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  1. I agree with 95% of this but I've been of the opinion that if those dragons are "caged" separately Q flies outta there on Viserion, his taming attempt really wasn't that bad.
  2. I was joking with my brother about this the other day that Jon "never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold …" and a warm spray of blood. He looked up and Wun Wun had his attacker in grasp, or what was left of him. More bodies lay next to him, he tried to rise "No, rest. Rest now". He saw a flash of red hair. Lucky. Or you know, something like that, I only told my brother the bolded the rest i guess is practice for my English paper lol
  3. So after reading a couple of other novels I feel it's time for a reread of ASoIaF. Only this time I'm going to be jotting down ideas and questions as they come up, information I missed, musings or what I see as foreshadowing or why I believe in a certain thing all goes in here and whatever else pops into my head as I read. So without further ado: I don't know why but Waymar cracks me up this time around, he isn't supposed to be funny but he beats out Renly and Littlefinger and other characters who are supposed to be witty right here. Maybe he knows Gared mocks him he's, much nicer to Will. Checking for VS? Waiting for reinforcements? *shrugs*. There's that "ice" and "burn" connection Gared just dropped a "Nothing burns like the cold." Gonna watch for that to reappear. Side note: Waymar gets major kudos for his courage. Hmmm, some variant of the Old tongue? variant of Old Gods "speech" (i.e rustling of leaves, wind, etc). Really wonder what was said...kinda hope the speaker is Puddles.
  4. Bears are always interesting on a symbolic level, there was a good description of Robert in a looking like a bear last chapter that I forgot to add so I'll mention it here. Never noticed how far that cloak has come. Also the last part is one of my favorite quotes because to me it sums up the Lannisters perfectly. It's like a banner for greed, the Lannisters are super rich, proud, etc but they are not above taking what you have, simply because: more. (sigh) I really hope he doesn't get a dragon... And this is exactly why I don't want him to have a dragon. Tyrion capering about, getting back at all the people who ever laughed at him...finally getting to look down on people...ugh. On the surface, Tyrion is talking about roasting annoying family members with dragon fire, but definitely makes me think of dragon dreams. Also wrong secret Tyrion, try again. It's not absurd to feel guilty after that you little s.o.b. There were quite a few low-blows in that tirade. Tyrion is very skilled in angering young princes: Jon, Joff, Aegon it makes me think about how his meeting with Dany will go down. Speaking of Aegon, alot has been made of three key words he said, "Pick those up," I will counter with some Jon brattiness that I think is worse, "Ask me nicely". Wow really? Forget Bowen Marsh, forget Janos, forget allowing Mance into the realm, this might be Jon's crowning moment of d-baggery. At least no Tyrions were harmed in the making of Aegon's petulant display. Not so much with Jon's. @Lost Melnibonean I think I will, thank you. I have no idea what it could mean going forward though.
  5. I'm firmly in the camp that Dany was given to Drogo so he would not sack Pentos and Illyrio is playing the Targlings. Okay, just gonna assume the plot demanded it happen this way and raise no further questions on this Illyrio, at this point...Okay. Two side notes I don't fee like quoting: 1.) Dany's silver horse seems pretty unique/awesome wonder how Barristan will fare riding it into battle. 2.) I think in Illyrio's talk with Tyrion, when Tyrion was repping being a lion, Illyrio reacted so harshly because he had experience with Viserys and wasn't going to deal with that B.S. again. Nothing too important just chuckled when I thought of it. Pretty much the only thing, I found of note in Eddard II, shockingly is another question; Why didn't Robert name Stannis as Warden of the East? This above not naming him Hand, above leaving SE with Renly, seems deliberately anti-Stannis.
  6. Just his similarity with Ned/Brandon or is something else (BR) afoot. Probably nothing...OR IS IT? LSH=Night's Queen confirmed. This is an interesting desciption it makes me think of the Children, Jon even compares Bran to a leaf. "This is not the Bran he remembered" can be read multiple ways as well. Could be foreshadowing of Bran going too far with his demi-Old God status. The eyes remind me of Bran talking with Jon about darkness, something like "I like it in the dark, you can see them, but they can't see you." I've always wondered why Bran is her favorite. My personal crackpot is he looks like his uncle Brandon. ...maybe. Hmmm, this could have some endgame implications. Perhaps Jon is better suited to become BR's student to fight the Others. Maybe Bran's role as Last Hero is a sacrificial one, or he'll have to make a terrible choice and choose wrong. Fun to speculate, interesting line. Can Jon get anymore emo, all hail the edge-lord. Seriously though why is black his color? Except for a hint to R+L=J. I don't like that they call each other Snow and Stark, way too formal and insensitive, they seem too close for that. Better advise than stick them with the pointy end...seriously this is why I give the Tyrell's a complete pass for ignoring Sansa after Tyrion and her wedding. Three people knew about the Willas/Sansa plot, Marge, Olenna and Sansa. She is terrible at not letting info slip.
  7. I've always wondered what is the extent of Joffery and the Hound's "friendship". The Hound seems pretty tolerant of Joff's nature... Also who are the "squires" always around Joff and where do they go when he becomes King? Again the Hound seems to be doing this strictly for Joff's benefit, not exactly something you would do for someone you despised. This is the last time all three Lannister siblings are together What's with Cersei? Why does she care? By the way, and I think Jaime helps alot, but Cersei and Tyrion are pretty civil at this breakfast.
  8. What if Viserys survived long enough to witness the dragon hatching? Would he chill out having his own dragon, or would the prospective power make him much worse? Would Dany even give him a dragon? Would he auto-bond with it/them like Dany does? Discuss.
