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  1. Italy had their own Wally with Brolly?
  2. I agree. I was just playing into the earlier theory a bit.
  3. Maybe that was Angela's special second personality finally being triggered by the ones who created it.
  4. I don't think the Giant Douche can keep up the promise of fucking 140M people to death.
  5. Zlatan can also create nothing outof something
  6. A day may come when we fade but it is not this day! The Fourth Age is coming. The Immortals will sail away on their spaceships and the Earth will belong to Men of the West!
  7. The hundred lives of men I have walked this earth and I have never seen someone sexier than myself.
  8. Western culture will be the cornerstone of The Federation of Planets.
  9. Croatia - Portugal should be a very fun game of two sides who play very direct football.
  10. That will be bloody.
  11. Who does Austria-Hungary play?
  12. Also no Casemiro at DM with whom they have done well lately. 2:1 tho
  13. Zidane is resting Ronaldo, Modric and Ramos for City. Real are down 2:0 and Rayo could have scored even more.
  14. Saying a story everyone falls for is good is like saying a virus everyone gets infected with is good.