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  1. You're my new favorite. I seriously think anybody who's been posting in Heresy for three years or more could do that job better than he has. Quite a few over in General, too.
  2. Sure. But they still could have told a story that made some sort of sense or exhibited some comprehension of the subject matter. Whatever, I guess. The show is the show, and the books are the books. I just wish I'd been in the room when they told GRRM what they were planning to do, and he burst out laughing and refused to say why.
  3. Never to my knowledge. He's said, more generally, the opposite: that in creating his mysteries, he is trying to come up with something good enough to have fooled his mother, who was very good at predicting twists. I think we'll see he did a great job. There's no such SSM posted on Westeros, and GRRM has never said anything like that in any interview. It's just a canard in the forums that derives from vague notes Anne Groell wrote years ago. That's true, but the outcome is that a particular theory has become seen as pre-canonical certainty. And that has had the effect of obliterating almost all serious discussion and analysis for years and years -- at least as long as I've been here. But the fact is that it's really very easy to show that that theory can't be anywhere close to certain. The bulk of the "evidence" for it is symbolic stuff that could mean many things (or nothing). It's the novel in which Dany begins her invasion of Westeros, hence the name. This derivation, in fact, is one of the few things that's survived since his synopsis from Oct 1993: But surprise, surprise, GRRM just lost all control over his wordcount. So there was no room in A Dance With Dragons for the dance with dragons.
  4. D&D may possibly be aware of fan theories, but the show's failure is still basically innovative for the boldfaced reason cited above. (Maybe one day there will be an Innovative Failure Emmy?) But I do definitely think the World book and app include certain content directly based on fan theories. This isn't and shouldn't be surprising, since the primary authors of the World book and app are also the admins of the fan site where the theories were originally posted. For instance, the silly notion that Aerys knew where Lyanna was in the middle of the war, and deliberately left her there -- instead of seizing her as an incredibly valuable hostage, beloved by both Robert and Ned, the leaders of the rebellion, as he did with Elia to control the Dornish -- was born in the forums. It then found its way into the app. And for perfectly obvious reasons, it will never, ever turn out to be the truth in the canon. Ideas like that are to GRRM's world what Trump's ideas of climate change are in our world: well-known within it, but fundamentally wrong, and bound to be shown as such in time.
  5. There was a time 20+ years ago when his plan for this series was that there would be no actual dragons in it. Then Phylis Eisenstein persuaded him that fantasy needed dragons, so he needed to include dragons... and now it has actual dragons. So much for his original plan. But let's go ahead and imagine GRRM will try to do the Jon/Arya thing. This will require him to pack all this into the last two books: 1. Jon and Arya reencounter each other 2. Jon and Arya both conceive a powerful sexual passion for each other which must be repressed because they're siblings 3. Jon and Arya are both tormented by their repressed mutual sexual passion for an extended time 4. Tyrion also reencounters Arya, and also feels powerful sexual passion for her 5. Jon and Tyrion then develop a rivalry over Arya, forming a love triangle 6. Eventually Jon realizes he and Arya aren't siblings and thus, they can pursue their passion If all that does not happen in the last two books, then GRRM will definitely not be sticking to his 1993 synopsis in this area. Something tells me he has different ideas in his head at this point...
  6. Well, in the books, Tyrion is on a ship when he passes around Valyria (and to say more would be to break the forum rule about discussing the show). So yes, that really is just a detail. I wouldn't call it duplicity, but I think he always knew that a number of mysteries (not just Jon's parents, which is one of the simpler ones) were going to fool his fans on a mass scale. And he wanted to be the one to unveil the solutions, not HBO. He also always famously assumed his books would beat the show by coming out first. So I think he simply never told D&D this info. He believed they would get it reading his books, and there was nothing duplicitous about that. Well, if that happened, he was wrong. But I suspect that on realizing the books would not beat the show he still did not tell D&D that info. Note that I only say think and suspect. I don't know; only GRRM can know what, if anything, he held back. So I agree with this, in full, as stated: Which also means that while the show is spoiling us in some areas, we can't be sure what they are. On the particular mystery of Jon's parentage, I've said before that I really have no idea what D&D are doing. It seems scattered; it lacks the painstaking logical foundation GRRM built, at least as far as I can detect. So if it turns out that they're doing the same thing as GRRM, and that was always the case, and they always had a consistent plan, and I simply never figured it out... I won't be surprised. These guys just do not think like I do. But if (just one possibility) it turns out that GRRM told them Jon's mother, and then he called it a day and said "Wait to read TWOW for more," that won't surprise me either. Eventually we should find out.
  7. Who said he shared nothing? On the issue of Jon's parentage, for instance, it's public knowledge that: So we can interpret that as we see fit. It's certainly not no information, but it's not the same as "Here are the names of Jon Snow's parents in the books," either. And it's not enough information to be sure D&D always had a planned specific revelation in this area, and have consistently been executing that plan from season one on. It might be they've said in some interview that that's the case, though. If someone ponies up that interview, I'll be happy to accept it.
