biggest constituency for a long time. At a certain point, people get fed up with it. Bill Maher said it, a host of MSNBC and CNN hosts said it and it's the truth. Wether your willing to believe it or comes to terms with it, that's on you. It has nothing g to do with privledge. In fact, just working where I work (Coca-Cola factory), I see that at least a 5-1 ratio of minorities/women hired over whired men. The days of white privledge are slowly starting to fade. Is it a bad thing, no. But, it should be based upon experience and such, not your skin color. And, I know I'll catch flack for what I say next, but, it's the truth, at least where I work and others say the same thing at different factories in the same area. The ones who end up staying and working for our company are white males. And our job is not strenuous. Why is that? I don't know. I think it's today's youth, they don't think they have to work to make a living. They work for two weeks, get a paycheck and see ya later.
  18. I know your not directing at me personally. Its ok. Its a more difficult issue than that. Most people that I talked to during elections, straight up didn't trust Hillary. And, I won't set here and feed you bullshit. A lot of racists and bigots and so on love Trump. My Facebook feed is littered with them. But, your also naive if you think Hillary would've followed through. Politicians have all kinds of great ideas when running a campaign. But, we should take this to the political thread, I think.
  19. Hey, I would take it. I didn't vote for Trump, don't throw stones at me. In just telling you "reasons" I hear from life long Democrats why they no longer have faith in the party.
  20. No it's not another form of privledge. Why do you think so many of "white middle class" who usually vote Democrat voted for Trump? Why do you think that is? Because that segment of the middle class has felt ignored. Plain and simple. Call it whatever you want. And, I guess you digging at me about coal, well, no one in West Virginia with an ounce of sense thinks that coal is going to come roaring back. Quite frankly, a lot are against coal in the first place. What we want is jobs. Help with funding to create jobs other than the dying dinosaur that is coal. All the coal towns in the southern part of the state are ghost towns and will remain that way. Coal is a dying industry, we all know that. Thats why idiots only believed Trump when he said he would bring back coal. If you've never lived in a place with no economic options, then you'll never understand how hard it is to raise a family or pay bills. I have to travel an 1 1/2 hour's just to make a decent wage to support my family. My wife has two degrees and has to work in a bar/restaurant to make ends meet, because there are not any other options. We've been ignored for decades.
  21. You talking about a pocket knife or a switchblade, Rambo knife or something like that? Im assuming the latter, because I don't know many guys where I come from that don't carry a pocket knife. Very handy.
  22. I don't care about Cincinnati...
  23. I hope all the blue bloods go down. They deserve it. You know and I know UK is paying every one and done in that roster. And, I hope Calipari doesn't set foot in a gym ever again. You know who's name wasn't brought up????? Anyone? Huggins. We do it right at WVU and still beat the UK's and Duke's. You all deserve what you get. Irrelevancy. See how many 5 stars wanna come to _Kentucky when they ain't getting paid shit.
  24. This certainly is alarming, and @Kalbear, I will admit I was wrong. Suicide does have a place in the gun debate. But, I'll also note that in countries with bans, suicides rates have stayed steady since the ban (from 538 article). But suicide rate does inflate the numbers of added to the homicide rate, which I don't think it should be. Looked at and try and do something about, yes.
  25. Jjust want to copy to thread. A lot of good info. Haven't seen anyone else comment on it though, as it seems to contradict the outlook of most posters here.