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  1. Has anyone else had the thought that the Giants who supposedly helped build the Wall, and whatever else, could have been a twisted story about the Umbers? Their sigil, a Giant in broken chains, could go back to a time when they were enslaved and broke free or were broken free by an outside source. Conversely the Umbers could have been the folks who freed giants from bondage. And subsequently procreated to become the human-giants of which their are tales of wielding swords, wearing boots and such. Just throwing it out there.
  2. Well, Jon was sorta halfhanded with his burnt hand when he killed the Halfhand. And he did so with his bastard sword a.k.a. a hand and a half sword. Half a hand. And Tyrion gave him some good advice and became Jon's friend. Tyrion was a half-Hand. Get it? And Jon's "father" was the Hand who got beheaded, so.... another half-Hand? Anyway, while I'm not into RLJ the Blackfyre bastard status thing could be interesting if Jon created the new House, "Snowfyre"
  3. Howland Ned Benjen Jaime Singing brother of the Watch
  4. Like Coldhands? An Other and a wight. A crow and a raven. He was quite anxious about stumbling upon the Others just as Bran and all were approaching the cave. Makes me wonder if there are more beings like Coldhands lurking about the forests.
  5. Hey, overall a good read with some new insights and ideas. Skol! Not quite what you were asking, but... The greenseer's and old gods' words are wind. The Others have their own language; they can speak for themselves. While the Others fly on the cold winds of winter, they don't need the winds to walk. They are the calm after the storm. The wind and storms go together and storms are Chaos (as are the cotf chaos, imo) yet the Others are Order. And to get all sciency, the coldest nights are clear windless nights. Not to mention nocturnal inversions and lack of eddies and such. [My take on it is the Others seen in the prologue are only corporeal in times of darkness and extreme cold. During the day, the Others melt away and ride the cold winds of winter with their menacing presence.]
  6. In the current story, 'A Stark of Winterfell" is Jon and 'The Stark of Winterfell' is Bran. Instead of Joramun, leader of the free folk, there is Tormund. Tormund Giantsbane, Horn-blower, and Breaker of Ice, Speaker to Gods and Father of Hosts [...] It's a reversal of the old tales of the Night's King. Or maybe the tales are wrong and the current story is a repeat of the original.
  7. I don't see Lyanna in Ghost unless Howland is involved in some crazy bastard weirwood, old powers stuff. Still, what you had to say there reminds me of Bran while climbing in the godswood... Might be it's the old gods/third eye powers that are the underground players.
  8. "nidos commaculans immundus habebitur ales" The Mockingbord never dirties his own and he sings everyone's favorite tunes.
  9. Well! I have a tinfoil about electromagnetic charge and the Others. The blue lights in the eyes of the white walkers and the wights along with the fight between Waymar and the white walker in the prologue of AGoT makes up most of this theory. After Waymar's sword breaks it is described, "the end splintered and twisted like a tree struck by lightning." So I'm thinking of a magical electromagnetism, but I've never connected that with the comet although it makes a certain sense. A large burst of energy up north could draw in a celestial orb.
  10. I like this. The comet passed overhead at the conception of Aegon VI then less than twenty years later it is seen again. I suspect the Singers were responsible for the initial, jacked-up seasons and could be they had a hand in the Doom through the power of Song. (At least the Singers would have tried to balance a long Summer ) Their songs are magic, imo. What I'm getting at is Bran's though on the Singers - The Singers would sing sad songs... of the earth. A song to move the heavens and earth?
  11. Has anyone discussed the Nightfort well containing the Black Gate as a wishing well? Some ancient wells were marked with wooden figures to represent the gods who blessed or inhabited the wells. The wells blessed people with their wants or needs. Nowadays people toss coins into a well. Coldhands threw a a Watchman down the well and recieved a gift in return.
  12. I also thought of a river for the Wall, but never came to a conclusion. Your idea of the First Men building a canal did not occur to me. It makes good sense. I'll pile on top of this idea with a lot of conjecture. It seems to me that before the Long Night the seasons would have been more normal and perhaps the North wasn't so north or quite so cold. Either the LN was the beginning of the extreme seasons or the LN was an effect of a ridiculously long Summer. (The Singers should know this!) The latter is more probable, in my opinion. I'm thinking of a river surrounded by trees, especially weirwoods. The first men encroach upon the landscape and build a canal for shipping. Stuff goes sour and the Long Night comes about. When Men finally make way back North they find a frozen river to build a Wall upon to keep out the cold ones. A solid, frozen river is a great foundation and would be easy to drag large blocks of ice upon for the continuation of the Wall. Not to mention the water would swell when frozen and climb above its original height. Not hundreds of feet, of course, just some expansion would occur. So the Wall is built and 'magicked' to include weirwoods and some saltwater and all that. On to the Black Gate... Well, it is a drowned 'god' . Below the Wall and in a well. The Gate is part sentient and part tree, imo. It's arm, the skinny, weird part which Bran sees breaking through the kitchen floor has broken through since magic is on the rise. Apperently for some years before Bran and tCo. reach the Wall. The Gate should have been dormant for some time, yet the trees have eyes again and hands and arms to boot. (I've always wondered if the Gate has gone blind from age or if it was blinded purposely. It can no longer tell the "who" on site so it has to ask.)
  13. The Gate under the Wall is similar in the way it receives offerings/sacrifices. It consumes them and then spits them out. Whitetree takes the dead and passes them on to the world of the dead dead. The Gate passes on the living. The Heart of Winter (the Cave) is the medium between death and life. So, yeah, the three are connected.
  14. With the rising tide of magic the Black Gate is reaching out. The old, blind 'gate' was awoken after a long, long slumber. (I've always wondered if the Gate is blind from age or was blinded before becoming the gatekeeper. I lean towards the latter.) Bran sees this tiny weirwood bursting through the kitchen floor of the Nightfort which I believe is part of the underground structure of the Wall. That slender weirwood is an arm with red hands stretching out from below the fort. That couldn't have happened overnight. The new growth must have begun some years before anyone knew the old powers were stirring.
  15. "I am the watcher on the walls" That part of the Oath could be the explanation for wall building discrepancies. The Watch wasn't originally stationed at the Wall at least the Wall as we know it today. The OG Watchmen took over the Wall and built it up over time. Could be that the Wall was manned on both sides at the Nightfort location: the North Wall and the South Wall with one passage between. While the physical Wall ends before the western sea, the demarcation of the Wall's magic runs around the globe like the Arctic Circle along a specific latitude, imo. The Wall is a physical marker of the boundary like any other fence, wall or hedgerow. Interesting thoughts between the salt tears of the Gate and the Drowned men. The salt water prevents the dead reanimation. Another thought as to why Coldhands can't pass the gate under the Wall is that He is not a true wight. Since Othor and Jafer were carried across the Wall's boundary so should Coldhands be able to cross unless he is more than a black-eyed wight. He could be an Other in a dead man's body; a recycled white walker, and that's why he cannot pass.