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  1. Outside of Marwyn (who will be essential to Sams plotline), and Howland Reed (who is bound to show up eventually), I don't see anyone new making an appearance at this stage of the series. Everything is beginning to wrap up in the show and they are starting to finish plotlines, not create new ones.
  2. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see anything based on and around the time of Roberts Rebellion. GRRM himself said he has no intention on writing any side stories around that time (he said he considers it a waste of time since so much information is already given about it throughout the course of the books anyways). With that said, HBO only bought the rights to produce the Book Series, and not any side stories (Dunk'n'Egg) or stories not written yet (Rebellion). So unless GRRM changes his mind and/or gives HBO the rights to do it, sadly I don't see it happening.
  3. People just need to let LSH go...she's not appearing in the show. As for Blackfish, I think he can still hold a purpose in the books, but definitely not in the show. He's essentially a side character with no plot. And with only 13 episodes left? What good would it do to have him alive?
  4. I have to agree. I actually believe Sansa and Tyrion will wind up together at the end of all this. The whole "beauty and the beast" syndrome, if you will. GRRM went out of his way to not only show Tyrion being kind to Sansa, but also made sure we knew that Sansa was perplexed by his kindness. There is a reason GRRM had Sansa marry Tyrion (which is still a legal marriage as of the end of ADWD, mind you). There is a reason for all this, and I think GRRM is planting seeds for an eventual long-term union between the two. I also think Tyrions journey with Penny on the boat was GRRM's way of slowly turning Tyrion from a drunken whore-monger into something else. Call me crazy, but if you read between the lines there are plenty of subtle clues that the Sasna/Tryion relationship is far from over. and them remaining together is just my personal "hunch" on the matter.
  5. One thing I want to point out is that by GRRM's own admission, Essos wasn't even named or fleshed out until 2008 when he had to draw out the world maps for the world map book. (The name "Essos" doesn't appear ONCE in the novels, either). This is the reason, IMO, that Essos seems so rushed and cliche'ed. Outside of the major cities that Dany is in, the rest of it he created on a whim, with very little deep thinking or fore-thought put into it, simply because he was being asked to add new places for the map book that was coming out. The end result was just a cliched oriental feel with very little depth.
  6. I think this is one of those topics that GRRM has kept as ambiguous as possible in order to help create the "aura" of his world. It's just like in real life...up for individual interpretation. We'll never know one way or another if they are real, fake, made up, or something else all together.
  7. Perhaps, but I don't think a simple fisherman can cross the Bay of Seals and get to Skagos. I do think it's a tough sail that requires a decent boat, I just don't think it's as dangerous and impossible as the tales make it sound like.
  8. I think a lot of Skagosi lore is just built-up rumors and legends, Now, I'm not saying that *getting* to Skagos isn't difficult, but I do think it is exaggerated a bit through the tales. In their history, they had on-going wars with the Stark. They have a trade opened up with Westeros. There are also people at the Wall that are from Skagos, etc. So clearly there must be a route through the Bay of Seals that people can tread through to get to Skagos fairly safely. Unless over time the weather on those route(s) have worsened or something. Either way, I don't think traveling to-and-from Skagos is necessarily an impossible one. I just think it's a dreadful one simply due to Skagos reputation. Osha, Rickon etc more then likely got there via ship through the Umbers, as I don't see any other logical way for it to happen (as I doubt the Wildlings have ships parked on the coast or anything like that).
  9. I agree. It was no secret that Robert hated all things Targaryen, but I believe he was smart enough to know that doing anything to the Targaryen corpses would be a slandering to the crown and not a very savvy political move (as you said). I wouldn't be surprised if Robert pissed on his ashes in private or something
  10. I remember seeing an interview with GRRM where someone asked him about Planetos's axis talk and how it rotates around the sun, etc. I can't recall exactly why he said but he just shook his head and said that he never even put that much thought to it and he was amazed that people actually try to figure out this stuff. He was asked again about the winters and how it works and he just said "hell if I know, magic!!" and did that iconic laugh of his. So my point is...not even GRRM gives a crap about how the universe or the planets work.
  11. Now that R+L=J is confirmed, the next popular theory that is almost taken as factual is Jaime killing Cersei after she goes nuts and threatens to blow up the rest of Kings Landing. Both the Show and the Books are pointing to this happening, as well as the Maggie the Frog prophecy. So I don't see Arya anywhere near Kings Landing, let alone going after Cersei.
  12. I guess this is just where that "its magic/fantasy" excuse will have to come in. Maybe when they are raised they are given instructions to only attack living beings? *shrugs*
  13. That we can agree on. Putting myself in Arya's shoes though...I would find it really hard to care about Mel anymore, regardless of if she was on her list or not. After everything she went through in Braavos (getting stabbed, almost dying, losing a friend in the theater woman etc), and coming back and killing the Freys and getting revenge for her brother....I can see Arya kind of having a "meh" attitude towards Mel at this point. I mean, if I was Arya, I doubt I would care about Mel anymore, as what she did pales in comparison to everything else. Besides, Mel could just tell Arya that she resurrected Jon, and that alone would cause her to spare Mel (considering how close Jon/Arya are). Thoros and Beric can back Mel up on the power I'm sure. But I do think she'll wind up with Dany. Their paths will cross as BwB goes north and Mel goes South, but I just don't see that being the end of Mel. Hard for me to imagine she was allowed to stay all emo-like at Castle Black all season, only to ride South, then get killed with a whimper. If that's what D&D planned, they should have just lopped her head off in episode two and been done with it.
  14. Arya didn't make any mention of Mel being on the list this past season to The Waif, so it seems to imply that either the show forgot about it and/or dropped it, or Arya took her off her list (ala The Hound). Who knows. Either way, If it was important I would think Arya would have at least made a passing comment when talking to The Waif about everything, but she made no mention. But this is the show we are talking about, where logic doesn't exist. So who knows what they'll do. *shrug*
  15. Arya's list is pretty much pointless by now anyways. Now that she killed the Freys, I honestly don't see her (or the show) really bringing it up anymore.