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  1. AzureOwl added a post in a topic Anyone let down by Andal and First Men history?   

    The only thing that really bugged me about the book’s version of the Andal conquest is something that will sound like the most nitpicky thing imaginable: the revelation that the Bar Emmons are Andal in origin.

    Of all the names of the noble houses of Westeros, Bar Emmon is the one that sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t fit with any other name in the series. As far as I can remember the only other language that has anything resembling patronymics is Ghiscari, with it zo and mo. As a matter of fact, Bar Emmon is the only family name with more than one word in all of Westeros.

    It just bugs me.
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    Are we counting only the cities proper? Or are we including their possessions?
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    A new teaser for season 3:

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    I would pick the wealthy city of Vahar, in the island of the same name, in the Cinnamon Straits.

    Tropical weather presumably, which is nice. I would sit on a valuable trade route, but at the same time be far away enough from all the major military threats. Faros’ biggest claim to fame is a Stone Cow, so presumably they aren’t particularly formidable and they have a vast island interior to look towards. The Qartheen are solely focused on the Jade Gates, with their navy and fortifications concentrated there, so they are no threat.

    As for the region I would attack, I would raise a powerful navy and raze the Basilisk Isles to the ground. Just by looking at the map one can presume that the pirates are the biggest threat to my commerce and my security. I might even be able to convince the Qartheen and the Free Cities to join in, or at least subsidize my navy. The Isles are overdue a cleansing.

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    One thing I just noticed is that the Valyrian roads featured in the maps are not the only ones. The book mentions that Myr sits at the point where a dragonroad meets the sea, but no such road is featured on the maps. This may imply that the Valyrian road network is more widespread than previously thought, with the possibility of accompanying bridges.