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  1. Rumors swirling on Political and elsewhere that Paul Ryan will retire at the end of his term in 2018. On my phone so can't post link.
  2. Got it, thanks.
  3. What I wonder about is what can Senator Jones do for Alabama as far as easing some of the voter suppression going on as I can all kinds of attempts to make it worse. The Dems in AL need to get organized for 2020 like yesterday as they have lots of work to do.
  4. Sassy's pissed! and then
  5. The bullet we dodged....
  6. IIRC you said something was doomed.
  7. I think the horse Moore rode in on deserves a nice flake of hay and a hot mash. After all, it carried an unbalanced child molester who was pulling hard on it's mouth. Tough duty ffor any horse.
  8. Is it true? Is it really true?
  9. I'm kinda tense about the future.
  10. Of course he is, because having @WinterFox eat her chocolate bra would be just too cool.
  11. @Martell Spy he hopes to attract 4H'ers with the horse! Shhhhh, you weren't supposed to notice!
  12. The other thread isn't even closed yet, is this a case of thread suppression?
  13. I can't watch. I'll be hiding under the bed if anyone needs me.