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  1. Why can't they pass the time having the Winterfell party eating lemoncake, making snowmen and other shenanigans?
  2. Thank god for that. Will miss Lena though. Hopefully Jaime won't die immediately with her as Cersei likes to imagine.
  3. Agreed. Kit last year went all out to prove Jon was dead, saying he could finally cut his hair even. And Cunninglam is a bit too enthusiastic and loves to hype up the show as mentioned above. I really want to see player Jon next season like he was in ADWD, slightly happier since something good happened this season for the Starks for a change.
  4. Some of the posters have been arguing for Sansa since like, before GoT even became a thing. I've been lurking here since 12 and believe me, this isn't even the worst phase of the Sansa hate-train I am having an issue with the writers this season, and its the fact that Sansa doesn't speak like any lines in front of an audience. Despite the fact I REALLY liked this season and this episode in particular, it still bothered me in the KiTN scene. Like Sansa should make known Jon isn't Ned's only offspring in the room- she needs to have more agency. Agreed. Hopefully next season we'll have her putting a stop to LF's planning and mayhaps even saving Jon's life. God can't wait to see the lady slaying a giant prophecy come true. I unironically expected Jon to name her QiTN/heir/hand/some combination of that. So its possible.
  5. 9/10. I had some(okay most) of the surprises spoiled thanks to the leaks, but it was an enjoyable episode nonetheless. That opening sequence was spectacular, probably one of the best I've watched in the series with the piano building up to an explosion. Everything else was spot on as well, and I'm willing to turn my brain off to feel Arya turning Freys into pies in their own castle wasn't too much of a hassle. Even Dorne was good, and that's a first.
  6. Agreed- just when we thought he had done enough material for the remaining 3 seasons. I personally love the My Watch has Ended- which seems to be Jon's new theme now.
  7. The Jon-Sansa rallying the North was underwhelming, to say the least. I understand that they are setting up LF to win the battle for them LOTR style, but their incompetence was WAY out of character. I mean did everyone forget that the Boltons sacked Winterfell, putting the North into disarray and letting the Ironborn be more successful than they ought to have? Have they forgotten that Roose stuck a knife into Robb's heart, a fact which everyone from Dorne to the Wall seems to know? All of them lost family in the Red Wedding and promptly moved on -__- I could understand hesitation working with wildlings, a former LC of the Night's Watch/someone married to Lannister and Boltons, but this was just bad. Don't even mention the fact that Jon who convinced a large number of Wildlings to get refuge South and Sansa whose been learning the game literally can't articulate anything clearly.
  8. When the Night's King takes off his face and reveals to be Jaqen
  9. Thank you. This is really interesting. It really drives home the fact that ASOIAF is no longer political drama with magical bits in the East and the North- now Euron is attempting god knows what using priests and probably soon to be sacrifices against people who likely never believed in magic. If he does cause some sort of catastrophe,
  10. Not to put a damper on your discussion, but what's the official stance of this site regarding discussing future episodes on threads made for earlier episodes? The North is undoubtedly the best storyline this season. Everything else...feels so pointless tbh. Although I'll disagree that this episode sucked by any margin- they granted us enough treats to forgive for the lack of the North.
  11. I am interested to see what part she will play in the Battle for Winterfell. Will she encourage/discourage Jon to personally lead the army? Will she, despite having no experience, attempt to direct troops from the rear, or will she hang back a long way?
  12. Sansa will survive it, assuming they don't totally change a vital plot point from the books IMO. The question is whether she will need to be "saved" by Robin Arryn/Jon Snow/Arya/whoever, or will she defeat him by her own with a little bit of help from her friends and family.
  13. I swear that from my second hand knowledge of Tumblr, shipping is the only thing I hear its denizens doing. It would be a bit interesting to know whether the ship hit a rock after Sansa lied to Jon. An interesting thing to note that after sending Brienne away, Jon would be the only one that Sansa could trust unconditionally. And Petyr tried to sour that relationship unknowingly, seeing he had no way of knowing Brienne would be going to Riverrun.
  14. A bit off topic, but I'm loving the conversation going on here, and all posters with their different opinions. I'm still a bit surprised not to see some more prominent Stark fans like Apple Martini, Lyanna Stark(not sure of her user ID) etc, but nonetheless, it always holds healthy discussions. Its sorta telling how unlucky she has been with friends if the closest we get is Shae of all people. Nice catch, but she could have articulated what she meant more clearly. Especially since people with no political experience like Ed and Tormund were involved.
  15. Its not like Jon is being manipulated by LF, Varys, Tywin, Cersei or other malevolent actors. Sansa cares about Jon deeply- last episode proved that, and she will not put him in harms way, no matter how small. So, even if Jon has a brain fart, chances are Sansa will just give her head a shake and decide that she's going to have to take all political decisions for him till he dies.