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  1. 1. Jon 2. Davos 3. Sandor 4. Arya 5. Stannis
  2. They've gone too far with this stuff. First tye Sand Snakes are terrible people in the show. They have killed an innocent girl, their innocent cousin and their uncle who was smarter than all of them all things that completely go against what Oberyn stood for so. Dany can do no wrong and apparently all she needs to do is burn something down and she gets a new army. Sansa telling Jon how to go to battle is like me telling Kershaw how to pitch a baseball game. Brienne killing the Hound was the first time they went overboard and they've been going back to that well ever since. The point to ASOIF is that no one is flawless and the show has gone in the different direction by making boys drule and girls rule. Its a sad way to get more female viewers.
  3. Olly more than deserved what he got. Him acting like a tough guy and giving those looks like he was a grizzled old vet of the NW was enough for me. So happy he is dead.
  4. Breakspear Brynden Rivers The Dragon Knight Daemon Blackfyre ( if allowed ) Aegon V I basically hate the Tars though
  5. Just another nothing else to do question. ( only living characters only). If you are LGBT feel free to mix it up. Marry- Val " Shag " - Arianne Martell/Asha Greyjoy ( sorry couldn't make up my mind ) Kill - Cersei Please have fun with this I'm working a nightshift and I need some entertainment.
  6. At this point you would feel like it's an entirely different story except much better.
  7. You can always cut the head off.
  8. Yea thats where im at basically. Either the BF will save her or the BWB would turn on LSH. She might not hang her but I could def see LSH wanting her dead because she might look at Jayne and feel she's one of the reasons why Robb is dead. Cat was pretty horrible to Jon just for being alive undead Cat seems to be more resentful and full of hate.
  9. if the Blackfish meets up with the BWB with Jayne what do you think LS reaction will be? LS has obviously lost touch with a lot of her humanity and Catlyn wasn't the warmest of people to begin with so i dont know if i would put it past her to blame Jayne for the RW. If she tells the BWB to hang her how do you think it would play out?
  10. You really couldn't be more wrong. The show has already went way off track with major story lines while creating ones that just dont make any sense so much so that the very end might be the same but how they get there is going to be completely different. Why would Stannis burn his only living heir? In the show it made sense because they made Stannis into a nut job that goes blindly into a uphill war but in the books Stannis is out strategizing the Boltons. Not to mention he seems pretty over burning people at this point. in the books there are several ways Jon can be brought back if he really is dead since he gets stabbed about 90 times less than in the show. I could see Mel burning Shireen but not Stannis.