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  1. Night king is in an Andal?
  2. So do you think the last season will have any new main cast members? I think Gemma Whelan and Pilou Asbæk will become main cast. I was surprised they were not main cast in S7 so I expect to see them there now , at least Pilou. Lesser likely candidates could be Ellie Kendrick , Anton Lesser , Richard Dormer , Jacob Anderson and Vladimir Furdik. Do you think there will be new additions to the main cast , if so who ?
  3. Yes , George has said it will be another dance.
  4. I'll correct myself , I don't think the weirwoods is the reason they " woke up" . I'm just saying that now that they have returned they will finish their job. As for what woke them up I don't know .
  5. There is known that the First men destroyed a lot of weirwoods , enough for the Children to create the WW. What do you mean with 2nd long night ? There has only been one LN as far as we know.
  6. He'll probably gather the Lannister soldiers in the Riverlands ( the soldiers Arya met) . I also think he makes peace with Edmure and that they march north with a united Lannister- Tully army .
  7. I think their purpose is to protect the weirwoods . I like to compare NK with Ultron. In age of ultron Ultron was created to make peace , but he tought as long as humans exist there couldn't be peace. I think it's the same with Night king , created to protect the weirwoods but he thinks as long as warm blooded creatures exists the weirwoods will die. So in short they wants to freeze the world to protect the weirwoods , ice preserves after all. So the Night king is basically just taking his job very seriously .
  8. That's what I tought , thanks !
  9. Melisandre refers to R"Hllor as the god of fire and shadow. Is that something red priests in general belives or is it just Melisandre ?
  10. Agreed.
  11. Why all this what if threads?
  12. If Sansa ends up in the Riverlands , then there could be a interesting reunion with her mother. Even more interesting would be the reunion between Littlefinger and Cat . Maybe LF will end TWOW hanging from a tree?
  13. The Boltons , doubt they would have problem figthing them. Everybody assumes Stannis wins. He'll defeat the Freys yes , but he might loose against the Boltons.