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  1. Rhaegar not stupid enough?
  2. 10 out of 10. Kit Harrington's acting in this episode was reason enough. Seeing the battle through his eyes felt like we were actually in the battle. He deserves an emmy for the performance.
  3. Saving his budget for the season for Ramsay's death.
  4. He does not want to say soon because if he did that then everyone on the internet would freak out.
  5. Gave it a 9. Arya going home, the Hound is back, Lyanna Mormont! CLEGANEBOWL!
  6. Loved the episode, gave it a 10. I mean come on? Arya and Needle? Cleganebowl confirmation? Tullys are back?
  7. I do not think we will get a reveal this episode. Probably the lead up to the main reveal in the season finale.
  8. Ask him what were the 3 tests that made Aemon almost leave the nights watch?
  9. I definitely think it is Benjen who saves Bran. The episode is called "Blood of my Blood", which will have other meanings than besides Dany's storyline. I just hope that Benjen is not the one tied to a cross that Ramsay burns later in the season. It is possible though his purpose could be just getting Bran and Meera back south of the wall safely.
  10. "The Prince who was Promised"
  11. Lannisters are kind of distracted right now with the High Sparrow and everything plus with Winter around the corner, nothing!
  12. Would have given it a 10 if not for the whole Daenerys is immune to fire part.
  13. I have a theory that since at the end of episode 2 they kept going back to Ghost before Jon was resurrected that was a nod to book readers that Jon will spend time in Ghost in Winds of Winter. In the show they have Bloodraven traveling with Bran through the past, I think in the books it will be Jon warged through Ghost who travels with Bran. This is how Jon will find out Lyanna is his mother he will see the events in the Tower of Joy unfold. When he is resurrected he will then leave the nights watch and I think he will make a play for King just so he can unite all the families of Westeros against the White Walkers.
  14. The suspense is killing me like I am a Stark at a wedding.
  15. Maybe he will do what he did with Dance when he announced it was coming in March 2011? But the book is not completely done, but done enough to give a confirmed release date?