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  1. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Exactly. GRRM expects us to believe that the same Cersei who wanted Jaime to chop off Arya's hand because she gave Joffrey an owie - that Cersei - wouldn't kill the kid who could doom her entire family? Yeah, right.
  2. GRRM criticized Tolkien for bringing Gandalf back from the dead as a better person. He said death should really fuck with someone's head, like Beric and Stoneheart. So I don't expect Jon to come back and sing Kumbaya with Bowen Marsh. He should come back angry, emotional. At worst he should be like Fuck the Watch, at best he'd realized he made a mistake by rejecting Stannis' offer to be lord of Winterfell.
  3. Who tried to kill Bran?

    That's a good point. Also, I guess it's not even that out of character for Joffrey to want to use a VS dagger. He was a dumb shit and the sheer overkill of using that weapon to kill a comatose child would've been right up his alley. Plus it's Robert's dagger, so there's a bit of that vicarious thinking or the sense to impress his dad.
  4. Who tried to kill Bran?

    He stole it from Robert's stash. Mance is a crafty guy, I think there's no doubt about that. Of course, the question would be Why would he need a Valyrian steel dagger if any old blade would do. But the same thing applies to Joffrey. Are we supposed to believe the catspaw didn’t have a knife on him?
  5. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    That seems kind of deliberate on GRRM'S part, like he wants to keep the potential Tyrell heirs to a minimum. Shit, I hope he's not considering the entire annihilation of House Tyrell.
  6. Who tried to kill Bran?

    It's not entirely out of character for Joffrey, but it's still underwhelming AF. I think Mance would've been better, going with the whole wildling philosophy of putting sick children out of their misery, per Val: I don't think wildlings make a big distinction between greyscale and a crippled/comatose child. Plus we know Mance had a bag of silver, enough to bribe the catspaw.
  7. Does anyone else think Tyrion's storyline in ASOS is a bit...weak?

    Yeah, it's kind of jarring seeing him in that role after he was such a big driving force behind the plot of the first two books. I lowkey wonder if maybe GRRM could've given him more to do than wallowing in self-pity.
  8. Oberyn and his scheming? Theories?

    My problem with all these "Dornish Master Plan Theories" is that they kinda sorta undermine other aspects of the text. Like, Tywin's death would definitely lose some of its impact if Oberyn poisoned him and he was gonna die anyway. Sure, his own son still murdered him, but it wouldn't be as effective that way. Also, it kinda contradicts Doran's whole spiel about the snake and the grass if the snake went out and did his own thing without consulting the grass.
  9. Especially compared to his storylines in AGOT and ACOK, which were super strong. Like in ASOS we also have Sansa as a POV in King's Landing, but her storyline is incredibly entertaining from beginning to end. She's scheming with the Tyrells, meeting Dontos in secret, getting shotgun-married, a heart-pounding escape with a surprise Littlefinger reveal, then the whole thing at the Vale and a show stopping cliffhanger to top it all off. Meanwhile, what's Tyrion doing? Getting berated by Tywin, banging Shae on the down low, getting blackmailed by some rando. It's only near the end that his storyline picks up steam, but before that he's just so...passive. He doesn't really do anything in this book until he pulls the trigger and gives Tywin an impromptu colonoscopy. Before that he mostly reacts to other stuff. Even Sansa is more proactive than him, plotting with the Tyrells. I don't know, I just love his chapters in AGOT and ACOK, and his in ASOS felt kind of a letdown. Hell, even his chapters in ADWD are more...colorful, and I freaking hate them, but they have a bit more energy going for them.
  10. Possible last Reynes(SPOILERS ALL)

    There's this about the Last Lord Tarbeck: Although the boy was probably thrown down a well by Ser Amory Lorch, one of Tywin's knights, some stories claim the boy was smuggled to Essos and became a bard popular for his sad ballads. I think this rumor gave Varys the idea to pass a fake kid as Aegon, but if it's true, that Tarbeck boy would be around 40 years old by now. So, a mature bard with sad songs and an anti-Lannister agenda...Tom O' Sevens or Mance Ryder. Boom.
  11. Is Val Important

    I think Val's role up to now was to be The Last Temptation of the Jon. He declined Stannis' offer to get Winterfell and marry Val, but there still was this little voice in his head telling him he was wrong to refuse that. Like when he sees Val and Ghost side by side and thinks they go well together (and naturally, not with whatever witchcraft Melisandre used to mess with Ghost's head). So I think when Jon comes back to life and realizes that everything he sacrificed for the Watch only got him a slow death in the snow, he'll say "Fuck it. Just fuck this shit." And he'll "steal" Val again and they'll have wild wildling sex, which would signify a huge turning point for Jon's character. This time he'll take everything Stannis' offered him: Winterfell and Val, and no ungrateful Watch is gonna stop him.
  12. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Talk about JonCon's beard!
  13. How much of a geek is Samwell?

    Hey now, you forgot dancing. My boy Sam loves dancing, he could bust a move, Napoleon Dynamite style.
  14. Let's speculate about the future roles of Willas and Garlan

    We good guys are secretly the worst. Source: my life. Oh, totally, him killing Joffrey would instantly make him the series' greatest hero. But yes, that's what I mean, he's a bit too pristine so I wanna see if there's more to him than that.