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  1. Iron Fleet + Volanteen green gallies + Ducksauce's gift ships + Aurane's shiny new warships + any other vessel fool enough to be swallowed up on her route to Westeros. What I'm not sure of is if Vic doesn't make it out of Slavers Bay (after slaying Barry), which seems likely, who takes charge of the IB contingent? There's no clear 2nd in command character we've gotten to know. The IB w/o Vic won't give up their ships & follow her just because.
  2. To kick ass & chew bubble gum. (*they're all out of bubble gum)
  3. I just know the tv show should have a flashback that finally shows Rhaegar & reveals him playing a sad version of the GoT theme song on his harp. You're welcome HBO.
  4. R+L=J was pretty much certified in 1997 halfway through AGOT during Ned's fever dream about the Tower of Joy, given the contextual info given earlier about the KG & Bob'sRebellion. Nothings going to change that & no bonus points will be awarded for alternate theories. How did the Hipster burn himself? ...he drank his R+L=J tea before it was cool.
  5. LOL at thinking he dies soon. Theon survives the whole story or dies in the A Dream Of Spring epilogue. Believe that. What is dead may never die is HIS story. He's a survivor and tough as nails. He survived Ramsay, he can survive anything. He's hanging from a wall with Stannis and giggling like it's some kind of vacation. Theon the latecomer will win the next kingsmoot and either his bastard from the captain's daughter or prego Asha's kid from Qarl will rule after him.
  6. "Aeron had drowned and been reborn from the sea, the god's own prophet. No mortal man could frighten him" And who is the only person on Planetos who frightens Damphair? Euron. Only by casting the OneRing back into the fiery chasm from whence it came can Euron be destroyed. The dragonhorn is what is known as a "macguffin." It's presence propels the plot along. No way those other two dragons are going to remain riderless and no way Dragonbinder (which is clearly magical) was inserted in the story to be ineffectual & have no payoff. Put two and two together. The Reach is OP overpowered and is about to get NERFED.
  7. I rather like the idea put forth of Theon using his bond w/ the bitches to turn them against Ramsay somehow. Aeron kills Euron (via urine, obviously). Vic kills Barry in a fair fight. Mark it. Tyrion dismounts his dragon Viserion to strangle Cersei w/ his bear hands.
  8. pshhh, it's all about the nicknames: -Andrik the Unsmiling -The Reader -Shitmouth -Nimble Dick -Fireball -Ysilla had the tiller
  9. Samwell. Ugh, zzzZ .. ZZZzZ ..zZZz Early Quentyn traveling chapters. Boring beta male is boring. Arianne. Her nipples are the most interesting thing about her (this is not a compliment). Bran/Varamyr warging chapters. If i wanted to read about being an animal I'd go to the zoo. *The Iroborn story is awesome & therefore many of you have inferior taste
  10. ^Includes: Devils Food Cake, Red Velvet Donuts, Ginger Snap Cookies, Chocolate Moose, et cetera.
  11. Sam killing Euron with an arrow to the eye is a far stoopider theory than Aeron drowning Euron in piss.
  12. This is highly plausible idea. Euron has dialog in other POV chapters so him being in Sam's or the Tyrel bros makes sense.
  13. Victarion Greyjoy vs. Barristan Selmy in TWOW & Barry dies as he lived.
  14. Gendry better forge something epic before the end. Some armor, helm, & hammer that he wears into battle. also,> Qohoricks, Goodbrothers, & Tobo Mott.
  15. That's Jaimie.Lannisters favorite sigil too trololololooo