  8. No worries. That's a great entry, actually, because it contains these remarks: "Huge changes," gradually emerging over time, that he's been talking about since the very beginning of the show. And it was two years ago that he wrote that... yet the fans still assume the show and books are the same on all important points. What can I say? Other series like HP have put a false idea in their heads, and even GRRM can't get it out. No matter what he says, or how he says it, or how many times. Well, if you think it's self-serving speculative fiction, you're also asserting that GRRM is the author of that fiction, because he has explicitly said as much in past interviews. For instance, in this interview: He's told them "certain things." They have "some knowledge." That sure as hell doesn't sound like "I've comprehensively told them everything important." I think he did what he said -- he gave them broad strokes about character arcs and the overall plot -- but that is far from some sort of comprehensive solution and walkthrough of every major mystery. In fact, I don't think D&D even recognize that some things are mysteries, or that they will ever provide any sort of explanation, whereas GRRM will. Example: the weather.
  9. Oh, I think he might: The phrase "once again" is pretty telltale IMO. He explains over and over, sometimes using butterflies and dragons to make his point and sometimes using Scarlett O'Hara and her children, but nobody ever remembers. Yeah, I've never been sure they're doing the same parents GRRM is... but lately I'm starting to think they have no plan at all, except to wait for GRRM to finish TWOW and whatever he says it is, do that. This, if true, would mean there will be no definitive walkthrough in the coming season. I think so too. But see, in getting him to state this explicitly, it would at a stroke eliminate Jon as the protagonist, which in turn would deal a mortal blow to the concept that Jon is the Song of Ice and Fire. And that would be quite a feather in the cap for Heretics on all sites.
  10. Perhaps someone at TLH will submit these questions, if they're of interest: 1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how tired are you of the fans assuming that everything important that happens in ASOIAF must also happen on HBO's Game of Thrones? 2. Suppose the show reveals Jon's parents to be X and Y. Also suppose you don't intend to reveal Jon's parents until the last book in the series. How annoyed would it make you feel if the fans stated confidently, for six or seven years, that HBO had long ago spoiled this mystery in your books? 3. Do you feel that ASOIAF has a central protagonist? If you do, is it a character, or is it Westeros?
  11. Well, the differences are a bit more extensive than that. 1. Jon did not become a ranger of great daring, or any sort of ranger 2. Jon did not succeed Benjen as LC, since Benjen was never LC 3. There is no bitter estrangement between Jon and Bran 4. Arya has not even seen Jon since AGOT, ergo could not have fallen in love with him 5. Jon is not tormented by any passion for Arya, who is prepubescent 6. There are no evil entities known as "neverborn" (probably because someone told GRRM this idea was yoinked right out of Wheel of Time) 7. The Others didn't kill Catelyn 8. Dany did not "stumble onto" a cache of dragon eggs 9. Tyrion did not murder Joffrey (though several times he says he did, falsely) 10. Jaime did not murder everyone ahead of him in the line of succession 11. Tyrion has not made common cause with the remaining Starks 12. Tyrion has not fallen in love with the prepubescent Arya, nor seen her since AGOT 13. Tyrion and Jon have not formed a love triangle with Arya 14. Sansa can't possibly be impregnated by Joffrey, and also remains a virgin It says something about just how much GRRM's thoughts about this series have evolved, since 1993 when no books were written, that the above outline is even further removed from ASOIAF than the show is.
  12. How much of a geek is Samwell?

    I think Sam would be an absolute ├╝bergeek. He would know Han shot first, that Anakin laughed last, and that gold bikinis are a good look for Leia. He would steer well clear of wearing any red shirts on any occasion or for any reason. No human could compete with him in Uncharted 5, which would have been programmed specifically as a challenge to him personally. He would be well aware of Jon's true parents, AAR, and tPtwP, and he would know half of them had names not seen as the most popular. His personal dragon, named Ancalagon, would bake his pizzas; he would cut the pizzas with a Valyrian steel slicer; and he would serve the slices to GRRM. All our base, with no exceptions, would belong to Sam.
  13. Out of curiosity, what would you see as the evidence that strongly suggests such a match? We're five books into a seven-book series and neither of them has ever even thought about or spoken to the other. Given everything that has to happen in the last two books, it would be quick work for GRRM to drum up such a relationship now. Meanwhile, we already have Jon thinking blatantly obvious things like this: And we have Val saying suggestive things like this: We don't get her thoughts, of course, so it's up to us to ask: Was she being flirty? My vote is yes.
  14. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Thanks! This is good to know since I've increasingly lost faith in D&D. Still leaves open the question of whether GRRM will get his way and the show story will actually conclude with one or more movies, though. I'm not sure if I'd prefer that... unless, of course, GRRM wrote and directed them both. (But if he did, each movie would take six years.)