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  1. June 14 would be a good day. Flag day and Trump's birthday! What a pisser of a day that would be.
  2. Can't you just feel the (Russian) love?
  3. JHC does the new healthcare bill cover Trump induced whiplash? Cuz we're gonna need it.
  4. Like the man says, "Anything stand out?"
  5. "Who knew that building a wall could be so hard?"
  6. Write it, copyright it and................................profit!
  7. We've met his doctor, remember? He writes what Trump tells him to write, so psychiatry at a distance might be a bit more insightful.
  8. So see if I understand your argument; increase the members of the HoR, which would increase the size of the members of the EC, so that the vote of the EC should mirror the majority of vote of the citizenry? Is that what you're arguing for? hmmmmm, I'd have to chew on that for awhile. Making the HoR have more reps is an interesting idea, but would that really make the EC vote the way of the majority? Because it sure would have been a good thing if that had happened in 2016.
  9. Thanks, Rip, no I didn't know that. Still, having candidates play to the EC states with biggest numbers leaves voters out in the cold. California is a good example, very blue last year, not viable for a red presidential candidate, so candidate visits and money spent not at the same intensity as Florida or Nevada, say. I myself feel all 50 states should be important to the candidates and the voters, and with an EC, even with an expanded HoR, I still don't see how that happens.
  10. What are you talking about? How would this change the EC? I'm not following you, at all.
  11. As much as I despise Trump, I feel it was the system of the EC that really screwed us this time. It might have been devised to deter a populist election, and that may of worked in1877, but now it distorts our way of electioneering and election results. A person who was behind 3 million votes should not have won the election. We also shouldn't have 'fly over' states nor have candidates concentrate their time and money on the states that would 'get them to 270', it's ludicrous. The HoR and Senate might use some changes, the EC needs to changed first and the sooner the better.
  12. I don't see IQ tests for voting as revolutionary, but de-evolutioanry. The USA has been down the road of 'literacy tests' for black voters and poor whites before it was wrong then and it would be wrong now. The literacy tests and other abuses did help to bring about the Voter Rights act which some may have seen as being revolutionary. In the vote in November, 3 million more voters voted for the losing candidate than the winning one. How many of those 3 million would have passed an IQ test? The problem wasn't their IQ, but the Electoral College and the location of 77,000 thousand voters in three states. Changing the Electoral College for a more fair system in the USA would be revolutionary.
  13. One of the novellas "The Churn" can be found in book form in '2015 The Years Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novellas' published by Prime books. I found a copy of this at my local library.