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  1. Rhaego didn't die he was just sent into the past and was born as Tyrion . So basically KG+D= T.
  2. Is COD: WWII any good? Gamespot gave it 9/10 whila a rewiever in my homecountry gave it 4/10 , kinda confusing.
  3. Anyone else looking forward to Red dead redemption 2 and God of War? I think GOW with norse mythology will be awesome , think Kratos vs Thor.
  4. I did the same mistake , Hate myself for it. Is Last of us open world ?
  5. Decided to buy a PS4 , which games should I buy ? Right now I'm considering The witcher 3 , Horizon zero dawn and Fifa 18.
  6. Agree , tons of great characters especially Ragnar and Floki.
  7. Didn' notice any thread on Vikings so I tought I create one. Discussion for Vikings who will air with it's fifth season November 29th. It airs on History channel and will also be available on HBO.
  8. Favs: Jaime , Tyrion , Jon Least: Arya( overrated ) , Gilly ( useless) and Ellaria ( shitty)
  9. I like this one.
  10. So killing babies and flaying people are not bad ? Those actions are considered wrong even in Westeros .
  11. Agree.
  12. Medical issues is not a excuse for killing a baby and then raping the mother . Joffrey is just a spoiled saddistic little shit. Ramsay is pure evil. Killing your brothers , raping and sacrificing your pregnant mistress are acts of pure evil. Being selected democratically dosen't justify such evil acts.
  13. Ramsay , Euron , Joffrey and the Mountain.