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  1. Alayne, Arianne I and Theon are very early in Winds along with Slaver's Bay chapters. Sansa seem to ignore everything outside of the Vale (Cersei's and Margaery's arrest, walk of shame, "Arya" getting married, fall of Riverrun) Mace stated that he would not march to Storms End before the trial and in Arianne II we hear of a Tyrell army coming to them. There must be some time for Arianne to reach Griffin's Roost and Aegon to take Storm's End Theon was a cut from DWD so it is earlier than Jon's death. Mercy must be later. Swift needs some time to reach Braavos (especially during winter) and a resolution to the trials is implied ("If he goes back without the gold the queen will have his head".)
  2. Margaery Tyrell Robb Stark Shireen Baratheon Val
  3. There are probably Brandon's illegitimate children around the North who may ignore their true parentage. Considering Barbrey, the fact that she didn't have children with both Brandon and her husband imply she was infertile or had difficulty in conceiving. She could also have become pregnant by Brandon and aborted the child upon learning his betrothal to Catelyn. Her father intended to betroth her to Ned so a bastard child with Brandon would prevent this from happening.
  4. I am sure that she will hang Roslin pregnant or not.She is a Frey who had an important role in the Red Wedding no matter if she wanted it or not. From what we see, Roslin had no desire to play her role but Stoneheart has shown us that such things don't matter for her.
  5. Robert Arryn sent to Twyin or Stannis. Shireen Baratheon sent to house Stark.she needs a warm family. Arya Stark sent to house Martell. She would become best friends with Sand Snakes.
  6. Sam closing the narration of what happened. Bran waking from his dream in Winterfell and hearing that king Robert is coming North.
  7. Rhaegar was her first (and personal choice).Robert was more a normal person than Rhaegar.Rhaegar had a sense of legendary.He seemed the type of the perfect prince unlike Robert. He seemed more satisfying to her standards.
  8. I would put Northeners who know/remember more about this danger. Ned Stark and Jeor Mormont are good choices.
  9. That wedding would please her ego. Cersei is narcissist and greedy. Rhaegar is the most handsome man in the realm and loved by everone, her ideal husband. He would treat her well (at least no beating and humiliaton) and she could grow infuential in court. She would be very happy to have his children. Or at least she could marry her children with Jaime to her children with Rhaegar (they all have Targaryen name) But I don't think that wedding would be a success in the long term. Ok it would be better than Robert/Cersei but Rhaegar seems to be melancholic, focused on prophecy, bookish and probably incompatible with fiery Cersei. I expect her to continue the affair with Jaime.
  10. This is the most possible. Scenario 2 is also very possible. I don't expect a quick fall of Winterfell. Stannis wins the Battle of Ice, Manderlys turn sides, but he is not done with the Boltons. Possibly Ramsey betrays his father and runs away to Dreadfort.
  11. North: house Manderly Riverlands: house Mallister Iron Islands: house Harlaw Westerlands: house Plumm Vale: house Waynwood Reach: house Hightower Stormlands: house Tarth Dorne: house Dayne of Starfall
  12. Viserys/Viserra seem as products of the name Visenya. They appear frequently after Visenya but not before her. Despite her personality, she was a popular warrior-queen, a dragonrider and a good ruler.
  13. This is why I say unofficial. Arianne likes Myrcella. Sand Snakes have not shown any emotion (positive or negative) about Myrcella but I find these words troublesome: Nymeria: Obara would make Oldtown our father's funeral pyre, but I am not so greedy. Four lives will suffice for me. Lord Tywin's golden twins, as payment for Elia's children. The old lion, for Elia herself. And last of all the little king, for my father. Doran: The boy has never wronged us. Nymeria: Only royal blood can wash out my father's murder. Tommen has not done anything wrong to them (like his sister) but still they want to kill him. Myrcella is royal blood too. . Nymeria: It ends in blood, as it began. It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works. Obara: "Give me back my spear, Uncle. Cersei sent us a head. We should send her back a bag of them", (DWD - after learning about the plan to assasinate Trystane. A bag of heads may mean Myrcella's head too)
  14. The most important of all is Alannys Harlaw has all her sons around her and not roam the halls of Pyke looking for them. Probably no Kingsmoot, Aeron does not become a priest, no sack of Winterfell (or at least the Bolton treachery cannot be hidden).
  15. Myrcella has been crowned (unofficially) during the Queenmaker plot. I would be surprised if she reaches King's Landing alive. I believe Sand Snakes/ Darkstar (or both) will kill her in the same way Cersei intended to happen with Trystan.