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  1. All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Why is everyone so sure that Mace will be leading the army? After Kevans death Mace is the most likely candidate to become the next regent. He is also Hand of the king and his daughter is to stand trial. I think it's more likely that Randyll will lead the army on behalf of Mace.
  2. Maester Last Names

    Aemon Targaryen
  3. Darkstar is def innocent

    The question is why did Darkstar attack Myrcella?
  4. Do you think that close to the end of the series the northernes led by Jon Snow will march south to prevent Dany from conquering the North? Only this time the King in the North will not bend the knee to the dragonlord. A possible scenario i see is that North deal with the Others all by them self . And Dany after dealing Aegon and possibly Euron in the south will decide to conquer the North. This will lead to a battle between Jon and Daenerys on the Trident. Maybe even Jon teams up or takes controll of the Others and uses them against Dany and her dragons. Ice vs fire. We have Danys dream where she melts the Usurpers forces at the Trident. And the Starks are the " Usurpers dogs" . Of course the usurper could also refer to Stannis . The usurper could also be Aegon if it indeed becomes war between those two. Or will Jon and Dany team up to defeat the Others? Jon holding the Others at bay at Winterfell until Dany arrives with the dragons.
  5. Cumulative theory of the beginning

    What about the people " so ancient they had no name" who came from the Shadow and where the first dragonriders ?
  6. Craster is a Stark

    Black blood is probably Nights watch .
  7. Euron, the Many-Faced God, and Nyarlathotep

    I like this. I have long been speculating on Euron being a host for something else . Though GRRM has said that gods will not appear .
  8. You really are Dorian Martell's son
  9. If that dragonhorn should work...

    I'm thinking something like this: Victarion binds the dragon and everything is cool , he travels back to Westeros and thinks everything is cool . He confronts Euron and then realise that the dragon is loyal to Euron.
  10. When house Gardener took over the Reach the Hightowers married the Gardeners instead of fighting them and keeping their city independent They opened their gates to the Andals and married them. They opened the gates to Aegon I . They didnt send a single soldier to fight with the Gardeners against Aegon. Why dont they fight the invaders ? Are they just after to protect their proud city , or is there something more sinister? Like if the Hightowers perish something terrible will happen . Will they welcome Euron aswell ?
  11. Small Questions v. 10105

    How old is Myranda Royce?
  12. How would you punish house Bolton?

    Give them their familiy tradition , flay them.
  13. Aurane the Unburnt?

    Ahh okay , long time since i read TWOIAF . It's time for a re-read .
  14. Aurane the Unburnt?

    Who is this Aurion?
  15. Yes. Sansas son would come before Arya . Just like the Stark kids will inheritate Riverrun before Lysa.