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  1. Any of you who haven't read The Bear and the Nightingale, stop and go read it now. Particularly those who liked Uproored.Go!
  2. Don't harsh my buzz!
  3. Summer.
  4. Aren't those sections considered unreliable?
  5. Maybe. I know everyone was all about Liu's translation of book 1, but well, I tried reading Ken Liu's epic fantasy, and the prose in that was god awful too. So maybe I'll give Ball Lightning a shot. Interestingly most people seem to think the translation fro book 2 was as step down and pretty awful. *shrug*
  6. To be honest none of that really matters, since I just found the writing to be terrible.
  7. Oh please, Calista House would publish that in a heartbeat.
  8. Haha, yeah those covers did no one any favors!
  9. Not sure about the reason, but the pseudonym wasn't supposed to be outed as such I don't think.
  10. You talking about the joke update or did I miss something?
  11. Yes, then Lynch got married and moved and it got delayed and there's been no news. Just news that there might be news. Yeah that's what I was thinking of. Hope we get an update soon.
  12. Lol, I needed that today man. Thank you.
  13. Rape = bad.
  14. Hasn't that been mentioned already?
  15. I thin kits brilliant casting, and its one I've actually thought about before. I had to pinch myself when I read it. Now, I admit, I'm a giant Eliza fanboy, so. The news seems to really be making the rounds at entertainment sites, so hopefully we a least get a pilot out of this. Goyer...that is not so good, although there are a few really good things in there. Like, Dark City! Batman Begins! Then you look at the rest. So hopefully he;s having an off day.