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  1. Did he really? I am all ears!
  2. One more inaccuracy here: As far as I remember it was said dornishmen never gave Rhaenys's body back. Did they do it eventually or it's another mistake?
  3. She is still Rhalla in Wiki: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Rhalla_Targaryen
  4. What about Rhaella and Aethan? Are they right?
  5. Robert, hands down. 1000 whores are better than one "beloved lover". 1000 whores are nothing, but when your husband is pining after one girl exhausting you everyday by waxing poetic to her... I would be like "OMG, go and fuck some cunt already and stop raping this poor harp"
  6. Aha. Ok, thank you!
  7. Hm, it didn't say if she believe that Ned fathered Jon after his wedding to Catelyn
  8. Does anyone remember if Catelyn ever think that Ned was unfaithful to her after he made marriage vows? When she resented Ned not about bringing his bastard to Winterfell but actually fathering said bastard?
  9. Hm. But Rossart was a Hand for 2 weeks only...
  10. Just to clarify - Why I don't believe it was Tywin behind Whent's back - Tywin would finish the work, would it be Jaime, not Jaime, Lyanna's crown or not Lyanna's crown - he would attend the tourney and he would place Rhaegar on throne kicking and screaming.
  11. I cannot believe Rhaegar went so far to organize this Council, to spend a lot of money on that - and to throw it all to toilet only because 1) his daddy decided to attend (seriously? How did it went: "Guys, let's get together and kick Aerys's ass!" - "Cool! Let's do it! By the way, here is Aerys! Should we start?" - "Oh shit, ok then, let's not kick his ass"?) and 2) because he decided to crown other man's fiancee, like - I need Baratheon's, Stark's and Martell's voices, what should I do? Hah, I will slight them all in one move, surely they will luuurve me. That doesn't look logical. That's why I don't believe he was the one who organized the tournament - I mean, if he was political enough to organize it, he would be clever enough to understand, that crowning Lyanna was not smart move, he was sabotaging his own work. I don't believe it was Tywin, who organized this tournament, but I have a theory that it was Doran's doing, or Doran's idea, so I think probably it was Oberyn, who gave money to lord Whent . Rhaegar was Elia's husband and Elia was queen-to-be, but her status was insecure - Aerys thought about disowning Rhaegar, and she didn't give Rhaegar son yet. So, Rhaegar had to win, he give the crown to Elia, and people start shouting "Rhaegar The King!" and Lewyn Martell and Arthur to seize Aerys - like, something like that, but something went wrong. If Rhaegar was not aware of lords' plans to crown him - well, in this case he was free to alienate lords.