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  1. #27 Melisandre is now August 16th #28 Daenerys Targaryen Mother Of Dragons is also August 16th. Solicit says the redoes (Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Arya, etc) are replacing the older versions and those will be retired as the sell out. Also they are getting new packaging and these figures are aimed at new fans of the show: Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Figure Dark Horse is reinventing and relaunching its best-selling line of Game of Thrones figures. This all-new line will replace the previous versions, which will be retired as they sell out. An exciting new sculpture of Daenerys Targaryen launches the new series, which will also feature updated, distinctive new package designs. Slated for release at the conclusion of the eagerly anticipated new season of HBO’s television adaptation, Daenerys will be a jumping-on point for new fans. Publication Date: August 16, 2017 Format: Price: $29.99 UPC: 7 61568 00175 4
  2. I'd be on board with that. I actually have a scale custom Ghost with Jon and the others on my ASOIAF book case display. I found a really nice plastic wolf that was the perfect size, and had a friend of mine customize him for me. He looks perfect so I'm covered if they don't...but I'd buy an official Ghost if Dark Horse DOES.
  3. Six is about a year's worth of figures for Dark Horse. I doubt we'll hear of anything new until maybe the end of the year. Those three redos are really going to be irritating as far as hogging up three spots that undone characters could have had.
  4. It occurred to me tonight that as of this May, this will officially be the longest wait between ASOIAF books. With 5 years and 10 months in May, Winds will beat Dance's infamous record of 5 years and 9 months (from the original UK release in Oct 2005 of Feast to Dance in July 2011).
  5. For the new versions, the only one I can see getting might be Jon. He's my favorite ASOIAF character so I may be swayed to buy him again. Especially if the sculpt is for him in Stark gear like he's now wearing in the show. Or if the sculpt if of him in the NW, but better than the first one which could have been better. I'm very happy with the Dany, Tyrion and Arya figurines I have now. They are all great sculpts and in costumes that make sense.
  6. That's the link to Toyark's website with pics from Dark Horse's booth at Toy Fair this past weekend. Like Jons_Ghost said above, new sculpts of Jon, Arya, and Tyrion will come later. Of the 3 figures shown and 6 promised, only ONE of them was new. If they are just going to redo the big names, that means they are close to done. I'm not buying the same characters over and over, especially if they aren't in a different look. There are too any important characters not done to be pulling this. I have no Theon, Robert Baratheon, Catelyn, Ramsey, Davos or Samwell.
  7. I only see three from Toy Fair this weekend, the Melisandre that we already knew about, a second Dany, and the only new one was Tormund.
  8. So Stannis DID see the light of day! My local comic store didn't get it, though they ordered it for me way back when it was solicited in Previews from Diamond Dist. I thought it was running late, but now I'll make sure to go back. Thanks for posting the pics and updating the thread Lannister Guard 1055!
  9. I am guessing (at the moment anyway, my mood could change) that in the books Jon's real name is Aemon, but in the show they will name him Aegon. Ameon ties into Jon's relationship with his maester, and his childhood hero the Dragon knight. While the show will simply go for the cooler sounding name and it is the most famous name.
  10. Winds is already in the #2 spot for the longest wait. Like Sifth said, July is the next milestone. It will be the longest wait of all the ASOIAF books from then on.
  11. New dates for the current 3 figurines we are waiting on. From Dark Horse's website: #25 Son of the Harpy, on December 7th #26 Stannis Baratheon, on January 25th #27 Melisandre is still TBA.
  12. You are right about the scale being a wee bit inconsistent Ran. I have all 24 that Dark Horse has put out and have them open on a display. Oberyn is the worst offender being too big. If it wasn't for him I really wouldn't notice; but now that you mentioned it I can't unsee it. Sandor and Brienne probably aren't tall enough. The Night King could be taller. And Jorah could be a bit bigger. Overall they are close, but Oberyn sticks out.
  13. The Targaryen family tree and line of kings is one of the most interesting parts of Martin's worldbuilding to me. Of the 17 kings, the ones I most want to learn more about (not that I wouldn't love a whole book on all 17 of them!) are: Maegor The Cruel Daeron I Aegon IV Daeron II Aegon V
  14. Daemon the Rogue Prince, this guy just fascinates me. I love how his brother keeps putting up with his crap, but can't help but love him. He does all of these great brave things, yet can be sneaky and sleazy. He is loved by all his friends in the bars and gutters. He cant wait to get rid of wives that bore him and makes the ultimate power play in his final marriage. His brother pushed him down the line of succession but he got his own son and grandson on the throne. And he went out in the most badass way possible! Jumping from one dragon to another mid air and driving Dark Sister through his nephew's eye? Epic. I think of all the Targaryens, Daemon is my favorite. What a life that guy led! My other three are: Aegon V for being the child that we love reading about and knowing he grew into a good man before becoming king. And something cool about the 4th son of a 4th son. I love the mystery surrounding the tragedy at Summerhall and want to know more. Rhaegar because of his story and desire to fulfill a prophecy to save the world. He is pretty much the hero to the story that is taken from us before the story gets going. So many events play out because of his life and deeds. Aegon IV. I know everyone hates this guy but I bet he would be a riot for us to "see" in the books. I don't enjoy him for the good things he did, but am entertained by all of the bad.
  15. No way will Stannis sit the Iron Throne in the books. I'll be shocked if he makes it out of the north alive.