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  1. For real. A first-time viewer could've jumped right in this episode and would've managed to follow the story, with the amount of explanations and recaps.
  2. Did Greyscale!Jorah look like a cream-filled chocolate to anyone else? I was like, yeah Sam, get that Lindt. I honestly don't know what else I can say about the show at this point. Nothing makes sense anymore, the dialogue is either recaps/exposition or terribly uninspired (like the convo between Missandei and Greyworm) and the characters have been reduced to cliches and plot points. Like, look at Tyrion, for example. He's a cypher, devoid of any personality or energy. D&D aren't even trying anymore. I don't know who gives less fucks about the series, them or GRRM.
  3. - Euron - Hot Pie - Qyburn and his harpoon. He looked so happy and proud showing it to Cersei! - Olenna telling Dany to act like a fucking dragon already. - I'm a straight dude, so I'm bound to say I liked the Missandei scene for...reasons.
  4. More like a GOP town hall. But you're right, I suppose three dragons do make people less argumentative.
  5. How screwed up is that Jon's council is more disfunctional than Dany's despite the latter including a Lannister, the most offensive Tyrell, a Dornish bastard, a couple of Ironborn, a Red Priestess and a sneaky Master of Whisperers?
  6. This episode wasn't as terrible as the first, but it was a whole lot of meh. It was just exposition and repetition of stuff we knew already and all very plain and barebones. Overall, I'm like Missandei when Greyworm took off his pants, wondering "Where's the meat?" (And I don't mean the gross, infected meat like Jorah's. I mean like genuinely meaty scenes).
  7. What I didn't like: Everything. Jk. (But not really): - Sansa being that person in camping trips. You know who that is, the guy that only complains about everything and contradicts everyone but never offers any valuable input. If this were a zombie movie, she'd be the first casualty. - Ed Sheeran. - The endless sequence of literal shit at the Citadel, though at least it serves as a metaphor for the show. - Cersei inviting Euron to KL just to tell him to fuck off (although that was a very Cersei-like thing to do). - Dany entering Dragonstone slower than my grandma walking into the house carrying bags of groceries. Euron's new personality was a pleasant surprise, though. (Also, Jesus H. Christ, this site is down in the dump. It's like the people in charge don't give a damn anymore).
  8. Sansa was right, fight me. Jon should've married Alys Karstark to someone loyal like in the books and sent that Umber kid packing. It's harsh but that's the name of the game. Of course, she shouldn't have argued that in front of literally everyone.
  9. So Mance would've still tried to kill Bran (or another one of the Stark kids) even if Jaime hadn't pushed him out the window?
  10. I think it's implied that Petyr pointed Joff in that direction. And it makes sense too: Ned was a huge loose end, and he knew that Petyr was a two-faced weasel. Petyr couldn't let word of that reach Cat, or anyone, really.
  11. My theory? Varys has him killed. He can't risk Ned telling Robb or Cat or Edmure or Yohn Royce or whoever about the twincest because that would kickstart the war Varys is trying desperately to stall. I actually think Varys/Illyrio might have hired Jaqen to make sure Ned suffered an "accident" on his way to the Wall, but of course Joff screwed all that plan and poor Jaqen found himself chained with some criminals and without his target.
  12. I think she'll be somebody's Nissa Nissa. Here's my theory: - Beric Dondarrion used only his blood to light his sword on fire. - Those reanimated by R'hllor are said to have his fire inside them. Ergo, their blood is inflammable somehow, hence why Azor Ahai needed to plunge the sword in Nissa Nissa's heart. So, that's assumption #1. Assumption #2 would be the foreshadowing when Stannis is burning the Seven at Dragonstone. They're clearly meant to represent at least some Starks, the Mother standing in for Catelyn. And, you guessed it, the statue has an actual burning sword through the heart. So, we have that Stoneheart is likely to be stabbed in the heart, but who's gonna do the stabbing? Well, there are a couple of people on a crash course with Stoneheart who are the prime suspects: Brienne and/or Jaime, who, in the latter's dream, were brandishing actual flaming swords. Personally, I'm leaning more towards Brienne doing the deed for several reasons. I'm not saying she's Azor Ahai reborn, but in the AA myth he did have to kill a lion before killing Nissa Nissa. So I think Stoneheart might command Brienne to kill Jaime (the lion) herself to test her loyalty (I think Brienne will fake this, only wounding Jaime or via some other plan to fool Stoneheart), and then Brienne's gonna take advantage of Stoneheart trusting her once more to stab her in the heart.
  13. You know what would be crazy? If Varys' real name was Aegon and he was talking about himself.
  14. I think, if Ned had been smarter, he should've legitimized Edric by altering Robert's will in his deathbed. Then, using Renly's connections to the Tyrells, he should've brokered a marriage between Edric and Margaery. Renly would then be free to marry someone else (Ysilla Royce? Gwyneth Yronwood? Sansa?) for political gain. Stannis would be pissed as hell but he would have to go suck an egg because as far as he'd know it'd all be perfectly legal. Here's a "what if" scenario for you: What if you didn't comment on threads you obviously hate? Nothing of value would be lost, that's what would happen.
  15. In addition to what everyone's said upthread, killing Pycelle creates extra chaos since he testified publicly about Margaery's moon tea and pissed off Mace, and he himself was paranoid about it. It adds even more mistrust and doubts.