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  1. You're dead to me.
  2. Duh, the guns are there to shoot the zombies.
  3. Hey! I was lurking here before the show started! I remember that much.
  4. Pfft, not at all. If the power even goes out I'm probably fucked.
  5. Aww cmon, no fighting.
  6. Heh, I've been here since. 2012? And I'm just venturing outside the lit forum for the first time.
  7. Damn, I didn't know this forum was that old. I feel uncool now.
  8. Well? Looks like the Amazon show is going to be completely made up bullshit, so, yes, we will.
  9. So when do I get my own appreciation thread? I DID help eliminate the Jedi you know.
  10. It's like a twilight zone episode. We're all stuck in a time loop!
  11. Huh, I always though x-ray was a dude.
  12. The fuck, did you just quote Dunham? Man, I'm out. I need to go bleach my soul.
  13. Thought that was going to be temporary?
  14. Also, I prefer Ibuprofen.
  15. Probably should stop rape apologizing then.
  16. Here is a helpful think I found for some of you rape apologists to read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victim_blaming
  17. Well, It's probably better for me to continue the wall bashing, lest I say something against the board code of conduct.
  18. Well, I think it depends a lot on said series. Is it one of those continuing story type deals like ASOIAF or is it like say Sharpe, were each book is kind stand aloneish. Also there are authors that will write multiple books at the same time.
  19. Altered Carbon has a Netflix show coming soon right?
  20. Yeah but good luck fixing the part where Gandalf doesn't know Sauron has return in LotR Maybe he does a LOT of hobbit weed?
  21. Oh jeez, well, let's say he has a history of complaining about things that did not happen. Edit: And he REALLY does not like GRRM.
  22. I'm with ya. Have a sprite and some pepto.
  23. Yeah from what I've heard they had a decent film then the studio cut it to shreds.
  24. Maybe. It just ... I have no words right now.