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  1. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I think it's hilarious that the orange one is calling out HFC, The Club For Growth*, and the Heritage Foundation, aka, the conservative clown crew. I wish I could head down to DC and pull a Little Finger and stir up the shit between the Trumpsters and HFC, et al. Plus it makes the narrative of it's all the Democrats fault a bit harder to sell if he is going around saying this stuff. *although it would seem their preferred presidential candidates don't actually do a better job of promoting growth. Just sayin.
  2. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Interesting. Maybe relevant to healthcare wars: http://angrybearblog.com/2017/03/do-patents-lead-to-economic-growth.html I think it's worthwhile to really look at this and ask if we are really at our optimal level of patent protection.
  3. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    If the point was be on guard for sensational claims and conspiracy theories, I can get behind that. I do not wish the left to descend into the utter madness that conservatives have descended into. We should remain vigilant. Besides, there is plenty to criticize Trump and conservatives on, without believing in dubious claims or stories. Those things are just a distraction from the real issues. But, I do not think that was Commodore's real point. I think his real point was something more like, "you idiots fell for that story." I went back several pages to find the link to that story. After a cursory review of posts that followed, I did not see any poster affirming that story. Maybe Commodore views silence as being an affirmation by us all that the story was true. But, I do not think so. Me personally, given the sensational nature of the story, I was very skeptical of it. Without further credible corroboration of it, I would not represent something like that as being true. Given what I know, I'd rate the story as being utter bullshit.
  4. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    At least a little bit of a silver lining in the dark cloud of Trump's presidency and the Republican Party's control of government: "Numbers guy" Paul Ryan's status as a "A legendary wonk" maybe getting downgraded to that of "A legendary bullshit artist". http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/following-failure-paul-ryans-reputation-may-never-be-the-same
  5. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Yeah, I read about that. And it truly shows how shallow the Republican "get government out of our lives" rhetoric often is. In many cases, I want government in my life. To protect me from big corporations who think they can do whatever in the hell they want.
  6. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    So, did Trump actually spend the weekend working (on what, no idea. It certainly wasn't healthcare) or did he spend it playing golf?
  7. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    We believe in all these things.....cross our hearts and hope to die.....
  8. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Yes. And maybe this time the Republicans can finally get themselves a "true conservative". Maybe one will appear from the mist, like Brigadoon Style. Anyway, it doesn't matter to me one iota what happens to Ryan. He certainly deserves some blame here - the fraud. But, this failure goes deeper than him. Start with the Republican Party sellin bullshit for years. And there was Trump sellin bullshit, mumbling something lame about "across state lines".
  9. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Judge Jeanine is an idiot. Is she just discovering that Ryan had no plan, Trump had no plan, the Republican Party had no plan and as Josh Barro, says, the Republican Party was lying its ass off for seven years? This is news to her? What in the fuck did she expect?
  10. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    LOL. Yes, Ryan fucked up Trump's awesome (but non-existent) healthcare plan. Seems that reasonable people would conclude that they are both nitwits.
  11. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Yep. I agree. I think there is a really good chance he'll try to undermine the whole system, in order to muscle the Democrats. They better be ready for a fight. We all better be ready for a fight here. I don't think this all over just yet.
  12. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Okay, but this is fixable. But, the Republicans have no intention of trying to fix it. In fact, a good deal of it is from the Republicans trying to derail the whole thing. Like trying to weaken mandates and risk corridors and so forth. Let me put this way: Is Switzerland's healthcare system in a death spiral? No it isn't. And the concepts used in the ACA are similar to Swiss style healthcare. The combination of mandates and risk corridors and and so forth is sound and workable. Personally, I think single payer would be better, but there is no reason the ACA has to go into a "death spiral" as commodore claims. Also, I'd note the CBO doesn't think the ACA is headed for a "death spiral".
  13. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    http://www.businessinsider.com/republicans-ahca-health-care-obamacare-2017-3 I can only hope Barro is right.
  14. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    You're gonna have to do better than that @Commodore. Think real hard about what you want to say here.