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  1. The knob goes past 11.
  2. Is the bare minimum the 'on many sides' bullshit, or has he said anything since? He also retweeted this, then the adults in the room deleted it, apparently.
  3. No shit! I don't think I've read any ASOIAF theories as wild as recent times have been.
  4. The Hill is reporting this per the WSJ, which is behind a pay wall.
  5. Some people gotta work! Didn't know about Google, glad to hear it.
  6. Nice push back on some Nazis. GoDaddy: We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move their domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service.
  7. Yup.
  8. What you are missing is that open carry of hand guns in the State of Virginia is legal. As such, if a member of the Nazi group was over 18 and carrying a gun, long or short it was legal. Such are the gun laws in America.
  9. Ageism now? ffs, get over yourself.
  10. This is true, and it makes things easier for Trump due to precedent. Remember how much the private prison stocks went up on election night? Right now we have an avowed racist with a history as AG. With established camps and private prisons at his disposal, a compromised Executive with Nazi (Alt-Right) counselors, the possibility, alas is there. Remember, Trump admires Putin as does the Neo-Nazi's, and one strategy Putin uses is to jail his enemies and critics. See Magnitsky. So currently, we have an increase in immigrants and refugees being detained, Gitmo still open and profiteers happy to build more detention centers. So the question of 'Is Trump weakening the Rule of Law as it applies to Neo-Nazi's?' If they happily detain the venerable and let the domestic terrorists go and won't call them out like they should. I would say, yes.
  11. OH ffs, read some of these links.
  12. Perhaps the ACLU could help you answer that.