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  1. What happened to Lord Karstark? The last I remember seeing him was on the hill with Ramsay right before the battle started...
  2. Has it ever been confirmed why Varys wanted Ned Stark to live and serve in the nights watch?
  3. I agree. LF will most likely persuade SR to call his banners and march the army to the North. Two interesting ideas I had right after the episode was 1) LF will most likely want to lead the army north which could've been that little smirk Lord Royce was giving when LF is talking with SR. Royce will most likely want to lead the army since he is the proven warrior and commander. 2) What are the chances the army of the Vale will march past the twins? It is technically on the way and since the lords of the Vale are devout to the Seven (Freys broke one of the oldest laws of the Gods), it would make sense.
  4. Not sure if this was ever resolved but was there ever an explanation for why Aerys and his wife couldn't produce another child right after Rhaegar was born? According to tWoIaF, there were many miscarriages, stillborns or children that died before a year old. Why were they able to produce a child as strong as Rhaegar but couldn't do so until Viserys?
  5. Jaime Lannister. I can't wait for his showdown with the brotherhood without banners and LS
  6. There's one answer that makes all the sense in the world to me. The Reeds. From what I've read about where in the North this scenario takes place, the Reeds would be a shorter ride than to the Wall so I'd have less trouble with Bolton scouts and hopefully with the iron born. I'd send my most loyal men to escort Rickon & Osha to find the crannogmen and Howland Reed. It's common knowledge that the Reeds have a close relationship with the Starks and their castle is difficult to find. As for Roose and Ramsay, I'd deny seeing the boy and ride to Winterfell to pledge my allegiance and ask for more men to continue my fight against the ironborn. It's a move that would help solidify their hold on the North (solidifying my own position with the Boltons) and a chance to make more Northmen loyal to my house. Now with triple the lands, more men loyal to my house and time to figure out which houses still hold loyalty the Starks, I'd simply bide my time. I would soon become a more powerful house in the North and when the opportunity presents itself, I'd kill Ramsay during a hunt and Roose shortly afterwards. Then I'd declare Rickon the new lord of the North and march our army south to deal with the Freys, avenging our families.