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  1. Well articulated I am personally guilty of, in the past, dismissing theories as "too crazy". But now that I have read like a dozen other GRRM stories, I never think a theory is too crazy. A decent example is Euron=Daario. Does that sound crazy? Yes. Is it possible? As far as I know, yes. So I won't be surprised if it turns out to be true.
  2. Yeah, just to clarify, this is exactly what I meant. The show should definitely never be used as a reference for theories except for like 2 things (which I won't mention) that have been officially confirmed by GRRM as something taken from TWOW, and the spoilers that the actors sometimes blurt out in interviews, because GRRM tells each main actor something about their character no one else knows yet. At least 2 actors have impolitely revealed these spoilers to the world.
  3. @LordImp I have a very specific answer for you, and you have brought up a super important point. Euron will use the horn Dragonbinder to steal the Unsullied from Dany, who will be out in the field fighting when Victarion shows up in TWOW. There are a few things hinting that this will happen. First, like you said, Euron needs more troops. It would be just in his nature to re-enslave the elite army that was originally freed by Dany. Then we have Dragonbinder. Most people take the story at face value and assume the horn is for controlling dragons, but this is clearly not the case. We have already seen Dragonbinder in action, and it was used to control humans and make everyone crown Euron as king. And the Unsullied are prime candidates to be controlled by a magic horn: So if a magic horn is blown, and then someone starts giving commands to the Unsullied and they believe it is their goddess commanding them, they will abandon Dany in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even be surprised if GRRM used this opportunity to kill off Ser Barristan, maybe even with Grey Worm himself. After all, whenever too many POV characters converge, someone dies. It would be great drama and I am hoping for it. Of course this would certainly piss off Dany. But assuming he has some way to counter her dragons, the Unsullied would be perfect for defeating her Dothraki in the field, if in fact Dany ends up rallying all the Dothraki to her cause because she can ride a dragon (dragons are basically the biggest and deadliest of all horses). And considering we have the legend of the Unsullied at Qohor defeating Dothraki, I think it is likely they will face off in the upcoming war, and that the story of Qohor was purposeful foreshadowing by GRRM. How will Euron actually carry out the act of stealing the Unsullied if stupid Victarion is the one there? IDK, maybe Euron=Daario?
  4. Aaah, because the contact would have been established before he got the gold poured on his head (when he was begging for Dany to save him), and then the taste of molten gold would have probably been the last thing Dany experienced before the contact was cut off. But if this is really what happened (or even if not), then I have a million questions for GRRM about the specifics. Are souls contained in blood? In marrow? Do brains have something to do with it, like I think they must? Can a soul be copied, or "split"? Where does a soul go when a person dies, into the nearest suitable "conduit"? Does it stay in the corpse unless something is done with it? What happens when you burn a body? Are souls absorbed into the fire-net? Are the stars the fire-net? The Dothraki believe their souls go into the stars when they are burned, and electromagnetic energy seems to be a conduit for telepathic communication based on the fact that telepathic control can change the color of eyes like with the blue-eyed wights (and the Jaenshi in And Seven Times Never Kill Man), and electromagnetic energy can travel through space. Are the Dothraki actually correct? And, you know, most planets with life (like Earth) will eventually be consumed by their expanding suns. And then everything on the planet living and dead would be consumed by a star's fire. Will this eventually happen to Planetos? Would the weirnet just be absorbed into the sun? And are soul physics the same in asoiaf as they are in the 1,000 worlds? Did Jesus's soul (when the volcryn was flying nearby Old Earth and enhancing) go into the Holy Grail and then get transferred back into his dead body 3 days later or something? This shit keeps me awake at night...
  5. I definitely agree with the idea of near-death experiences enhancing telepathic abilities, as I have described in detail in this thread. I think Dany was able to walk into the fire because it was an intense emotional experience, and because she believed she could do it (partly due to those crazy dreams she had been having, which were probably sent by Quaithe). However, in contrast with Bran, she was only sort of manipulated into the situation, while Bran was effectively forced to use his powers to survive. In addition to the fact that Bran was facing imminent death, he was also in momentary freefall, which together may have allowed him to use telekinesis for the first time and cushion his fall. Because gravity makes it difficult to use telekinesis, at least in Nightflyers. It is, in fact, a key part of the plot. 100% credit to PJ on that one
  6. No need to apologize! We have had 17 pages of solid and satisfying discussions, I think any sort of "derailing" at this point is totally fair game. LOL I think you are trying a bit too hard to parse that line from Glover. They are three separate but sequential sentences, spoken in succession. When he said A Snow, he was definitely referring to the comments he had made 1 second earlier. But yes, I agree there is generally a lot more info on southerners' opinions of bastards, and northerners certainly seem to take a bigger issue with oathbreaking.