  9. Hahaha who am I hating on? Was semi-intentional lol
  10. Go play with Rickon, Bran! Go hang with the girls! Find Jon! Why is Jon angry? He doesn't know the NW sucks yet he got exactly what he wanted, maybe he wanted to go on the hunt but that seems...petty. Damn it, first gut punch right in the feels. No! No! No! you idiot! NOOO! You STUPID! Damn it Jaime!! Damn it Bran!! Jesus... Let me get some things straight, first off I like Jaime, he's one of my favorite characters, he is NOT a hero. This precludes him being a hero, redemption arc be damned. He tried to murder a child, not a hero, I know his reasons and it could be argued from a pragmatic perspective, still not heroic.
  11. Arya's kinda a hater... Wait a minute. This looks a lot more like Sansa covering for Arya, who is the actual one who attracted the Septa's attention with her outburst. Unpopular opinion: Sansa's right too, Jon does get jealous because he's a bastard. Septa Mordane reminds me of this at the end: Forget kinda Arya is a hater. Joffery has friends? weird that these Lannister men and squires in his entourage don't get mentioned more when he is king.
  12. This has always made me mad, there a couple of good reasons to not refuse Robert, this isn't one of them. Robert is alot of things but he would not start a war with the North because Ned has his own shit to take care of. Let him finish!! seriously wonder what he was about to say. At the very least he has some insight on Joff's nature. I would guess more than just him being spoiled... This bothers me too, there are a couple bastards at court. Aurane even got a seat on the small council. Ned couldn't have gotten Jon a job with the gold cloaks? Also as LF said with Alayne, she is the Lord Protector's bastard never forget, that must ring all the more true for the Hand's bastard. Not going to bog this down with quotes but after he delivered the letter I like that Luwin asked to withdraw three times. Kinda humorous on a reread. (also mildly suspicious)
  13. Really good understanding of Renly's motives. I agree.
  14. Varys or Littlefinger would "give the game away". They know too much. I would take a Tyrell POV, don't even care who.
  15. A lot of kings in this chapter, first off Robert being a disappointment. Notice the color scheme Jaime is wearing and Jon saying that's how a king should look. Red and black, king colors. Joffery is taller than Robb and Jon...I really wonder about that duel... Nice family moment with Rickon and Jon. Also, where is Bran??? That seems a little contradictory, being the stronger lance implies being the better horseman, also Robb one the bridge race in the first chapter despite Jon's head start. Either way I personally think there is a negligible difference in skill between them. Another king refrence, so that's Robert, Jaime in red and black, and Tyrion's shadow. I wonder what tune he was whistling?
  16. 1.) "a cold breath from the deep within the earth" dragon hyyyyyyype! 2.) KiTN Jon Snow? This is the first case of Ned needing to not be a pushover. Also wtf is Cersei or Tywin gonna do about it? Nobody cares about Sweetrobin enough to fight over. Ned should've put his foot down.
  17. Oho! more weirwood trickery Here's our first description of the WF heart tree itself: Other than the description and possible BR/Bran watching not much "out of the norm" for this chapter. Except Nedbert... Not super important but I'm making note of all Targaryen eye colors that are mentioned in text and perhaps what they mean. A quick Viserys interlude, just after (re)reading the world book I have even more sympathy for Viserys not an excuse for his behavior but damn he had a miserable existence. His childhood was spent at the height of Aerys paranoia some of which concerned him, he was old enough to feel the impact of the death of his brother, his father, and then his mother and the loss of his home. After Darry dies, he then has to raise a kid on the mean streets of Essos. The fact that Dany didn't starve to death IMO sets Viserys apart from being compared to other petulant antagonists (Joffery, Ramsey) his bark is 100 times worse than his bite. This has always interested me, Illyrio might know about certain prophecies...long story short, I think the lies Dany has to "slay" are all Azor Ahai related. More piety from Illyrio... Moqorro??
  18. They really are. George's writing really shines, especially the prologue...Will's fear was tangible.
  19. Both Robb and Jon are half right, but Bran stumbles upon the correct answer, I find this very important. I could be absolutely wrong but I feel Bran could end up being the "main" character more so than Dany or Jon... Ha! Robb won the race. Bloodraven or Bran? Or the actual Old Gods? Either way very odd. I wonder if we will get an explanation for this?
  20. I feel Ghost teleporting is relevant to this thread...but don't know how to tie it in.
  21. The Swanns switching sides is even lampshaded by Jaime's convo with Balon. I agree. I would add the Houses who have already lost castles to the GC: Estermont, Morrigen, and Wylde. Also, I can't imagine the Marcher Lords are too happy about Phillip Foote being made Lord of the Marches him being an outsider and all. I expect rebellion at Night Edit: Ninja'd by @Good Guy Garlan
  22. Speculation, but inability to hurt their "mother"? I could see that playing a role later especially if say Aegon or Tyrion (ugh) or Euron get a dragon.
  23. I agree Loras isn't on par with Jaime, although I think it is close. How do you know Garlan isn't as good as Jaime?
  24. I mean, Maegor, Aegon II, Aemond, Daemon, even Visenya and Rhaenyra weren't the most stable or sane of people yet bonded with a dragon just fine. I don't think dragons care about personality or temperament.
  25. For those saying he wouldn't be able to bond with a dragon is that just wishful thinking? He has as much dragon blood as Dany and a lot more than say Brown Ben Plumm (who the dragons "liked") if he were alive at the time of the dragon hatching IMO he would be a heavy favorite to bond with a dragon.