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  1. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    How do you acknowledge that right has committed acts of political violence but then write the "left maintains a monpoly...." You do know that makes no fuckin sense right? You completely contradicted yourself there in the same sentence. That's one hell of a feat. Good job!!! And it seems to me all you can do here is just say Antifa! Antifa! Antifa!, Antifa! It also seems to me that you generally don't have one iota of fuckin clue about how politics operates in this country.I'd suggest you get one.
  2. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Fact is though is the right has been out to fuckin lunch on major policy matters. Nice try at the false equivalency. But, epic fail. And it has been explained to you over and over about violence that comes from the right. And you refuse to acknowledge it. And as far as hypocrisy goes, where all these so called "constitutional conservatives" at who oppose Donald Trump from overturning the judicial branches decisions? And just where in the fuck are the conservatives these days to call the "identity politics" of white nationalism?
  3. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    LOL. Yes it's just terrible to be a liberal. Not everyone can be a kewl conservative!!
  4. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    As opposed to Obummer is a seeekrit Muslim! Where's the birth certificate? Death Panels!!! Gold Standard!!! Bitcoin!! The Bush Boom!! Bullish On Bush!!! Obummer is going to take away our guns! "Religious Freedom" means government employees should be able to discriminate against gay people! Iraq had WMD!!! Obummer shouldn't have made deal with Iran (though we had no fucking realistic alternative). Buying insurance across state lines is going to solve health care(not really though). Expansionary austerity works! Supply side economics is awesome and brings superior growth! If Obummer would have done it the way Ronnie did it, everything would have been awesome( never fucking mind what the Federal Funds Rate was in those two situations). Golly, I can't believe people get so pissed off when I call 47% of the population a bunch of rottten no good lazy bums!!Dodd-Frank is cauisng lending to slow down! The Community ReInvestment Act caused the financial crises!!! Hillary's emails!! Benghazi (though, I have yet to hear conservatives really acknowledge George Bush's massive military fuck ups in Iraq). Obummer is the food stamp president!! Global warming is a liberal conspriacy!!! Liberal media!!!! And on, on and on. Say what you will about the left in the US, but it's pretty clear at this point it's nowhere near being the goddamned flamin intellectual mess that conservatism in the US is right about now.
  5. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    This has been my experience too LongRider. Maybe if he'd been raised by a single mother, he'd think differently.
  6. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    A few things here: 1. I'd agree that the liberals or the left ceded to much ground to neo-liberalism. And it needs to roll some of that back. 2.Here in the US, talking about "class" is an affront to "conservative political correctness". Conservatives have always tried to shut down any talk about it. But, we do have class here in the US. There are several studies that have come out recently that social mobility isn't what we think it is here in the US. 3. I'd agree the left needs to roll back the excesses of neo-liberalism. But, the point I want to make is: Don't do it and throw the concerns of women and minorities under the bus. Do both.
  7. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Well, certainly white working class men aren't "privileged". But the fact is that some or many of them do look down their noses, at say like, people in the inner city. I certainly have sympathy for them. But, the issue I have with many of them is that: They want help for their problems, but then think other people don't deserve help for their problems. And some or many of them have bought into right wing economic bull, for whatever reason.
  8. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I don't know about this as "identity politics" seems like a pretty fuzzy and malleable concept that the right uses to attack things they don't like without specifically saying what they don't like. No conservative is going come out and say, "I don't like Civil Rights Bills" because they know it's a bullshit position and they would get called on it. So instead they use vague terms like "identity politics". Fact is that the right often uses vague terms to attack things they don't like. Say for instance when they go around saying "big gubment" - what they often mean is things like Social Security and Medicare.
  9. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    As somebody that comes from the white working class, I get this. But, what I want to tell these guys is that women and minorities aren't your abusers. So like would you stop believing that tax cuts for the rich are going to help you out?
  10. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I usually don't like giving "my own personal experience" anecdotes to argue politics or policy, but, what the hell, I'll give it a whirl. I'm basically a redneck, a liberal redneck, mind you, but it stands to reason I know a lot of conservative rednecks as most other rednecks tend to be conservative politically. And some of the shit I hear from other rednecks is just face palm inducing. Like take the the stimulus Obama passed back in 2009. Now I've heard other misinformed rednecks say that was nothing but a handout to minorities. But, that wasn't the point of that whole thing. It was in fact the right thing to do and was designed to help out everybody. The point here is that often economically beneficial programs get tripped up precisely because of racism or sexism. Or take another example: In many ways the problems that many people have in lets say Appalachia are similar to the problems that many folks have who live in the inner cities. There should be a lot of common ground there. But, what prevents both those groups seeing they have a lot of the same issues? I'd say racism. The upshot here, I feel, is that racism and sexism serves as impediment to actually getting a Scandinavian welfare state.
  11. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Well certainly "socialism for whites only" certainly won't address it. Although, it would seem that the over incarceration of African Americans has helped to hurt them economically. So there is an economic component here. But, it's one that can be easily dismissed by so called "socialist" who don't care to specifically acknowledge it and try to resolve it. But, other than the economic issues, there is just the plain old issue of human dignity. And that certainly is important too. Socialism for "whites only" or for "white men only" might be an easy sell. But it is also very dubious ethically and morally.
  12. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I agree saying to these people, "Give us your votes and support and then shut the hell up" is not remotely acceptable. I'd also argue that it makes you vulnerable later to right wing attacks.
  13. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Yeah, this bugs me. Saying to these people,"Let us work on our issues first and then we'll acknowledge your issues at some unspecified time in the future" seems really crappy to me.
  14. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I'm quite certain that a reason the New Deal coalition came flying apart in the 1960s was when some liberals dared to spread the "socialism" to others that were not white men. I basically consider myself to be an FDR Democrat. But, I also know that the benefits of the New Deal did not get equally extended to everybody. In the 1950s women were basically still expected to be free domestic help and to be economically dependent on their husbands. When Social Security was first passed, African Americans tended to get fucked out of it. Also, I'm a supporter of unions, but I also know in the past unions could very much be hotbeds of sexism and racism. I'm quite certain that left wing politics can develop a nasty little passive acceptance of racism and sexism.
  15. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    The 1964 Civll Rights Act was divisive. And some, perhaps, like yourself would call it "identity politics". It was also the right thing to do. Even an uncouth and crass redneck like LBJ could figure that out. And why shouldn't these people have somebody willing to listen to their complaints and represent them. Don't know about that. Barack Obama got some things done for those folks. And the polling seems to indicate that if an election were held today, he'd defeat Donald Trump.