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  1. The writers literally said that without her kids, we will see a new side of Cersei (referring to her redeeming qualities).
  2. You get it at least
  3. For me, it's still 6x10
  4. The WW would win Since nobody would believe anything about them and wouldn't have time to react.
  5. They softened both her and Tyrion up in the show, and Im not a fan of it at all.
  6. So many inacuaries 1) Tywin got Sansa's wedding called off 2) She didn't kill Ross, she released her. 3) Its implied in the show that Joffrey sent Mandon to kill Tyrion. 4) Was kettleblack even in the show? 5) There's no mention of her killing Melara in the show. 6) Lysa killed Jon Arryn. 7) That was book only, Joffrey killed the bastards in the show. FYI I am well aware book Cersei is a completely different specimen, and I wish the show didn't deviate her so much.
  7. I just hope that before he dies, there's a revelation he whispered into Joffreys ear to kill Ned.
  8. I agree with this, if the likely outcome..Even if I detest it. It should be Jaime due to the connection.
  9. This is true. She is too much on her enemies. But I guess for her to be a true monster IMO, I would like to see her go down more of an Aerys/Joffrey route, as in start torturing or killing for petty reasons.
  10. Ned? That was LF through Joffrey Sansa? Well the dire wolf incident wasn't nice but what else really? Tyrion?
  11. Haven't read through the whole thread, but didn't Jon claim that Aerys burnt Brandon alive? Pretty sure he was strangled.
  12. Not much better. I mean my point is that at this stage, Cersei really isn't being presented as any worse than Arya, both are sinister killers that are exacting vengeance....I am yet to truly see a 'Mad Queen' yet (which I hope eventually develops).