  7. You are assuming the maester knew about the many holes drilled in the lake and its potential tactical significance. I highly doubt he would know about this. The only person who sort of seemed to catch on was Noseless Ned, who complained that the lakes had been fished out, but that was in the context of a discussion about running low on food and not military tactics. Regardless, I doubt the maester would have even heard about Noseless Ned's opinion on the holes in the lake. We might be thinking about the lake holes in terms of a brilliant military tactic, but it is unreasonable to think that the maester would 1) hear about Ned's opinion and 2) jump to the conclusion that it was part of a trap Stannis was luring his enemies into. Certainly not, the village is not on an island! Manderly's forces could ride around the lake and meet up with them. More importantly, Manderly has probably informed Stannis that Davos is alive. Why wouldn't he? The whole point of the ruse was to fool Cersei and the Freys to get his son back, which he did. And as a bonus, he can now form an alliance with Stannis in secret that his enemies won't expect because they think he killed Davos. Mance is working for Stannis, who previously defeated and captured him but then spared his life. And Mance came into WF as a singer specifically because Manderly did not bring a singer with him. They may not be stupid enough to attack at night, but they certainly might attack during a heavy snowstorm, you know, like the sort that has been happening frequently in the area. and So, The purpose of the letter was likely to manipulate Jon into action, which it did. But then unfortunately he was stabbed... this is probably not true. As for the Braavos thing, It seems to me he was only insuring his daughter's future. The pink letter cannot be sent by Stannis simply because it might have driven, as i mentioned in the original question, Selyse to run. Or worse, driven the Night's Watch to cast them out or hand them to the Boltons. The Black Brothers are no match for the Boltons, they would have wanted to save their asses, as some of them clearly did. Doubt Stannis will risk mistreatment of his daughter simply balanced against Jon Snow's honor and his capability to control his men. What? I am not seeing your logic at all. I am going to assume you incorrectly interpreted both of those quotes. I'm guessing you think that Mance meant that Mel was going behind Stannis's back, and you think that Stannis had seethed at Mel's defiance? Assuming that's how you interpreted those statements, that is wrong. Stannis was seething at Jon's defiance. Mel was relieved by contrast because she was in terrible pain from the glamour. Stannis knew that Mance was alive and spared his life. And then later Mance alludes to his plans to enter Winterfell. However, if you read that chapter carefully, Mance is actually withholding important information from Mel. Mel told Mance about her vision of a girl riding north on a dying horse and suggests that Mance go save her, thinking it is Arya. But then Mance, in the conversation a few minutes later with Jon present, says the following: Well, in retrospect we know exactly the ploy Mance is referring to, that is getting into Winterfell disguised as a singer and then breaking out fake Arya and Theon. Mance certainly doesn't need the spearwives to catch up to a girl on the road and execute some sort of "ploy" to help her. Mance and Mel definitely have two very different missions in mind, and that is because Mance is working for Stannis, not Mel. Mance ends up breaking Theon out of WF, the most important hostage in the negotiations between Stannis, Manderly, Robett Glover, and the Ironborn who want Theon back so they can nullify the kingsmoot and make him their ruler. As for the whole thing about risking the safety of his family, I think you are just lending way too much weight to that argument. I don't think the Pink Letter put his family in terrible danger. And if they end up fleeing, so what? As long as they stay alive for when Stannis reveals he is fine. They can't be handed over to the Boltons if Stannis defeats the Boltons and takes WF, which is his whole plan. is not possible. Besides, why would he only pretend to kill Theon? He doesn't need a glamour, because post-torture Theon looks like an old man, so much so that his own sister even failed to recognize him at first. And Theon is the most valuable hostage in the north. Stannis certainly isn't going to kill him. Stuff like this is why I think Mance wrote the Pink Letter, and I think Stannis at least knows about it. It is just lies. Stannis's forces are probably not depleted and there was no seven days of battle. It will likely be a short and bloody massacre at the village followed by Chekov's old men (the Umbers inside WF) carrying out some sort of berserker suicide mission destroying any real opposition left inside the castle. you are welcome
  8. I am pretty sure he isn't going to burn northern Gods in front of his northern army. That would be political suicide. Asha knows what's up. Stannis is going to take Karstark (pretending he is Theon) out the island and cut off his head with Lightbringer, which may or may not catch on fire but will at least be super bright. Lightbringer alone will do the trick, no need to burn the weirwood. You are aware that Stannis is the one who spared Mance in the first place right? Specifically to use him. You think he is unaware of Mance's adventures in WF? If not, wtf was he intending on using Mance for?
