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  1. I posted in the other thread but I thought of a few more... Thirding geder palliako The chairmaker from use of weapons...evilist fuck I've ever read. Ramsay Bolton. Richard rahl. Yuck. Pat Bateman. Disturbed in a way that kept me from finishing the book
  2. The chairmaker from use of weapons Ramsay Bolton Gender Palliako I hated all three of these characters equally; which is to say totally. It's a hate that I enjoy. Hee hee
  3. Dude. Thanks for this. I never would've found this on my own; SO excited to get reading. That hardback price, by the by, is redonk.
  4. So, HC and OC then? That is a heaping plate for a 33 yr old, IMO. Not that he can't do it, mind you; it just seems like a lot. Like I said, the athletes are there to be ridden to a Big 12 title (easily, I think) but you have to keep the cycle going. Texas is on a big come up and OSU is just as loaded as OU. Man, that is going to make for interesting times in Norman.
  5. Coaching turnover, especially at the HC level, usually wreaks havoc on recruiting. These kids aren't prepared for the uncertainty that usually comes with the whole deal. I've done little reading on this turn of events (I'll be leaving to research in just a moment), but do any of you know if Riley intends to preserve the staff? If so, that is HUGE from a recruiting standpoint. They have enough roster talent to compete for the next couple of years even if Riley is an eventual bust, but they need to keep pace refilling the cupboard. Herman is foaming at the mouth at UT, I bet.
  6. My two hopes are for b00mer s00ner to implode next year and for auburn to pilfer one of the CB recruits. Not a fan of OK...nope, not at all. He left riley a loaded cupboard, though; that's for sure.
  7. That is quite a departure. Though the second one, Dale Keown, if I'm not mistaken, is awesome! I absolutely love his art.
  8. I read Elektrograd by Warren Ellis in a sitting. Not a brag, of course; it probably tips the scales at about 30-35 pages but I really liked it. A near future crime story, i guess, is what it is. It reads a bit like a procedural ep. which usually wouldn't be enough for me but I've always loved an Ellis yarn. Worth your time; considering how little of it will be required. The afterward hints at possible future visitations to the realm but it was published in 2015 so
  9. I've only read City of Stairs but it came from nowhere and blew me away. It began, literally, as a stop gap. I picked it up because I had a mostly empty ereader. The last one busted and I had limited time to add a few books as I left for vacation. It was the ONLY one of the 5 or 6 I added to it that I knew next to nothing about. It was a tremendous read made even better because I loved Shara Komayd. The structure of the series, using Mulaghesh and Sigurd as POV's, gave me pause and is probably why I have yet to continue but I am certain I will get around to them; especially since the series is now complete(?)
  10. I'm headed quickly in that direction, DR. I finished The Churn last night and loved it. That kind of no nonsense, one track minded desire to survive, and potentially thrive, at all costs is excellent escapism for me. Chatham's(?) portrayal in the TV show did play a part in my sudden intense interest in the character but I liked him in LW also. Now I REALLY can't wait to get to Nemesis Games. Thanks, DR
  11. Thanks for the reply I've really enjoyed Amos' character; especially as fleshed out by the TV show and this seemed like the logical place to start. There is another called the Butcher of Anderson Station, which I assume is going to fill us in on the details of Johnson's infamous decision to eradicate said station that has also piqued my interest.
  12. I am currently making my way through Guards, Guards, Survivor by Palahniuk and A Star-Reckoners Lot by Darrell Drake (He is a reddit poster and this book came rec'd by a couple of buddies). It is surprisingly engaging so far but Guards, Guards and Survivor are re-reads. I decided to break it up some by reading the Expanse novellas...What is the consensus on these? I plan to start with The Churn because of the TV show but maybe I shouldn't? I've only read the main series through Caliban's War, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. you say "too"...do you have a batman wannabe? lay it out for me pwease...a list of batman wannabes, that is. i'm considering umbrage. ETA: holy shit! netflix altered carbon?!
  14. i've only watched the first 3 eps but i'm absolutely loving it so far. danny has made some really weird decisions but he's been living in another dimension so i'm not sure what metric everyone is using to judge his behavior it reminds me a bit of tom hanks in big for some reason...anyway, i've also been an avid reader of comics for the last 30+ years so i'm probably gonna lean towards rose colored glasses. i know i'm really early in the season and that my opinion is just beginning to form but jj and luke cage were EXTREMELY slow burns and DD had expository plateaus as well. these stories, considering where they came from, are serialized long forms and are prone to peaks and valleys...though i'm not sure if 'prone to' is right. to me, it implies fault and i find no fault thus far. FINISH THE TPB, n00bs!
  15. Holy shit...Shirley, you must be joking. Anyway, I am still working my way through the kings blood by Abraham. I believe he may have become my favorite author...this series has been outstanding so far...been a while since I've read a multi POV book and not been let down by certain characters. I recently finished senlin ascends and had my mindhole blown...a tremendous read really. I'm very happy about being able to move right on to book 2. Also, I am in the early stages of calibans war. The tv show has been awesome and has reminded me that i needed to return to the source material.