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  1. Advantages of marrying Cersei are far less than disadvantages. She offers Aegon the wealth of Casterly Rock and what is left of the Lannister army and it appears that both the Targaryen and usurper side ally but Aegon loses the anti-Lannister block on which he focuses in DWD and WOW (Dorne, Stormlands) and gains the enmity of Lannister enemies (North,Riverlands,Tyrells, Faith). She is the daughter of Twyin (who ordered the deaths of Elia and Rhaenys), sister of the Kingslayer, widow of the usurper. Plus she has a bad reputation for twincest,murder and has been publicly ashamed. Myrcella or another Lannister is a far better choice if Aegon wants to unite the two sides.
  2. Dragonstone itself is a powerful stronghold but it is mostly the memories of being the seat of the heir and housed dragons. it has a good position and a good port but it is not so much powerfull. Plus its sworn houses are not so much powerful (Velaryon power seems to be greatly diminished over the past few years)
  3. In Alayne sample chapter in Winds: Two Arryns sharing the same (Arryn) trait? Orys Baratheon had too black hair. Blue eyes is possible a Durrandon trait as Orys had black eyes.It is diddicult to distinguish Baratheon traits and Durrandon traits as Orys seems to have some resemblance to them.
  4. The worst endings are the unrealistic ones. Everyone is king/prince/lord, married, with children and there is peace everywhere or everyone dies and all are destroyed.
  5. Daenerys Targaryen. A strong woman who has nothing at the start of the story but managed to gain an army, gold and 3 dragons. Robb Stark. His treat of Jeyne Westerling was very honorable.He could do what Theon did with the captain's daughter.
  6. Being dump does not depend only on intelligence but cunning,charisma, adaptability,luck,quick thought. For example Cersei after Robert's death handled things great but in FFC she was dump. My vote is for Victarion. He lacks intelligence and is easily manipulated in his chapters by Euron and Moqorro.
  7. Tyrion and Sansa are again accused of this. Twyin probably forces Cersei + Willas more.Lannisters and Tyrells still need each other but the alliance is more unstable after Margaery's death. There is no rivalry between Cersei and Margaery. There is no Faith Militant reborn. Tommen is married to another Tyrell. Lannisters are still the best option for Tyrells.
  8. Cersei. I don't admire her but I find her interesting. And in FFC I come to understand her way of thinking and feeling.
  9. Blood and Cheese is the worst. Other horrible actions: Jaehaera's death Red Wedding Donella Hornwood's fate Killing Rhaenys and Aegon Theon's punishment (ok he needed a hard lesson but not that brutal)
  10. Probably Tyrells. Cersei and her interactions are being watched. She must speak to someone to arrange the murders. Plus it doesn't look logical for Cersei to murder the last remaining Lannister allies in King's Landing. If Cersei was to murder someone it would be Lancel and Kettleblacks who can prove her guilt.
  11. Cersei is never alone. As we see in DWD epilogue she is always with septas who can prove she was in her chambers when Pycelle died and had supper with Kevan in friendly terms. Tyrells on the other hand will seem more guilty. Pycelle had told about the moon tea and Kevan was taking power from them.This could affect Margaery's trial.
  12. I too expect a huge death list:Jojen Reed,Hodor,Bloodraven,Roose Bolton,Ramsay Bolton,Alliser Thorne,Bowen Marsh,Margaery Tyrell,Tommen Baratheon,Myrcella Baratheon,Shireen Baratheon,Selyse Florent,Harry Hardyng,Lady Stoneheart,all Westerlings,a lot of Freys,Areo Hotah,Doran Martell,Nymeria Sand,Hizdar zo Loraq,Lancel Lannister,Aeron Greyjoy
  13. The best Daenerys can hope is Tyrells some Crownlords, some Ironlords (Victarion's team) and some Riverldords. Tyrells will probably lose too much when Lannisters lose the throne and Aegon favours Tarlys and Rowans.Daenerys can restore them to their former position. Rosby, Stokeworth, Duskendale and the lords of the Narrow Sea will ally with Daenerys because of proximity to Dragonstone where she lands. Victarion will join her because of his hatred for Euron. North and most Riverlands are devastated by war. Vale will probably be focused to the North.Reach,Dorne,Stormlands will go to Aegon's team.Lannisters will not join her as long as Cersei is alive.
  14. Aegon,Visenya and Rhaenys are three of the most characters of Westeros. We need to know how the idea about the Conquest started, the relationship between them, what happened to Rhaenys's corpse in Dorne, how the dornish wars ended during Aegon's reign.
  15. Olyvar Frey Roslin Tully Jeyne Westerling Tyene Sand