  9. I know that's not exactly what Dany asked, but that is the answer that MMD gave her. I think the basic reason for this oddly worded answer is that MMD knows Drogo's "soul" is already gone because Drogo probably died and was resurrected. His body is an empty vessel of sorts, possibly containing the soul of his horse. So when Dany asked When will he be as he was? MMD answers the question in a way that refers to Drogo's soul (which is already in the afterlife) and not his body. Maybe MMD simply meant: Drogo will be as he was when you are dead, because he is already dead and waiting for you in the afterlife.
  10. LOL you should try reading some other GRRM stories and get a sense of his endings. He does not write "happy" endings.
  11. That is one reason why it would make perfect sense for her to die in childbirth
  12. LOL I think no one is Azor Ahai because it is a bullshit prophecy and R'hllor doesn't exist. But Dany certainly has special genes. I don't doubt her child would have the potential to ride a dragon if dragons are still around in the end. But there may be no significance to Dany's child at all.
  13. Good observation. I definitely won't be surprised if the stab to the back was the final dagger and his attackers ran away quickly after the chapter ended. I suppose that could all still happen even if he doesn't die, but I have long thought that Shireen is a big innocent container of Chekov's king's blood (since Jon conspicuously sent Aemon and Mance's baby away), and the best reason I can think of for Mel needing some king's blood in the near future would be to resurrect Jon. I feel like she would be much less willing to burn Shireen for, say, a comatose Jon. We will have to wait for TWOW to find out. I'm so psyched to have two replies!
  14. Yes, but the point is that if Ned had not been executed, they probably would have traded Jaime in exchange for the whole family back plus a peace deal, potentially going home after just one small battle. They would have lost dozens of men instead of thousands. But LF convinced Joffrey to kill Ned. After that the north wanted vengeance for Ned, so they were definitely going to war, and they certainly didn't blame Cat for his death. I am impressed by the amount of research you did into the use of "bastard" I agree with most of your observations, but I disagree with your interpretation of Robett's statement. If he had just said the first half, then I would agree it is too vague to infer an accurate connotation of bastard in this context. But then he followed it up with A Snow. This means he is directly associating Ramsay's evil nature with his bastard blood specifically. If he just thought Ramsay had evil in his blood because of rape, he wouldn't have said that last part rebuking Ramsay's legitimization from Tommen. Not quite correct. You forget that she had two people telling her stories, which both ultimately proved to be lies. Cat's suspicions of the Lannisters began when she received the letter from Lysa blaming them for murdering Jon Arryn. That is why Cat immediately suspected the Lannisters when the assassin came after Bran. Cat easily deduced that Jaime probably threw Bran from the tower (which is, ironically, correct). Granted, LF is the one who told Lysa to send the letter in the first place, but Cat had no way to know that and no reason to distrust her sister at that point. So when LF tells Cat that Tyrion owned the dagger, she had no reason to question it, because she was already convinced that Tyrion's brother had thrown Bran from the tower in the first place. It made perfect sense from her pov. She had no reason to seek out a second opinion to corroborate LF's story.
  15. That is basically correct. Dany asks when he would be as he was, but then Mirri sort of gives her a weird answer of "then he will be returned to you". Considering that death in childbirth is a reoccurring theme in the story, I'm betting Dany will bear a living child and die in the process.