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  1. I like this one.
  2. So killing babies and flaying people are not bad ? Those actions are considered wrong even in Westeros .
  3. Medical issues is not a excuse for killing a baby and then raping the mother . Joffrey is just a spoiled saddistic little shit. Ramsay is pure evil. Killing your brothers , raping and sacrificing your pregnant mistress are acts of pure evil. Being selected democratically dosen't justify such evil acts.
  4. Ramsay , Euron , Joffrey and the Mountain.
  5. A lot. Stannis , Ramsay , Roose , Littlefinger , Connington , Doran , Aeron , Victarion , Barristan , Stoneheart , Tommen , Myrcella , Margaery , Loras , Mace , Walder Frey , Shireen , Selyse, Balon Swann .
  6. Sansa. Not that fond of Arya tbh.
  7. The " King's blood" is actually just Targ blood/ dragon blood. The Baratheons have Targ blood. The Starks might descend from COTF or Others , magical creatures. So I think what matters are blood from magical creatures.
  8. Depends who takes the first move. If Cersei then the Tyrells are blaimed , if the Tyrells act first then Cersei gets the blame.
  9. Arya imo is grey
  10. Euron dosen' t have enough men to destroy Oldtown. What Euron will probably do is to blockade Oldtown and thus stopping Hightower's trade . With no trade Hightower loose wealth and power , so they might have to join him to secure their trade.
  11. Abdicate , let Rhaegar handle Robert and escape with wife and kids. Maybe killing myself in the process.
  12. I think that Yronwoods and Daynes might join Dany . The Tullys and the Riverlands might be forced into joining her.
  13. @Tyrion1991 The Hightowers are definetly important but I dont see them getting involved with the war for the throne. If they really want a grip over the IT then they should have thrown all their forces to Margaery. The way I see it the Hightowers are more involved with the magic . So the most likely option now is what @Lord Varys said , they will join Euron either willingly or unwillingly.