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  1. I'm gonna go off topic in an off topic but all this "baba ghanoosh" talk is reminding me of MXC (Spike TV [US] voice over of Takeshi's Castle) where at least one contestant an episode had that last name. I enjoy hummus. Carry on.
  2. There is also no J on the periodic table. But there is a Z so clearly GRRM didn't invent the periodic table.
  3. Probably pissed at Hans Christian Andersen's portrayal of their Queen and then lamenting at Disney's interpretation. After 8000 years they have yet to let it go.
  4. well it is tomorrow for me now and I'm fairly certain NM has 2hrs remaining of yesterday.
  5. good thing I'm only 33 minutes from tomorrow!
  6. Would be a good time for "Lanna" to remember that she is Arya by having a dream of Nymeria before the day she should kill the man. In the dream Nymeria and her massive crew is stalking a small group of about 20men through the snow. Arya wakes up and sees Trant later that day. Ramsay forced to retreat due to Nymeria. No indications Nymeria will ever show up again but just came to mind so figured Id chuck it out there.
  7. I wonder if that ending was a sign that the 6th book is coming out sooner rather than later (relatively speaking). Plenty of book readers watch the show and if they stop watching because of the shows speed.... I can dream. Anyway, I just hate the entire Craster's Keep storyline. Just an unbelievable waste of time imo.