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  1. Still not getting it, it would appear. Here is essentially what you are doing: Step One: Toss a smoke grenade Step Two: Say, "looky there fire!!!!" Step Three: Hoping the rest of us are dumb enough to fall for it. Other than Gianforte just being wrong, the issue many of us are having is that conservatives are trying to in some manner excuse or justify his actions, in part or in its entirety. You are trying to confuse the situation by making this about whether Giantforte is or is not a monster. That's a tangential issue that is hardly relevant to the main issues here, with regard to Gianforte's actions. Well golly let's not ask conservatives any sorts of questions!
  2. No really there isn't. And now you're trying to pull an @Altherion here by doing the good ol' "I don't condone Gianforte's actions here, but,but,but.........." Jacob's prior reporting doesn't change the result here. Whether Gianforte is a monster or is not a monster is immaterial to what happened here. What people are saying is that Gianforte's actions were wrong. And it is utter crap for conservative sorts of people to try to excuse his actions or equivocate when judging his actions. It's one thing to say, "His actions were wrong, but I forgive him" as opposed to: "Well he shouldn't have done that, but, but ,but......." There is no "buts" about it here.
  3. And gained what exactly? You gained nothing. Nada. Zilch. In no way did your "evidence" provide any facts that would justify Gianforte's actions. So my question, why did @Altherion allege something about straws breaking camel's backs when said straws don't really make a difference to our judgments here?
  4. And you might want to stop trying to sell bull crap. Interestingly enough, you didn't quote the part where I said:
  5. And you think this evidence you posted makes the point that Gianforte's actions were okay? No it doesn't. It's utter horseshit by you. You think you're being slick here. Trouble is, you ain't slick enough.
  6. And the point you would like to make here is what exactly?
  7. Do you have one iota of evidence that “it is much, much more likely that those comments were merely the straw that broke the camel's back. ” I don’t think you do. But, if other words were exchanged between Jacobs and Gianforte, it is hard to imagine those words providing any justification for Gianforte’s actions. You keep trying to pull, “I don’t condone Gianforte’s actions, but, but...” [insert horseshit reason here]. And you haven’t provided any evidence that Jacob’s actions were unreasonable. Also, given our system of government we should expect political figures to be subjected to severe questioning and criticism. If Gianforte doesn’t like it, he can go do something else. The only thing to “understand” about this conservative sort of person is that her logic took a wrong turn right around Albuquerque. The rest of this paragraph is just ridiculous. Under our system of government we expect politicians to be subjected to a great degree of scrutiny and criticism. Our system of government depends on it. If Gianforte can’t handle that, then he should have never run for office. There is no seeing "the other side of the argument" here.
  8. If conservative sorts of people want to go around hitting people, then I think I'd like to clock Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Ted Nugent.
  9. Here is the bit that you wrote, that sent me high and to the right: I have no clue to what you think you were doing here. First, the reporter in question did not as you say “ insult someone and find fault with their actions no matter what they do. ” He asked Gianforte a question of great public interest. But, even if the Reporter had asked him something a bit more trivial in nature, it does not justify or excuse Gianforte’s actions. Nor does severe criticism of Gianfortes actions or policies. It seems to me you're trying to impose some kind of limitation here on the freedom of the press that doesn’t exist in law, nor should it. The above paragraph is just complete nonsense. And then making matters worse you quote some idiot who says: Notice she doesn’t really say, “Ya we know Gianforte fucked up. And we forgive knowing he fucked up.” Instead what does she do? She tries to justify his actions by saying “There comes a point where stop it.” That’s not merely forgiving somebody for fucking up, it’s trying to excuse him for fucking up. If you don’t think his actions were excusable, then I’m not sure how you “understand” others finding his actions excusable. Understanding them for forgiving him, yes. But understanding them excusing him, no.
  10. Well, I don't believe in the use of political violence as means to shut somebody's speech down, a lot for the reason I don't believe in being the one to initiate violence against another person. But anyway, are you now retracting your prior attempt to excuse Gianforte? Because there was no excuse for his action.
  11. LOL. Love your A-Team reference. I'm going to assume here that Trump isn't going get to be George Peppard here and say, "I love it when a plan comes together", cause everything he touches becomes a cluster. Anyway, if the Trumpster wants to take the gloves here, let's just hope somebody rises to the occasion and says, "Okay".
  12. Um maybe that's how you feel, but not me. I do care about free speech. And I believe others do as well. Also, even if you're right, and I hope you're not, at a minimum, this would seem to demonstrate just a tad bit of hypocrisy by the right on this issue.
  13. And we have another Ted Nugent, it would seem. Another Republican "tough guy" whose probably just a coward. Somebody should have ask this clown will he shoot at reporters so long as they aren't capable of shooting back? And if they are will he crap his pants too?
  14. Now this is hilariously funny. One of the things the right has complained about, lately, is the left’s intrusions into free speech. At times, believe it or not, I’ve been inclined to agree with the right on this matter. I’m no fan of some of the post-modernist nonsense that seemingly guides some on the left’s of view of free speech. But, if the right is serious about free speech and is not being just utterly cynical here, then surely that means the right and Republicans and conservatives must be willing to take criticism. And a heavy dose of it. They can’t have it both ways. They can't on one hand complain about the left’s intrusions into free speech, imagined or real, and then on the other hand start whining when people start asking them questions and are critical of their policy positions. That reporter did nothing wrong by asking Gianforte a question about that fucked up healthcare bill. He did his job. You're excuse making for Gianforte here is utter horseshit.
  15. Yeah, it's like idiot Trent Franks, trying to deflect blame from Gianforte.