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  1. Don't feel constrained to POV characters! I like Victarion, too. I don't think he's nearly as dumb as many think (or as GRRM says, sorry, word of god!), though I'm not saying he's smart. He's just... he sees the quickest solution to every problem and boy does he take it. So refreshing. He's the sort of guy who could be so easily underestimated and screw up the plans of some of the great players in the game, like Littlefinger or Varys or Tyrion (or those that think they're great players, like Cersei) by just killing some crucial piece on their chessboard. You know, like how in the old school CRPGs, you could kill plot-important characters and screw up the entire game? Victarion would do that all day long.
  2. While that is basically my take on Randyll for why I like him (plus, it helps that I had a hardass dad growing up) and I am, to some degree, defending him, I gotta stick up for Sam here. He's proven himself clearly capable of overcoming his fears, so he's clearly not as big a coward as he's often considered. When Sam's back is against the wall and terrified, he holds his own. I think he just believes himself to be such a coward (with Randyll playing a large part) that he can't see his own bravery. Lets remember: Sam was confronted by an Other, a being he had every reason to think was invincible, and he defeated it. Whereas... fAegon froze up when fighting a diseased man on a boat, when fAegon's side had superior numbers.
  3. Well, there’s their sexual relationship, and there’s his extracurricular activities. If Cersei was his only outlet for sexual release, I actually think he would have died sooner! But I do agree with the general notion that Robert didn’t help.
  4. Survival rate of being raised by Randyll: 100% Survival rate of being married to Cersei: 0% From the woman whose own POV states that she never forgave Robert for killing Rhaegar? Who was fucking her brother when Rhaegar was still alive, long before being married to Robert was anywhere near a plan? There’s liking someone in full knowledge of their character, warts and all, and there’s whitewashing their character.
  5. You really think she wouldn’t try to have Robert killed? From everything we see, her decision is based in the desire to control the situation regarding her and Jaime and their kids.
  6. Do you really think that Cersei would treat her hisband better in that situation?
  7. I thought of an interesting way to consider this question: What if you knew this person? Setting aside the perils of Westeros itself, how many would want to be Cersei's husband, Randyll's kid, Walder's dinner guest, Aliser's student, etc.?
  8. Thats someone who is trying to denigrate Stannis. Besides, even a caricature of Stannis wouldn’t punish Targ loyalists.
  9. Stannis is only unpopular with the smallfolk, IMO, because he’s still an invader, for all intents and purposes. I think if he were sitting on the Iron Throne, his treatment of other Lords and refusal to allow them to skirt the law based on birth would make him many friends among the populace. He’d lose those friends if he ever actually outlawed prostitution, though.
  10. He thure mitheth you.
  11. Its interesting how many people are saying Walder Frey. One of the reasons I loathe him actually helps explain why I like Randyll Tarly: Walder absolutely violates the societal norms of Westeros for his own benefit, whereas Randyll works within the system and takes his responsibilities within that system seriously. He wants to advance his family’s position, of course, but he has expectations of that family; they don’t get any slack just because they’re blood. He’s by no means an egalitarian like Aegon V or (to some degree) Stannis, but he clearly has some sense of noblesse oblige (a very martial sense of it, mind you). Hmm, I wonder if you could call Tarly a Mohist?
  12. Oh, thats a good one! Give me a moment to re-evaluate my choice... Randyll still wins my vote, but only because I get the impression that far more people hate Randyll than hate Alliser.
  13. Interesting choices. To give a better idea of what I had in mind with characters we’re supposed to hate, I’m thinking Tywin, Joffrey, Cersei, Randyll, Craster, Roose, Ramsey, Gregor, Meryn, Walder, Littlefinger... that ‘tier’ of characters.
  14. ASOIAF is full of characters that are just hated, both in the fandom and in-universe. Of these characters, are there any that you like, despite it all? I'm not talking about characters that you can't help but respect, like many can't help but just admire how well Littlefinger plays everyone. Characters that you genuinely like, root for, etc. even though you're not supposed to. Mine is Randyll Tarly. I read him, and I can't help but admire his ability and direct nature. He's basically the manifestation of the ideal of Westerosi feudalism, warts and all. Yes, he's unforgivably brutal to Sam, yes, his attitude toward women, particularly Brienne, galls the reader and is harsh even by Westerosi standards. He reminds me of a slightly less ruthless Tywin, minus several of Tywin's more notable character flaws. He's not viciously ambitious, he's not manipulating those around him, he's just, well, he's very comfortable with the idea of his place in a feudal society (you can't blame him, he's got a nice spot in the hierarchy): be a soldier, follow your liege, rule effectively over your smallfolk, and raise your son to do the same. All of his flaws are tied into the nature of his society; his derision for Sam's bookish nature is based in Randyll's view of his duty - and, by extension, his family's duty - as the Lord of Horn Hill. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can look at Randyll, and, even if you dislike him, he's immensely understandable. Thats my unpopular pick for a character I just can't help but like, whats yours?
  15. Whats Renly's best route to further power, aside from outright trying to usurp the throne as he does or killing off all three of Cersei's kids and Stannis and Shireen? Put another way: Whats every other Lord's best route to further power? A marriage alliance with the Iron Throne. Renly faces a challenge in that he doesn't have any female relatives (at least, none that aren't higher in the line of succession than him in the first place) to marry to the Iron Throne, and even if he did, they wouldn't be viewed as suitable, as its pretty clear that the crown needs a marriage alliance with someone outside the Baratheon dynasty in order maintain power. So, his best route is to broker such a marriage himself. And Margaery is clearly the best candidate, for so many reasons that we don't even need to list them.