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  1. One of the reasons America is a joke is cause most Americans don't realize/won't accept that they are a joke.
  2. I don't know whats going on in here but Fuck Nazis.
  3. Cells. Interlinked.
  4. Yeah it's all good stuff, too bad she hates us.
  5. Also this.
  6. Ghost in the Shell had lot's of crazy internet tech going on though. I probably misspoke last night, it doesn't necessary have to be VR like. I think the reason i don't consider Robocop cyberpunk is it's missing the punk part.
  7. That seems way too generic to me. By that definition Demolition Man and arguable parts of Star Wars are cyberpunk.
  8. I never played those games, weirdly, so I can't comment. I think people tend to confuse dystopian scifi and cyberpunk quite a lot though.
  9. Well I consider it one of the defining tributes of cyberpunk, so, yeah.
  10. Pretty much the definition wert gave up thread. Generally, if a work doesn't explore some sort of vr/dream reality I don't consider it cyberpunk.
  11. Yeah I don't think we agree on what cyberpunk is.
  12. Profit!
  13. What? How in the world IS Robocop cyberpunk? What's cyberpunk about it? Dystopian future != cyberpunk. Edit: I'm using wert's above definition and also wiki's here. Just having a future where things suck and some robots shouln't make something cyberpunk. Heck, I don't remember technology playing a part in Akira at all, although I haven't seen that film in ages.
  14. Also as wert said, Cyberpunk is older than Neuromancer