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  1. George locked the comments. It seemed like 99% were the usual supportive ones for him. Maybe he just needed a pick-me-up from the "woe is me" attitude he had on that post. Heck, I hope so, maybe he'll go off and write a couple dozen pages.
  2. Dammit George. I'm sure he is disappointed too, but with the scope of things in this series, does anyone expect it to resolve in 7 books anyways. He isn't going to finish. I'll be very honest, once the show finishes for him, he willywill have very little motivation to keep on pushing hard. Honestly, he's 67, most people at this point are retired and relaxing and most people aren't multimillionaires and famous like GRRM. He might finish TWOW this year but then its back to Cons and all the other things he likes, such as developing and editing all kinds of other stuff. He's obviously burned out on writing the series, I can't even blame him after 20 years. But seeing ADOS? I'll be shocked. That's another 5 years---at minimum---for a guy in his seventies who has a great life. Can't wait for TWOW because its probably the last one we will get. (Embraces show storytelling to get a conclusion)
  3. I'm sure there will be. He knows that's what everyone is waiting for, so he'll get everything else announced first before giving an update. I hope. I'm still one of the idiots who imagines him being able to get the book out before the show starts hardcore spoiling the books. D&D did him a favor too with leaving S5 the way they did, at the same point as the books for the most part. He's got to take advantage of it here.
  4. He updated it and added some stuff on Santa Fe. No way his last subject is anything other than tWOW. We'll get 4 more posts on other stuff first and then maybe something on tWOW