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  1. Huh. So Bakker has been the personification of the semantic apocalypse this whole time?
  2. Some type of Nonman style erraticness?
  3. Yeah, those bits were really hard not to skip.
  4. Alerted Carbon showrunner on the only book scene she insisted be changed.
  5. That was my reaction too. I never really looked into what Bakker means by Semantic Apocalypse but I think his story Crash Space (?) depicts what Kalbear is talking about.
  6. Iain Banks. Can't think of anyone else. Imagine more Culture novels...
  7. Thanks for the inputs. My memory of Altered Carbon isn't too good, I guess. I'm halfway through Thirteen right now and what started as a great book is almost ruined by the Bakker style philosophical wanking. I almost feel like I'm reading Neuropath. That said, the reveal of what the prologue scene was all about was so horrific. I should have seen that coming.
  8. Do any of his sci-fi books address the lack of independent AI in the setting?
  9. Nah, I meant the turtle scene.
  10. Here are some random theme tracks from horror movies that I think are really cool.
  11. I just watched it and I feel like the ending makes little sense without the 'ritual' to be honest. Why is it that the kids had no fear of the clown all of a sudden? Also, I found Beverly's role among the group unbelievable and not very compelling. I think the movie did a really poor job of showing how her relationship with her abusive father affected her actions outside of the house. Another problem was the fact that the movie had almost no time to develop Mike's character or story and he ended up feeling unnecessary.
  12. James Newton Howard had some great scores for Shyamalan's otherwise bad movies, Lady in the Water and the Village. Some other soundtracks that I recall liking are Danny Elfman's Nightmare before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland, the Candyman by Philip Glass, the Jaws theme, Harry Potter and Schindler's List by John Williams. Bernard Herrmann's scores for Psycho and Vertigo are also some of my favorites.
  13. Yeah, agree it's his best book. I liked the ending too. My only complaint is that not enough time was spent with Beverly compared to some other characters considering what she does in the end.
  14. I'm almost done with my It reread and it's still one of my favorite books. I figured I'd reread it before watching the new adaptation. Although I'm still bummed that it apparently doesn't have a certain scene. I'll try to read another book before year end. Either Matter or The Reality Dysfunction.
  15. Welcome to the forum, Esmenet! Be warned that there has been a flame war in the past thread and half. It wasn't always like this though and it has ended as of now. There is a thread at TSA that has links to all the Bakker threads here, but I don't know if it's still being updated...