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  1. What would be the point of this whole BabyKellhus thing? I'm just confused.
  2. I hope I'm not the only one getting problems since yesterday... I assume it has something to do with the show back on? The site is extremely slow to load, and most of the time it gives me a message that it's down and I can retry for live version or something.
  3. I've seen this mentioned several times but where in the text is it from?
  4. I don't know, Bakker has called the series a metaphysical whodunit. I've read hundreds of whodunits and the one thing they all had in common is that some definitive answers are given at the end and the red herrings are separated from the actual clues. All Bakker did in this climax is reveal more aspects of the mystery that we weren't aware of. He gave us more clues and it made the whodunit even harder to solve than it was previously.
  5. By the way, when would it be appropriate to edit the Wiki with spoilers from TUC?
  6. I like to listen to podcasts of short stories, mostly horror or similar stories with some crime and political podcasts thrown in. Nosleep, the Bright Sessions, Darkest Night, Lore, Limetown, Criminal, Sword and Scale, Intercepted, Unauthorized Disclosure are all good. I use player.fm to organize and keep track of episodes/shows. The Adnroid app syncs with the web player version quite well.
  7. Well, there are people who are still waiting for the NA release, and this thread ended very quickly. I think we can create a second TUC post release thread to give folks enough time to catch up...
  8. In the Golden Room scene I was totally rooting for the Consult, but that's probably because I hated Kellhus and wanted him to lose more than anything, and their plan seems very reasonable compared to eternal damnation for almost everyone or Kellhus's bargain with Ajokli. But who knows if another better solution to the damnation and Consult problems will come up in the third series involving Mimara's son.
  9. What's the significance of his prediction actually coming true 20 years later in a seemingly unpredictable way? Just a coincidence? By the way, did anyone get the feeling that when Achamian begs Kellhus to free Proyas and he says "something must be eaten" that this was Bakker showing us what an asshole Kellhus is? That he was blatantly mocking Proyas after setting him up?
  10. So what was the point of the whole "you will kneel" in TTT and then Achamian kneeling to save Proyas in TUC? Is it just to say that Kellhus could see the future at that point? Or did Kellhus orchestrate the whole Proyas thing in TUC just to get Achamian to kneel to him?
  11. Could be set up for the next book, or just worldbuilding. I think Bakker has implied in the past that worldbuilding is fine even if it's not necessary to the plot (looking for this quote right now). I remember him having a big argument with some blogger about worldbuilding that went nowhere.
  12. Thinking about the time shenanigans again, if the Consult succeeds in closing the world against the Outside at some point, wouldn't that mean that the world would have been closed to the outside the whole time? In other words, the fact that there is an Outside now and the Gods, Damnation, etc... all exist means that the Consult never succeeded in closing the world.
  13. I agree. I think it's one thing for Bakker to finally give us Kellhus's motives/plan and let us decide whether it makes him "good" or not. (For example, I think the DunSult's motives are perfectly legitimate.) It's another thing entirely for him to leave it up to the reader's interpretation whether what Kellhus said to the Consult in the end is true or not. Which is to say that we didn't really get an answer to the most important question in most reader's minds: what does Kellhus really want? The question only changed from "was he trying to save the world from the Consult or not?" to "does he want to turn the world into a living Hell or not?" And it could still go either way. Which is why I'm not buying a lot of these comments here and on TSA. I'm just gonna go with the only explanation that gives the story any resolution for me: Kellhus failed, pure and simple. His "only Darkness" (Esmenet) and Kelmomas fucked him over. The only thing is that Kellhus already saw himself "descending as hunger" in the outside, so he's some sort of Ciphrang right now.
  14. Where is it said that the womb-plague gave them clues about the No-God? What happened was that they understood that they needed to use the No-God but they didn't know how. When they tried to make their nonmen allies immortal (Ninjanjin and the others who looked into the inverse fire) they realized that their serum kills female nonmen. So they decided to use it on the larger Nonmen population because at least it accomplishes part of the No-God's function which is to reduce the population in Earwa to 144K.
  15. I liked Wutteat.