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  1. I think that he will doublecross Cersei, but I don't belive that he's gonna sack KL. If he knows about strenghts and weaknesses of KL, then he knows about wildfire too, so sacking would be to much of a risk. He could hire an assassin to kill Cersei, which would put him in charge. Then he could offer Dany the same deal he offered Cersei. an alliance through marriage. That would make sense, if you remember conversation between Tyrion and Dany, after she dumped Dario for the sake of being open for political marriages. Plus, he's doing the same thing in the books atm.
  2. I think they won't be very pleased to hear that their king bend the knee, but I don't see them doing much about it. I mean, what can they do at this time? Rebel? Doubt it. Even if there wasn't Night King to deal with, Dany has an army more than 100K strong and 2 dragons and they have what, like 5000 men. They will have to accept it. Besides, I'm sure that Dany will give them some inspiring speach that will make them see that she is the Queen worth following. I'm more interested to see interactions between Sansa/Arya and Dany
  3. Thank you for that one
  4. There is no way Dany could take King's Landing without serious civilian casualties, no matter what she does. As soon as Cersei would realise that the battle is lost, she would set the city on fire via wildfire. It doesn't matter if she uses Dragons or not, that would be the outcome. Only way to take the KL would be to find a way how to kill Cersei before the siege. Like using the services of Faceless men, meaning Arya.
  5. Yes, but the real question is who told the lie? Who spread the word that Lyanna was taken at swordpoint?
  6. Bitter will be the deaths of Jon and Dany, and the sweet part will be the child that survives
  7. That makes sense, especially if you consider his last episode succession talk with Daenerys. Still, I don't see him betraying Dany for Cersei. If D&D wanted him to betray Dany, more logical solution would be betraying her for Jaime.
  8. Arya then. Those two have a past...
  9. If it's a boy - Rhaegar, If it's a girl - Lyanna
  10. Even if it is, it won't be important for the show. There's only 6 episodes left, and NK is already marching south...
  11. He+ll probably marry one of his daughters. Which one? Does it matter?
  12. Only drama I can see happening in Dany's camp next season would be about Jon's heritage. Even if Tyrion is unhappy with Dany, I simply can't see him betraying her for Cersei of all people. Those two hated each other from season 1/episode 1