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  1. Why would Pycelle go on a hunt? He has duties to attend to at the castle, like handling the ravens. There is no good reason for him to go hunting.
  2. LOL I'm not asking you to do that, I'm just saying I'm not going to take your word for it that PJ has said those things because as far as I can remember he has not. But if you did sit through hours of video to find the exact point he said it and then pointed me to it, then I would believe you.
  3. Sorry if I offended you. LOL you don't have to take my word for it, it takes 2 seconds to look up on YouTube. PJ started his channel in April 2014 and the first genetics of dragons and war video came out in October 2015. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by showing you the same courtesy. I assume you mean that I should take your word that PJ said he doesn't hold to the theory anymore and has since contradicted it? Well... no, I am not going to take your word on those things at all. I have seen all his videos and don't recall him ever saying that or contradicting his own theory. I could be wrong, but I'm not going to believe you unless you can point to the specific videos where those things happened. I don't understand your point about assuming people's real parentage. GRRM gave us the Targaryen family tree and that is what PJ is basing his theory on. What else is he supposed to do?
  4. yeah, I tend to think that the COTF if anything simply used magic to utilize the natural "furnace" of the earth/volcanoes. But mayhaps the COTF shared such knowledge with AA and made him a "volcanic forge" of sorts. As for the "dragonsteel", the existence of the term alone seems to imply that AA had a dragon. Mayhaps you could say that it was called dragonsteel simply because it was on fire and set enemies on fire (like a dragon), but we don't even have evidence that dragons existed or were widely known about way back then, and Aemon thought that Dany's dragons proved she was the PtwP aka AAR, so I think it is highly likely that AA had dragons. If that made sense...
  5. LOL you know he released Sons of the Dragon like a week ago right? And there is totally a thread specifically for discussing it pinned on the forum
  6. LOL you didn't really address the Nettles thing, no offense. You just claimed PJ used circular reasoning and/or disjointed logic when he did not. Yeah, the Nettles example (her having brown skin and seemingly not being a dragonseed) would contradict the rest of his theory. And that is why he specifically addressed this by theorizing that Nettles' act of feeding the dragon sheep and gaining its trust effectively substituted for her having the dragon gene. After all, no one else bothered to feed their dragons a bunch of sheep before riding them. Only Nettles had to do that for some reason. The point is that Nettles and Quentyn weren't really "bonded" to the dragons at all, at least not in the same sense that wargs are bonded to their wolves or Dany is bonded to Drogon. The dragons simply allowed Quentyn and Nettles to ride them because they were fed tasty food and therefore made relatively docile. As I have said to other people, PJ's use of the word "assumption" is kind of a misnomer there. He is starting with that as a hypothesis and then the hour-long series of videos is him supporting that hypothesis with evidence. You know, like how every single asoiaf theory is constructed
  7. LOL I'm pretty sure he was dying already. Being ripped open from "groin to nipple" and then traveling for a number of days with no real medical attention sounds pretty fatal.
  8. No he specifically theorized that Nettles managed to ride a dragon without having a telepathic bond with it, and he later used this same logic to theorize how Quentyn may have rode a dragon out of the pyramid (because he effectively fed the dragon a bunch of tasty humans). He specifically said in the Quentyn video that he thinks "Quentyn 'Nettled' the dragon".
  9. It's not that old. Pink letter, Dornish master plan, LF debt scheme, ToJ, the Dany videos, cold conspiracies, riverlands, maester conspiracy, minds of wolves and robins, vow for myrcella, and ironborn are all older. And saying it starts off with a giant assumption I think is just wrong. It starts out with a hypothesis and then proceeds to outline the evidence supporting it, like every other asoiaf theory. Yeah, PJ used the word assumption, but it was kind of a misnomer. I don't recall him ever saying he doesn't hold to it, and I don't know of what contradictions you speak. And I think he provided more evidence for the theory than like half of his other ones.
