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  1. I think we will have some chapters while he is in Ghost like Bran in GOT. He will be absent for some time and he will return towards the end of Winds.
  2. I think Stannis holds Winterfell for a great part of Winds of Winter. I believe that (unlike the series) he wins the battle of Ice and any other battles that follow and takes Winterfell. In the end, Rickon is brought back to Winterfell.Same for Jon. With the Starks back, Stannis loses support from the North.
  3. Areo Hotah. He is just Doran's protector with no intension of being something more or do something else. He has no past and servres only as an observer.
  4. 1.Brienne's chapter in the Quiet Isle. I love d that place's serenity 2. Bran's chapter that describes the winter feast at Winterfell.
  5. I judge with status,leaders and actions until DWD.So I believe house Stark is the most fit to rule.Their bannermen's loyalty even though house Stark seems extinct shows great ruling abilities.
  6. Samwell, Sansa, Bran,Willas
  7. GOT: the same COK: the same SOS: include Arianne as Oberyn's companion in KL FFC: one Dornish POV (Arianne) with more than 4 chapters one Ironborn (Asha) with more than 3 chapters Brienne in Jaime's POV include Bran,Davos and Arya (their DWD chapters) DWD: no Connighton, Melisandre and Quentyn include Arianne's sample chapters from Winds
  8. Sansa's belief about Tyrion is that he was kind: He is a grey character but still he treated Sansa well. No beating, no force to consumate the wedding.
  9. I see Sansa choosing to be with Tyrion who was kind to her. She will be queen of the South (except Dorne) and help Westeros heal its wounds. Her arc is heading for pawn to player. The lessons she took for Catelyn, Cersei and LF will make her have the most pragmatistic view.
  10. I think LF has passed the information that Alayne is Sansa to Anya Waynwood to get this betrothal or that he will legitimize Alayne and make her his heir to the Riverlands so that Harry can claim her lands. I believe his goal is to create chaos by killing Harry very early to strip Robert of his heir. LF remains Lord Protector and when Robert dies there will be a succesion crisis.The betrothal was an alibi for Harry's murder.
  11. Greyjoy, Gardener, Durrandon and Justman (even though I prefer house Tully)
  12. Regent - Margaery Tyrell Hand of the king - Mace Tyrell Lord commander of the kingsguard - Jaime Lannister Master of Laws - Randyll Tarly Master of Ships - Paxter Redwyne Master of Coin - Harrys Swift Master of Whispers - none Grand Maester - a Tyrell one Advisor - Nymeria Sand This will be the Small Council before the battle of Storm's End. Mace will declare Margaery innocent and avoid her trial. Then he leaves for Storm's End, loses the batte and Cersei arrests Margaery and regains her position as Regent.
  13. Most: Ned warning Cersei to leave with her children. Least: the treatment of house Huett by Euron.
  14. Cersei, because her actions affect all of Westeros + Braavos and she is just a Queen Regent. Imagine what could happen if she was a ruling Queen.
  15. North: Scandinavia Riverlands: Germany Westerlands: England Vale: Switzerland Reach: France Stormlands: Wales Dorne: Spain