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  1. I think he's basing that on Bakker's comments in the AMA and his other writings? I mean, the same thing can be said about Bakker's Ajokli/Kellhus comments.
  2. I'm confused by something here. In season 1 or 2 Amos had a talk with the scientist that was kidnapped or left with Dawes and the scientist said that he could help him. The next time we saw Amos he had a weird look on his face so I assumed that the scientist gave him the same procedure that he took to get rid of his empathy. Did that happen or not?
  3. It wouldn't be something that Kellhus intended. And having him become a regular human would be a cool twist of fate. Assuming that there is a point to it all.
  4. AMC orders an adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel NOS4A2 to series I hope this is good. One of my favorite novels from the last few years.
  5. Yeah, I didn't realize that guy was still making fanart. The throne of Sil was cool even though I didn't realize any such thing was described in the books.
  6. This War* of Mine. This game was okay when I played it a year ago, the daily house chores were very tedious though.
  7. I'm sure they'll come up with their own plot.
  8. ‘Street Fighter’ TV Series Based On Video Game Franchise In Works At eOne I'd love to see a decent animated SF series but I can't imagine a live action series would ever be good...
  9. Name of the Wind was on my to read list until these last few pages, Rothfuss seems like a cross between the all the bad things about Bakker and GRRM. Definitely not touching that.
  10. Not sure why you spoilered that but I didn't think it was established whether Kellhus was acting in the interest of humanity or not upto TGO. He made a post (I think after finishing TGO or the first draft of TUC pre-split) where he mentioned a bunch of other projects he was working on including the short stories that were published later. The only thing I remember is Light, Time, and Gravity, not sure what happened to that book. eta: there was also supposed to be a sequel to Disciple of the Dog called The Enlightened Dead but with DotD being a commercial failure it probably won't be published.
  11. That would make sense I guess.
  12. Anyone know what the deal was with the black guy who spoke to Tanaka and Takeshi in VR? Was he being set up for a future season?
  13. Yeah, I didn't buy the romance between Kovacs and Quell at all and the fact that they made a big deal of it in the final episode was more disappointing. Some negative points: The actress playing Reileen was terrible in the final episode. The way she spoke every word slowly and stressed everything was just... I don't know, was that supposed to be good acting because I'm not an expert? I don't think they made clear what was so special about the envoys. They were just a bunch of guys and girls training in a forest and the protectorate easily wiped them. Did they even do anything of import on the show? Because it's weird that they would even have a reputation. If Rei was a meth herself why couldn't she just have taken Kovacs out herself instead of having Bancroft do it? Someone said upthread that they liked the empowerment of Lizzie Elliot. You mean taking a broken prostitute and inexplicably turning her into an ass kicking ninja in BDSM outfit? Cool. I find it hard to believe that Bancroft could be brought down by killing a random person. The whole police department seemed like carbon copies of any cop show characters. Poe was great and Kovacs and the Elliot couple. I would watch another season because I liked the setting very much and it would be a shame to see go to waste like this. If they do make another season I hope they replace the showrunner and the entire writing staff if that's possible.
  14. That was just a guess I'm sure, there are no actual numbers on his UK sales. TGO, the Overlook copy, said that his books sold 165K copies worldwide if I remember correctly.
  15. Up to episode 6,