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  1. I don't know how things look over where you are right now, but If the American Antifa is anything like their European counterparts then they are basically just the drug addicted and anti-social wing of the communist party. They have existed here for far longer than any Trump related movements, and tend to define "fascism" as anything that isn't literal communism. All in order to get an excuse to set fire to innocent peoples' cars, throw rocks through store windows, and vandalize public property that millions in tax revenue then has to be redirected to pay for.
  2. I also think the risk of being ruled by a "moron" king was pretty small, even though it is a common stereotype in fiction. Aside from being descended from individuals at the very top of society with everything that entails, princes were also often put into very comprehensive and demanding education pretty much from the moment they were able to talk. Often having little time to actually spend with their parents due to how much time they had to spend learning languages, politics, economy, military strategy, etc. Reading about Swedish kings during the 1600-1700's really doesn't make you envy their lives particularly much. They basically didn't have any childhoods. I think the risk of being ruled by a mentally ill king was more serious, but that's not really something a simple intelligence test would correct for anyway.
  3. Ah, I didn't mean it like that. It is flushed down the drain in the sense that you don't seem to get much extra value for spending twice as much on healthcare as normal countries. But yeah I agree, US doctors are extremely well paid compared to the rest of the developed world. I think the average in 'Murica is about 300 000 USD per year, which is insane. Doctors here average less than a third of that, and their program is still the hardest one in university to get admitted to due to the volumes of applicants. They don't get any debt from med school, but the difference in wages still shouldn't be nearly that large for countries with pretty comparable GDP per capita.
  4. There are many changes that need to be made, that was an example. Anyway there are lots of countries with good, accessible healthcare for way lower costs than yours, so I don't see why you couldn't just do what they do. It could save your country an incredible amount of money every year. You could triple the size of your military, or let NASA colonize the Solar System, or essentially eliminate taxes on the top 1% entirely. That's the scale we are talking about. So much more fun stuff than just feeding that money to your healthcare monster.
  5. I don't know about that, but there are other weird things the US system leads to which drive up costs significantly. For example, American patients often get way more numerous and expensive treatments than they reasonably need for their specific ailments, both so that the doctors can avoid leaving legal openings for potential lawsuits and so that they and their hospitals can charge the insurance companies more money. This is a phenomenon that basically doesn't exist in countries with normal healthcare systems.
  6. Something has to be done about the US healthcare system though. It is actually really fascinating how you can spend such incredible amounts on it, about twice as much per person as in other modern countries, and still not really end up any better off. It appears like you flush a good 6 - 7 % of the country's GDP down the drain every year, which is an insane amount of money. To put that into perspective, the entire US military budget constitutes 3,3% of GDP, Bernie Sanders tuition-free college plan was about 0,5% (if I remember correctly), and NASA's budget is about 0,1% of GDP...
  7. I don't know. I have the impression that there were plenty of people back in the day who didn't do much besides drink beer and watch TV on their free time.
  8. No, I guess not. I do think it could make a comeback in coming years though, at least if the automation fears turn out to be true and we get a huge increase in unemployment and income inequality. Anyway, I still think that if you are going to start banning ideologies that openly advocate violence and murder of other segments in society, it makes little sense to exclude Communism from such a ban. Why would you do that?
  9. Depends on what you think about Seoul and Guam I guess. Either way, I would argue that nazis aren't really that prominent of a problem in the world at the moment either. They could become more so in the future maybe, and the same could be said about commies.
  10. Communists and Social Democrats. The Nazis didn't ban themselves though, at least not as far as I can remember, so I don't think this suggestion would be that similar.
  11. Yes. No place for Nimbyism when it comes to murderous ideologies.
  12. Yeah. Although honestly, outlawing Communism is really completely fair if you are going to do it with Nazism. Might as well get two birds with one stone.
  13. Considering the huge problems the Trump administration is running into domestically, what with the police investigations, record low approval ratings, failure to get promised reforms through Congress, etc, now seems like a perfect time to start a war. Doing this to distract from your unpopularity is the oldest trick in the book.
  14. If we do end up with automation caused mass unemployment it might take a while for the governments of the world to actually make all those huge reforms that would be necessary to adopt UBI's or similar. So up until that point I agree that there could be a lot of social unrest, particularly in a country like the USA where the existing social safety nets are so weak. I think what could be even more serious is that we might end up with all these desperate people electing increasingly more insane politicians, like what happened in many countries during the Great Depression (and which is arguably already occuring). God knows where that could lead us. Alex Jones 2024?
  15. Me and a couple of friends attempted to convince a guy we know who works for Herbalife that it was a scam and that he shouldn't dedicate so much time on it, but it really felt like talking to a religious cultist. I wonder what kind of things they tell these people at all those meetings and training sessions they go to. Because it sure seems to work.