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  1. If she was in a right to work, work at will state, Cracker Barrel doesn't need a clearly defined reason. Perhaps a manager thought she was too old, or too ugly, or needed to free up a position for a relative or friend to take her spot. Or just because. BOOM! Gone, no fuss, no muss, all legal.
  2. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    House, meet Trump.
  3. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Paul Ryan, not hateful conservative enough. serious lol on that one!
  4. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I think it's because girls are >icky< and also ............................blood.
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    And if they actually enjoy sex they must be punished.
  6. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    If they vote yes in the morning, there will be massive protests all over by the afternoon, I would think. hmmm, I don't have a pink cap, guess my good brown felt one will have to.
  7. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    I wonder how much the Koch brothers are willing to pay for a conscience these days?
  8. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Yeah but I'd say the deal left him.
  9. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Priorities man! (golf) Trumpcare loses out to golf. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Thanks! Me neither! ~~shivers ~~
  11. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Sure as shit not fucking offending me.
  12. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Oppsie, fucked up the quote, ahh, sorry OGE, I meant to quote Commodore. The heat of the moment and all that. <looks down, runs toe through carpet> No hard feeling 'k? It was just a forum fart, you know. Hate to have anybody think you'd say such a stupid thing, won't happen again, especially with Commodore 'cuz ya, I do know @OldGimletEye don't play that libertarian crap.
  13. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    So, would a private charity work for my car insurance then? 'cuz I'm tired of paying it and being a safe driver and not having any wrecks carrying all those bad drivers. sucks! /eye*fukin*roll
  14. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Fuck yes it is worth it to me, a woman who hasn't and will not have a baby. However, I want my kin and their children to have maternity care, not just because they're kin, but it's ethical, humane and just right. Plus, even for those who don't plan for children, they sometimes (many times really) have children anyway. Jesus, this is just stupid.
  15. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    Not me, but then I don't like vampire movies.