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  1. Oh dear.
  2. Yeah, I may sound like a Bakker hater but I honestly liked them all up til TUC. Nothing really pisses me off more then when it turns out all the hints and uh, layers of revelation, you've been pouring over were just the author making shit up on the spot. There's a series the ended similarly but I can't make my brain think of it right now.
  3. I wonder if his sales finally got so bad he needs someone to blame.
  4. I wonder what set him off.
  5. I keep forgetting to mention Glen Cook's Starfishers trilogy. Go read it.
  6. Wow. That art isn't even that bad by today's standards. Heck I kind of like it. Edit: I'm sure Baen will pick him up once TOR drops his ass.
  7. THAT is some fucked up shit right there.
  8. Really? Cause there are some very conflicting opinions here.
  9. The reviews for this are...well...BAD.
  10. Dude I was thinking bout W's show dodge the other day. That was impressive.
  11. Hey, I'd kill everyone in here in front of their own momma for a single new TSCC episode. I feel your pain.
  12. Ha, yeah not to destroy your hopes and dreams, but the chances of that happening are 0, since the people who made TSCC don't have the actual rights any more. (Heck I think its changed hands 3 or 4 times since the show went of the air).
  13. Slap? You ever see TSCC? She would beat the shit out of him.
  14. I believe they have stated they don't plan to turn Nakia into a villain in the films.
  15. Speculation at this point seems kind of pointless as it's clear by now Bakker has no idea what the fuck he's doing.
  16. I was thinking about that yesterday. There were definitely I few teachers I would not even want to have a dull knife, let a lone a fucking gun.
  17. Ohhhh I had no idea those were published by Tor. Duh.
  18. Whoa. I smell a puppy.
  19. Ohhhhh DUH. I really need to re watch Robocop.
  20. It's not even a new disgusting idea. I remember hearing that a lot right after Sandy Hook.
  21. Almost makes me want to stop construction of my Death Star. Almost.
  22. Thor is the worst MCU film. Fight me.
  23. Donations from stupid people.
  24. He tanked a book with Tor?