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  1. If there's reasonabl doubt about when the Andal invasion took place, then even the maesters may question if it was before or after the rise of the Valyrians. Conventional Westerosi historiography may say that it was the same sword, but discrepancy in the dating of events might show that it wasn't.
  2. Remember Yandel's sources. Everything in the details of the battle must be taken with a grain of salt.
  3. Fargo- the TV series

    Malvo still had the nasty looking knife he used to cut his pants lying next to him. Gus could easily claim that Malvo made a move for it. Also to be considered, Malvo had just killed half a dozen people in less than a week, including two FBI agents. Few people are going to question the reasonableness of emptying his revolver on Malvo as soon as he made a move. And finally, the person that issued the commendation was probably Chief Bill, not the brightest candle in the bunch.
  4. Fargo- the TV series

    I can't take the credit. Someone in another thread posted the gif. I also missed it completely.
  5. Fargo- the TV series

    It gets better! Take closer look at the scene when Lester prints the plane ticket to Acapulco. The son of a bitch bought single one-way ticket for a single person. He never planned to take her with him, and I can't think of a way he could've ditched her. To me, that means that even of Malvo hadn't been at the office, Lester was still planing to murder Linda on the way to the airport.
  6. World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I’ve found another issue. The pin sword for Vojjor Samvi (Kasath) is not on top of that city in the map, it’s south of Vaes Diaf (Hazdahn Mo).
  7. World of Ice and Fire App Update

    For what it's worth, I'm in Peru and I downloaded the update without trouble.
  8. World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I think I caught one. The entry for Sathar (Yalli Qamayi) describes it as sitting in the junction of the river Sarne and another river. However, the entries for both Saath and Sarys (Vaes Graddakh) puts them in the Sarne delta. But those are mutually exclusive, the rivers that go by Sathar empties in the Bay of Tusks, nowhere near the other cities or the delta they sit in..
  9. World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I have it! I have it! In my iPad. Still exploring though. Lots of info on the known world. ETA: Those of you speculating about Children of the Forest in the Kingdom of Ifequevron might've been unto something. ;) ETA: Put together the entries on the ruined Sarnori cities give a somewhat clear image of how events unfolded in the early days of the Century of Blood.