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  1. Lol, poor pat must be sitting in a dark room right now rocking and back in forth "I'm not insane...I'm not insane".
  2. Why does it seem to have an Asian influenced font?
  3. You know it would actually be a tiny bit reassuring if he spent the same amount of time on these that the programmer of E.T. did. I think E.T. was made in a month or so? ID much prefer a world where Tairy is just shitting these out his butthole in like a month that these being the result of actual human effort.
  4. Oh yeah hardcover prices for anything like this are always insane.
  5. Yeah I don't know if that can even count as historical fiction.
  6. Whoa. WHOA! Apologize to E.T. on Atari
  7. Getting the You Have Won An Amazon Gift Card redirects as of today, although it's not doing it constantly like before. On an iPhone in safari. As someone with a very small background in web dev I understand how hard it is to pin those fuckers down though, particularly since I imagine it's coming through the ad service.
  8. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/240376-the-unholy-consult
  9. Uh, I don't remember that part specificly so I dunno.
  10. Haha I'm poking through my old paperbacks and they have blurbs from Orson Scott Card. In fact he burbled a lot of stuff that I'm 100 percent certain he didn't read.
  11. oh SNAP
  12. Started my MS&T reread. It's been so long I pretty much don;t remember anything. Be interesting to see if I think the SIthi are from outer space though when I get to that part.
  13. Ah I did read up to three. Hmm maybe I'll read book 4 this weekend.
  14. I wish I could choose to live in an 80s movie.
  15. I agree with REG about something. Must be the end times.