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  1. Yea, can't recommend Abercrombie highly enough. Great pace and prose had me flying through his books. Plus, he's the funniest fantasy writer ever. Literally, had to put book down at times I was laughing so hard. Dark humor, but humor nonetheless.
  2. I feel the same way Xray and Karradin. Great ending, really gripping and emotional. How Essun destroys the Guardians, I thought was done well and gives the orogenes and stills a chance to co-exist in this new world. Loved when Father Earth actually spoke, cool as shit. I must say, after TUC, having a series end and not having any huge questions is actually very, very refreshing. Jemesin explains almost everything to the reader. While, I know that doesn't work in all works, it was done well here. Great book and series.
  3. Abraham, N.K Jemesin, and I'll stop there, because you would go now and read her series. The last book, The Stone Sky just came out, great series, great finish.
  4. The consensus is that if LeBron leaves, it'll be for L.A.. So what does L.A. have to offer, more so then staying pat in Cleveland? I understand they have a ton of cap room next year, but what guarantees that any significant pieces will follow him to make the Lakers good enough to even come out of the West? I just don't buy it. I don't see him going anywhere, and I could well be wrong, it just doesn't make sense basketball wise, to me. In the East, he has a very, very good chance at reaching the Finals as long as he keeps playing at this level or near. Love will benefit from Kyrie leaving, his production could go up. IT is about as good offensively your gonna get in return for Kyrie. The Nets pick could yield Baggsley (sp?) or Porter Jr.. Or, trade for a few more pieces.
  5. This seems, to me to be a pretty good trade for Cleveland and not a bad one at all for Boston. Kyrie could be enough to make a real series with the Cavs. Things certainly just got interesting in the East, no doubt about it. I wonder if that Brooklyn pick can somehow be used to get Cavs another player and add to their chance of keeping Lebron?
  6. Well, as I've read both, and enjoyed both, Malazan is certainly nothing at all like ASOIAF. I don't even know how you could begin to think so.
  7. Well, as I've read both, and enjoyed both, Malazan is certainly nothing at all like ASOIAF. I don't even know how you coukd begin to think so. ETA: sorry I posted this in the wrong thread...oops.
  8. I agree on almost all of the S John. But, I work with a guy whose best friend to a WVU player from Martinsburg and the player said there is absolutely no need to worry about Grier. Makes every throw on the field and says he commands the huddle like no other QB he's seen. A true leader and a great guy to boot. And, I've heard this elsewhere also. I think your right in that 18' just might be the year, because of inexperience in D and other areas. But, I have faith in Gibby that he'll make do with what he has. The man is brilliant, imo. Im actually surprised we've retained him and he hasn't went off to a HC job. I think our offense will be potent. We have a stable of backs. Tevin Bush will probably spend a little time in the slot, just to get the ball in his hands. He's the real deal from all I hear. Crawford could well have a historic year, now that we have a QB that teams we HAVE to respect. I agree 18' looks promising, but I think we're alot better than most think this year. A great QB can go a long way in CFB.
  9. Not finished yet, so haven't read any comments. But man, I love her writing and this story is great. Thank you to whoever recommended it to me.
  10. Thanks guys. My team name is Men of the Black. I seen others went with Westeros themed names. Thats the best I could come with.
  11. Quote long, and a whole lot of very cool and intriguing clues within. One of my favorite parts of the book.
  12. I have no clue Kalbear. And, I don't attempt to understand the majority of his comments. I agree, I never considered any moment as the g-string flying off.
  13. Thank you! And, I've never done a live draft online, when should we be logged in by?
  14. @Whiskeyjack, how will draft order be determined?
  15. Say what you gotta say. I'm a big boy.
  16. No, it isn't. He does this in many instances. He leaves room for him to go the opposite direction. Another example. In the AMA, he was asked if Ajokli is who Kellhus sees in his visions. He never said yes. I'm paraphrasing here, but something along the lines of, "That would be a good proposition.". Now, that we know Kellhus's isnt done, I think we will see him in the Outside. Where might you ask? My guess, under a tree, framed by a night sky that doesn't move with a mountain behind it like a lady's back. Bakker said at the Con that it wasn't Ajokli's power that caused Kellhus to use magic without the Mark. It was because his knowledge and sorcery had become so great it was indistinguishable from the World(that in itself has tons of implications). I'm betting Kellhus carved out his own little hiding place in the Outside, one very similar to those in his dreams. Another takeaway from the Con, Kellhus didn't come into any sort of contact or manipulation with Ajokli until after the Circumfix. So, the haloes have absolutely nothing to do with Ajokli.
  17. I agree with @Callan S.. Bakker is wily and intentionally ambiguous. He steers you where you want to go. Example, Kellhus is dead. Now, we know that while dead he is not done. But, you could've known that from, "Kellhus is dead." Just like that which comes after determines which comes before. While true, its not in all instances. Seswatha came before the Mandate. Nonman before Men. 1st apocalypse before the 2nd. Both are true, and that is Callan S's point. You all need to take whatever Bakker says with a grain of salt, period. He doesn't seem, to me, to be one to show you his hand.
  18. Sums up pretty much exactly how I feel. But, it's not the ending! It'll pick up a few weeks later with the likes of Akka, Esme, Mimara, Meppa, Crabicus, I assume a certain amount also escaped from the Ordeal and Moe Jr.. Im sure I missed some, but we're likely to get more answers, but probably not all we want.
  19. Oh, I liked that twist.
  20. In sure it's been mentioned, but Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark is a very excellent book and would recommend to anyone that enjoys Grimdark Fantasy. Not quite finished, but it's been excellent throughout. And, it's alot more than Gore and pointless savagery. Alot of mystery, intrigue and politics. First novel, so prose could be a bit better, but expect it to improve as the series progresses.
  21. Well, that's a great point that completely flew over my head. That would be awesome.
  22. Doubtful...seeing how the Inoculation is what granted the Nonman immortality.
  23. Sounds perfect. ETA: @Whiskeyjack have you sent out invites? If not haven't received mine.
  24. But, neither is Zeke and its not even close. I just love the fact that the Cowboys stars are always fuck-ups.
  25. How bout dem Cowboys! Woooooooo!