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  1. The show has officially turned into Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  2. The Dany/Jon romance train goes way too fast, IMO. They only met an episode ago.
  3. Which, technically, isn't even true.
  4. Apparently, black is the new black.
  5. For the record, he has been in "months away" mode since May 2015
  6. But if it's just a random post, why not use the original quote about Babylon?
  7. Syriasly?
  8. The events of AGoT, ACoK and ASoS.
  9. Okay, fine, I'll try to be more optimistic. GRRM might be giving us an update without saying too much. The quote itself means roughly "The end is near", so he might think he is close to finishing. Now, I hate being positive when it comes to GRRM, because it always comes back to bite you, but it's a fairly plausible interpretation, IMO.
  10. My little silver lining is that Elio and Linda haven't said anything this time. They were quick to quell the 12 Days of Westeros hype when it happened.
  11. That's what people (and GRRM himself) have said about TWoW. And we see how that turned out. As for the enigmatic post, I don't know what to think of it, really. The wisest thing is to be pessimistic until there is an actual cause for optimism.
  12. I think that Tyrion wouldn't have mismatched eyes if he was a full-blood Lannister. If I'm not mistaken, all Lannisters have green eyes and Tywin and Joanna were cousins. Jaime and Cersei have green eyes, so...
  13. He did send partials to Anne Groell for editing. As I understand it, he needs to do that to get his contractual payment.
  14. As far as I understand, only one of Patchface's prophecies has explicitly come true, the RW. And maybe about the dead dancing, too.
  15. That's good to hear, at least. We need all the positive info we can get, however small it might be.