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  1. Ugh... super disappointing.
  2. There is a new one for sale on ebay now, by the way.
  3. Wait, what number is XLVIV? Alright, but seems like a more common way to type it is XLIX.
  4. I guess when we get arcs we can use this one.
  5. Ah, the good old days when Bakker had 3 permanent threads on the front page.
  6. I haven't read the Carathayan or EiaMoP, but for those interested here is what the only reivew on amazon says about the story: Still the reviewer gives the book 4.5/5.
  7. Just saw this funny post from reddit regarding net neutrality called "the future of the internet".
  8. @Madness are you going to make a secret forum on TSA to discuss the book or not?
  9. The new Atrocity Tale included in Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Bakker cut him off after what he did the last time...
  11. Was this posted here? There is a new Bakker interview on Stuff to Blow Your Mind.
  12. Do we know who is it from here or TSA forum that bought that $100 ebay copy? It's kind of weird that that's the only copy that's shown up on ebay as far as I know compared to last year where several copies were sold by this time. By the way, the copy that you have is a physical one, right, Kalbear? Not an e-arc like Wert and Pat?
  13. Do we get an alternative explanation for why Moënghus left Ishuäl?
  14. That's based on the version of the manuscript that he received almost 8 months ago (by looking at the pictures on his twitter)... things could have changed since then. I guess we can ask him if he spotted any differences between that manuscript and the official arc that he received recently.