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  1. Stormlands and Lannisters are more powerful at the moment.Doran will hesitate to ally openly with Aegon or let him land in Dorne.It is crucial to marry Margaery after Renly's death.I think Aegon has more chance to win by landing the moment he did.
  2. AGOT: Daenerys. Her Dothraki arc and evolvement from a frightened girl to the mother of dragons was interesting. ACOK: Tyrion. Politics mixed with funny moments. ASOS: Sansa. We got into LF's inner circle. AFFC: Cersei. Interesting power conflict and self destruction. ADWD: Theon. He interacts with interesting characters
  3. If Stannis and Shireen are considered rebels and out of succesion, no bastard is legitimized then probably house Baratheon is extinct. That means Aegon gets more supporters. I don't see Cersei submit. She returns to Casterly Rock and declares herself lion queen.
  4. Bran can pass information to Theon about hidden passages to Winterfell.
  5. Not long after the wedding, Joanna was dismissed by Queen Rhaella Targaryen from her service in King's Landing, departed for Casterly Rock at once, and she seldom visited the capital afterwards. That reduces greatly the chances that Cersei and Jaime are Aerys's children. Timeline makes it more possible for Tyrion to be Aerys's son.Joanna attended the Anniversary Tourney in King's Landing in 272 AC and in 273 birthed Tyrion. I believe that he is truly Twyin's son. Twyin would have killed him if he was not his son. Story so far has focused on Tyrion resembling Twyin unlike Cersei and Jaime (in character).
  6. Tyrion was in charge of cisterns and drains at Casterly Rock in his youth. Maybe he could know a passage to enter Casterly Rock in secret (like Daenerys took Meereen) when he returns to Westeros. I don't expect a Lannister civil war because only Cersei remains.Most of them are missing/dead/too young and there are more to come (R.W vol.2, Aegon's invasion,etc). I find it easier that Cersei flees King's Landing when Aegon takes it and makes Westerlands her independent kingdom.
  7. Daenerys is the last known Targaryen of the male line with undeniable parentage.Aegon has to prove his identity and Jon has to remove his bastardy and prove his parentage.So Targaryen succesion is probably: 1.Daenerys 2.Tommen 3.Stannis 4.Myrcella 5.Shireen 6.any descendants of Aerion. 7.any descendants of Maekar's daughters 8.Doran Martell 9. House Blackfyre 10.Elaena's descendants House Velaryon should be high I suppose.even if the last Targaryen-Velaryon wedding was ages ago, they have much common blood.
  8. Ned was probably not officially engaged to anyone.If he was,he could not break it and marry Catelyn. I think he intended to marry Ashara Dayne when Lyanna disappeared.
  9. I think it was a good choice at that time. A commercial port protected by dragons. 3 hills to fortify inside and it is near Dragonstone. Building a new capital was a sign of the new dynasty. As far as (medieval) Constantinople is concerned have in mind that in the 1000 years of the Byzantine Empire, the city fell only 2 times. It was surrounded by sea, having land only in the west. This made protection from enemies easier.
  10. House Velaryon,Celtigar,Qoherys are not mentioned to have dragons in the Conquest. Probably they were never dragonlords but it could also turn that the dragonless line of these houses left Valyria, while the main dragonlord line perished in the Doom.Same could happen with Volantene/Lyseni,etc.
  11. Lannisters are falling and Aegon still hasn't the IT.Lanninsters cant do much if Vale and Riverlands declare for Sansa.
  12. Up to DwD, things are going really well for LF: house Tully is deposed, their lands are now his, he has Lysa's only child and Catelyn's eldest child. If I was LF, I would assure that houses Stark and Tully are extinct and Sansa remains the only heir. I would do my best to become a father figure for Sansa and make good betrothals for me and her in Vale/Riverlands.
  13. House Hightower. They seem to adapt in any occasion: Gardener expansion,Andal and Faith invasion, Conquest, Robert's Rebellion, War of the 5 kings. Even the Dance couldn't reduce their power.
  14. House Darry. House Mallister.
  15. North: north clans.they are the most unique north lords Riverlands: house Darry.Always loyal. Vale: house Waynwood.Lady Anya and her descendants seem very sympathetic. Westerlands: house Marbrand. same with darry. Iron islands: house Harlaw. they seem to be near the type of westeroshi lord. Crownlands: house Velaryon. naval force with ties to house Targaryen Reach: house Hightower. they seem to adapt in every occasion Dorne: house Dayne. The only Dornish house I want to learn more. Stormlands: house Tarth. I like Selwyin Tarth from Brienne's despriptions.