  10. Also a possibility. In which case I could see 2 possible scenarios. Either they died fighting Ned on purpose (though I don't see how they could have planned for such an event), or they intended to burn themselves in the ToJ (probably with Lyanna too). But with the latter case I'm not sure what their plan was for taking care of the child. I suppose they would have to depend on Wylla to carry out the rest of the mission post-sacrifice.
  11. I disagree. I actually think it is his best theory. I'm curious what specific assumptions shaped your opinion.
  12. Just to play devil's advocate, it may be that they were waiting for Lyanna to give birth before traveling, and she was in labor or had very recently given birth when Ned arrived. But yeah I don't see any good reason for the fight if you take the story at face value. And just to add to my original thought, it may be that they weren't just trying to vaguely fulfill prophecy by sacrificing Lyanna. They could have been trying to hatch dragons. After all, the Tragedy at Summerhall (where Rhaegar was born) was an attempt to hatch dragons, and Aemon was convinced by Dany's dragons that she was the PtwP. Lyanna certainly qualifies as having kingsblood in at least one sense (descended from the Kings of Winter), and Mel was always going on about hatching dragons from stone with a kingsblood sacrifice.
  13. @falcotron Very interesting thoughts. Mayhaps Azor Ahai was able to forge steel specifically because he had a dragon to provide the heat source. And mayhaps that is the origin of the term dragon steel.
  14. I'm sure Rhaegar was mindful of the political situation. My point was just that it wasn't his priority. He was probably only concerned with politics as far as it affected his mission to combat the Long Night 2.0. And Rhaegar couldn't have necessarily planned for a Stark-Tully-Arryn alliance as the Arryn marriage was done hastily in the middle of the war specifically to defeat the Targaryens. But as far as his political thinking goes, I do actually think Rhaegar may have been trying to force Rickard into an alliance by marrying Lyanna in secret and getting her pregnant. Rickard would never agree to break her betrothal to Robert, so Rhaegar broke the betrothal for him. Then Rhaegar would name Lyanna's child his new heir and claim she died in childbirth. But then some nefarious person told Brandon that Lyanna had been kidnapped and taken to KL and the whole plan was ruined. I would bet on the maesters betting the culprit, since the WF maester may have known what was going on after Lyanna left and they traditional are anti-dragon, anti-prophecy type people.
  15. @Lyanna<3Rhaegar Not a stupid question at all. In fact I think it is one of the more important questions we can ask about asoiaf, because as you and many others have pointed out, the entire situation just seems silly at face value. Why die for honor's sake? It's not like if they actually killed Ned they would have been able to easily crown Lyanna's child. In fact it seems that the most sensible thing for them to do would be to hand over Lyanna's child to Ned for safe keeping and then join up with Viserys and Dany. But instead they fought to the death. Here's my take, and I am definitely in the minority here. Rhaegar was obsessed with fulfilling prophecy and gave orders to those 3 KG (the 3 who also bought into the whole prophecy thing) to work toward fulfilling prophecy even in the event of Rhaegar's death. It seems that Rhaegar (and Aemon) thought the Long Night 2.0 was coming, and so defeating the forces of darkness would take priority over everything else, including normal politics. I think Rhaegar ordered the 3 KG to burn Lyanna alive as a sacrifice (after giving birth) in the belief that the result would be Lyanna's child being magically transformed into some sort of prophecy-fulfilling AAR baby. Ned showed up right before this took place, and obviously would not have been OK with Lyanna being killed, so they fought. So in my view, it wasn't for honor. They actually had a legit reason for fighting to the death. The 3 KG weren't going to let Ned prevent them from fulfilling prophecy to stop the Long Night 2.0, and Ned wasn't going to let them kill Lyanna. Then Lyanna ironically died anyways, and Ned used the cache of wildfire they had prepared in the ToJ to burn down the tower, similar to when Cersei burned down the Tower of the Hand (and this explains how Ned was able to bring down the tower without a bunch of men and construction equipment).