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  1. Submitted
  2. I’m in! I thought I missed the original deadline by two days and was pretty excited to see the extension.
  3. Hey, Whenever the next game is started could I join
  4. Hey all, I rarely read back (mainly because I end up falling asleep, I really wish their were more hours in the day! one is taken away ) so I have no idea what you guys talk about anymore, but if HC wants to do recaps, I'd love you forever! Also, Happy Birthday Lady O.....and I think another ah! hope you're okay!
  5. ^sorry for that Does anyone like LA Croix? I'm in love with the lime and coconut
  6. Same! Though I'm using Chrome on my android.
  7. I don't take anything you say personal. Well that was a bonus, I just wanted to vote for big brother. Missed you, dude!!! But yeah, I was hopeful & naive
  8. Whats the equivalent to a bit longer? You said if I voted for team anarchy, you'd quit with that!
  9. Big brother, I'm cool with no rules! Which means that I'll be nicknaming myself as CTE (Cora the explorer) Hated it for the longest time, but just started using it again so yeah.....think its a keeper
  10. Tim Legend - Waiting for You
  11. I'm sorry, I'm in touch with my emotions. Empathetic asf too, that must be hard for you.
  12. Then tell Sidious that, because this is the only way I know how to communicate with someone so dishonorable. If Sid says something and I feel inclined, I'm not holding my tongue. Though with all factious jokes put to the side, this is just how we talk. I have tried to be nice.....doesn't work
  13. No, because I just don't want to deal.