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  1. KC Worldcon T-Shirt Thread

    1 mens large for me too please.
  2. 2016 KC WorldCon: MidAmeriCon II Aug 17-21

    I just wondered if I could still log on here-And I can. And as most of you know I'll be in KC-But thought I'd get 'in the thread' for the official update to the post 1 tally when it happens.
  3. I'd like to make the initial big shopping run on Wednesday. We can store stuff in a hotel room or at my parents. In fact I can get started as soon as I have a list. I know the basics but need guidance. I can front the shopping funds and provide the receipts to Master of Coin after. :)
  4. I'll have access to a car and can be one the procurement team. And I know where Costco is. :)
  5. Sasquan Information Thread

    These were the Volunteer positions still needed as of Monday this week.    Help Wanted   Send responses to [email protected]   EVENTS DIVISION   Processions Coordinator – We need one additional person to select themes for, advertise, organize, and walk small processions or parades from just outside the Convention Center through the Park once or twice a day throughout the convention.  This is an Area Head position and works directly with the Division Head and Deputy Division Heads.  The Coordinator will select and walk the path and insure that the participants enjoy the walk and attract attention (only in the most positive way!) from passers-by in the Park. . Audio Theatre – This track will showcase sci-fi recordings from the Golden Age of Radio to present day.  We’re looking for people to put in a few hours playing ​ ​ CD ​ s, take notes on attendance and make announcements.     First Night – First Night is Sasquan’s Big Event for Wednesday evening.  We’re looking for set up crew to help pull together the biggest outdoor Worldcon party ever!   Masquerade – The Masquerade needs Den Moms.  Sign up at the Masquerade Registration Desk in the Riverside Lobby (Hall D).   Hugo Awards Ceremony – We need about four volunteers to work during rehearsal.  They will run, fetch and carry, and corral finalists.   Event Ushers – Ushers are needed for the Hugo Award Ceremony, the Masquerade, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and various other events.   EXHIBITS DIVISION   Art Show – Volunteers are needed for set-up, hanging mail-in art, helping artists with registration, packing up unsold art and tear-down.   Guinan’s Place Hosts – Guinan’s Place, Sasquan’s spaceport bar, lounge and cabaret, needs hosts.  People persons who want a basically fun volunteer position, please apply.  Someone has to stand in for the innkeeper when she’s away, so we are looking for people to welcome folks, keep an eye on things, make sure people clean up after themselves and generally see that the joint runs smoothly (and if it doesn’t, to call in the right people to fix things).  The tasks involve some walking around and making sure everything is okay, but most of the time you’ll be free to sit and socialize with friends old and new, so it’s a great way to meet people.   Cabaret Hosts – The cabaret at Guinan’s Place needs stage managers to keep acts on schedule, help with setting changes, change signs, move furniture and answer questions from the audience.  With these duties will come a fair amount of time to relax, socialize and enjoy the show.  Stage management experience is a definite plus.   Pegboard Maven (and perhaps Vice-Mavens) – Exhibits has lots of pegboard flats that need to be hooked together in various configurations.  We’re looking for people who are reasonably handy, reasonably good at instructing people (since we’ll call for volunteers when needed), and reasonably good at looking at the floor plan and putting things up in accordance with it.   Wayfinders​ ​ ​ – On Monday and Tuesday, we will need people to help assemble and distribute “road signs” to make it easier for people to find their way around.  Literacy and common sense required.       ​ Maker Activities/3D printer Hosts  ​ ​​ – The Maker Activities area is looking for hosts who already know how to use a RepRap 3D printer and would like to show others how they work. ​ ​  (Training will be provided, but people need to understand how temperamental these  ​machines are .) ​ ​  We are also looking for hosts who can talk about Maker activities in general, or to just keep an eye on the exhibit area.  ​ ​ Information about the items in the exhibit will be provided.   ​Discworld Exhibit ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ – ​ ​Volunteers are needed to help set up the exhibit on Tuesday, keep an eye on it during the convention, assist visitors (Discworld knowledge useful but not mandatory), and take the exhibit down on Sunday. ​ ​  Also, Discworld fans will conduct docent tours in costume.  Anyone with suitable Discworld garb who would like to help in this role should get in touch with the exhibit curator, Patty Panek [email protected] .   Gamemasters  ​ – ​ ​Volunteers are needed  to run all kinds of tabletop games.  ​ ​ There will be new board games not yet release ​d​  on the market ​,​  such as  ​​ Clacks and  ​​ New York 1901 ​, and​ ,​  such as  ​​ Dungeons & Dragons. ​ ​  Come spend your volunteer hours playing games! FACILITIES DIVISION   Assistant Party Mavens – The Party Maven would like three or four volunteers to help man Party Ops in the Davenport Hotel (morning, afternoon and evening shifts).  