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  1. It will not be pointless if Sansa manages to escape trial with her wits or persuade Aegon to set her free by promising him support from the Vale/north. Harry's presence in the Alayne sample chapter shows how much Sansa has changed.she found the ideal husband but doesn't seem too eager to marry him.
  2. As seen in her preview chapters, Arianne thinks of the crown she lost because of Daenerys and doesn't seem to like the idea of Quentyn becoming king.Aegon offers a crown, is winning the war, looks like a Targaryen and has Jon Con (whose identity is undeniable).The news from Meereen will make her choice easier. Aegon would marry her because he needs Elia's family to prove that he is true.Jon Con underlined that it is important to have Dorne on their side.
  3. For some time Sansa stays in the Vale and learns to be manipulative with her wits and beauty as LF, Catelyn and Cersei have taught her. Harry will die in the tourney and Sansa will remain single for Winds. From what I have seen he is a womanizer not a monster. Sansa will manage to full control Robert (whose health will improve under her protection) and do as she wants. Same for Lothor Brune and Kettleblack and Lyn Corbay. The mountain clans will attack and during the chaos,Mad Mouse will abduct her and take her to Kings Landing only to find that Cersei has fallen.Aegon will set her free and she will return to the Vale.She will publicly reveal herself as Sansa Stark and persuade the Vale lords to head North.
  4. These are the books that Jorah gave Daenerys the day of her wedding to Khal Drogo.They are histories and songs of the 7 kingdoms but they can include tales of dragons and the pre-conquest Targaryens.GRRM has said that Tyrion will read these in Winds of Winter.
  5. Bran and Bloodraven can share wisdom through visions. Melisandre can think of what she learned in Asshai. Tyrion can reveal something by reading Daenerys's books. (As GRRM has said he will read them)
  6. The dance ended with Aegon + Jaehaera on the Throne. It was not a clear victory for the blacks as their leader Rhaenyra was killed. Daemon's rebellion was in 196,after the Great Council of 101 and the Dance with Dragons. Nearly for a century, women and their lines were banished from succesion. Daena and her sisters were passed because of that. Daeron II would support the idea that his claim came from Daemon and not Rhaenyra. Otherwise, Viserys II, Aegon IV and Daeron II usurped Daena's throne. In this case Daemon's legitimisation in not valid as Aegon is the one who did it. What I am trying to say is that according to the law, his claim is not solid. Aegon IV did not disinherit Daeron publicly so Daemon cannot claim the throne as a legitimised son. Female line is banished so he can't claim it as Daena's heir. The only way to support his claim is having Blackfyre or if he won the war as Robert did.
  7. I just say she appears as a redhead. I too think this is a glamour and her true appearance is unknown. In Arianne I, Winds of Winter, Valena and Teora Toland are described as redheads too. But no further information is given about traditional Toland looks or their origins.
  8. Red haired characters in Westeros are: House Tully (First Men heritage), House Redwyne (First Men heritage) and some Wildlings (First Men heritage). Maybe the first Tully, Gilbert of the Vines and any other mythical founders of houses/Wildling ancestors were leaders of groups of First Men with red/auburn hair who passed their traits to the next generations. Melisandre and Rohanne Webber are individuals so they do not count.
  9. there are many people's fates that yandel and other maesters didn't write down.that doesn't mean they were killed.
  10. It doesn't fit with Jaehaerys's politics to kill his nieces. Rhaena seemed to accept Jaehaerys's claim to the Throne by giving him Blackfyre and leaving her post as Queen Consort. I believe that one of her daughters was given to the Faith to strenghten ties with the High Septon and the second married into house Velaryon.
  11. Female line was banished from succesion. When Aegon II died, Viserys I male line died and the claim passed to his brother's male line. That's how Rhaenyra's sons became kings. Daemon could become king only if Aegon IV named him his heir or if he won the war against Daeron II.
  12. Myrcella was the best choice for me. It could work better than Joffrey and Sansa. I vote for Ysilla Royce too. This could strengthen ties to the Vale.
  13. Targaryens killed Ned's brother and father. I doubt he could bend the knee to any Targaryen. If Catelyn knew about Jon's identity, she would accept him in her family. It would seem suspicious. Women usually despise their husbands bastards. Not informing Cersei was a good one. Refusing to become Hand and come south was even better. Betrothing Sansa to Joffrey was a good idea. But he must betrothe his other children to Great Houses to gain support.
  14. Just a thought. Doran knows who Darkstar is and uses him to do the dirty job. The mission to High Hermitage is a trap for Balon Swan (and perhaps Obara). Darkstar has left to find Myrcella and kill her on road to King's Landing (as Cersei planned to happen with Trystane). I believe that Darkstar was the one who informed Doran about the Queenmaker plot.
  15. I partially agree to this idea.I believe that Varys and Serra were the last remnants of Brightflame and Blackfyre lines. Illyrio was in a same way the last from the Bittersteel/Calia Blackfyre line. Illyrio married Serra and had a son, Aegon. As direct Blackfyre invasions on Westeros proved to be failures, they seized the opportunity to present Serra's son as Aegon Targaryen. The boyish clothes in Illyrio's house, the way Illyrio speaks of Aegon before Tyrion leaves Pentos,GC supporting a Targaryen despite fighting for years against them support this. But I doubt Serra is Lemore.I buy more that Lemore is Tyene's mother.