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  1. I prefer Jon fighting with Longclaw on the ground.
  2. No three heads. The dragonriders in the book will be different I think . In the books Tyrion might very well ride Viserion.
  3. Dany - Drogon Night king - Viserion Bran- warging Rhaegal
  4. This is the most likely scenario I think. The Hightowers usually surrenders rather than fighting . If declaring for Euron will help them continuing with trade they will. This will also give Euron a strong army.
  5. Mainly because of Tywin. How brutally he dealt with the Reynes , the sack of KL and his bannerman Gregor.
  6. How big army can Aegon expect? He has the 10k GC, probably around 30k Dornish and if lords like Tarly defects he could get 30-40k from the Reach? Maybe a couple of thousands from the Crownlands? Am I overestimating when I say that Aegon could get a army around 70k?
  7. What is the military strenght of the great houses after the WO5K? . The Westerlands , North , Riverlands and Iron islands all lost many men during the war.
  8. Once the capital of a powerful empire who had magic and dragons. One day they discovered the power of shadow. "The brightest light casts the darkest shadow". Stygai who was the heart of fire became the heart of shadow and casted this shadow over Asshai.Eventually the shadow came out of hand and destroyed the enviorment surrounding Asshai. The Shadowbinders purpose is to make sure the shadow does not spread , they are binding the shadow to one place. The shadow is like Unlight in Tolkiens universe. A twisted form of darkness. That's my theory.
  9. I think they joins Euron. And:
  10. Mad mouse can also just send word to Varys that Sansa is in the Vale.
  11. Someone else would had taken throne most likely Jon Arryn or Tywin.
  12. No it's not unless Kevan becomes as ruthless as Tywin , which is unlikely.
  13. Kevan becomes the new family head. Don't know if he would had followed the same path as Tywin did by becoming hand of the king etc.