Duties will include checking parties in, giving them their party kits, conducting a “pre-flight” damage inspection of party suites, removing obsolete flyers from the Party Boards, and otherwise assisting party hosts.  Especially desirable would be at least one Spokane local with a car available.     ​HOSPITALITY DIVISION           Con Suite and Staff Den​ - More hands are always useful in keeping our hospitality areas clean, neat and well furnished with provender.     OPERATIONS DIVISION   Truck Loaders (move-in)  ​​ – Volunteers are needed Sunday before con in Seattle to load trucks headed to convention site. ​   For information about where and when to report, e-mail [email protected]​     Truck Unloaders (move-in) – Volunteers are needed at the Spokane Convention Center, Monday at 3:00 p.m., to unload trucks with Sasquan supplies.   Truck Directors – Two volunteers are needed Tuesday pre-con to direct Dealers and Exhibitors unloading wares.   Truck Loaders (move-out) – Volunteers are needed Sunday and Monday after con to load Sasquan supplies into trucks.   Truck Unloaders (move-out) – Volunteers are needed Tuesday after con to unload Sasquan supplies from trucks in Seattle. ​   For information about where and when to report, e-mail [email protected]​​     PROGRAM DIVISION   Program Setup – We need people from 9:00 a.m. till noon on Wednesday to help with set-up in the Convention Center.  Meet at Room 206A at 9 a.m.  We need help taping tarps, moving supplies and furniture, checking rooms for correct set-up and so on.  Coffee will be provided.   Children’s Programming – Want to see Worldcon from a younger point of view?  Come play with us in Children’s Programming - there will be plenty going on from making things to discussions to playing games.  Enjoy being a kid again!   Costume and Art Workshop Assistants – Help is needed for setting up and cleaning up after workshops, particularly on Friday and Saturday.   PUBLICATIONS DIVISION   Newsletter Reporters and Photographers – Sasquan’s more-than-daily newsletter will keep members informed about what’s going on at the convention.  It needs reporters and photographers for obvious reasons.   SERVICES DIVISION   On-Site Child Care Liaison – This position entails (i) being available during set up ​ (Tuesday) and tear down (Sunday)  to coordinate the arrival and departure of shipped supplies and serve as a touch point person if additional supplies are needed and (ii) checking in with the KiddieCorp staff throughout the weekend to ensure that the childcare operations are going well and to facilitate obtaining any additional support that is needed.    On-Site Sign Shop Assistants – We are looking for one or two individuals willing to dedicate time to the organization and operation of the onsite Sign Shop.  There is an especially great need for someone who will be available as early as Monday but definitely for Tuesday morning.  Assistants will share some responsibility with the Coordinator for getting the shop up and keeping it running before and during the convention.  Typical tasks include organizing pre-printed signs for distribution to the correct departments, handing out pre-printed signs as they are requested, assisting Sasquan staff members with the design and printing of new signs as requests come in, cutting self-stick foam core to required sign sizes and careful attachment of newly printed signs onto the same.   TECH DIVISION   A/V Staff – Tech is looking for staff for set-up, operations during the convention, and tear-down.   At Con Volunteers – Tech is looking for volunteers with sound, lighting, and video experience for work starting Tuesday before the convention and continuing through the final day (Sunday).  
  6. Spokane River Float thread

    Ummm... I can get a wheelie cooler... in fact I will have a wheelie cooler... so....
  7. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    I'll probably be at the pool... although it is indoor I think... 
  8. Sasquan Information Thread

    Fellow volunteers! They just emailed us the latest list of positions. Lets take over 'Guinan's Place' as Hosts!!! Just need to mingle and keep the place tidy!
  9. Sasquan Information Thread

    I'll be camped in the lobby bar a lot. I have a friend coming up to spend some quality time with me and he won't have a membership so he and I will be either in bar or the pool when we are out and about. :)
  10. Spokane River Float thread

  11. Spokane River Float thread

    There's this at 3 too... but we may well be back in time for this no?
  12. Sasquan Spokane WC 2015 Attendance Headcount Thread

    I'll be a plus 2 for the party...
  13. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    lol... It's a different kind of beauty for sure-but pretty monotonous... ;) And it's going to be hot...
  14. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    From Seattle thru the mountains-its beautiful. Once you get on the East side of the Cascades though-it's not very nice until you start heading North again into the Spokane area when the trees return. :)