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  1. Yes, magic gone bad dun fucked up the seasons.
  2. Anyways, what was the current argument? Why the Gods can't see little kel?
  3. I don't think it ever did? Again I want to apologize for last night, I totally lost my shit. Bad day. That's no excuse I know, but, well, bad day. OK time to click on that tweet and I assume get angry all over again. Edit: Wow OK, um. OK...
  4. Yeah seeing how the TV show has turned out, I prefer GRRM to finish it, even if it takes another decade.
  5. TUC has only been out (officially) three weeks in the US so it's probably a good idea to wait a bit, yeah.
  6. They usually focus on the seasons on how it can all be explained by weird orbital mechanics, moons, meteor strikes, etc. Which is funny cuase GRRM was asked directly what happened to fuck up the seasons and his answer was It's fucking magic.
  7. Don't forget the people who come in here and try to argue it isn't fantasy, abd try and use science to explain it.
  8. Cough cough rothfuss cough cough edit: haha someone beat me to it.
  9. Anyway apologies for going off the rails, been arguing with white supremacists for like 5 hours straight. Puts one on edge.
  10. I dunno, then I'd have to change my avatar.
  11. Oh no, he is. I'm just in a shit mood today because NAZIS.
  12. I don't even know how to respond to that. Because he's ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BOOKS THAT HE WROTE ASKED BY PEOPLE WHO READ THE BOOKS AND ARE ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BOOKS. You are basically saying that true = false.
  13. I don't...what? Someone asked him a question and he gave an answer. You keep saying that answer isn't true. Are you Bakker? Did you secretly write the books for him? What the hell is even going on here?
  14. He wrote them?
  15. That's completely ignoring my point. Straw man for the win.