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  1. I like giving to my local no kill animal shelters or the food bank. Keeping things local, and to be back on topic, nothing a MLM sells isn't anything I can't buy local or online.
  2. I loathe the UW! Years ago we had a UW presentation at my workplace and then the pressure to donate or sign up for payroll deductions (no fucking way). I was a holdout as I thought the presentation was really awful. When asked why I wouldn't do payroll deduction and bring the overall giving percent of the company giving my reply was "I already give to some charities." A few weeks later the scandal broke of the UW CEO living the lavish lifestyle with added hookers and blow. Yeah, uh-huh, keep your slimy CEO's outa my paycheck.
  3. Good grief! Male puberty would straight up have to be outlawed!
  4. Or the looming terror of a woman enjoying sex and having an orgasm. >>>>shriek<<<< How scary is that?
  5. Or use Viagra or other boner pills.
  6. The R's know this, and I would not be surprised that there plenty of lackeys, including Pence, telling 45 how wonderful he is because it will be him that signs this shit heap. Yanno, their version of his mug on billboards and licking out his ass. Yup, if it makes it that far, he'll sign.
  7. The silencing by senator colleagues was also done to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. As for what stories the NYT writes, they certainly can write on both as one does not exclude the other.
  8. I agree with this, if it comes to his desk, he'll sign all the while crowing about how good the bill is for 'our country.' >>>barf<<<
  9. I'll just leave this right here. read the whole thing.
  10. Yes, and so are most of the conservatives and Trump's base, they just don't know it yet.
  11. Hairscare Healthcare! That will fix what ails ya!
  12. When the Party 'O Bidnezz deals with the 'economy' even the plebes notice. Sure, we're losing our houses and jobs, but we do notice.
  13. It's the median, not the mean that counts tho, eh?
  14. Wealthcare is something I've seen around and it's a good moniker. So is this meme from NBC?WSJ The Senate GOP health care bill doesn’t repeal Obamacare; it replaces Medicaid from here; although I wouldn't say it 'replaces' Medicaid, more like it kills Medicaid.