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  1. Power went out once when I had just started showering. I decided to finish it. It was a bit weird at first, but I eventually discovered that I do not need light to shower as I'm perfectly familiar with my bathroom and body. Good thing I didn't drop the soap, tho :D.
  2. This is expensive too . I pay 10 euros a month for 150 mbps internet connection without data cap. If I wanted to add cable TV, that's another 5-10 euro tops. This is in the EU.
  3. I haven't had TV for years. Cable is cheap here (we're talking $3-10 per month depending on channels), but when you never turn on the TV it's an unnecessary expense. I have no scrupules torrenting anything, least of all TV shows. Anything that's on TV can be legally recorded and shared*, therefore once it's on TV it's fair game. And it's much more convenient than any TV service, incl. Netflix. If one day torrenting becomes legal and is priced as Netflix, I'd pay for the former, not the latter. *if you, for example let family/friends watch it on recording
  4. No drones in my country, but law clearly states that you own the air above your land. What you can do in said air could be severely limited by city or state policies, however other people can't do even that. Let me complicate the casus though. My home is the second and third floor of a house, whose first floor is owned by a distant relative. The yard is split lengthwise and the house is in the middle, first floor has a separate entrance, so does the rest of the house. Nobody has access to any of the areas of the other. House foundations, chimneys, walls, roof are undivided property (equal shares). Floors, staircase, cellar, garages are individual property with separate deeds. No party can make changes to the undivided property parts without the consent of the others. However, the air about the house is my property. If I wanted to raise the roof and build another floor I need consent from my first-floor relative, but whatever I build up there is my own. Considering the above, if my neighbour's drone flies over the house and I shoot it because it's in my airspace, am I in the right?
  5. You don't play the lottery to win money, rather it's an entertainment expense. It always saddens me when I see poor people spending money on lottery tickets, but then I remember that for most of them this is exactly the reason why they are poor.
  6. @ Everyone, who seemed riled at my post You probably missed the part that I am leaving my opinion for statistical purposes, as per PB's OP, not for the purposes of debating or defending it. Not because I cannot, but because I do not want to from the available tribune. I think I made it abundantly clear why I would never serve in the military, incl. under penalty of death.
  7. Leaving me € 0.02 for statistical purposes. Millennial (25-30 year-old range), not an american citizen. I find the idea of military service, especially in the US army, as deeply repulsive. Reasons: I have little/no respect for authority. Any authority. Politicians/presidents, law enforcement, military, government officials, etc. - they can all go fuck themselves, collectively if possible. Those familiar with the morals of the political spectrum would immediately know that this means I'm not a liberal, for liberals respect some forms of authority, especially government, as long as it propagates their interests and policies. I do not believe in violent solutions to problems, especially those involving the killing of people. Hurting/killing people is not an outright anathema to me, however it should be used as a last resort. And no, the fact that your own life is in danger does not always make it acceptable. Combining the above makes the military among the organisations in the world I despise the most. They represent authority and they purposefully train people to be obedient and not question orders. They then proceed to tell these obedient people to commit violence on their behalf. In a better world such actions would be considered criminal, perhaps equivalent to rape. In conclusion - fuck the military.
  8. All this talk of fiat currencies ... but then again what can one expect from rampant capitalists. Money, gold, petrol, cow dung ... all that is fiat currency. The only non-fiat currency is time. Because nothing* has value on its own, unless there are other things already in place to facilitate its usage. If people would refuse to accept your dollars or gold, you will starve to death or be forced to steal. Petrol or other "useful" commodities might seem to bear intrinsic value, but if refineries refused to accept your petrol or if car manufacturers refused to manufacture cars, you're stuck with a bunch of sticky and difficult to clean black stuff. Time on the other hand is the ultimate currency. It can be converted to every other currency, but no other currency can be converted to time. Moreover, no other currency or commodity is worth shit if one is deprived of time. The sooner we convert to a time-currency world, the better. *water and most foods have intrinsic value, but water is too abundant still and food is too perishable.
  9. Then explain why the ruble is so weak
  10. Yes.
  11. Who says the board should be permitted to ban? I will wholeheartedly support a law that makes it illegal to censor speech in civil society, such as your example with online discussion boards.
  12. The answer will still be subjective due to lack of understanding what the question means. How many non-British citizens are aware of the censorship policies of England? Inflammation is required when dealing with the grubby, unwashed masses.
  13. I attribute such results to ignorance, not choice. The people answering the poll likely do not realize what government censorship entails and that if it takes root it will censor not just speech they find offensive, but all manner of other things, including speech they would have liked to be free. Ask those same people "Do you want your government to adopt policies of censorship similar to those in North Korea" and then examine the results.
  14. In the books they 'leave', backtrack to confuse the trail, hide, Theon 'murders' them, then after Winterfell falls they actually leave. As this is their first 'leaving' they can still be 'murdered' and be presumed dead for a time.