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  1. if you want to play JRPG's, I recommend Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Atelier Lydie & Suelle(although that one comes out in two months in the West), as well as Super Mario Odyssey.
  2. True, there will be others, but there's something decidedly Bioware about how they do narrative and that's why I will be incredibly sad if they get closed. I haven't played Andromeda yet although I do think I would personally like it, I just got swept up into playing every single possible JRPG(the Atelier series is such an underrated gem) so I just haven't gotten around to it. So yeah, I'll hope Anthem will be a success, if only so I can live to see a DA4.
  3. You guys may not know this, but there's this sort of a curse, if you want to believe it, that comes with defeating Hajduk for the past one and half decade in the European qualifications. Almost all of the sides that defeated them ended up either relegated or near relegation in that same season. Everton just seem to be heading par for course with that Shame for Vlašić though. He might have ended up as their best buy given how quickly he became a first team player, but unlike in the Croatian league, his quality isn't that far above the rest of the pack that he can influence the side enough.
  4. You do realize pretty much everything in fiction ever has already done, from plotlines to characters to everything. Every (decent) writer learns that sooner or later and then they start using those tropes and plotlines to their advantage. The problem is not at all with Bioware doing the same basic plot, the real problem is the execution of those plots, which Bioware did with better or worse success.
  5. This is a huge dismissal of Japanese RPG's which cannot stand. I do agree Bioware is sort of unique for a Western developer, but they are hardly unique if you look at more than just the Western market.
  6. If that's true, that just speaks desperation... but at least we're getting someone who's hopefully going to be good... so, yay?
  7. In Pašalić's case, it was the club having to survive at the time which lead to him being sold to Chelsea. I still think he should have been given a proper chance at Chelsea, given that every single loan spell he had was a huge success - which were Elche, Monaco and Milan respectively, and he now got off to a great start at Spartak Moscow.
  8. So, Everton signed Nikola Vlašić from Hajduk for 9 mil pounds after those performances he made against them in the EL. A big blow to Hajduk's domestic title chances because he was by far the best player, but glad to see him go to a good club. Apparently they're also gonna loan him somewhere else for the season, but honestly I think he could fight for the spot at the bench *at least*.
  9. Honestly, good riddance at this rate. Means that, if Wenger keeps the formation, there won't be an issue in starting Kolašinac at the LWB, and Bellerin can be used at a more natural position for him. Now, if we only just got rid of the rest of the dead wood...
  10. I watched the first 15 minutes before closing the stream. My exact thought was: "I don't know what Wenger is trying to do here, but it sure as hell appears that he wants to be sacked real quick."
  11. Maybe I'll say this with a bias since I am a Hajduk supporter, but Everton was insanely lucky to get this result. That goal by Sigurdsson was just absolute insane luck, Hajduk had two more clear penalties they didn't get(at the start in 6th minute and when Erceg dribbled past Keane I believe and was blocked but the judge said nothing), and Everton definitely deserved to get at least one player off the pitch, not to mention how Radošević got a yellow card while at two other times Everton players did the same sort of a faul and got off scott free. Whatever. Good luck to Everton in Europa League, they are the more quality team overall and scored the goals to go through.
  12. Oh my god I can't believe the luck...
  13. I swear, if it weren't for Pickford, Hajduk would have scored at least one goal away and right now at Poljud. Dammit. Edit: And Radošević scores a screamer holy hell!
  14. I watched just the Team Liquid matches as I don't really don't know Dota 2 all that well but I support the team(It has bought my loyalty cause of my favourite StarCraft II player playing for them). They really were playing really goddamn well all the time - even I could see the plays were pretty sick. Newbee literally had no chance,
  15. you are correct on both accounts