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  1. My answer would have been 'no', but you have the right of it.
  2. Dear Suspended and Disgraced Not a Judge Roy Moore; I won't pray for you. Luv, Nasty Long Rider
  3. That's really rad!
  4. And kneepads with the Trump logo on them as well.
  5. 45 had a press conference yesterday to let his delusions run wild. Here.
  6. OMFG yes! Trump, Chick Tracks and Tijuana Bibles, oh yeah, a trifecta made in Heaven. Or maybe Havana. NSFW.
  7. A lot of how these people vote is owed to RW radio and Fox News. Seriously, those two outlets have brain washed many Americans, fed into their fears and identified their 'enemies' and resentments for them. Add in the Religious Right of Hate and there are three good reasons they don't realize that they are voting against their self-interest.
  8. They are in the prono stacks.
  9. The Buck Stops Daily, for Tee Time.
  10. I think Chick Porno Tracks would be divine as Chick Tracts are nearly porno anyway.
  11. Wisdom teeth exist so dentists can afford to buy fishing boats. I had six of them, fortunately they were all removed at the same time. Hope the oral surgeon had many happy days fishing.
  13. I'm immersed in Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Really liking it. Have watched the film twice now, love it, and an enjoying the differences and the expanded stories in book. Mitchell wrote each storyline in a different style and as far as I'm concerned, he pulled it off.